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以四季為主題的餐廳,廚師同時引入個人風格,將法國菜重新包裝,并親自挑選美酒搭配各款美食。 繼續閱讀
米芝蓮一星餐廳 (2015-2017)
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等級6 2016-08-16
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There is no secret that Seasons by Olivier E has slowly creeped up on my favorite list of French restaurants in town these days. Seems like that I've been visiting this place every single month and this time, I'm even bringing my 5-month old nugget with me (thanks to their kids friendly policy).I have always wanted to sit at the counter table to see all the chefs in full action but it's a little hard to achieve that with my nugget around.Prawn, avocado, lobster jelly, romaine leaves - I'm probably sticking with this starter until they take it off the menu. Very lovely texture and fragrance coming from the lobster jelly and creamy avocado. Each layer has a slightly different bite and contrasting texture to it (thanks to the diced prawns) and I just love the sprinkling of paprika on top. Perfect to go with the chilled romaine leaves (Grade: 4.5/5).Escargots fricassée with Pastis and tomato sauce - Jelloman wanted this dish badly and who could fault her for this (I would have taken this as my second dish too if not for the fact that I have had it a number of times already).This is very flavorful and obviously quite addictive. That was goooodd (Grade: 4/5).White "Paris" mushroom soup, fresh goat cheese foam - Some say Epuré has got the best white Paris mushroom soup in town but looks like Chef Olivier is catching up fast. This is silky smooth and very aromatic. I like the very rich mushroom flavors though a touch of truffle (or truffle oil) would probably bring this to another level (Grade: 3.5/5).Chilled melon soup with mint espuma, vodka granita - I fell in love with Chef Olivier's peach and plum soup last time I was here so I was expecting the same success from this chilled melon soup not as a dessert but a starter.This is just the perfect cure for the nasty heat wave in the dog days of summer. Very refreshing and soothing for the taste buds. Love the way the mint espuma and vodka granita worked with the sweetness of the melon soup. Marvelous job (Grade: 4/5)!Hokkaido seared scallops, tomatoes and pesto butter - For the first time this afternoon, everyone was on the same page as we all agreed on the main dish here. Well, this is a no-brainer considering how well this kitchen delivers their seafood dishes.The Hokkaido scallops were pretty nicely done. The supporting cast of fresh tomatoes and pesto butter was good though not spectacular (Grade: 3.5/5).Guanaja 70% chocolate cream and Cassis coulis, pistachio ice-cream - As much as I love the peach and plum soup, I wanted to try something different this time around. So in comes the chocolate cream, cassis coulis and pistachio ice-cream.This was just OK. I am a sucker for pistachio ice-cream (actually anything made with pistachio) so that part was alright but the chocolate cream was slightly disappointing. It felt like having a Magnum chocolate bar in a circular shape more than anything else (Grade: 3/5).Almond mousse with peach and plum soup, mango sorbet - Now I am regretting the fact that I didn't take a flyer on this dessert. Mom seemed to enjoy it very much as she raved about the perfect combination of sweetness and acidity in there (Grade: 4/5).Once again, I really enjoyed my meal here. As a matter of fact, out of all my recent visits to Seasons so far, the level of cuisine has been consistently high. Given the relatively acceptable price tag ($318 for 3-course) and Michelin star pedigree, it's difficult not to come back for more. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2017-07-17
