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以四季為主題的餐廳,廚師同時引入個人風格,將法國菜重新包裝,并親自挑選美酒搭配各款美食。 繼續閱讀
米芝蓮一星餐廳 (2015-2017)
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等級4 2017-11-07
1237 瀏覽
今日來到Seasons食afternoon tea,一到門口向裏面望去,沒有客人,感覺有點怪, 但原來他們是安排下午茶的客人到餐廳最裏面的部分,不過後半部的地方其實不大, 雖然連我們計客人只有4枱,但已經覺得很狹逼,如果開放餐廳前半部的座位會更好呢! 坐下來才發現加價了,而且原來沒有野餐木盒盛載,感覺有點失望。 我們三個人,所以點了1份2人SET及1份1人SET。可點不同的咖啡、茶或朱古力。 我們分別點了熱朱古力、Latte及荔枝茶。 Tea Set 分開兩盤上,一邊是用鏡面托盤盛載;一邊則是用傳統的三層碟。 看起來份量不多,但食到最後都感到非常飽呢! 這碟鹹點每一樣的味道都不過不失,驚喜不大,感覺不值這個價錢 英式鬆餅做得很出色,牛油味香濃之餘又相當鬆軟! 這個炸朱古力球建議大家趁早食用,因為我們差不多到最後才食,內裏的朱古力雖然仍呈流心狀,但外層已經不太脆了,一早食的話應該會更好味! 左上角的白朱古力菠蘿棒棒不得不讚,意想不到白朱古力和新鮮菠蘿原來是如此的夾呢!一定要一試!另外的芒果酥都很特別,味道很重的芒果和慕練配上?合桃酥,味道中和了,很融合!相反,西瓜樣的馬卡龍就比較平庸,只有甜味而已。 繼續閱讀
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等級6 2017-09-06
4812 瀏覽
After my recent run of pasta and pizza (with the occasional cheese fondue), I knew I was due for some Chinese and French food when I come back. Instead of waiting until the weekend, I thought I should check a couple of those off my list during the week, with Seasons by Olivier E the first on my agenda.It's been a while since I last visited this place on a weekday.As a solo diner, I had no problem being put on the counter seats. Who knows, maybe I could learn a thing or two by sitting next to the open kitchen.Prawn, avocado, lobster jelly and chilled romaine leaves - This is the same way I kick off my meals at Seasons since I started coming here a few years ago (except one other time I started with their scallop tartare). It 's a brilliant dish that I probably would never get tired of. This time, I noticed a bit more espelette in there than usual but still great combination of flavors and textures. Wonderful start (Grade: 5/5).Scrambled egg, spinach, summer truffle, garlic chips and crispy bacon - I decided to explore some new dishes this afternoon. This is one of the two dishes I ordered which I have never tried before.This is a very busy dish with a lot of ingredients highlighted by, of course, the scramble egg and summer truffle. I thought the scramble egg was really buttery so I am guessing it had a considerable amount of butter in there. Perhaps more so than egg itself. Honestly, it wasn't bad considering the amount of summer truffle there but I was kind of expecting more (Grade: 3.5/5).Pan seared beef tenderloin with mixed green salad, peppercorn sauce - I had their beef cheek on a number of occasions but it was the first time I tried their tenderloin.I was expecting something along the line of a couple long strips (or slices) of beef but instead it was a big and thick piece of steak