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L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon環境高雅,提供好看又好吃的法式佳餚,而且牛排分量十足。 繼續閱讀
米芝蓮二星餐廳 (2009, 2010, 2011), 米芝蓮三星餐廳 (2012-21), 亞洲50最佳餐廳 (2017)
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等級4 2021-07-12
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Back to this 3 🌟🌟🌟 Michelin French cuisine located in Landmark Central. It’s one of my favourite restaurant in HK, and of cause it’s good as always. I came here for Sunday lunch, picked to sit at the bar table this time ( and noticed that the lunch set menu is $40 cheaper than table seats 😂). Made this reservation 3 months ago 🙈 I guess dinner/ weekday lunch would be easier to get a table... We took 3 lunch set ( the $590 one including appetizer, main and dessert) and ordered the burger & Langoustine in a la carte small tasting menu Imperial Caviar - Caviar on top//Lobster jelly// king crab meat (supplement of $280 on top of lunch set)Bread basket (including croissant//baguette//sourdough//walnut bread//cheese danish// brioche) -50% of the reason I came back 😂 I love the variety of breads that they can offer (7/8 kinds) and they are all mini version 😍Mini burgers $320 (foie gras & beef): love the burger but don’t really like the super skinny fries, can be more crispyCrispy Langoustine $320 : 👍🤤Yellowtail tartare Lentil salad w/ foie gras roll& duck breast Lobster spaghetti [ lunch set- Main, $150 supplement] 🤤🤤🤤: another 50% of the reason I revisit this place apart from the bread basket😂 The lobster was perfect👍Quail w/ foie gras served with mashed potato [ lunch set- Main]: surprised that this signature dish is in the lunch set 😱 yummiest mashed potato 😋😋Baby lamb saddle [ lunch set- Main]Hazelnut chocolate with cacao crumbles and peanuts [ lunch set- dessert]: must pick this for the dessert!! It’s the best among the choices!😍😍😍Strawberry and yuzu mousseExotic fruit white chocolate with mango liqueurPrice: $700-1000 for lunch; $2500+ for dinner 繼續閱讀
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米芝蓮三星法國菜第一次來吃晚餐,試了signature set 無論食材、烹調方法、味道和食物精緻度也很好,非常滿意的一餐。頭盤是imperial caviar 滿滿的一份caviar ,下面放了高湯啫喱和蟹肉,味道鮮甜美味。Pan-seared scallop with green curry and coriander sauce , squid ink farfalle 日本帶子鮮甜無比。外面和裏面也煎得剛剛好,不會過熟。Hokkaido sea urchin fregola with saffron 海膽fregola (珍珠麵)有濃濃的海膽味,加上黑松露,味道更有層次。Grilled lobster served with green peas and wasabi 龍蝦肉外面卷著煙肉。龍蝦肉肉非常厚,味道很鮮甜。煙肉有一點油膩,wasabi 剛好可以減淡油膩感。Pan seared Japanese wagyu beef with eggplant and turmeric condiment 和牛油脂分布平均,入口即化。唯一是我點了medium rare ,有一點過於油膩,和牛還是煎熟一點油膩感才不會太重。只訂到bar 枱位置,也不會不舒服。staff 服務非常有禮及周到。喜歡吃法國菜的人,建議一試。有機會想吃其他國家的robuchon 。 繼續閱讀
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Robuchon has been awarded with Michelin 3-star for years. The place is often fully booked. An advance booking for at least 2 weeks is expected. We managed to book the dinner not long after the re-opening of dinner dine-in.We were seated in the bar area facing the open kitchen. To get a full luxurious 3-star dining experience, we went for the signature dinner menu with wine pairing (3 glasses) at an additional charge.Start with bread service as usual, all the bread served here are freshly made in-house. Of course we weren’t able to finish the whole basket. Perfectly fine to take away, do not waste any food.Surprising starter not on the menu, to be honest I cannot tell exactly what the ingredients are but it’s definitely appetising to get you ready for one of the best menu served in town.The king crab with egg mimosa is exceptionally delicate. The king crab is perfectly