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Occasionally, we deserve to treat ourselves better. There’s no better reward than a causal fine dining experience. Had a blissful night at Arbor, blown away by their delectable 8-course chef’s tasting menu of modernized french cuisine with innovative Japanese twist.As I often emphasized that the bread is what separates a good and a great french fine dining restaurant. Instead of traditional baguettes/sourdough, they serve a brioche. But this may be the best brioche I’ve ever had. Warm and soft but holding its texture, complemented by seaweed and seasoned cod roe house made butter. We absolutely killed the brioche instantly, and asked for refill (would’ve been better if they could refill the bread spontaneously)Chef Eric introduced our first course, which was a fresh textual ebisu oyster followed by a frozen citrus perfect for palate cleansing after the oyster. A very thoughtful pairing. Second course was one of the best of the meal - the Icelandic langoustine which was cooked to perfection. Lightly grilled on the surface leaving a tiny charcoal flavor, while the meat was still translucent just very lightly cooked. The springy gooey texture was exactly the way I love it. But the complementary sauce was the hero of the dish. The fact that they provided a spoon to enjoy this dish suggested that they’re confident enough to know you’ll need it to finish the sauce left on the plate (and yes I didn’t leave a tiny bit behind, it was THAT good!)The third course was another refreshing appetizer. Tuna was served with wasabi and green apple sauce covered by fresh orange segment on top. Elegantly plated and a very smart progressive course to serve before the mains.This was hands down my favorite course of the night! Sea urchin served with orzo (a rice shaped pasta, almost like risotto). The spicy seasoning and salty Karasumi brought out the natural sweetness from the sea urchin. The creaminess of the sea urchin acted as the perfect ‘sauce’ to serve with the pasta. Almost feel like an Italian dish but yet so much Japanese influence was added to elevate it to another level. The dinner continued with a 9.5-hour slow cooked black abalone from Japan paired with artichoke. I have never tasted abalone with such incredible tenderness and springiness. Probably the best texture I’ve ever had with any abalone. And here came the main course - pigeon and beetroot. The pigeon was very well cooked with crispy skin and at perfect medium rare. That caramelized black sugar glaze on the skin was genius addition to balance the gamy flavor. Beetroot was as always the perfect pairing to gamy meat. The waygu beef on the other hand was a letdown. It was way too rare, almost mushy, too heavy on charcoal flavor that overpowered the natural taste of beef. And then it’s dessert time! Instead of strawberry, I’ve opted for the decadent chocolate dessert. This dish has satisfied every chocolate craving I’ve had. Every element was chocolatey at different intensity. The ice cream was the star of the dish, soft chocolate ice cream covered by a tempered crust, a very sophisticated technique executed flawlessly. Such an intense and rich dessert with so much depth.They definitely saved the best for last. One of Chef’s signature dishes: soy milk ice cream with crispy tofu skin. Delighted at how prominent the soy milk flavor was, it was not sweet but very rich in natural soy milk. The tofu skin was simply a showoff. Paper thin and crispier than ever, also filled with rich soy flavor, absolutely addictive. The black beans offered balancing savoriness to the dish, marinated with soy sauce and black sugar, providing an interestingly contrasting flavor.The dinner didn’t just end here, a freshly made madeleine was