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Burgeroom is a popular burger restaurant that has receive several awards. Some of its most notable dishes include their signature rich foie gras burger, portobello cheese burger and soft shell crab burger. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Prestigious Restaurant (2016), Best Western Restaurant (2016), Best Restaurant in Wan Chai, Causeway Bay (2016)
Opening Hours
11:30 - 22:30
Mon - Thu
11:30 - 22:30
11:30 - 00:00
11:00 - 00:00
11:00 - 22:30
Public Holiday
11:00 - 22:30
Public Holiday Eve
11:30 - 00:00
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May Bring Your Own Wine
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Reward Dining Points
10% Service Charge
Outdoor Seating
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Review (1736)
想食個lunch,想快靚正得黎又有d要求,Burger就一定係最岩呢個節奏,但有時見到人地食burger,又用叉呀,又用刀呀,睇見都辛苦,一d都唔享用。食burger一定要直接用手食,咁先係夠極緻,夠chill呀麻。👇🏻📌Burger - ▪️ Foie Gras Beef Burger - $168▫️ 我明白係香港多數食晏都要就住就住個荷包唔係米線就係this this rice,但有時都要對自己好d,間中放縱下自己,整個人氣招牌「鵝肝牛肉漢堡」就最好不過。鵝肝入口即化,油香細膩,配搭極厚既burger,肉質結實,夠哂飽肚呀!📌Snacks - ▪️ Wings & Honey Mustard Sauce - $65/8pcs▫️ 想搵d小食送下啤酒,呢個「香辣單骨雞翼配蜜糖芥末醬」又唔錯喎,雞翼即叫即炸,上到枱仲熱辣辣,外層鬆脆,配埋Honey Mustard相當惹味。📌Alcohol - ▪️ Prosecco DOC N.V. - Italy - $68/Glass▪️ Orion - $45/Pint▫️ 想chill d比我忙裡偷閒,飲返兩杯先?「Prosecco」就用黎開胃,醒醒味蕾,「Orion」日本啤就配炸野同burger,晚上前6點做緊優惠價45蚊杯,抵飲到爆。 continue reading
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My friend invited me to have lunch at Burgeroom at Fashion Walk.This restaurant is famous for its delicious burgers. There are plenty choices of burgers, sides, salads and drinks. Both the needs of meat lovers and vegetarians are met. They can choose their preferences freely and placed their orders by using bar code. Vegetarians may opt for vegetarian burgers or Impossible patties. Meat lovers may opt for beef, seafood, chicken, duck, etc. Portion is generous.Lunch burger combos are good value for money. By giving an extra of $35, you will have a drink and straight fries in addition to the burger of your own choice.My friend enjoyed his Hoki fish burger combo lunch very much. The burger with deep fried Hoki fish fillet, cheddar cheese, peeled tomato, romaine lettuce and homemade tartar sauce was juicy and flavourful. The straight fries were yummy. Rose latte was creamy and aromatic.I liked my honey mustard portobello beef burger. The bun was light and crispy. The beef patty was well done with good flavour and texture. Together with the portobello mushroom, bacon, peeled tomato, romaine lettuce and homemade honey mustard sauce, each bite was satisfying. It was nice to pair it with a cold Asahi draft beer.We were happy enjoying our simple but delicious burger lunch. continue reading
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今日去銅鑼灣行街,喺Donki附近發現左呢間食Burger嘅舖頭,我見到餐牌幾吸引,有鵝肝、荔枝梳打等等我鍾意食嘅野,就即刻入去坐。坐低之後,店員即刻比左張QR code紙我上網落單,好方便。呢間店選擇都幾多,有牛、雞、素食、軟殼蟹、魚柳等Burger,薯條有芝士、黑松露、飛魚子口味,仲有一堆小食:魚手指、芝士條、雞柳、雞翼,最令人surprise嘅係佢仲有沙律可以揀!arm晒想清吓腸胃嘅人!沙律仲有鵝肝、帶子、漢堡可以揀,滿足到唔想食麵包嘅人。飲品方面,真係我見過最多選擇嘅Burger店,有汽水、果汁、梳打、咖啡、朱古力、茶、酒精。雖然係地舖,但環境都幾乾淨,仲會播好chill嘅英文歌😙👍🏻我叫左一個鵝肝牛肉漢堡set(加煎蛋),連薯條生菜、飲品,我揀左冰荔枝梳打 (唔洗補錢)。等左大概15分鐘,d野食就送到黎,個漢堡真係好厚,賣相令人流晒口水!🤤牛肉漢堡、鵝肝煎得剛剛好,充滿油脂,好juicy好多肉汁。麵包皮有烘過,好正!荔枝梳打都有荔枝果肉,唔會太甜,好解渴好清爽!🥰😘下次都想試吓佢地嘅軟殼蟹、魚柳burger continue reading
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Level3 2023-10-19
