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等級4 2018-08-14
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With both local and international F&B conglomerates blossoming and renowned chefs flocking to the city, it is becoming increasingly difficult to discern the excellent from the commercialized when selecting one's next dining destination. The ease with which companies are able to pay internet celebrities and "foodies" to write stuff online adds to the woes.While I do make an effort to stay abreast of the newest happenings on the restaurant scene in Hong Kong, at some point or another I would be tempted to (re)visit an old classic; restaurants that have weathered many economic crises and still live up to their reputation over the years. Mandarin Grill--with its seasoned culinary team, five-star professionalism and genuine hospitality--remains without doubt among one of the few authentic and pleasurable dining experiences we have left in the city. Dining at Mandarin Grill certainly isn't about checking it off your list. It's expensive, and worth it. But you already know that. The décor is an understated elegance--beige carpets and walls, white armchairs and tablecloths, clear floor-to-ceiling windows and a beautifully patterned ceiling. The menu features seasonal produce and the very best ingredients; the selection of meat and seafood is exhaustive; the choice of starters and sides is more conservative, but nevertheless consistently solid. Artistically presented dishes and special tasting courses with a dash of creativity are also occasionally available for limited periods of time. Servers pay attention to ensure your meal glides along smoothly without being fussy and intrusive. Perhaps more importantly, the dining room is laid out to give diners ample space and privacy, making your stop perfectly comfortable for any occasion. Food Rundown We came as two couples and the boys both chose scallop carpaccio to start and shared a 32oz rib-steak. The girl and I started with a vegetarian appetizer and we both decided on salt-baked sea bass as our mains (coincidence!). We brought our own red wine and were reminded that a corkage of $500 would be applied to each bottle.Once our orders were taken, servers brought over some bread and fancy flavored butter to go with them. Today's amuse-bouches were raw salmon with pea purée and crispy langoustine roll with chives and mayo.Japanese Scallop Carpaccio, $398Carpaccio was accompanied by cherry radish and refreshing yuzu, and perhaps less conventionally Kaviari dark brown caviar. The caviar was plump and briny, its flavor lifting and brightening the dish.Cauliflower, 'Textures', $238The humble ingredient was subjected to creative treatment, possibly inspired by Agnar Sverrisson's original recipe: small chunks of cauliflower were prepared in different ways for maximum contrast and then placed in a circle around cauliflower cream and purée. Beautiful.Caesar, Baby Gem, Egg, Anchovy, Pancetta, $248This was my starter. It was fresh and all good. Nothing revolutionary though.U.S. 'Linz Heritage Angus' 45 Day Dry-aged Rib-Steak, 32oz, $1488A hefty steak with crisp and char, and a pink and juicy inside that's neither chewy nor dry. Timing, flavor, texture profile and presentation were all top-notch. Salt-baked French Sea Bass, $648I watched in anticipation as the two blocks of salt arrived in a trolley. Two servers rapped the crust sharply to crack open the blocks from the middle to expose a neatly squared fish wrapped in banana leaf. The sea bass was really moist, and perfectly seasoned. I liked that there was a slight earthiness to it, too. The baby squid and caviar cream on the side made the dish taste like the ocean in a pleasant way. This may not be the best sea bass, but I appreciated that they offered seafood at all, and better yet, something from the oven.Spinach, steamed, $108 / Spinach, creamed, $98Vegetables on the side were definitely appreciated by everyone to save us from the ridiculous excess that will certainly ensue once the savory dishes are done.Apple Tarte Tatin, Caramel Ice Cream, $148Mandarin Grill is famous for its desserts, so we couldn't go