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A classic dai pai dong, Sing Heung Yuen is famous for their macaroni, instant noodles and crispy buttered buns. Drop by either for a quick snack or a full meal. continue reading
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Best Restaurant in Central and Western (2008-2016), Best Hong Kong Style Tea Restaurant (2009-2016)
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If I were to pick a particular kind of noodles to represent Hong Kong, I would give my vote to this unique and comforting noodles in condensed tomato broth other than cart noodles (車仔麵) that would have come to your mind. Thick broth is always the soul of noodles, regardless of whatever ingredients to be put inside. To pair pho with vietnam, ramen with japanese, boat noodles with thai, then Sing Heung Yuen's tomato noodles with Hong Kong.Tucked away in an open space linking to a staircase at the back streets of Central-Sheungwan area, the halfly al fresco eatery is all the time busy. With canvas as shelters and placed with simple stools and wooden tables, the "daipaidong" stood there for more than 40 years, but it wasn't until 2000 that they started specialising in tomato broth dishes.There aren't many food stalls like this remaining in Hong Kong, the license of which stemmed from wartime Hong Kong and was only given to families with injured civil servants with limited transfer of ownership. Originally operating as an all-round Chinese eatery serving a variety of cha chaan teng food, it added tomato slices to a bowl of noodles as requested by a customer, which in turn creates the legend of tomato broth noodles. At an average price of $35 for a bowl which is on a par with a meal box in fast food shop, it brings locals who desperately need an affordable meal, and tourists/ holiday commuters who are drawn by the fame of divine goodness of broth.Among daipaidongs that I have ever visited, hygiene condition of this is way above average. Apparently looking fine on a sunny day that I paid this visit, it doesn't look that bad on rainy days either. Canvas above you do its job well to shelter you away from the rain but at the same time don't shed water on your back. While tables, stools and metal fans are gone when the shop closes, these green shacks remain, which are in fact the indispensable part, the Kitchen.Noodles are prepared in one side, the space of which is just fit for 1-2 ladies' moving around. Another side is for roasting crispy bun and preparing sandwiches. Given such a petite kitchen and limited staff, the food stall is operated smoothly with high efficiency. Sun or rain may determine how long you have to wait to be seated, but time and season doesn't really matter. With nearly flawless memories of the ladies, your order is usually served within 10 minutes after getting seated.The menu seems to be long, but in fact just repeats combinations of ingredients, the price of which mainly varies with number of ingredients. The exuberant menu covers noodles with/without tomato broth, sandwiches, buns and drinks. What to be put inside noodles are common enough to be found elsewhere, such as beef, ham, sausages, luncheon meat, pork chop and chicken wings. Noodles served after breakfast time are instant noodles and macaroni. 