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餐厅名称的法文意思为“您的人生",日文则指“旅程",提供法日混合烹煮的菜式。由天空龙吟日本料理创办总厨山本征治先生徒弟佐藤秀明主理,希望透过食物带客人进行一次味觉之旅,餐牌每一至两个月更换一次。 继续阅读
米芝莲二星餐厅 (2017-21), 米芝莲一星餐厅 (2016),, 亚洲50最佳餐厅 (2017-2019)
18:30 - 21:30
18:30 - 21:30
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等级4 2020-12-31
1488 浏览
Ta Vie was offering a Festive Lunch Menu. Again since it was a weekday on my long annual leave, I was able to book a table here with relative ease.The server greeted me politely and introduced their menu in detail. Their decor was simple yet elegant, just like their food.They will serve you one bread at a time and the first one was definitely my favorite, witch its crunchy exterior and fluffy inside. Their ricotta cheese and house-made butter was heavenly.The first course was the Crab House Sandwich, which is crab salad. The crab was sweet in its own way, matching the salad especially the avocado well. The crispy crepe was also extremely cute in a crab shape.The duck consomme was as clear as a consomme can be yet tasting extremely rich. The oyster filling of the ravioli also burst with flavors.For the Deep Fried Chicken Wing and the Wagyu Beef Rossini, both had truffles on it but were not shaved at the table(maybe due to COVID). However, I have to say the aroma was definitely less intense.Back to the flavor, the I felt the sauce was the star of the Chicken Wing. The taste of the Shaoxing wine sauce was intense without being overpowering.The beef of the Rossini was almost as tender as the foie gras and eating it with the bread wrapping balanced their strong flavors. Chef Hideaki Sato himself came to serve this dish.The langoustine was my favorite main course(this was between the Rossini and Chicken Wing, I described it out of order due to the truffle issue). The langoustine was springy and the presentation was extremely simple yet beautiful, with the outer pastry wrapped carefully layer by layer to resume the shell.After all the main, they prepared a lovely hibiscus drink to refresh our palate to prepare us for dessert.The dessert came and wow, it was a stunner. The dessert was constructed like an artpiece and the dish they choose was glistening under the light(the photo I took does not do it justice) . If possible, eat all 3 layers together. The richness of the ice-cream, the sweetness and juiciness of the pear and the "Baba"/Cake were such a lovely combo. I also checked afterwards and the pear they used "Le Lectier" is a Niigata pear famous for its flavors and infamous for its difficulty to store, hence named "Queen of Pears".Their French Press Indonesian Coffee was smooth and instead of Petit Four, the chocolate mousse served was exceptionally good with a hint of citrus in it. When I left, the server also came to the entrance to thank me again before leaving, kind of like restaurants in Japan.This menu does come with a hefty price tag(even when compared with other Michelin restaurants) but given the food and service, it justifies the price but I think in the future, I will only reserve it for special occasions.  继续阅读
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等级5 2020-12-27
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This French restaurant is managed by chef Hideaki Sato and has been awarded Michelin 2-star status. Located in The Pottinger Hong Kong, we came on the Boxing Day for lunch, as the dinner service is not available with the government's current restriction measures on social gathering. Greeted warmly, we were shown to our table. The décor is very comfortable and relaxing, cleverly using live plants and details on the decoration and setting to create a cozy ambience. I like how the dated texture of the wooden floorboards and cabinet giving me a feel of visiting a place with history. We ordered the special Winter Festive Season Menu ($2,180 each), with me also