served after the final dessert. Soft, moist, fluffy, warm, everything you wanted from a perfect madeleine. Honestly, I would’ve been able to eat a dozen of these madeleine even after finishing the 8-course dinner (if only they serve me a dozen instead of just one), it was THAT delicious!I’m pleasantly satisfied with the ambiance and service of the restaurant. Awesome night view from the floor to ceiling window, warm cozy lighting with classy and edgy decor. The service has been attentive but the pace of dinner can be easing down a bit given it’s a 8-course meal. All in all, a wonderful dinner experience and impressive quality of food. 继续阅读
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美人姐姐曾多次向肥肥家族推介中环新竉「Arbor」,无奈XO仔订咗两次位都食柠檬,一直未有缘一试。适逢十一国庆,美人姐姐居然订到张五人枱食早午餐喎,所以就叫细佬一定要推掉所有约会去好好品嚐厨师发办o既海陆大餐。西餐厅位於中环新建成o既画廊商厦「H Queen's」内,净听地址已感十分时尚。乘坐升降机抵达二十五楼,即由两位温婉有礼o既妹妹接待。步入用餐大堂必先经过带有欧陆风味o既酒吧区,甚有格调。餐店占用面积全层,楼底高高,极具气派。散座排成近窗及贴墙两行,空间感足,且毫不嘈杂。部份椅櫈用上弧形梳化,雅致得黎气氛更为轻松。店子全场用上落地玻璃窗,务求贵客可尽情欣赏香港靓景。小肥仲八到店内设有两间可打通o既十二至十四人及六至八人厢房,均设有最低消费额。厚本酒牌虽然系好多选择,但单睇香槟o既价格已觉奇高。幸好餐店酒牌正在被审批中,故暂不收取任何开瓶费。嘻嘻,五口子当然系衬机叹樽大炮香槟啦!主人家非常客气地为各人点选好厨师发办之节令四道菜餐单,每位$888。餐桌上已有齐备o既餐具,每道菜上场时亦会换上全身o既配套。安顿好一切,妹妹先弄湿食客面前o既纸巾,好等喺食用面包前可抹一抹手,卫生非常。每个布袋内有四件自家制紫菜味甜面包,质感松软,甜甜咸咸都几得意。伴上两款明太子味及昆布味牛油,涂上後更觉香润惹味。接着o既餐前小食看似简单,但原来白雪雪o既为希腊乳酪,乳酪中央隐藏咗一件烟燻过o既日本鳟鱼,而橙亮o既三文鱼籽隔离嗰片火红色o既则为焦糖红菜头。四款食材分开黎食,咸的咸,淡的淡,甜的甜,真系估唔到捞埋一齐食会变得如此清香鲜美,脆巧柔滑,甚有惊喜!厨师发办第一道头盘主材为冰岛淡水小龙虾,师傅轻轻以火枪烧过,再以小龙虾头及蕃茄汁液秘制出透明o既浓缩精华作调味。一、两成熟o既小龙虾爽润弹牙,鲜甜无比,连同酸酸甜甜o既秘汁食用,效果清新醒胃,超!伴碟两件红蕃茄以昆布薄片添上咸香,同样细腻。正当大家仍在回味小龙虾为国庆带黎o既味蕾火花时,面前迅即呈现出足料o既秋季松露杂菌意粉。哗,师傅毫不吝啬,碟上o既秋季松露份量实在震撼,未动手已先闻到清香扑鼻o既松露香!喺烟烟韧韧o既米型orzo意粉内混入巧薄轻盈o既新鲜松露及芬芳嫩脆o既高质杂菌,组合有层次得黎润泽而不腻口,且十分芬香,实在美妙!主菜为粉嫩红润o既慢煮伊比利亚猪。上枱时,两件厚切伊比利亚猪只有顶面几粒盐作调味。随後,妹妹先戴上白色手套,得客人同意後才续一斟上以伊比利亚猪o既肉汁及骨髓所肴制而成o既秘汁。伊比利亚猪肉质软腍带微微爽口,点少少骨髓秘汁则令菜式更为香浓。碟上鲜艳夺目o既配菜乃茄子蓉及以黑蒜酱点缀o既灯笼椒蓉,涂上慢煮伊比利亚猪一拼黎食,即令猪肉鲜甜不少。套餐第四道甜品由清甜o既福冈水蜜桃、香脆o既蛋白糖霜及清凉o既桃味雪葩所组成,橙美亮丽,微甜轻巧。Arbor以「木」起名,除咗地板及天花都均以木作建材之外,美点双辉o既摆盘亦巧妙地换上木盘,彷佛正要提一提醒贵客餐店概念源於自然美。甜点马德琳贝殻蛋糕内含青柠丝,蛋糕仔厚润弹口得黎渗出阵阵青柠香,清香凉快。而焙茶味马卡龙则松化甘醇,甜而不溜。据悉,西餐厅之糕点全为名店「Dalloyau」所提供,焙茶味马卡龙更系「Arbor」专有,故食剩打包都会用上「Dalloyau」o既靓盒承载。只外,套餐亦包有餐茶或咖啡一杯,部份仲有拉花睇。好多谢美人姐姐百忙中仍抽空请肥肥家族品嚐「Arbor」带有不少日本食艺元素o既厨师发办料理,一同庆祝国庆佳节。潮流热店环境高雅,格调轻松,服务贴身称心,海陆菜式美观可口,现阶段可免收开瓶费享用自携佳酿,大家真系不妨衬机一试名店美食。 继续阅读
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有尝过尖沙咀的米芝莲一星店的ÉPURE,对日本食材融合法国新派厨艺作菜也不会觉得陌生,餐厅设计以落地玻璃设计为主,木材天花和地板为空间定下柔和基调,完全没有Fine Dining一丝拘谨的感觉,很自在舒服。鸭肝鹅肝永远是法国菜缺一不可的菜。这款冷吃鸭肝酱,配少许甜酒jelly、果仁,鸭肝慕斯打得幼丝细滑,但个人觉得搭有咬口的果仁粒,虽然口感有所提升但格格不入。(8/10)第二道是北海道的带子,用炭火轻把表面烤熟,内里仍保持刺身般的状态,整体味道清甜。 (7.5/10)如果喜欢黑松露,接着这一道一定令你大开眼界,一片片黑松露佐以法国鸡油菌蘑菇和舞茸菇香气十足,没有太多的调味,只是黑松露的味道已经大大提升了整道菜。 (8/10)到主菜反而有点失望,汁煮鱼没有太大惊喜,但鱼肉很幼滑,下次来的时候还是选最稳阵的和牛吧(6/10)最後甜品上场,已经饱到吃不下,比较吸引我的是後面的贝壳蛋糕「Madeleine」,口感松软,带点青柠味和牛油香味(7.5/10)整个用餐体验都非常惊喜,值得再来! 继续阅读
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见Arbor系开业短短一年就摘星, 决定去食个究竟。一步入大门, 眼前装修系柔和既色系, 加上侍应笑容和蔼,比人一种吃得轻松自在的感觉,绝不拘谨。至於食物, 我不知道从哪一道说起, 每一道都吃得到厨师别出心裁的才艺,连用来配面包的牛油都一丝不苟地做出烟薰和明太子口味, 先给你眼睛登大的惊喜。吃着吃着,才知道原来主厨只有29岁, 年终无休不断研究新菜式!多麽令人敬佩的厨师, 年纪轻轻就能把短短开业一年的餐厅打响知名度,每一道菜都触动味雷,给我一个难忘的回忆。没有藉口不再来, 绝不会令人失望而回的餐厅,Arbor 等我吖! 继续阅读
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this is a perfect place for lunch in Central! The food, the environment, the service are all fantastic!I ordered the omakase lunch set. Every dish is impressive and thoroughly enjoyable.The appetiser is tuna tartare, with a very sophisticated taste.The warm bread comes with two special types of butter.The oyster is very fresh.The mixed fungi risotto is my favourite!The chicken is fine.The tofu ice cream is like frozen and creamy soya milk. The crumble is tasty.The madeleines are sweet and freshly baked!The omakase lunch costs $698 +10%.The interior design of Arbor is very stylish and artistic. It has a terrace with an open view. 继续阅读
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