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L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon環境高雅,提供好看又好吃的法式佳餚,而且牛排分量十足。 繼續閱讀
米芝蓮二星餐廳 (2009, 2010, 2011), 米芝蓮三星餐廳 (2012-18), 亞洲50最佳餐廳 (2017)
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厚切和牛脊肉 焦糖奶凍伴開心果及可可豆 鵪鶉與鵝肝伴薯蓉
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等級4 2018-08-11
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有聞Joel robuchon 逝世,我同honey特意到訪中環置地的Joel robuchon 緬懷一番。一步入餐廳,以紅黑的顏色作主調,有強烈的現代感,感覺高雅又有格調。有別於其他二星、三星餐廳。這店子採用Joel robuchon 工作室的用餐風格,設置開放式的廚房和吧枱,譲客人可看著廚師製作料理。沒有富麗堂皇嘅壓迫感,反而可以輕鬆自在的享受米芝蓮三星美饌。Lunch Menu 分別有3 個course, 4 courses 同5 courses, 價錢分別為$498/$598/$758。Welcome snack法式芫茜啫喱配海鮮泡沫和蜆肉這welcome snack入口冰涼,口感軟滑又creamy, 加上滑滑蜆肉,配以鮮美的蟹肉泡沫和芫茜獨有的清新氣息,是幾清爽的夏日amuse broche.紫蘇葉牛油果薯蓉泡芙由於honey唔吃芫茜,餐廳特意製作這小泡芙。這泡芙口感香脆,熱哄哄的,是一口大小。泡芙內藏滑溜薯蓉和牛油果,味道咸香,唔錯。正好為這三星美饌午餐展開序幕。Appetizers:Le king crabe /Spiced king crab and avocado fine tart with coriander 這個蟹肉撻味道濃郁而輕怡。薄薄的春卷皮上塗滿了幼滑的牛油果醬,上面還有唔少的阿拉斯加蟹肉。蟹肉啖啖肉,而且經咖喱粉煮過。咖喱味很突出,香而不辣,又沒有蓋過阿拉斯加蟹肉的味道。鮮美蟹肉加埋軟滑creamy的牛油果醬,令清怡的蟹肉添加一些滑溜豐盈口感,再配以香脆的撻底,味道十分豐富,又唔會好heavy.以下兩道主菜都是客人的熱門選擇,即使餐牌經常改動,然而這兩主菜都仍然保留。Le black codBlack cod with malaise black pepper sauce and coconut foam這鱈魚除了賣相十分雅緻,也認真好吃!鱈魚煎到表面金黃,微微焦香,魚肉白滑細緻,又唔會過於鬆散。每一口都感覺到魚脂豐膄。加上鱈魚經清酒煮過,再配上黑胡椒汁同椰子泡沫,正呀!鱈魚魚味濃郁,醬汁味道香甜,帶一點椰子泡沫的清香,還有黑椒的沉穩厚重,味道層次十分豐富,感覺一點點日菜的氣息,唔錯!這兒的薯蓉更是必吃!雖然只是簡單配菜,但薯蓉入口極為香滑creamy, 薯仔味十足,又富牛油香,但又唔會太膩口,真不愧為佢哋嘅招牌菜。現在還未吃過一家餐廳的薯蓉比他們更好。Les spaghetti +$50Marine lobster spaghetti with coral emulsion 這意粉賣相很美,意粉上放滿大大件的嫩紅的美國緬因州龍蝦。這龍蝦啖啖肉,肉質鮮美,彈牙有口感又唔韌。而意粉口感煙韌有緻,al dente. 醬汁雖然唔係cream base或稠身質地,但味道依然豐盈,龍蝦味特別濃郁。原來是用上龍蝦膏、龍蝦湯和法國黃酒製作。特別一讚的是,這醬汁沒有太heavy 的忌廉,意粉味道濃厚又感覺輕身。加上意粉都幾掛汁,十分滋味,吃罷完全沒有膩口的感覺。推介!由於轉換了甜點廚師,是次的甜點味道有點不一樣。從前是日藉甜品師,甜品味道清雅又別緻。現在的法藉甜品師的甜品,就感覺西方的甜品味道多一點,而擺盤亦有所不同。La fraiseFresh strawberries with white chocolate namelaka and yoghurt icecream 這士多啤梨甜品由鮮士多埤梨、白朱古力同士多埤梨乳酪雪糕造成。這甜品味道幾fresh, 有香甜的士多埤梨味,配上白朱古力的甜味,相對地無黑朱古力咁霸道,感覺幾夾。雖然味道唔錯,但還是喜歡honey的朱古力甜品多一點。La chocolatChocolate trilogy with pecans and caramelized hazelnuts這朱古力甜品,有朱古力脆波、朱古力雪糕、榛子醬和焦糖榛果等。這朱古力波波有香脆的花生朱古力包住朱古力mousse, 味道就像金沙一樣。而那香滑的榛子醬榛子味濃香,加埋又脆又甜香的榛果pecans, 配以朱古力雪糕,充滿榛果香,味道又醇厚。朱古力味濃濃的,但又不過份甜膩,好吃!Petite fours有成四款咁多,有Raspberry marcoon ,純朱古力,朱古力撻和馬德蓮蛋糕。raspberry marcoon 味道香甜,純朱古力和朱古力撻的朱古力味極為濃郁,口感幼滑;而馬德蓮旦糕口感鬆軟,帶一些牛油味道。每一款都小巧精緻,配咖啡一流。Flat white這flat white 口感香滑,泡沫薄薄一層,咖啡味道甘香,正!Cappuccino 這cappuccino 泡沫細緻,加上醇香的咖啡,啡香奶滑。不得不提這兒特製的招牌焦糖糖漿。這糖漿味道甘香甜美,還有干邑的一點butter taste, 是一種成熟又帶一點深度的味道,個人就十分喜歡。雖然一代巨匠Joel robuchon 離世,但他的餐廳水準依然,保持一貫高水準。近曰也試過新開的Arbor 與Ecriture, 雖然水準唔錯,但感覺這兒的性價比還是比較高一點。推介! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2018-06-25
4137 瀏覽
I thought it was going to take me hours to take care of a few personal matters this morning but surprisingly, I finished well ahead of schedule. Since I was already in Central, I decided to pick up my phone to see which of my favorite French restaurants still have vacancy for one. I started calling Épure, L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon and Caprice (in no particular order) hoping to land a table but only to find that they were all fully booked for lunch. But being the persistent person that I am, I kept on calling every 15 minutes, and lo and behold, I was finally rewarded.Thanks to the good guys at L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon for taking me in at such late hours (it was 2:10PM).Looked like they have been tinkering the set menu a little bit but not as much as I would like. The black cod dish among others has been there for ages and I thought it's about time it has a replacement.Tomato gazpacho jelly, avocado coulis - I can't ask for a better amuse bouche than this, can I? The tomato gazpacho jelly was just perfect for the dog days of summer (at 36 degrees). Wonderful, refreshing acidity met with a layer of silky avocado coulis. Also some paprika and crispy croutons on top. Got me all geared up for the upcoming dishes.La Langoustine - I had a different version of this with mom last time. As I recalled, that one had a super intense langoustine bouillon served with a delicious piece of roasted scampi. By