going for the wine pairing ($1,280). The restaurant also offers a wide range of wine, as well as sake too. Even the bottled natural water Azumino ($88) is special, coming from Nagano in Japan. The first course is 'Crab House Sandwich'. Very interesting on the presentation, the crispy buckwheat crepe has a crab shape, and underneath is Hokkaido kegani (horsehair) crab salad. The crab meat is very delicious, and together with avocado, tomato, thin radish slices and a nice dressing which blends all the flavors together, with a perfect acidity to make this a wonderful starter of the meal. The wine paired is Paul Bara Reserve Brut Champagne NV with the crisp acidity refreshing and complimentary.The second course is Duck Consommé. The delicate yet intense soup is certainly mind-blowingly delicious, and there are also house-made ravioli contained duck meat, as well as a poached oyster from Hokkaido Akkeshi of silky texture. The flavors are further enriched by the black truffle strips on top. The wine paired is Famille Plageoles Vin de Voile 2008, with the oxidative aromas and taste matching well with the consommé. The third course is Deep-fried Lung Guang Chicken Wing. A signature of the restaurant, the chicken wing has the bone removed and then stuffed with Jpanaese burdock and white truffle rice, before deep-fried to give a crispy skin. Underneath are some pea sprout which is right in season, and added with an intense Shaoxing wine sauce. With a few shaves of truffle on top, this is another great dish which is a must-try in my opinion. The wine paired is Domaine de Montille Beaune 1er Cru Greves 2015. The earthy notes are a good match with sauce.  The fourth course is Pan Seared Langoustine. Another of my favorites, the langoustine is wrapped with a thin puff pastry to reminiscent of a crispy edible shell. The langoustine itself is very good, fresh and very tasty, great in both appearance and flavors. There are also the seasonal parsnips which added a different texture to the dish. The wine paired is a wine from Yamanashi, Adega d'Arvga Bosque 2017 made from local variety Koshu with good mineral notes to match with the langoustine. The fifth course is Wagyu Beef 'Rossini', with a piece of nice Nozaki Wagyu beef as well as a piece of foie gras wrapped in a brioche, paired with red wine sauce and some black truffle. Both of us always are shy of the fatty meat, but I found it amazing that both the beef and foie gras did not show any oiliness, simply perfect on how they are cooked. Wonderfully done, the wine paired is also beautiful, with the 1995 Clos du Marquis offering a nice savory development to the dish. Before transitioning to dessert, we are given a cup of home-made hibiscus beverage, which helps to cleanse the palate. It is very refreshing and I wonder whether the chef can share the recipe as I want to make this at home as it is so good. The sixth course is Fresh Japanaese Pear 'Le Lectier', with a sponge cake soaked with pear liqueur on the bottom, with the fresh and juicy pear on top, on top with a fresh cheese ice-cream and beautiful garnish. A piece of art, it also delivers on the flavors, with the pear liqueur strong but balanced with the sweetness from the ice-cream, and the delicate of the pear is not suppressed interestingly. The wine paired is spirit from Capovilla Distillati, using Decio di Belfiore apples.With an Indonesia Coffee (dripped by French press) to wrap up, the restaurant also provided a chocolate mousse dessert to pair which is highly complementary. A very good meal, and the portion size is also appropriate, making us full but not overly so, enabling us to really savor all the dishes to the complete extent. The service is very good, with the staff attentive to our needs without asking and able to remain 'invisible' most of the times to allow a good privacy on the conversations. Chef