蕃茄牛肉碎牛炒蛋通粉  Macaroni with tomato, scrambled eggs with corned beef and beef $35A vibrant bowl of red greeted me, however red to the extent that it looks a bit eccentric to be edible. There lies no doubt of its genuine tomato content, which is a hearty mix of several types of canned tomatoes with variance in sweetness/ acidity.  About the broth - Not much oil floats around, just a little bit probably from the scrambled eggs. What makes the fame is how thick the tomato broth is, which is not made by adding tomato slices or concentrate into boiled water. Pot of delectable tomato soup is cooked every day with lots of tomatoes, thus giving such a visually-inspiring red broth with plenty of tomato slices. The broth tastes tangy and superbly refreshing, without much add-on of artificial sweetness.About the other ingredients - Beef and scrambled eggs with corned beef are my all-time favourites that never disappoint. Eggs with finely chopped beef is mildly fried and scrambled, therefore it can't be firm enough to be held long on a spoon or chopsticks. Permeated with aroma of not totally done egg and briny beef, pieces of scrambled eggs are blended beautifully, so flavourful on its own that neither egg nor beef overpowers each other.Beef is always tender and without tendon, which nearly melts in your mouth with a sip of tomato broth. Smooth and gentle, there lies no necessity to linger long in your mouth but swallow. Robust beef flavour remains from plain beef slices, which suggests 'less is more'.檸蜜脆脆 Butter & Honey with Lemon Crispy Bun $16Adding sandwiches to a bowl of noodles will be too much, but never say no to a crispy bun which is without substantial toppings that make you full. Firstly roasted to make it crispy and applied a thin spread of lemon honey, the bun tastes zesty and is easy to consume even without a sip of soup or drinks. Slices of four are not difficult to handle, or you may put it as the bread to go with the soup just like appetisers. Crispy on the exterior and slightly tender inside, a simple spread makes an elevated spin by the utter freshness of acidic lemon.It is not a surprise that most of us finish off the tomato broth like this. Just like ramen, it seems to be paying tribute to the chef, but it is genuinely decadent instead of courtesy that makes me drink it all up. Hearty noodles as always, Sing Heung Yuen is one (among several) of my favourite local eateries where I long for a visit at desperate times. What I pay is truly worth the wait and crawl, instead of going to food presentation and vibes. continue reading
絕對係蕃茄迷既天堂 Featured Review
Level4 2017-05-29
