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來自蒙地卡羅的高級牛扒專門店,主打摩納哥的牛肉菜式。提供從生產商直接採購之一系列頂級牛肉,產地包括美國、澳洲、日本、歐洲等。 繼續閱讀
米芝蓮一星餐廳 (2017-20)
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等級4 2020-09-29
2309 瀏覽
約朋友食飯當慶祝生日,今次揀左呢間beefbar.事前openrice book完之後, 餐廳好貼心咁早一日whatsapp我confirm booking. 對於唔鍾意講電話, 有咩事text到我都盡量唔好打比我的人黎講,呢點個人認為好好LOL於是, 我就當刻先問可唔可以安排窗口位同埋order訂個甜品寫 ‘Happy Birthday’. 對方都即刻應機, 好有交帶同禮貌。到食飯個陣, 早左成半個鐘到都即刻比我地入去坐, 係窗邊位。雖然唔係有咩景睇, 但對於唔中意係餐廳中央, 鍾意病埋一邊的我黎講, 個個位好好。餐廳送的一個小前菜, 一啖食左的野, 但好refreshing, 個面頭的蘆荀超級嫩, 下面pat 唔知什麼都好好味LOL 我本身唔鍾意食呢類餐前包,但呢間的包好香好好食,包面脆脆地,橄欖油好香. 然後starter個包, 個醬有D微辣,幾好食的, 但舊肉冇咩特別, 個人認為有點乾身鞋口。冇既, 當前菜頂下肚先都OK。餐廳好細心,知我地會share, 幫我地分定碟裝Risotto。呢個Sa­ron risotto, 一上枱有D好重的檸檬味, 聞落好似細個西醫開的消炎藥水的味LOL 但食落係超級好味, 意大利飯的質感好好,煮得剛剛好, 而且個汁唔會好滯, 愈食愈好味的。然後, 餐廳又好細心幫我地切定個Rib-eye cap. 夾起已經見到個肉好軟,食落外脆內軟又重肉味又juicy, 係好standard的情況, 唔錯喔~  我地叫medium, 不過應該都偏 medium rare, 唔錯~而個Mac & blue cheese, 賣相好好, 外層的芝士焗到好香好脆。但我其實唔鍾意呢種texture的cheese, 我prefer好軟好綿同拉絲的普通mozzarella 嫁炸LOL 同埋我孤陋寡聞, 好少見mac n cheese係配blue cheese, 亦唔太鍾意blue cheese的味, 而最唔鍾意佢的通粉唔用最普通香港茶記個種, 而用左有坑紋的。質感唔夠普通個種軟, 而且就係有D整色整水我唔識欣賞。但好得意的係, 同risotto一樣, 愈食愈好味, 可能慣左種blue cheese的味, 愈入愈底的通粉愈好味。之後個tiramisu簡直係今晚最好食的野。因為一般見到的tiramisu大多數係一pat野然後面頭係咖啡粉朱古力粉咁,但呢個好特別, 係好似crème brûlée 的脆片係面, 入面的tiramisu再加左D似餅的口感的野,中心仲係流心朱古力漿, 整件事mix埋一齊好食到完全值得因為呢個tiramisu而再到訪。最後餐廳送的petit four係vanila puff, 咬開見到雲尼那籽的cream, 非常好呀唔係就咁用雲尼那香油。好完滿咁總結左今餐。 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2020-08-22
2757 瀏覽
Beefbar has a Michelin star, but that's not why we enjoy our meals here. The steak and rib roast are top notch by any standard, and service is phenomenal all around. There is a premium to pay for well-trained, local staff who are experienced with a gentle temperament. All too often hyped-up restaurants are slacking in this department.Monaco-based Riccardo Giraudi is the guy behind Beefbar. A quick search on Instagram and you'll see recent posts including photos of his kids licking an ice cream or having fun on a yacht in Monaco. While Ricardo Giraudi is not the Executive Chef at Beefbar's kitchen, Giraudi Group being a trader and importer of meat from around the world definitely has its own edge in the procurement of quality cuts of beef. That expertise is fully reflected in the quality of the steaks that finally make their way to our plate at Beefbar.Portions are small here (perfect for us) but produce is always fresh and of good quality. Beef is their specialty, and I must say that they have some of the best rib roasts around the city. Steak naturally makes an excellent choice as well. Other dishes like appetizers, pasta and dessert are all prepared to an uncompromising standard. Seating is comfortable and spacious, making it ideal for longer sit-down or business lunches alike. Be prepared to pay roughly $500 per head before beverages and service charges for lunch, and roughly $800 per head for dinner.Food RundownSpanish-smoked beef ham and garlic bread, $260Perfect. Paper-thin and the good kind of dry. Full-flavored and aromatic. Fantastic gourmet alternative to other cuts of cured meat.Striped jack with yuzu pepper dressing, part of a $498 lunch setFish was fresh and delicate with a sweet and citrusy marinade. Simple but nevertheless an excellent amuse-bouche.Homemade ricotta ravioli, part of a $498 lunch setComes with some small cute pieces of eggplant and candied tomato. Good. No complaints there.Daily roast (unlimited refills), part of a $498 lunch setI tried this first with the gravy that came along together and it was divine. I thought it was the gravy. Then I had another bite without the gravy. The roast was still every bit as flavorsome and juicy, and even a bit nutty. Roasting obviously makes the beef a little more tender, but the rib also gets a stronger flavor presumably because of the presence of bones and connective tissue in the larger roasting cut. Excellent.Filet (tenderloin), Short horn beef from Korea, 100g, $520Why am I still thinking about this piece of meat a few days after the meal? I am not sure. Maybe it's the rich and beefy aroma, maybe it's the ever so slightly sweet aftertaste, maybe it's the rich texture that tenderloin cuts tend to lack. It's not exactly USDA or wagyu, maybe it's tastier than both. Maybe I was too hungry. Regardless, I have booked my slot to have this again in a week's time.Tiramisu, part of a $498 lunch setVery good. Not your traditional piece of commercialized Tiramisu. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2020-10-11
779 瀏覽
Came here a little while ago, don’t remember the exact date. I made a reservation, but honestly I would have been fine without, as it wasn’t full or anything (approximately 7:30)I’ve heard a lot about this place, which is why I wanted to come quite a bit. When we came, they had some sort of special: while everything was discounted, you got some sort of big discount if you finished before like 6:30. We did not know of that special, but we still had some off our meal.What did we get? Normal steak, the beef tartare, creamed spinach, potato cream. All pretty good! It was my first time trying potato cream, and it turned out to pretty much just be mashed potatoes, with a slightly smoother texture. We didn’t opt for a wine, which I kind of regret. Even though the food was already discounted a little bit, I still felt the food was kind of expensive for what it was, as it was just alright. The service and presentation was great here though. I probably wouldn’t come again, but I could see other people really liking it. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2020-09-25
1080 瀏覽
一試難忘不論是前菜、side dish,都用心製作Steak 性價比超高,牛的質量高,兩個人食,係食唔曬整個餐牌,有好多選擇不過,牛的份量好大 ,所以食唔到太多款希望下次再去試試比較失望係甜點,普通的梳乎里! 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2020-08-21
1628 瀏覽
今日想食牛做午餐,便爬吓OpenRice 有咩牛扒之選餐廳,見到中環有間Beefbar便試一吓,叫了兩個lunch set 同老婆拍下拖,叫了一個澳洲和牛和日本和牛。佢哋嘅medium 恰到好處,日本和牛入口即化不在話下,澳洲牛味濃味十足,再配薯蓉非常恰,係可以再來之選。 繼續閱讀
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