Hideaki Sato also came to introduce a couple of dishes himself, and both of us were amazed by his young and handsome look. Definitely the quality of a celebrity chef. The bill was $6,301 which is a bit expensive but considering the quality of the food, the choice of wines, and the overall dining experience, I would say it is worth the price tag. As chef Hideaki Sato personally written on the menu, his motto is 'pure, simple, seasonal' and I truly can relate to that through his dishes. It is one of the most pleasant meals I had for a while and for that, I wholeheartedly recommend the restaurant. 继续阅读
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呢间系我睇人哋嘅post&其他平台,望到赞成咁样,又二星,点解我未去过,同埋点解我冇预备去。原来一睇返OpenRice,呢一间净系做晚市,因为而家咁样迫於无奈开既Lunch。(个人控制卡路里,唔会系出面食晚餐)再上佢FB page睇,天呀,而家有lunch,即wasp book。用中文预约但对方要求英文对话,後尾再睇原来系日籍既😅😅😅一有得book就好紧张好赶咁,因为我个人系想好快食到,等一两个月真心会谢左。当日lunch menu 包好味,芝士酱好正。佢有讲两种都系自己整嘅。中途有俾另一个包俾我,但我惊食唔晒无要到。呢餐既份量系较细既,我细食啲都应该要第二个包😂。好味,系正正路路拼凑好材料咁既味道,唔系惊喜,系可以幻想下咁样材料夹埋咪咁嘅味罗个种前菜黎讲都叫大份,比起差唔多价位既话好味,意粉份量太少;手制好好咬口😭。俾多三四条我先觉得系正路份量(意思系贵啲既餐厅份量少,佢真系太少😂),海胆都鲜甜既,但唔系最高质个种。沟埋啲昆布,好日式味道,好好味。食紧呢个知道呢餐饭差唔多完,食唔饱,仲想问返佢哋攞一个面包,同埋因为个芝士酱真系太好食。龙虾好鲜甜,贵野好品种。个人味觉唔系好锐利,见识唔多,个下觉得似而家喺屋企食紧「救救澳龙」差唔多嘅鲜甜😂。但呢度配佢既汁同技术当然好会好啲。上菜系主厨上,会介绍吓,👍🏻。我见到佢个source有啲油,我仲想唔点啲汁食,开头一细啖剩食无点汁,第二啖点左佢既汁。卡路里?算啦算啦一餐半餐咁抹乾净晒个碟😂😂😂😂😂。食到一半主厨又拎个龙虾热狗仔出黎,好得意食完我就饱左,无再企图问面包😂两啖难赵既份量,应该分三啖食(对我黎讲)好味,一细杯俾你清口既花果茶?唔记得系咩材料。净系记得好细杯好味,都爽口,想再要多杯😂甜品,雪糕加苹果批。我唔锺意食甜野都系是但食一两啖就算。滴漏咖啡,present得好好,仲有朱古力慕丝,佢应该有加啲东南亚嘅香叶,唔知系咩,都系了一细啖试下味。服务超好,嗰日主要系老板娘同埋另一个一籍女侍应。系日本,松屋既服务都好好啦,更何况系呢种餐厅,唔怪得咁多好评。我六点後食野唔多,唔会出去食呢啲咁既野。我睇返点解劲好评都无放佢去想去既list ,原来只做晚市。食完种应觉系贵左啲,同类水平餐厅lunch黎讲;但再睇返食材,又无人地咁系咁 add on之类,系好值既👍🏻如果大吉利是仲要开午市我会再去🥲。(please don’t) 继续阅读
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The Restaurant is not big but the seats are wide and confortable, the environment is soft, quiet, relxed and romantic. We look forward to food tasting there soon.The First are two warm housemade breads was fluffy and crispy. Shiro ebi was a very fresh baby white shrimp and green asparagus tartar topped with Oscietra caviar. Housemade pasta with Aonon Seaweed sauce topped with Hokkaido “Bafun” uni. The sea urchin in the was so creamy and rich. The Grilled Hotaru squid from Toyama Bay with organic Chinese kale Gai lan salad was tasty and refreshing.I liked delicious. Simmered Whelk Matsubu twist clam with fresh Yunnan morel mushrooms, potato stir-fried with beurre. Pan-fried 活鯒 with tapenade beurre blanc sauce, the Pan-fried 活鯒 was fresh and sweet. Maybe I don't like the taste of lamb, I didn't eat too much of the Roasted Aveyron Lamb with Yuzu kosyou sabayon. Almond tofu with peach compote, had fresh lychee and oolong tea which jelly was so juicy and sweetie.A cake was Blueberry, lavender & chocolaee mousses, the cake is not too sweet. Not bad! Conclusion - We greatly loved this dinner. Every dish was delicious and of good quality. 继续阅读
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餐厅名 Ta Vie 是法文,意思是「您的人生」,同时也是日文,意思是「旅程」,主厨佐藤秀明是希望透过食物让客人用味蕾来体验这一餐法日式料理。餐厅里的布置却富怀旧感,同时感觉似在一个大客厅,灰绿白色直条梳化,古董摆设,墙上贴了黑白旧照片,几有特色。餐厅里面不大,只有10张枱左右。除咗老板娘之外,也只有另外2个楼面同事,不过服务贴心也很有效率,所以此店已经连续4年(2017-2020)获得米芝莲二星的殊荣,也曾经是亚洲50最佳餐厅之一 (2017-2019)。在今年的餐厅周活动,此餐厅更是「顶级精致餐厅」的得奖者,所以我可以以HK$650 (另收加一服务费) 享用3道菜的一餐。前菜:鹅肝及无花果乾法式肉酱 Foie gras & dried figs terrine这片冻法式鹅肝酱很特别,因为中间酿了一些无花果乾,这样食起嚟不会觉得只有肥美奶油的鹅肝,也多了一些无花果果甜清新的口感,食完不会觉得成口油腻。配上一片脆口的多士,可以与鹅肝酱一齐食,正呀👍🏻面包:酸面包配淡牛油和茅屋芝士 Sourdough with lightly salted butter cream and cottage cheese热辣辣的酸面包,外脆内软,涂上茅屋芝士或淡牛油真系好好味,不过我比较喜欢茅屋芝士多一啲。食一件酸面包唔够,老板娘发现我想食多一件,就再提供多一件热辣辣的酸面包,满足😃意粉:自家制意粉配青海苔汁伴马冀海胆 House made pasta with “Aonori” sauce, topped with Hokkaido “Bafun” uni这碟是餐厅的招牌菜,薄切的自家制意粉煮得烟韧度适中,也很容易挂上青海苔汁。北海道马冀海胆份量多,肥美又有奶油口感,可惜不够鲜甜,有少少腥。主菜:烤法国勃根地奶牛日本冬季萝卜伴鼠尾草碎 Roasted French milk fed veal from Burgundy粉红色的奶牛肉排,是稀有食材,因为不是度度都有。奶牛肉啲肉质鲜嫩多汁,牛味浓郁,非常美味。配上煎得一层脆皮的萝卜和薯仔,外脆内多汁,好味。 继续阅读
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