the look of it, this was a downgraded version featuring a fine spiced chicken bouillon. Floating on top of the bouillon were some scallops, lobster and shiitake mushroom. There were also a couple of scampi "tsukune", homemade scampi meat balls made with scampi and flying fish roes.The bouillon was a little on the spicy side thanks to the strong ginger flavors. I think I want the old version back.Le Boeuf Wagyu - I was a little curious of whether the wagyu was Japanese or Australian, and not surprisingly, it's Australian. This was beautifully prepared though, leaving each slice of beef with a nice charred crust. I love the white asparagus, pine nuts, ginger and green onion served on the side too. Very tasty. The homemade teriyaki sauce was spot on and just perfect. Definitely, the best dish of the afternoon.La Cerise - I had a feeling it's not going to be an ordinary cheesecake and I was right.Like the amuse bouche, this was just perfect for summer. The hibiscus cheese cake with cherry compote and beetroot ganache was bursting with refreshing flavors while the sweetened cherries, cherry sorbet and chocolate crumbs provided the dish with some additional texture and contrasting temperature.The petite four was nice as always. It took me 30 seconds to wash them down with my English breakfast tea coz I didn't want to be the last customer leaving the dining room. Second last was okay.The langoustine dish aside, I thought I had a pretty delicious meal today. The only thing I was slightly unhappy about was perhaps service. Unlike my previous experience at a Robuchon establishment, I found today's service a little "robotic" (but not rude) and not very Michelin-like. Quick example: when a customer came in at 2:10PM, it's quite understandable that you want to take his orders as quickly as possible (before last order!). But I waited and waited, and even signaled to a number of servers with a closed menu but no one came to my rescue. At the end, I had to wave my arms around to get someone's attention. When a female server finally came up, she told me they were all thinking that I was waiting for someone. That's just very poor communication right there coz when I arrived, the hostess already knew I was a solo diner. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2018-09-05
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Decided to spend my 40th birthday dinner here as I know the food at Robuchon never disappoint. The server seemed a bit new but he did his best. The bread basket is always one of my favors and must get both types of butter to go with the bread. The wine glasses used were top quality which makes drinking wine at other places difficult to enjoy. I don’t remember the portions were big but the items we’ve ordered were much larger than expected. Looking forward to my next visit. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2018-07-22
1228 瀏覽
brought my girlfd there for her bday. amazing food! we don't eat French meal that much as we prefer Japanese food better so I decided to bring here for something different. we booked the table and ordered one 498hkd menu and a 748hkd menu for our lunch. as soon as we ordered they Brought out the breads and it was outstanding! its warm, its fresh. and I am happy with all the foods there, and I ordered chocolate cake and my girlfd ordered strawberry cheese cake. iprefered the strawberry better as I was really full and chocolate cake was a bit too heavy for me.  繼續閱讀
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每一次去,除左係bar枱坐得超級吾舒服,無論服務同食物都值得一去再去。我一向喜歡法國菜,但當Pierre變成國金軒甘既環境(其實我好喜歡佢成舊至少20g既white truffle 片落黎果個dish,但係圍住我都係土豪真係好嘈),Amber 既signature dish好多年都係可以食埋魚鱗既sea bass,仲要我俾credit card做guarantee(對不起,我比較喜歡flexibility ,想轉場的話亦會前一天取消booking,你說我是cheap吧!),心血來潮時又吾知點解可以book到位,每次無論係食fine dinning or tea (@ le Jardin)食物都無得彈(IFC le Jardin既服務有待改進)。好喜歡有凍鵝肝,無甘「漏」;beef tartare上面的鵪春蛋包住金箔。仲有一向不喜歡食麵包既我叫waiter 幫我打包食剩既麵包(係好老土,不過個waiter 笑住幫我做,可能個心咕嚕:梗係第一次食靚野⋯⋯)免費的starter同desserts 我都食晾,好少地方可以令我甘behave.... 繼續閱讀
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