without. The flavor combination of the tart and caramelized apple was amazing and the crunch and softness make it irresistible. Ice cream was no doubt a must to accompany any tart. I would have chosen a less treacly flavor if I could though.Soufflé, Vanilla, $228The soufflé was light and foamy, and possibly the most delightful way to end a scrumptious meal. The vanilla aromas were deep and dense, but overall on the sweet and buttery side.Soufflé, Lemon, $228If you fancy a more citrusy flavor profile to your dessert, the lemon flavor would be a lighter way to enjoy Mandarin Grill's soufflé.Mandarin Mousse Cake, complimentaryThe mousse cake was beautifully glazed and the fruity notes added a playful tang to it. Very pleasing if mousse cakes are your thing. 繼續閱讀
等級2 2018-06-17
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We came to celebrate birthday on a Sunday and didn’t expect that they would only serve Sunday roast lunch. We wouldn’t have chosen it in the first place if we had known that.What’s worse was we made a reservation online requesting to have window seats weeks before but they did not mention if that was ok. On that day, we were served at a random table and were then notified that the tables by the windows were reserved.The food was not what we expected at all. Coming to Mandarin Grill+Bar, we expected creativity and innovative but nothing interesting could happen on a Sunday roast lunch, not to mention the soggy salty version of Chinese roasted pork. My husband even said that he’d rather go to a local Chinese cha Chang teng to have the non-chopped version of roasted pork (燒肉).The best part was the dessert time that we could choose our favourite desserts and they were as good as the past. 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2018-03-27
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老公提早半個月book左文華東方酒店嘅grill & bar。接線員仲好細心咁問有咩special arrangemen要幫我地準備,當知道我哋係慶祝結婚周年,就承諾當日會送個蛋糕比我哋,聽到都興奮!小女子大鄉里出門,感覺一切都好新鮮。大門位置有藝術擺設原來安排咗window side table,望住街上情侶著婚紗影pre-wedding,諗起我哋當初影相啲趣事window side table 擺設有情調老公order咗4-course set頭盤好特別,鐵盒盛載著魚子我就order咗煙三文魚同牛扒煙三文魚油份夠多,配搭side dish:碎蛋白紅蔥等等,口感豐富牛扒好juicy經理會同我地分享有關呢到嘅藝術品,感覺自己置身起畫廊中呢~多謝Mandarin grill & bar嘅各位比左個咁美好回憶我哋 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2018-03-26
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老公生日,我都花左少少心思諗去邊到食架事關有好多地方我地分別都去過今年係第一年同老公慶生我想搵一個地方係一齊未去過既 ❤️去到泊車,餐廳地點,環境等都十分ok 服務一流,環境舒服,唔多人一d 都唔嘈廳庭送的小食: 前面係黑松露碎芝士多士,味道很普通。後面係鴨肉醬西梅多士,反而呢個幾好味👍🏻餐前麵包當然係送的。今晚有呢四款揀。個人覺得老公真的比我識食,因為佢揀的麵包唔花巧,送牛油一流。主要係食佢舊牛油!麵包比較普通,我鍾意d 熱d 既包湯都係送的,豆味的湯,細細碗,我沒有完成,味道很一般到我地既點菜了其實只是點了幾樣1. 鵝肝微微煎香,真正做到外脆內軟!!旁邊的係布冧及小小橙味的果蓉,配合得很好,油份不會太多,以我咁鍾意食鵝肝,呢個真的高質!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟要俾5 粒星!主菜我地點左澳洲和牛(10安)餐廳好細心幫我地分兩碟上,個人建議如果係二人食,10 Oz 份量係剛剛好!老公真的好叻朱,點得剛好!以和牛來說,當然都好味,但就沒有什麼驚喜了。肉質不算入口即化或很重油分,算是比較有咬口的那種甜品我地揀 cheese cake w berry因為老公好鍾意食Cheese cake 的。但呢個可以話係軟 cheese 醬配berry 比較合適。不是 NY cheese cake 硬身那種不過老公話味道都ok, 一試無妨另外,訂枱時同佢講聲,會送一份小小的生日🎂,柑味的,幾清新整體來說,十分滿意😌😌😌服務環境食物都很好!如果硬要說,只可以說 menu 的 appetizer 選擇很少。兩個人去可以試得不多其實,講到尾,同老公慶祝生日🎂最緊要佢開心就ok, 其他都係其次❤️❤️❤️ 繼續閱讀
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年三十biz lunch, 有幸被帶出黎米芝蓮餐廳食biz lunch, 總算為2017雞年帶黎個美麗既結束🍀依道環境好舒服,天花設計係一片片扇形文華logic, 都幾有心思。而櫈方面就係有轆大木櫈,大到好似大班椅咁,都坐得舒服既😊餐前小食有有餡曲奇/包點咁。咸甜味都好鮮明,食左各一之後就靜靜地傾下偈等前菜。前菜 - foie gras custard, fig, sherry, tatsoi 無花果/雪梨酒吉士鵝肝醬(無官方繹名,我亂繹既🙊)我以為會係細細碟、觀賞價值比果腹能力高既...點知黎到。。。😱😱😱不得了!目測至少有6寸大,用「更」不落去重有約一寸厚,你要知道鵝肝係一種幾咁「漏」既食物,你點少少到已經勁快覺得飽飽地。我即刻同大家開心share, 好采大家都肯幫拖,唔係重點食得落個main course喎⋯⋯老實講唔係好知佢點整,但不落去下層係鵝肝醬,上層用一個啡色少少似奶凍既啫喱包住。奶凍層有淡淡無花果味同少少酒味,食起上黎剛好中和左下層鵝肝醬味,令人食起黎無咁heavy同guilty...🤣🤣🤣配無花果唔配其他生果大概都係依個原因,無花果味淡,唔會搶走鵝肝醬原本既味,而今次厨師都好慷慨架,佢放左好多落去。岩晒我口味😍😍😍主菜 - braised Wagyu short ribs, Japan asparagus, poached duck eggs, purple reddish 見到燉和牛我諗都無諗就㨂左佢那❤️份量方面三件和牛各自大小就似女仔2/3手掌咁大,用燉既煮法肉質好滑、保留返d肉汁係入面,我俾100分呀😍😍😍自己本身鐘意食蘆荀,但日本蘆筍係第一次食,原來日本蘆筍無咁有菜味,相對甜既。再講下個水煮鴨疍,依個普通餐廳/家庭做到既食物反而令我有d失望...切開發現連疍白都未熟,水汪汪咁,連個汁都被佢沖淡晒👉🏿👈🏿甜品我就要左sabayon, poached figs, almond, port wine 全枱人只係叫左一個甜品開心share,但絕對唔會唔夠食。size又係大約6吋大,一吋深。今次sabayon係熱食既,用疍黃、糖同酒加埋燉無花果黎煮,上面有焦糖、咖啡味雪糕,個疍好滑甜甜地勁好食,中間加左無花果中和下個甜味,食完覺得自己好幸福🤣🤣🤣相中可見佢加左食用花瓣,為視覺帶黎另一種享受😊飲品我就叫左mocha, 好飲但無特別驚喜。我誠意推介依間餐廳!!! 繼續閱讀
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