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Number 1 Dinner 焦點食評
等級4 2017-05-28
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Friday night, window seat harbour view in iSquare -- a result of months of preparation. This year, we celebrated mom's birthday at the fancy Nanhai No.1. For this big event, we made a 50% deposit and a reservation one month in advance. To satisfy our group of 16 people, we decided on Menu B with a few adjustments. AppetisersGuava in Plum Flavor ---> Crispy Shredded YamThis first snack was the highlight of our appetisers. Displayed in a pyramid shape, the thinly shredded yam, crispy from top to bottom with a drizzle of malt syrup. The bottom yam shreds were a little too sweet -- being submerged in syrup. It still deserves two thumbs up though. Baby Shiitake Mushroom in Sweet and Spicy Sauce ---> Crispy Pork BellyEvery piece was crispy (skin), moist and soft (meat). This dish was served with mustard and white sugar. Jelly Fish with White Pepper and Sesame OilThe jelly fish appetiser had a strong sesame aroma. I usually enjoy this kind of food, but I found it not salty enough this time. MainsRoasted Whole Suckling PigAs you would expect good suckling pig: crispy on the outside, and tender and moist on the inside. Top with sauces for more flavour. Simmered Grouper in Seafood Soup ---> Daily Soup (Pork Shank with Chinese Yam & Lotus Seed)What a refreshing flavour! Absolutely yummy. This was a great soup. Sautéed Prawn in XO SauceI did not taste this one, but I could see the prawns were big. Grouper Brisket with Spicy Chilli ---> Steamed Leopard Coral GrouperThere were two fish on the plate for this dish. It was a little undercooked I think. Crispy Chicken with Fried GarlicSame as for the pig, the chicken skin was crispy and the meat, tender. A little salty for my taste, but still acceptable. Simmered Vegetables with Mushroom in SoupLike what one can usually find in Chinese restaurant for "fancy" vegetable+mushroom dishes, a rather thick and gooey sauce. Personally, I like simple sautéed or slightly boiled greens. Less is more. Fried Rice with Diced Grouper 'Fu Zhou' StyleNothing too special. I will give it a pass. DessertsDouble Boiled Aloe with Snow Fungus ---> Black Glutinous Rice CreamIt smelled sweet, but may be a little heavy after all the food served. Sweet Jujube Jello ---> Green Tea & Taro JelloFor those looking for less traditional desserts, the Green Tea & Taro Jelly is modern treat. The dessert had a cool refreshing feel from aloe along with a few taro cubes to munch on. We were still not done, the restaurant offered us mini longevity buns. It is always pleasing to receive presents I suppose.  Overall, we were pretty satisfied with this whole experience. One downside was probably the rather sticky floors. Other than that, the service was good especially at the reception. Nanhai No.1 is a great place for celebrations (or perhaps more for romantic moments).   繼續閱讀
