港鐵西營盤站 A2 出口, 步行約4分鐘 繼續閱讀
蓮香居仍然保留舊式點心車,早午茶市人流不絕。晚市廣東小菜亦甚有傳統風味,招牌菜為霸王蓮香鴨。 繼續閱讀
最優秀開飯廣東菜館 (2013-15)
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The morning catching up, small plates sharing and tea drinking ritual of yum cha is part of Hong Kong’s culture and identity. Back in the 80s and early 90s, old ladies would circle around buzzing dining rooms with pushcarts and shout out for attention. While dim sum carts are increasingly hard to spot in Hong Kong, even more so is an ad hoc seating system where diners waiting to be seated have to eyeball finishing tables and grab them once they’re vacated. This is the case at one of Hong Kong’s oldest dim sum establishments: Lin Heung Kui. During peak hours, you’d have to fight for a seat. If you are unlucky and fail to gauge timing, someone who arrives later might even sit and eat before you do. My strategy was to politely check with diners who seem to be finishing and then standing by, which worked as quite a few were friendly enough and accustomed to the system. Alternatively, a separate room opens up at 12 in the rear of the restaurant where tables are clothed and you won’t have to sit with strangers. That room would be much quieter but a 10% service fee is charged. Pushcarts would still come in so not to worry about missing out on the experience.Food was for the most part excellent, with some old school favorites that I’ve only seen for the first time. Pricing is on the extreme low end and much to our delight, busy servers do maintain a more than decent level of friendliness and helpfulness, making for a pleasant and memorable experience for us. If you just want your dim sum in a relatively quiet setting with shiny plates and beautiful furniture, and especially if you want to be able to book in advance, this might not be the ideal place to go during brunch hours any day of the week. But if you or your guest is looking to experience old-style dim sum culture, this would definitely be worth checking out.P.S. Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居) is not to be confused with Lin Heung Tea House (蓮香樓). The latter is located in Central (Wellington Street). The first ever Lin Heung Tea House was founded in 1889 in Guangzhou, while Central’s Lin Heung Tea House opened its doors in 1926 in Hong Kong. Despite being a newer outlet, Lin Heung Kui was the branch that was awarded a Michelin Bib Gourmand. “Lin Heung” means fragrant lotus, and the restaurant was named after their famous lotus paste based delicacies such as lotus seed paste buns and mooncakes.Food RundownChinese Steamed Cake 香滑馬拉糕 $21Super moist and fluffy.Fish Shumai with Dried Scallops 瑤柱燒賣王 $36This was especially good—it was flavorful with bits of dried shredded scallop in every bite.Beef Rice Rolls 香茜牛肉腸粉 $35Freshly made. Nice and meaty.Radish cake and Taro cake 蘿蔔糕 / 芋頭糕 ~$50This was made to order and the sizzling pan filled the room with smokey goodness. Unfortunately it smelled better than it tasted: we thought that both were quite disappointing.