今日係賴生同屈小姐既紀念日,賴生冒住落雨既大危機帶左屈小姐黎我地最初約會既地方 — 《勝香園》!原來一直住係香港區加好鐘意食蕃茄野既屈小姐係同賴生一齊之前,居然冇食過《勝香園》!係第一次既約會,由賴生帶左屈小姐黎食勝香園!試問一個女神(?!)願意係大熱天時陪你排隊,再好開心咁係大排檔同你食野,呢個女神(?!)係幾咁好幾咁值得人去疼錫呢? 所以賴生係第一次同屈小姐既約會之後,就深深埋下左戀愛既種子啦!當然,要屈小姐展露幸福既笑容,美食係少不了既,《勝香園》就可以做到啦!除左食物既味道之外,賴生同屈小姐都好鍾意呢度既另一份風味 - 人情味!呢度個個伙記都踏入銀絲時代,但記性同性格都非常之好! 佢地會用好可愛既普通話 (定算係廣東話) 向遊客解釋同推薦食物,而當賴生落完Order既時候,佢地會因爲賴生既食量而好自然地「哇」一聲出黎,又因為我地2個都叫菜食而專登過黎問我地D菜好唔好食呀,仲偷偷地爆料比我地知其實佢地入好少菜,讚我地識叫,我地同番佢講,有一次我地叫晒D菜食,令佢地無菜再供應添!所以係呢度食野其實真係幾開心架!大家都有傾有講,好正!入番正題,講下今次我地叫左咩,令佢地嘩嘩聲啦賴生叫左 :1)蕃茄碎牛炒蛋雞扒菜通 : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️(爆星)真係好佩服《勝香園》個蕃茄湯底,啖啖都有住濃烈既蕃茄味,直頭真係好似食緊個新鮮蕃茄咁,不過係通粉個湯底先咁正嫁,通粉索晒成個蕃茄湯既味!之前食過麵果個既湯底蕃茄味只係得面果堆蕃茄先有,而煮麵果個係清湯黎,之後先加蕃茄醬落去,所以D麵吸唔到蕃茄味,同通粉比,蕃茄味真係高下立見而碎牛炒蛋係呢度既另一必食之作,佢煎到類似芺蓉蛋咁,中間夾住一粒粒既免治牛肉,配合鬆軟脆邊既煎蛋一齊食,牛肉味同蛋味都相得益彰,索埋小小蕃茄湯,不得了!雞扒最好就係晒去晒皮,唔駛擔心肥,今次仲醃得好入味添!唔錯唔錯菜就一定要食啦!吸滿蕃茄湯既菜零舍甜屈小姐之選:2)蕃茄煎蛋鮮牛肉菜通:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️(爆星)蕃茄鮮牛肉蛋,呢個組合成日見,係真係有佢原因嫁,真心好食既一個combination !好味既蕃茄湯配鮮牛肉,再加上煎得脆邊既太陽蛋,一插就流晒D蛋黃汁出黎,令人欲罷不能(p.s.點解屈小姐果碗多菜D咁既)再黎2個人一齊些牙一個:3)檸蜜脆脆:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️(爆星)檸檬酸酸地令個麵包食起上黎冇咁膩同冇咁甜,酸味令人開胃,蜜糖又夠香甜,酸酸甜甜呢個包味道真係拎滿分更更更正既係:外脆內鬆軟既包包!外面脆到咬落會有麵包碎,而入面就睇圖都知鬆軟,中間有好多窿窿,可想而知係幾咁鬆軟!所以呢個包又係每次必必必食既!食飽飽之後,賴生就帶住屈小姐向愉景灣出發啦!#充滿回憶既地方#其實初次約會便愛上(勝香園!)#不時都會帶你番黎食#食到好西既無敵笑容#專業級蕃茄迷#講完又想食#食極唔厭#百看不厭 continue reading
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勝香園塈2016總結! Featured Review
Level4 2017-01-03
《勝香園》係屈小姐一路恨左想食好耐既餐廳黎嫁,只係一路以黎都冇人陪佢食~ 當賴生帶過佢去食之後,佢一試就愛上!依加已經成為左我地2個既canteen啦 定時定候賴生都會帶屈小姐黎食,等佢開心下  我地2個都係超級蕃茄怪黎嫁!《勝香園》係係一條樓梯同街巷入面既一間牌檔仔,外面放左幾張大枱比人坐低食,夏天大家都食到大汗淋漓,冬天就都會出下汗既,同埋有機會會曬住食嫁,係好有風味嫁,當然大家都要唔介意係條巷仔食野,雖然感覺上可能有啲污糟,但我地食過咁多次都冇問題嫁,證明啲野食其實好乾淨嫁!(連潔癖屈小姐都一去再去,證明完全無問題啦) 雖然《勝香園》環境係咁,不過一樣吸引左好多人黎食,因為佢個蕃茄湯底實在太太太過出色啦,我地2個一致認為佢係全香港最好食既蕃茄湯!除左蕃茄湯吸引到我地黎之外,呢度有另一種味道都好吸引,就係人情味啦,你會見到好多個嬸嬸婆婆一齊做野,招呼你啦,安排位啦,落單,上菜,執枱同計數,個個都好精靈同快手,而且佢地同食客都有傾有講,感覺好親切嫁!見到佢地年紀咁大都咁精靈,咁有活力,煮碗好既蕃茄湯比客人,我地當然唔可以浪費佢地既心血啦大家想食既時候,記得乖乖地排隊啦,人龍雖然長,但其實30分鐘左右就有位,比d耐性!好西先多人食麻!食過咁多次,我地推介既係:1)湯底之選 : 蕃茄通 vs 蕃茄公仔麵 結論: 蕃茄通勝(5星)- 蕃茄麵其實只係普通既湯煮好個麵,再係上菜前加入大量既新鮮蕃茄整既醬同新鮮蕃茄肉,相比起蕃茄通,蕃茄通係直接將通粉同蕃茄湯一齊煮,比起麵更濃味,加上通粉中空,比公仔麵條更掛汁,蕃茄味更出。所以,識食一定食蕃茄通!2) 麵包推介:檸蜜脆脆豬仔包 (爆星)- 其實有咁多種味道(混醬,奶油,奶醬,咖央同檸蜜),點解要推薦檸蜜呢?除左係呢度整得出色之外,都關佢味道事既!檸蜜固然之就是酸酸甜甜,佢入口先衝閘殺出既係檸檬既酸味,再黎一點點甜味,既開胃又有層次,好特別!我地最欣賞中間果2舊(底包),吸晒檸蜜汁!超正- 豬仔包同最近X爺廚房既《兩面黃煲仔飯》一樣,呢度個豬仔包包脆,面都脆,可以堪稱為《兩面脆豬仔包》! 真係要準備定紙巾抹嘴加墊腳,當你一咬,D麵包碎會周圍飛備註:麻煩一落單就叫,冇得後加既,而且要大約等20分鐘緊接既係配料篇3)鮮牛肉 (4.5星)-既然食蕃茄湯,鮮牛肉當然係好朋友啦!事關呢度個蕃茄湯太出色,只要配搭幾舊嫩滑既鮮牛肉已經滋味無窮 當然,呢度既牛肉都冇令人失望啦!確係嫩得黎又大塊既而且數量都唔少!4)碎牛炒蛋 (5星)- 呢度既另一用心作品!碎牛除左幫蛋添加一份濃厚既味道之外,更加逼出蛋香!佢採用芺蓉蛋既做法,將空氣同碎牛打入炒蛋入面,做到外層微脆,內裡綿密軟彈既口感! 同蕃茄湯一齊食又係一流,簡直好食到不得了,蕃茄配炒蛋麻,又係另一對好朋友!而且又大塊,賴生分左一半比屈小姐都仲有好多食!5)煎蛋 (4星)- 可能你會問點解煎蛋都會推介呢?係因為佢煎既蛋唔係全熟既,流蛋黃汁既煎蛋,外表吸引,蛋味更出!當溢出既蛋黃汁滴入蕃茄湯,就會產生好朋友既化學作用,將湯底由鮮紅染成橙紅色,令蕃茄湯味道昇華!6)菜 (4.5星)- 係度叫菜,通常係比菜心,佢切成菜粒狀,份量大約係2-3條菜心。加綠色既菜除左影相靚之外,配合蕃茄湯食係好夾既!菜心粒爲蕃茄湯加添左口感,蕃茄湯就幫菜加添味道!簡直又健康,又好味既選擇!#蕃茄怪#獎勵屈小姐既野食#排隊亦要放閃#煩膠賴生#嘔心瀝血之作#真心推介#最好味既蕃茄湯#約定妳,老左都帶妳黎食#講完又想食#一年可以食幾多次#食極唔厭 continue reading
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Level3 2017-09-29
今日打算到中環捐血站捐血,需要先吃午餐,想一想,來勝香園吃個蕃茄通補補先第一次來,中午時份頗多人,幸好不用等候便有位。店面姐姐不停來回穿梭服務客人。點了蕃茄碎牛蛋鮮牛通,和招牌食品檸蜜脆脆蕃茄湯底很足料,淡淡鮮蕃茄味,煎蛋內含碎牛,不會太咸,驚喜的是鮮牛肉爽嫩有口感,份量也很多檸蜜脆脆甜度剛好,脆卜卜不愧是招牌菜這裡所有飲品都會幫你篤定檸檬,餐牌也寫明如果不用篤檸檬請早揚聲。來這種舊式茶檔很有風味,但炎炎夏日定必汗流浹背,你要好味還是舒服? continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)