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米芝蓮三星餐廳 (2018-2019), 米芝蓮二星餐廳 (2020)
Dress Code: Smart Casual. All male patrons and children are requested not to wear shorts, sleeveless attire or sandals
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This Michelin 2-star restaurant is located in Wanchai, created by the famous 'Demon Chef' Alvin Leung, who is famous for his techniques to break down the traditional Chinese food to the essence and then recreated in a new contemporary format, in the so-called 'molecular cuisine'. Stepping out of the lift we were greeted warmly by the staff, and seeing the neon lights I found it abstract and then the staff told me it was depicting the different MTR lines, which was truly interesting. This is among many other decorations the chef had put in the restaurant, from local cartoon characters, to old records and movie tickets adoring the walls, the whole ambience was one of fun and we were very pleased at the emphasis of our proud home Hong Kong. We had pre-ordered the signature 'The Big Hong Kong Wedding' ($1,500 each after the pre-paid discount). Before serving the dishes, the staff came with a metal box holding two dried piece of towels. Holding a bottle of Florida Water, a type of cologne with delicate aromas. The staff poured that to the towels, and probably because of the dried ice in the box, smoke started seeping out from the holes, bringing a nice fragrance to the environment. A clever way to prepare the towels for us to clean our hands before the meal, and the use of the local brand of florida water made it even more impressive.To pair with the food, I also opted for the wine tasting ($1,380). The sommelier came with the first wine, D Rose from Champagne Devaux, to pair with the first course 'Taste of Marriage'. There was a postcard showing many of the traditional food and beverages you would find in a wedding banquet, and the chef had brilliantly created five bite-size appetizers focusing on the five tastes: bitter, sour, spicy, savory and sweet. The first taste is Bitterness. The chef used bitter gourd to prepare a sorbet and then put on a miniature ice-cream cone, which got some finely diced smoked cod inside. A great starter with refreshing taste.Next we had the Sourness. The staff provided us a bottle with dropper, containing a nice aged Zhejiang vinegar which we added to the Japanese 'tong yuan' or gelatinous rice ball, with some tiny bits of dried shrimp inside, further wrapped with a basil leaf and on top a bit of sea urchin paste. Moving to Savory, the piece of rice cracker has some finely diced marinated salty lemon, salty pork meat, and salted egg yolk pieces. Both of them were very good in taste. I also like the pattern on the plate showing the demon holding the two words of happiness. The fourth taste was Spiciness. The staff used a lighter to ignite the piece of Sichuan pepper stem, creating a nice fragrance of spiciness as well as a visual effect like a firecracker, reminiscent of those found in wedding celebration. The cherry tomato had been sprinkled with some chili powder but were not excessively hot, in fact having a juicy sweet taste matching well with the spice. The final taste was Sweetness. Served in a traditional cup you would see when the newly wed presented the cup of tea to the parents, this dish contained two pieces of creamy foie gras terrine, with some peach gum cooked with a nice sauce prepared with red dates to give the sweetness. And to finish everything off, the lai see, or red packet actually also contained a piece of deep-fried beetroot. The second course is called 'Son of a Scallop'. The concept of the dish is that the Chinese name for scallop is equivalent to 'bringing a son', so the chef used a seared scallop and cut into pieces, with some thinly sliced lotus root served on a plate reminiscent of lotus leaf, and then pouring in a sauce made from the famous Chinese Huadiao wine 'daughter red'. Another mind-blowing example of how the chef created the dish from the concept, to the attention of all the details from plate and choice of ingredients. Before serving the second course the sommelier came to pour my second wine, an orange wine