The Results of OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards 2019

The "OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards 2019" is successfully completed and the winners list has also been released! After the intense public voting, numbers of awards are given to those popular restaurants in cuisine group and regional group. And this year, we have 1 newly added category into the awards, classic restaurant. There are 10 award-winning restaurants in Macau this year! Congratulations!

Hong Kong Region- Cuisine Category 
The wide variety of restaurants in Hong Kong creates the characteristics of our food culture. Those representative and popular restaurants among each cuisine category are given awards! Congratulations to all of the award-winning restaurants!

Guangdong Restaurant
Social Place
Lin Heung Tea House
Yum Cha

Hong Kong Style Restaurant
Sing Heung Yuen
Australia Dairy Company
Mrs Tang Cafe

Beijing, Sichuan and Shanghai Restaurant
Southeast Asian Restaurant
Tiger Sugar
Yuan Is Here

Japanese Restaurant
Flame Japanese Cuisine
Ramen Bari-Uma

Korean Restaurant
Goobne Chicken
Mad for Garlic

Western Restaurant
The Grill Room
The Cheesecake Factory

Italian Restaurant
Paper Moon

French Restaurant
LA Creperie
La Vache! 

% Arabica
Dazzling Cafe
Lady M

Snacks Shop
Kung Wo Beancurd Factory
Hop Yik Tai
Fei Jie

Chinese Noodles, Congee Restaurant
Man Kei
Wing Kee Noodle
Wai Kee Noodle Cafe

Hot Pot Restaurant
Haidilao Hot Pot
Market Hotpot

Buffet Restaurant
Mr. Steak Buffet à la minute
The Market
The Grand Buffet

Dessert Restaurant
Via Tokyo
Kai Kai
A Happy Pancake

Hong Kong Region-District Category
Different regions in Hong Kong have their own unique restaurants that make their residents be proud of. You may wish to find tasty food from the following list of winners in the regional group to expand your food map!

Central and Western District
Shake Shack
Sing Heung Yuen
Social Place

Eastern District
Kyo Hayashiya

Wanchai and Casuseway Bay Restaurant

Tsim Sha Tsui Restaurant
The Captain's House
The Cheesecake Factory
Ramen Bari-Uma

Mong Kok Restaurant
Goobne Chicken
The Place

Kowloon District Restaurant
Promenade Restaurant
Simplylife Bakery Cafe
Cambo Thai Restaurant

Sham Shui Po Restaurant
Man Kei
Cheng Banzhang Taiwan Delicacy
Wai Kee Noodle Cafe

Kwun Tong Restaurant
The Stadium
Running Chicken Live
Yuan Is Here

Tsuen Wan and Kwai Tsing Restaurant
Gala Cafe

Tai Po and Shatin Restaurant
Meat Pie Gor
Daruma Ganso Ramen

Yuen Long Restaurant
Chef's Stage Kitchen
Wing Nin Noodle
Wa So Cafe

Hong Kong Region-Classic Restaurant
Food and taste can be one's precious memories. Some classic restaurant has been accompanying a lot of people to grow up. Let's see if the following list of winning restaurants carries your memories or not?
Sing Heung Yuen
Australia Dairy Company
Fei Jie

Hong Kong Region- New Restaurants
Congratulations to all of the new restaurants that are winning the award for the first time! They all gain public's attention intensively once they first come into the food industry.  
Shake Shack
A Happy Pancake

Hong Kong Region-Prestigious Restaurant
The Prestigious Restaurant Award continues to be awarded by The Cheesecake Factory this year! Congratulations! It is absolutely not easy to get this prize. This proves that the restaurant wins the love of most people and their quality is excellent.

Macau Region-Best Restaurants
Taking a short trip to Macau for relaxing would be a nice activity to do in weekends and holiday. There are 10 award-winning restaurants in the Macau region this year, and 3 of them are winning the award for the first time. If you are travelling to Macau, you may want to refer to this list of winning restaurants.

Sei Kee Cafe
Nam Ping
Lord Stow's Bakery
Pastelaria Chui Heong
Cafe e Nata Margaret's
Loja Sopa De Fita Cheong Kei
Lai Kei Ice Cream
A Lorcha
Isaac Toast & Coffee

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