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香港米芝蓮餐廳為數不少,但在這些星級餐廳吃一頓飯花費也頗高,如果大家想一試米芝蓮滋味又不想大額花費不如先入門吃下午茶吧!這天相約了閨蜜院友到一星的Seasons by Olivier E. 嘆新推出的《森夏果香下午茶》Summer Afterenoon Tea。 位於銅鑼灣心臟地帶的Seasons坐落於利園二期超方便又好找! 這天難得有明媚晴天而且還頗炎熱,戶外位置隨便影兩張相比大家看看,豬油包的我還是坐室內較為合適!! 熱到要溶掉的我當然要一杯冰凍飲品降溫畦!Summer Mocktail Purple Heart加 $50,右手面那杯是好友的Summer Cocktail Garden of Eden 加$70,兩杯都色彩繽紛充滿果味! Purple Heart材料包括巨峰提子汁,紅莓,士多啤梨,乳酪及荔枝,喝下冰涼快感味道香甜果香滿盈,可愛到不行喔! 如果大家不像我那麼曳要喝凍飲可以加$8選擇有數款口味的OR Tea,此茶味道十分出色令人滿驚喜,而且包裝十分精美嘴巴眼睛也能得到享受。 《森夏果香下午茶》$518/兩位,$268/位,食物質素當然不負星級美譽呢。 鹹點共有四款包括火腿芝士多士鵪鶉蛋,松露龍蝦配蛋黃醬,龍蒿香草雞肉撻,芝士蝦卷,樹番茄凍湯配羅勒泡沫。 樹蕃茄原產於南美的植物口感介乎於奇異果和番茄之間,還帶有百香果的氣味用它來打成凍湯再配合清香羅勒泡沫,入口順喉很適合夏天享用。 而點心當中我最喜歡以下兩款,其一是松露龍蝦配蛋黃醬,那片Summer Truffle馥郁芳香,再配合嫩滑的龍蝦肉真的滋味無限! 另一件便是芝士蝦卷入口軟滑又鮮味,加上清爽青瓜片口感味道都能平衡得到,吃得我很開懷呢! 輪到精緻的甜點由木製小盒子配襯野餐枱布奉客,令客人像置身青蔥郊外般特級寫意,內裏盛載著原味及提子鬆餅,菠蘿冰棒,冰茶啫喱,法式芒果撻,炸黑朱古力冬甩及士多啤梨法式杏仁餅。 這兒的鬆餅質感靠近似蛋糕,牛油味十分香濃,配搭果醬及忌廉吃邪惡得可以! 其實每款甜點水準都極高當中最深印象就係冰茶啫喱,酸酸香香的入口好爽皮,其次便是我最愛的菠蘿冰棒,薄薄香甜的白朱古力內包裹著濃香多汁的菠蘿肉,咬下去Juicy萬分令人十分有驚喜,就連不好甜的院長也連聲稱讚就知道這個菠蘿冰棒有多棒啦! 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2017-07-14
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又到一年一次既慶生月, 姊妹們今次安排到恩平道呢間米芝蓮餐廳, 我之前都有黎個呢個舖位既前身既日系cafe, 當時已對呢個在大廈中既小小綠州印象深刻; 現在的餐廳間隔與之前大致一樣, 設有戶外位置; 因為天氣悶焗我們都是選室內座位; 我們order左3份tea set, 今期tea set 咸甜點各佔一半(據朋友所講呢間餐廳tea set既配搭時常更新), 我個人較喜歡食咸點, 但今次對於呢個tea set既甜點都十分欣賞, 特別係scone, 佢不只夠鬆, 而且佢用牛油無太大既油酥味, 本人十分喜愛 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2017-07-14
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又回到下午茶分享:沒辦法,在盛夏的陽光下,再沒有比相約三五知己,閒適優雅地嘆一頓下午茶來得美妙;而米芝蓮星級法國餐廳 Seasons by Olivier E. 最近推出「森夏果香下午茶」,以夏日食材及消暑輕食為客人導遊夏日森林,形味俱美,很值推介給大家! 銅鑼灣利園二期三樓的 Seasons by Olivier E.,從來都是悠閒享用 Sunday Brunch/下午茶的好地方,最新推出的「森夏果香下午茶 Summer Afternoon Tea」每位$268/兩位$518,以其高貴地段、星級背景、優美環境以及精緻美味食物,是物有所值~ 下午茶可選 Espresso、Cappuccino、Latte、English Breakfast、Earl Grey、洋甘菊等等飲品,如果想特別一點,可加$8選擇口味百變的 OR Tea,其中 The Secret Life of Chai、Yin Yang (鴛鴦)、La Vie en Rose 以及 Queen Berry 都是推介~ 如果大熱天時受不了熱飲的,除了凍咖啡,也可選 Summer Mocktail - Purple Heart (+$50),成品以巨峰提子汁、紅莓、士多啤梨、乳酪及荔枝調製而成,賣相很美,味道也清甜不俗~ 不過除非你要戒酒精,否則更加推介選點 Summer Cocktail - Garden of Eden (+$70);由熱情果、菠蘿、薄荷加 White Rum 及 Yellow Chartreuse 調成的雞尾酒,極富熱帶果香、美味非常,令人有如進到創世最初的伊甸園般暢快! 接著是三層架上的鹹點:Ham, Emmental Toast & Quail Egg 火腿芝士多士及鵪鶉蛋 賣相誘惑,味道也繽紛討好;Lobster / Mayonnaise Slices & Summer Truffle 松露龍蝦配蛋黃醬,嫩甜龍蝦配上香馥松露蛋黃醬,超好吃!Chicken & Tarragon "Feuillete" 龍蒿香草雞肉撻 口感鬆化帶香草清香,Ricotta & Shrimp "Cannelloni" 芝士蝦卷 則鮮嫩味美;最後的 Tamarillo "Gaspacho" & Basil Emulsion 樹蕃茄凍湯配羅勒泡沫 也清爽消暑,全是星級水準之作呢! 然後是木盒內的甜點及 Homemade Scones,下午茶分別有 Traditional Plain & Raisin Scones 傳統原味及提子鬆餅,鬆餅極富牛油香、甜度正好,質感則微脆鬆化,配以忌廉及自製果醬十分美妙,我忍不住兩隻全吞了! 甜點也很出色:Iced Pineapple Popsicle 菠蘿冰棒,酸甜的冰凍菠蘿襯上香甜白朱古力外殻,組合美妙超好吃!味道清爽的 Iced Tea Jelly 冰茶啫喱 中間浮著蘆薈扮的冰粒,唯肖唯妙,也贏盡女生歡心;此外由芒果慕絲及新鮮芒果組成的 Mango "Tartelette" 法式芒果撻、以40%及64%度朱古力製成的 Dark Chocolate Cromesquis 炸黑朱古力冬甩 也各有特色及魅力,只有 Watermelon & Strawberry Macaron 士多啤梨法式杏仁餅 稍為較甜,不過真的很可愛! 森夏果香下午茶於星期一至星期五下午3時至5時30分,以及星期六及公眾假期下午3時30分至5時30分供應;除了記得預約,由於每位最少惠顧一人份茶點,要吃一定要留肚哦~ 繼續閱讀
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This restaurant over many years and eating there at least a few times a month stands out. The whole experience is crafted brilliantly from the moment you sit down to each stage. More often than not the chef himself will appear and add some special touch to the proceedings. I cannot recommend this restaurant highly enough whether you are getting together with friends or seeking a romantic moment with the one you love. 繼續閱讀
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