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等級4 2017-02-02
16198 瀏覽
雖然只係食過一次, 但, 真心推介呢間餐廳~無論係一覽無違嘅香港景色, 我地嘅香港呀!!!定係有點 fusion 嘅中菜, 我地嘅中國菜呀!!! 都夠精緻 都有味道 都令人讚不絕口!!!金牌乳豬全體, 香脆脆皮, 脆係鬆化哥種脆, 我鍾意呀, 而無肥膏嘅肉肉咸度恰好, 即快手夾多咗舊黎食~ XD涼伴金錢菇, 我覺得還好啦, 菇菇係幾濃菇味嘅, 同枱嘅親友讚不絕口, 我個人就覺得如果佢係熱嘅話我就會超鍾意食嘞~話梅石榴, 呢個好醒胃, 台灣感滿滿~ 爽脆多汁, 清清心神, 為主菜做好準備~白胡椒海蜇頭, 嘩! 呢個我要讚呀, 厚肉得黎好爽脆, 比起一般嘅得個淋字/一味韌嘅海蜇好味得多呀, 我以後都會記得要食頭!!! 佢個白胡椒調味佳呀, 乾身得黎夠入味, 吾使好似平時哥啲咁滴曬汁又唔入味~ 芒果汁 n 檸樂, 芒果汁係杰濃濃嘅, 認真嘅, 唔錯~ 我後尾先知, 原來加幾多錢下架一杯...  我地全部人都以為係包埋嘅添, -lll- 早知唔叫, 飲茶都好 ok 呀其實~濃湯過橋東星斑球, 呢個好味呀 好味呀!!! 哥份鮮甜, 堅係濃得化不開, 好飲呀, 魚肉挺身得黎質感又滑, 全場個個都大讚呀!!! 是日精選!!! XO 醬野菌鮮蝦球, um... 我唔係好食蝦, 食咗幾粒菇, 正路味道咁囉... XD 避風塘星斑腩, 呢個幾好呀, 外脆得黎 入面魚肉 keep 到滑呀~ 微辣 香味, 我唔食得辣, 都無有怕~ (btw, 熱浪比呢個辣多多聲呀... XD)脆皮蒜香雞, 呢個中規中矩, 肉質質感實在得黎唔o鞋口~ 唔算特別, 所以食咗件雞胸就等下一味菜~  魚湯野菌浸菜苗, 淡淡魚香 清一清啲肉嘅膩, 清清地 唔會過咸, 味道質感都係 ok 嘅, 菇比較好味 夠菇味濃, 菜同菇都唔過火剛好的~星斑肉福建炒飯, 呢個飯又係好味嘅! 平時唔好食圍飯, 但呢個飯汁鮮甜, 汁剛好夠卦 包得住啲飯 而又唔會 over~ (平時哥啲, 絕大部份一係 gel 口一係稀爆... XD) 不知不覺間扒曬嚕我~  和田玉棗糕,  熱辣辣 夠彈牙, 微甜得黎 棗味十足, 唔止我覺得好, 連平時唔愛甜點嘅長輩們都大讚~ (爭啲被收走呀, 多謝長輩大大們極力捉住個籠留比我食呀!!!) 哈哈~ p.s. 侍應態度友善, 尤其係呀主任~ ;)但係, 如果可以見人地行開咗去做嘢, 未食度菜就唔好收住, 咁會好得多!!! 响屋企人同我力 keep 之下, 我都食漏咗一道菜~ T^T (我見餐牌係咪個名: 桂花蘆薈燉雙雪!!!) 我哥下想喊呀其實!!! 我好想感受妹妹婚禮嘅全部呀!!! 點解 點解一啲菜分一啲菜唔分!? 分咗嘅又要收咗我哥份!? 一道菜之隔姐, 咁都唔俾我放响個位度!? 嗚呀~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  繼續閱讀
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等級2 2017-10-15
35 瀏覽
The service was terribly rude!There was a dessert freebie campaign linking with the Facebook. We were asking for the details and a young male waiter was extremely impatient to explain. He just threw us a promotional material on the table and we said we had liked the page then he turned his back to us and left. We waited for the desserts for a long while, we then chased the same waiter for the dessert and he was very mean to say you didn't tell me how many of you had liked the page so I didn't take the order yet. How rude it was? We paid over a thousand for a lunch and deserved such a bad service because we begged for a dessert!? The main point is we were very polite to ask the waiter but not kinda of diners who yelled towards waiters without respect. Won't revisit. But who cares. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2017-10-10
479 瀏覽
一到步已很開心,安排了窗邊位。訂枱時註明便可。當晚天色清朗,夜景特別美麗,望住美景享受美食,真是寫意快樂。叫了是晚推介的套餐,前菜惹味開胃,配杯熱羅漢果水,感覺健康,哈~ 之後的菜都好好食。我地加左杯啤酒,好似不太夾,應該配紅色,味道應該會夾一點。惹味前菜其實我地既香港…好靚好靚靚欣賞維港詠香港…正看似少少的…其實都幾飽飽蜆…好新鮮…如果再多啲蜆就好了清潤…好舒服真係好靚…好有情調…感覺浪漫,是拍拖的選擇。 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2017-09-10
1607 瀏覽
前日同家人去慶祝生日,去到見到個 waitress 黑口黑面,上菜一點禮貌也沒有,隨便放下食物!倒茶倒到張台布濕晒,倒蝦片都可以倒到有幾塊留係台面!我唔清楚係咪個個都係甘,但依間中餐都算係中上價錢,我期望既係除左美食之外,仲有服務同環境!環境有,食物一般,服務比很多快餐店還要差!結果我和家人快快食完就走!食左餐好生氣既生日飯,以後都唔會再去! 繼續閱讀
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