melted with the well-blended mixture filling the egg.Sea urchin cream with delicate fennel emulsion - the ocean flavour of sea urchin is not as strong as usual with the creamy mixture, still, quite an interesting one.Scampi ravioli with black truffle and fois gras sauce – Captivated by the black truffle on top of the ravioli, this is my first time to have black truffle this way, quite different from the truffle sauce we usually have. Good stuff!Black cod with black pepper sauce, not to mix that with cod fish, this one is extremely soft, buttery and rich. You won’t be disappointed.Quail and fois gras served with mashed potato, also a quality one. A bit filling though.Kagoshima Wagyu beef with bean roll, the beef is extremely tender and meaty.“Perrier Jouet” mousse with strawberry compotes and rose champagne emulsions, perfectly paired with the glass of 🌹 champagne.Coffee or tea is served at the end with confectionery. Overall quite impressive, the unique dining experience certainly does not come cheap but definitely worth a try.For less budget, lunch would be a pretty good deal to get a taste of it. 繼續閱讀
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★ Lunch Menu ($680-$980) ↳ Le Caviar Imperial (+$280)↳ Les Spaghettis (+$150).𒀹 bread basket 🧺 𓂐最推薦1⃣️帶有鹹香的煙肉款+2⃣️極鬆化的牛角酥~ 超多選擇但可以拿走,所以輕嚐就好🍞.♡ Le Caviar Imperial🦞𓂐上層是魚子醬,中間是龍蝦jelly,底層是阿拉斯加蟹肉,整體非常甘香,入口帶彈性,質地細膩,果然是招牌的菜色~.♡ L’Oeuf De Poule🍳𓂐太陽蛋下是珍珠米餅,淋上雞湯,周圍的露荀牛肝菌有口感但不會過熟,很特別的一道前菜❣️.♡ L’Aubergine🍆𓂐茄子控必點!整道菜都是茄子的元素,有茄子蓉、茄子、燒茄子,配上三種不同的醬汁🍆.♡ Les Spaghettis🦞𓂐招牌龍蝦意粉🍝 完完全全是Al Dente,條條彈牙,龍蝦煮得剛好而且爽口新鮮,醬汁濃郁掛麵💕.♡ La Caille🐤𓂐鵪鶉肉皮脆肉嫩,裡面有鴨肝,但個人覺得鴨肝味道不太出,但肉真的非常非常嫩滑,配上招牌的mashed potato,超級綿密細緻creamy,很好吃🥰.♡ L’Aubergine𓂐炙燒伊比利豬應該是暫時吃過最好吃的豬肉‼️吃下去你會以為自己在吃牛排,肉汁在口裡爆出來,陣陣肉香味卻一點都不膩,吃下去極有層次☺️十級推薦🉑♡ Le Chocolat 𓂐個人覺得最出色的甜品,是非!常!濃!郁!的巧克力,而且creamy一口即化但不會膩,口腔會一直留有巧克力的餘香,久久不散🤭 甜品車就款式比較多,但個人覺得無論presentation還是口味都不及單點的好吃💓 記得最後一定要點一杯cappuccino,完美地結束整個用餐體驗📸.📍L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon 繼續閱讀
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餐廳裝修用紅黑色做主調! Joël Robuchon係全世界米芝蓮星級總數最多既主廚,地獄廚神 Gᴏʀᴅᴏɴ Rᴀᴍsᴀʏ 都係佢既徒弟🤭 餐廳有分Bar Table同 Fine Dining Table(得8-10張枱左右,平時要早兩個月前Book).P.S. 食Fine Dining點樣唔飲酒🤭我地叫左枝2010 Domaine Gros Frere et Soeur Grands-Echezeaux Grand CruHKD$4,400(餐廳價錢).📌麵包籃 (伴無鹽及有鹽牛油)有7款麵包,酸種麵包、法包丶牛角酥、火腿麵包棒、果仁麵包、芝士包及甜餐包! 個人最中龍法包條同酸種麵包 ,簡單就是好😍  .Menu HKD$680 -Appetizer-Main Course-Dessert-Coffee and confectioneries.Menu HKD$780-Appetizer-Soup (Green asparagus ‘‘veloute’’ with onion royale and chorizo)-Main Course-Cheese Platter-Tea and confectioneries(我地叫左兩個set,唯一係有湯同無湯既分別).📌Welcome Appetizer三文魚子係用Gin酒浸過,帶點酒味,上面重有啲金萡Tim💕 白色既係白蘆筍啫喱,綠色既係芥末,啡色係係面豉! 成個配搭好得意同精美🤭.Le Caviar ImperialA surprise of Sologne Imperial Caviar (+$280)(🐟魚子醬+🦀蟹肉+🦞龍蝦湯啫喱)這道菜係Robuchon既經典招牌菜,面層鋪滿魚子醬,中間夾著龍蝦啫喱,最底層係鮮甜既皇帝蟹肉! 但個人認為龍蝦啫喱既味太搶,所以魚子醬同龍蝦啫喱分開食,會比較唔會搶走魚子醬既風頭🤭 .Les SpaghettisMaine lobster spaghetti with coral emulsion (+$150)招牌龍蝦意粉,未試已經聞到好香😳 龍蝦肉已經預先拆好左,好厚肉,鮮甜彈牙,方便客人食,真係好啱我呢啲唔中意拆殼既人🤭 龍蝦汁係用左龍蝦汁、法國黃酒、同龍蝦膏去做,非常濃郁,保留哂龍蝦既鮮同甜。意粉AL DENTE,掛汁能力好好,每一條意粉都有龍蝦汁既精華!呢個真係我食過最好食嘅意粉,沒有之一😋。.DessertLe ChocolatCreamy hazelnut chocolate with cacao crumbles and caramelize peanuts朱古力牌寫上餐廳名! 香濃既朱古力慕絲蛋糕,入口濃郁細膩幼滑! 配以椰子味sorbet同椰子脆脆,精緻到好似藝術品咁😍 一樣俾我擺左落肚🤣🤭.📌Cheese Platter 芝士拼盤 (任選三款)有叫酒當然要叫個芝士拼盤啦🤭叫左blue cheese, Brie同Cheddar🧀 Blue cheese比較咸,可以配餅乾食! .📌Petit fours 有三款: 檸檬柚子撻: 酸度比較高,可以用以解滯!蝴蝶雲呢拿泡芙: 賣相精緻,但cream溶得好快,令泡芙變得濕濕的!朱古力慕絲: 朱古力味好濃,唔錯!.📌𝙲𝚊𝚙𝚙𝚞𝚌𝚌𝚒𝚗𝚘 呢度既咖啡係配撘焦糖醬,值得一試👍🏾.開埋酒既話,人均消費係$3,700左右.總括嚟講,每道菜既食材都配撘得好好,好balance,唔係淨係為左靚而放埋一齊!另外服務都好專業,每道菜都有好好介紹👍🏻 Dayoff有大大相伴,表示好幸福💕☺️ .=========================. 繼續閱讀
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