like a traditional filet mignon.There were two things I didn't like about this beef tenderloin. First and foremost, it's a bit overcooked. When I asked for medium, I expected at least a little bit of pink in the middle but it looked a lot more like medium well to me. Then, it was the sauce. If I'm looking for a steak served with peppercorn sauce, I probably would have gone to a steakhouse instead of a Michelin starred French restaurant, right (Grade: 3/5)?This small bowl of salad with zucchini, tomato and eggplant was pretty good though.For the first time since I started visiting Seasons by Olivier E three years ago, I walked out of this place with my head down. Food wasn't particularly bad today, just that I had such lofty expectation for this talented kitchen. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2017-04-29
7656 瀏覽
今天與友人茶聚,試試這兒的Paris afternoon tea。$248/per person, $468 for twoTea set 的12件鹹甜點以木盤和高身架送上,每一様都細細件,(好似)好吸引。Savouries有五款:1.牛油火腿牛角包:無乜特別,仲漏左火腿,牛角包唔鬆化,仲有點韌,應該唔夠新鮮,沒有一星餐廳應有的水準。2.法式三文魚啫喱:三文魚肉浸在啫喱中,表面有些沙律醬,味道鹹鹹地,有少少半流質狀,唔係難食,不過唔太喜歡。3.磨茹鵝肝醬:這個磨茹配合鵝肝醬幾甘香,鹹鹹地,有少少松露香,是咸點中比較好少少的。4.阿拉斯加蟹腳、旦沙律:蟹肉鮮甜但好少,同旦沙律幾夾。5!豬肉泥配法包:這豬肉泥有點咸,法包又硬更韌,咬不斷。6.Homemade scones原味/提子鬆餅:整個tea set 只有這個是亮點,scone 入口鬆化,牛油味十足,加上牛油同jam,配合咖啡又幾唔錯!Pastries:7.泡芙:感覺是超市的雪藏貨式,口感唔脆仲有點稔,忌廉也是超市的那一種。8.檸檬貝殼旦羔:這只是最普通的旦羔,質地結實,味道比較甜。沒有Joel Robuchon 的做得好。朱古力咖啡醬忌廉:這是唯一在甜點中比較好少少的,入口滑滑地,朱古力味十足,有少少甘醇的味道。雲尼拿千層酥:雲尼拿cream 應該不是用雲尼拿籽造的, 味道甜美但唔夠雲尼拿香,酥皮也不鬆化。Apple cinnamon mousse:味道幾清新,微甜有少少酸,很light 的質地。今次幾次叫待應加水,他也忘記;而牛角包更漏夾火腿;是次是第三次到seasons, 上兩次食午餐不過不失,而今次食tea 實在失望。無論咸點同甜點都無乜驚喜,味道十分普通,而法包更入口韌到咬不下,以這價錢應該有不少更好的選擇,應該無下次。 繼續閱讀
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有質素嘅tea 焦點食評
等級4 2017-02-08
12774 瀏覽
PARIS AFTERNOON TEA🇫🇷$248 for 1; $486 for 28/10甜點 Pastries🍩1️⃣雲尼拿法式千層酥 Vanilla Mille-Feuille 🍪2️⃣法式檸檬貝殼蛋糕 Madeleine🐚3️⃣朱古力咖啡忌廉 Café Viennois🍫4️⃣蘋果肉桂慕斯 Apple & Cinnamon Mousse🍎5️⃣巴黎泡芙圈 Paris-Brest🇫🇷6️⃣原味+提子鬆餅配忌廉及果醬 Scones with clotted cream and jam🍇🍴平時好難book,新年唔洗book都有位😜整體上唔會話太大驚喜,不過勝在樣樣都好食,有一定水準😋👌🏻最怕tea set甜點甜到假,好彩呢度果d唔會🙅🏼最好食係雲尼拿千層酥😍😍好香脆層次豐富,唔會一咬就碎,雲尼拿忌廉都好香濃🍼慕斯同朱古力咖啡忌廉味道偏甜,不過都好好味👍🏼鹹點 Savouries🌭1️⃣阿拉斯加蟹腳配雞蛋沙律 Alaska King Crab and Egg Mimosa🍳2️⃣牛油火腿牛角包 Ham and Butter Croissant🍔3️⃣鵝肝醬蘑菇 Foie Gras Paris White Mushroom🍄4️⃣豬肉泥配法式麵包 Pork Rillettes on Toasted Baguette🍞5️⃣法式三文魚啫喱 Salmon A La Parisienne🐟🍴鹹甜方面我覺得最好味係鵝肝醬蘑菇🍄😝唔會好腥,細細粒幾juicy幾好味👌🏻另外將三文魚啫喱搽埋落個牛角包度都幾好味😋不過單食牛角包就麻麻啦,唔夠香脆唔夠軟,味道都偏淡🙈 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2017-10-22
608 瀏覽
食物全部都係個樣,麻麻地好食,可能唔岩我胃口,覺得西餅店既西餅仲好食好多。環境係唔錯既,岩傾計。食食下,bar枱d師傅一路做一路講d咳突嘢,聽完都唔想食。食完又na na lam 執嘢咁。 繼續閱讀
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