最近起屋企樓下商場消費,滿左指定金額送咗張Fashion Walk電子餐飲劵,琴日咁岩有事要出銅鑼灣,晚餐時順便使用埋呢張劵(最尾唔記得用🤭)香港地有多間美式漢堡店,Shake Shack、Five Guys、Triple O’s⋯起google map搜索下都好易搵到,小妹都食過以上三間,各有特色!而Fashion Walk咁啱有間美式漢堡店符合到小妹要求,就係《Burgeroom》❣️睇OpenRice 先知原來Burgeroom 起尖沙咀美麗華商場都有分店,多數網民介紹Burgeroom既漢堡包款式選擇多及好大份,即使素食者都適合,餐廳有提供IMPOSSIBLE Burgers 及沙律🥗。另外餐廳除咗有室內座位,仲有室外雅座添,就算落大雨都唔怕淋雨架❣️店員安排我哋坐室內,小妹決定只點一份漢堡同朋友分享,再加份小食同兩杯飲品,份量足以兩位女士完食🤭🤭🍔 大烤菇芝士牛肉漢堡+菠蘿🔸🔸牛肉同菠蘿果然係絕配,牛肉多汁一啲都唔乾柴柴;菠蘿及烤菇味道剛好,唔會烤過火;漢堡包有啲乾,可能因為小妹分開逐件食,如果一次過咬一啖應該係啱啱好😉可惜小妹個口唔夠大🤣🤣🍟 芝士旋風薯條🔸🔸薯條有分直薯條及旋薯條,小妹一眼決定要旋薯條,因為好似以前食《哈迪斯》咁(唔小心暴露年代😏)好想講「Wow~啲薯條好好食🤤配埋香濃芝士醬、鮮甜茄汁🥫,簡直係完美!」🥤自家製蜜桃冰茶、菠蘿冰茶🔸🔸每杯冰茶都係紅茶底,唔太甜同有果肉,加埋片薄荷葉更清爽,咬啖漢堡再食條薯條,然後啜啖冰茶,頓時覺得無咁熱氣🤭🤭好過飲汽水添!呢度有位女店員服務好好丫,小妹感到好溫暖,由於昨晚落大雨,入店前溫馨提示「慢慢嚟唔洗急架」,因張枱面積唔係好大,放低兩杯飲品同薯條已經位置唔多,到上漢堡包時女店員又好窩心咁提示「小心丫」超加分吖😍😍Burgeroom午市同下午茶都有做套餐優惠,幾抵食添,小妹估計平日午市應該都幾多上班族幫襯🤔而家全日仲有個啤酒優惠$39/500ml,昨晚都見幾多客飲啤酒嘆漢堡👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 continue reading
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Level4 2023-09-24
I have been wanting to try Burgeroom for years because of their famous tall burgers and promising deep fried goodnesses. And last night was the time when meeting up with my burger lover friend.Was arranged to an area with packed seats in between as we were walk-in guests. Ordering with QR code was pretty smooth and easy. Was wondering why they didn't ask for how customer wants their beef pattie to be cooked. Anyway, we ordered their jalapeño cheese burger, melted cheese twister fries, single-bone chicken wings with honey mustard and honey spicy wings. For drinks we asked for two glasses of iced soda with lemon slices without syrup.Jalapeño cheese burger was definitely served as what it famous for. Tall with visually clear layers. Even staff needed to hold the sticks stacking to ensuring not falling over while served. Checking on their cross section, it was kind of let down by their well done beef pattie. Anyhow, tried to eat the first bite with hands following by knife and fork. As expected beef pattie was well done which was tough and dry while coated with oil. Burger bun was soggy and not toasted. Jalapeños gave a kick which I wish they could be more generous instead of topping 3 slices on each side. Lettuce and tomatoes were fresh and juicy. Not as satisfying and as gourmet as I wish it could be.Honey spicy wings were nothing special. As the spicy heat side wasn't strong leading to kind of overly sweet from the honey. Wings itself was at least moist. Single-bone chicken wings were a deep fried one with honey mustard sauce on side. Wings this time was dry, honey mustard became something to moisten your every mouthful. Not sure why they made it to single-bone or maybe would like to coat more batter for extra crispiness. Batter was unfortunately blend that another reason for sure to dip with sauce. Honey mustard tasted just like how it should be. Melted cheese twister fries was the star of tonight. Crispy fries while seasoned perfectly. Cheese sauce was indulgent while we asked for serving on a side. It set when it closed to our end of the meal but tasted peppery savoury and cheesy. Pretty good.Iced soda with lemon slices were okay, something to cleanse out all the greasiness and deep fried taste after all. Overall, I was hoping for a burger masterpiece from a promising burger signature restaurant but it was just disappointing. Seeing all the customers definitely would take pictures posting on social media by their tall burgers sadly it couldn't impress me at all apart from the melted cheese twister fries. continue reading
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