from Paraschos of Friuli, Italy. The Sauvignon grape has an interesting style, maybe not the best to drink on its own, but do pair quite well with the dish. The third course is called 'The Phoenix Rides the Dragon'. The phoenix is referring to the chicken mousse on the bottom of the bowl, which we all thought was steamed egg originally. But in fact it was a very silky smooth layer of chicken. And on it there were lobster, taking its Chinese name to signify dragon, along with pieces of true morels. Again impeccable in the complexity on flavors and presentation. The fourth course is called 'Pisces Paradise'. Two fishes were drawn on the plate to echo the name of the dish, and there is a piece of pan-seared horsehead tilefish served with a fish sauce broth, together with some small pieces of cuttlefish and couscous. The fish is flavorful, with the broth highly complementary on the taste. The couscous and cuttlefish offers a contrasting bite which made the overall experience truly magical.The fifth course is called 'Rich Abalone'. The chef had cooked the abalone and then thinly sliced it so on the texture it has a similar profile as a conch, intense on the flavors and also got a nice bite. The paste underneath is actually a mashed green bean which is creamy. On top there is a generous scoop of caviar which provided additional savory notes. Very rich in terms of flavors, and premium in the choice of ingredients, the wine paired is a Beaune Premier Cru from Domaine Fanny Sabre which is surprisingly matching, without any hint of fishy note when enjoying together with the abalone.The sixth course is called '7 Happiness'. Another amazing rendering, the staff brought us each a cup used in ancient times by the nobles and emperors to drink their wine, and then pour in front of us from a bottle of 7-up! The cocktail in fact was made by mixing the soft drink with Perfume Tree Gin, a gin made locally, with the chef adding a number of other herbs like lemongrass, clove, cinnamon to infuse with more flavors. First time I enjoyed a beverage using this cup, and the drink itself was quite nice too. The seventh course is an additional one I ordered, per the recommendation from the staff, because of the white truffle season we were in. This Duck Egg with White Truffle ($380) is in fact a rice roll with a running duck egg inside, and then served with a cheese sauce, plus some freshly shaved white truffle on top. When opening the glass jar the beautiful aromas of the truffle was so overwhelming, and the taste is also good, but comparatively this one has less of a surprise.The eighth course is called 'Miss Piggy Goes Red'. The chef prepares three different pieces, one being the roasted suckling pig, one being a pork belly braised with Zhejiang vinegar, and the other a deep-fried roll stuffed with pig blood. All of them are tasty but personally I found the first two was not as 'unexpected' as other dishes. The pleasant surprise came from the pig blood however. On the wine pairing, it was a Carmenere with the demon label, meaning a wine made for the restaurant, coming from Chile and owned by the celebrity Bernice Liu. The ninth course is called 'Cheerful Grains'. The dish contains a number of different rice grains, with different texture and bite, on top of a paste. Probably a bit drunk already by then, I don't have a good memory of how it tasted. But the concept comes from the fried rice being served at the end of the wedding banquet. The tenth course is called 'Unbroken Lineages'. From the idea of the noodles served at the wedding banquet, it was made to resemble a spring, in a single piece and unbroken. On the taste it was not as impressive though.Coming to the desserts, first comes a creative dish called 'No Shark Fins'. Served with a traditional covered tray we found in banquet when we were still kids, the 'shark fins' were in fact gelatin shreds made with pineapple juice, and then adding the sweet soup. Quite nice. Then another fun and amazing dish, 'Comes After Sex'. Served in a baby food jar, the dessert has a cream cap made to taste like braised pork belly with preserved vegetables, and underneath there is chocolate crumbles. Good in taste and impressive