“Gold Coin Chicken” 串燒金錢雞 $60This is old school stuff that’s rarely seen nowadays. Gold Coin Chicken is made of pork loin, pork lard and chicken liver threaded on a skewer. The dish is extremely fatty with deep and sweet flavors. Apparently the skewer is roasted for ten minutes before being drizzled with maltrose sugar, and this process is repeated up to four times. Marinated Beef Shank in Five Spices 五香牛展 $50Very much on the sweet side in terms of flavor (I believe this is due to it being over-marinated), but the beef was very tasty and tender.Bean Curd Rolls with Fresh Prawns 鮮蝦腐皮夾 $30This was just OK. The bean curd had become a bit too soggy for my liking (I prefer chewy ones that are harder to bite) but flavor-wise it was good. There were bits of meat and some prawns in there as well.Prawn Dumplings 地魚蝦餃王 $38Very thin and delicate layer of flour there and the prawn was big and juicy. I liked the savory-sweet flavor balance as well which was a little bit different from elsewhere but I couldn’t exactly pinpoint what it was.Lin Heung Special Duck 蓮香霸王鴨 $298Really quite liked this. It was supposed to be their most signature dish (they have many signatures, but this is supposed to be the dish). There were lots of stuffing in the duck and I heard that the dish takes hours to prepare. The stuffing includes fresh lotus seeds, diced mushrooms, diced pork, gingko, barley and salted egg yolk. The bird is initially deep-fried and then steamed to tenderize it and allow its flavors to immerse fully in the stuffing. A must-try dish.上湯莧菜 ~$80Good and fresh. Love the quasi deep fried garlic as always.Lotus Seed Paste Pudding with Sago 蓮茸焗布甸 ~$80This was a highlight. It wasn’t very sweet, and on top of super smooth lotus seed paste there was milk and a tiny bit of butter in there that really made it super aromatic and creamy. The little sago pearls in there gave the hot baked custard some extra chewiness. This kind of dessert is not my thing, but it was still worthwhile trying it once. 繼續閱讀
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一直都想試舊式茶樓風味。但就怕自己唔識規矩,會令到自己有不愉快經歷。開始時係想試中環間舊店。因為聽講最近又開返。但朋友堅持唔想去。原因係店員零禮貌。無服務和食物質素差。那我都要遷就下朋友。就嚟試這間只差一個字的老茶樓。佢哋兩間茶店背景應該係一個大故事。但我只係食客所以唔會太深究。講返正題:這間店最好的地方係有升降機。老友記就可以舒服上去嘆茶食點心。冷氣都好夠。地方都算大。當然坐位就比較窄。這點就希望能夠改善。我點了水仙。這裡可以選擇碗沖茶。但其實我想講我地這些新派人都唔太識用。茶葉很多很濃。好唔好飲就真係睇個人。我就覺得太濃。最後我還因爲這樣唔太舒服咗一個下午。因為真係好削胃。如果大家唔係經常飲濃茶。我建議叫佢落少啲茶葉。姐姐哥哥服務還好。四圍問茶客需唔需要加水?今次和朋友就只點選了兩款點心。就係蝦餃和燒賣。蝦餃其實冇咩大特別。都係和其他酒樓差唔多唔算熱騰騰。可能已經蒸好一段時間。只可以話唔點都唔覺可惜。燒賣就更加普通。虾肉唔算鮮味。反而豬肉比虾肉更多。食完這兩款點心。根本對其他點心零興趣。選擇又很少。再加上個胃又唔太舒服。所以就結帳離開。今次用餐體驗都唔太差。只是自己掌握唔到自己原來對濃茶都唔太容易適應。來這裡無需要太早。因為無早餐時段。十一點後樓上三樓才開。就可以更多位置選擇。間中試吓這些舊式酒樓都係一件樂事。 繼續閱讀
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二樓搭枱 (唔洗加一)三樓唔洗搭枱 (另收加一)可以選茶壺或茶盅據聞呢度啲茶葉特別靚我哋揀咗普洱茶但係唔係幾香喎⋯⋯飲完個喉嚨仲有啲乾添懷舊大水煲呢度啲服務都幾好呀,會不停不停咁幫你加水煎腸粉..睇相就知一啲都唔香脆得個油字👎🏻蝦餃雖然唔大粒但係啲蝦夠彈牙 、皮都夠煙韌幾好估唔到個鳳爪排骨飯要$55感覺有啲唔抵鳳爪味道唔香、排骨溶爛爛咁味道唔係幾好、質感都唔係幾好👎🏻鹹水角新鮮熱辣所以個皮夠香脆、唔油膩都唔錯叉燒酥好凍好油而且入邊啲餡有豬蘇味👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻雖然佢係傳統嘅馬拉糕但係已經食唔到好香嘅黑糖味而且發酵過度有陣酸味🤔本來想食蓮蓉包但係等咗好耐都冇失望😞另外一提原來佢啲茶葉係擺喺人來人往嘅走廊旁開放式,完全冇遮掩感覺非常唔衛生👎🏻👎🏻特別係而家呢個時候疫情咁嚴重真係好恐怖😱😐價錢唔平,食物質素唔好,衛生唔掂試過一次就夠曬喇! 繼續閱讀
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端午節早上幫阿女搬一些衣物去新居,午餐在黃大仙同未來女婿&女兒食越南河粉,遲吓發掘下黃大仙有什麼好食。入正題,蓮香居,幾年前同朋友食過好出名的金錢雞😋,好好食。今日黃昏同老公&阿仔由灣仔搭電車去上環,老公問我蓮香居好唔好食,我話喜歡廣東餸一定like。只有琵琶鴨有影相,好好食,點左野葛菜生魚炖湯,好正,清炒百合雲耳,好清新,炆魚球(粉太厚)唔係咁好食,普洱茶正,白飯正,西米布甸正,食唔晒,take away, 第二日都好好味👍我哋消費左$600遲吓約多幾個人食唔同餸菜😊 繼續閱讀
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呢間係舊式茶樓蓮香居,出名壞舊點心車同大水壺。總共有兩層可以揀,多數檯都要搭檯。服務員都十分友善的。當點心車子堆出嚟時我就會好奇車上有咩點心食,佢地一路叫賣就我一路樹起耳仔聽。今次叫咗叉燒腸、煎堆仔、春卷、燒賣同荷葉飯。食物味道不過不失。煎堆仔更是有意想不到的奶黃咸,不過荷葉飯就略多,應該有兩大碗飯。荷葉都香嘅,不過啲飯就一般般。舊色茶樓係香港嘅集體回憶,想壞念下以前的茶樓,不妨一試。 繼續閱讀
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