on the creativity. The wine paired is Les Clos de Paulilles from Banyuls.The last course is 'V Generation'. With the idea coming from the pig knuckles consumed after the mother giving birth, the dessert features the sweetened vinegar sauce, served in a mini vinegar urn. Opening the urn there are pieces of cracker, with the homemade ice-cream made with the vinegar sauce. A great finale for a fantastic meal.A surprise is the chocolate made to look like a tiny orange, serving as the petits fours. Nice wrap up for the dinner, the service throughout has been good, with each dish meticulously introduced and explained, and also the chef (not Alvin) came a couple of times himself to share with us. The bill was $5,324 and considering the total experience it was fair. It was certainly the most impressive meal I had in a long while, and in terms of creativity it was definitely top class. And I highly recommend to try this out. And I also look forward to the new menu so we can return and experience once again the amazing dishes from the Demon Chef. 繼續閱讀
等級1 2020-10-30
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今晚去了朋友介紹的米芝蓮餐廳食分子料理,慶祝我和老公的結婚兩周年。餐廳晚餐主題甘岩係 <<The Big Red Hong Kong Wedding>>,我就抱着興奮嘅心情去期待一下怎樣用分子料理嘅烹調技術來尋覓婚姻滋味。廚魔,依間餐廳係我見過最有特色,最別出心裁最能代表香港嘅餐廳。餐廳嘅佈局同裝修我都因為掛住享受美食而忘了影下相片,但可以話比大家知,從餐廳每一個格局同裝修都充滿香港情懷,就知道依度嘅老闆係有幾愛我地嘅香港。第一道菜餸便是《Taste of marriage》覺得非常有意思。婚姻路上,原本就是甜酸苦辣鹹 。湯匙上依粒貌似湯圓嘅物體,放落口,個外皮爆破後汁液流晒出嚟,品嘗後先發現原來呢個就係「小籠包」,分子料理正正是你見到嘅同你食落口嘅係兩樣東西,兩種感覺,有趣極。第二道:帶來兒子其實就是帶子第三道:龍鳳呈祥第四道:雙魚得水第五道:鮑羅萬有第六道:七囍第七道: 鴻運當頭第八道:幸福美滿第九道:連綿不絕第十道:不吃魚翅第十一道:百福添丁第12道:五世其昌總共12道菜中式分子料理,每道菜都大膽創新,視覺同味覺嘅兩種享受。食嘅過程唔單止品嚐美食本身嘅滋味,仲能夠產生一份共鳴,實在食得甜在心頭。 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2020-10-30
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環境方面,沒有什麼雄偉的海景,不過藍色的裝修別具心思,天花的裝飾是模仿獅子山的形狀,配合餐單的條紋,料理的故事,有種懷舊和浪漫的感覺。一開始的Smell my grammy,非食用的,但是嗅覺和視覺享受,其露水釋放的香氣,的確有舊時代的風味。Child play作為前菜,運用了許多當代料理的手法,十分出色,尤其是小籠包和魚子醬配鵪鶉蛋,可算是鮮味炸彈,在引起食慾方面非常成功,而其帶來的兒童時候的回憶也是非常浪漫。而然之後的皮蛋配火腿,擺盤風格雖然特別,但並非特別吸引,味道也比較一般。甜蝦刺身,鮮甜彈牙,但不算特別,配搭豉油粉,青檸,蔥花等,以作三食,是有不同的風味配搭,的確不錯。其觸角則以炸的方法配合蝦醬,炸蝦香脆,醬汁味道濃郁,不錯。之後則有蝦油配搭粉絲,蝦油味道一般,粉絲配搭後有些微的鮮甜和辣味,算是不過不失。之後是以鮑魚配搭花椰菜醬,相傳都是李小龍最喜歡的食材,這一道菜味道偏向濃郁,調味非常合我味道,但是鮑魚是已切丁的方法處理,那種鮑魚獨特的口感在這一道菜難以吃到。之後的青蘋果,竹笙和馬蹄的配搭,用作影射為香港經濟默默耕耘的竹棚工人,這一道菜以微甜,爽口為主,主要用於有錢菜過渡到主菜之用,擺盤精美,心思不錯。第一道主菜以嬰兒用品盛著避風塘炒蟹,以甜辣為主。第二道主菜則是醋製豬手,酸中帶一點咸,與第二道主菜呼應,寓意香港母子坐月的飲食。第三道主菜為雞肉,當中放在乞兒煲,指出即使容器不漂亮也可以有頂尖的美食,這個構想非常有趣,雞肉的調味和熟度也非常到位,口感非常有層次,不過個人來說不太喜歡雞肉旁邊的慕絲,它當中有種沙的口感不太討喜。接着是以甜麵包配製芥末,模仿豬大腸,看似街邊小食,卻放在高級餐廳,這間餐廳的創意和有趣程度非常高,不過在味道上,這一道菜沒什麼特別。之後的鵝肝鮑魚飯,口感類似意式調味飯,味道濃郁,十大出色,鵝肝和鮑魚的鹹鮮也展現到出來,米飯的口感和熟到也恰到好處。之後是一道和牛杯麵,我對其的期望本來很高,其湯汁和拉面的水平也是非常到位,香味濃郁,拉麵彈牙,但是和牛肉質非常一般,拉低了整杯拉麵的品質。甜品環節,主廚用了一些麒麟果,蓮花和明膠弄成一道仿魚翅,水果帶來的甜味恰到好處,在以甜味過於壟斷的這個時勢中,這套甜品相當不錯。之後是一道冰沙配搭慕絲,前者酸度過高,後者甜度過高,且帶有我不喜悅的沙的口感,造成的配搭一般。最後是一些中式甜品和紅茶,造成類似英式下午茶的感覺,可惜吃到這裏已經過於飽,而且也不是特別之物。整體來說,作為一間創新料理,主廚的確很有想法,每一道菜都帶着背後的故事,品嚐菜式也會有相對的飾物放在旁邊,當中也有一個五行元素的秘密餐單,個人十分喜歡,甚至可以說是整體除了Child play之外最好的體驗,在這裏也不作劇透,希望大家可以前往品嚐。不過但以味道來說,當中還是有很多不足之處,餐單原價$2000多,減價後$1500,性價比不錯。但是配酒$1800,但是其配搭沒有什麼昇華和令我印象深刻之處,只是有一道白葡萄酒,來自德國,Demon ,每年只生產666支,只有在這間餐廳品嚐到,品種是雷司令,有一些熱帶水果的香氣,如有興趣可以試一下,但是整個配酒性價比不高。這間餐廳可以說是與Vea一樣,是最巨代表香港特色的一間高級餐廳之一,比起其他法國餐廳的宮殿式享受,這間餐廳展現給我們的故事,或許更有一種浪漫的感覺。 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2020-09-24
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I would definitely give full marks for the services and dining experience in here, very fascinating, exciting and special. There is no other dining places offer such experience👍👍 It’s a Chinese fushion restaurant located in Ship Street Wan Chai, the dishes are full of surprises and representing local & traditional Hong Kong. The staff explain every dish in detail and the story behind. I absolutely love the food and experience in here. There are extreme reviews on this restaurant online, I would say the flavour of some dishes might not be favourable/ expected to have for some people. ( e.g. 梅菜扣肉味甜品 pork flavour Creme Brulee and some others) If you prefer to have some proper high quality French/ Chinese food, there are a lot other choices with the price range. Anyways, I still think that it is one of the most worth trying fine dining restaurant in HK. 💯💯$2000 up pp for dinner 繼續閱讀
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