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Level4 2019-10-22
This eatery is located in Pacific Place, with a contemporary design and decor, having a bar and counter at the entrance area serving cocktails and other beverages, while at the back is the dining area, with a darker lighting offering a more western restaurant ambiance. On the night the restaurant was quite full and the whole dining area was pretty much fully occupied, apparently showing the popularity of the place.With reservation we were seated at a nice corner, with the sofa seating quite comfortable, but the tables are quite close to each other so it is rather busy and noisy, and is not exactly a place where you come to enjoy a quiet meal with private conversations.I ordered a mocktail to start. The Refreshing Guava Sunrise ($55) is made from guava juice, orange juice, cranberry juice and honey. Colorful and refreshing, it is true to the name. At the same time we each order our own tea, which is charged per person ($24 each).Famous for its dim sum with a modern twist, we ordered a few of the signature ones to try. First comes Hokkaido King Crab and Sea Urchin Spring Rolls ($92), the four pieces of crispy spring rolls each have sea urchin on top, with the flavors a good match with the king crab fillings inside. An creative and tasty dim sum, it helps to dispel some of my worries that this restaurant is only having the buzz without substance. The second dim sum was Black Truffle Har Gau, or Shrimp Dumplings ($62). There are three pieces served in an interesting rectangular steamer. Instead of the traditional circular ones, the steamer itself is a thoughtful way to show the restaurant is offering something different. The dumplings have an intense black truffle note which did not overpower the taste of the shrimp fillings. A nice one too, and if you like truffle this one would be a must-try.The third dim sum was King Prawn and Spinach Dumplings ($78). There are two pieces, which are served in the more traditional circular steamer, with an appealing king prawn on top of the dumplings, bursting with spinach fillings that you can clearly see through the thin transparent dumpling skin. Not bad in taste, but this one I found having not much difference than what you could find in other restaurants, except having the prawn on top. Might not exactly worth the price to try it out. We also had the Shredded Chicken with Ginger and Spring Onion Cheung Fun ($88) or Rice Roll. This unfortunately was my least favorite in the evening. Not because this was somehow missed out in the order and only served to us after we followed up on it, more due to the fact the shredded chicken is rather tasteless, and the rice roll did not help as it was not as silky as I would expect on texture. The soy sauce is also a bit of a disappointment, lame in flavors and not able to bring out the taste of the food.Apart from dim sum we also had a vegetable. The Shanghai Cabbage and Fish Maw in Seafood Broth ($138), looking simple, is on the other hand a pleasant surprise. There are plenty of fish maw strips on top of the cabbage, cooked nicely to be tender while not overly cooked, and absorbing the sweet tastes of the seafood broth. It is also of decent portion size too to share among a few people. A nice dish.Then it was Singaporean Fried Rice Vermicelli with Iberico Pork Char Siu and Shrimps ($188). This one I also like, mainly because when it was served and I had the first bite, you can immediately taste the high-heat stir-frying (wok hey), and you know the chef are using the right techniques to prepare the rice vermicelli. Taste is quite good but spicy, the char siu is however rather mediocre.Wrapping up we had desserts, with me going for Pomelo and Mango Ice Cream ($58) while my wife had Jasmine Tea Pudding ($58). The ice cream is decent, and I can taste the pomelo and mango flavors of the signature dessert though it is not as concentrated as the normal dessert. Not a bad one but I don't think it is worth the price.Service is fair, with the staff courteous and friendly. My biggest complaint is on the price. As pointed out, there are many dishes I think not worth the price, and the bill on the night was a staggering $952. Consider the food quality and other factors I would say it is over-priced. continue reading
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Level1 2019-11-09
Dim Sum Library 一直是我喜愛的餐廳之一,因為這裡的菜式很有水準,不會令人失望。食物海胆蟹肉春卷春卷很香脆,配以蟹肉很特別,惜我不吃海膽(友人說有點腥),但是該店的招牌菜之一。花枝響鈴炸兩皮簿,包含著很多層的響鈴,咬下去很香脆。薑蔥軟殻蟹軟殻蟹比坊間吃得炸得更香脆,薑蔥味很濃,點嫌熱氣。魚香脆茄子廚師把茄子去皮,再配以薄漿酥炸,咬下去外層薄脆酥香,內裡細滑柔軟,一點都不像在吃茄子,該菜是今晚的一大驚喜牛肋骨據侍應推介牛肋骨是必試,且要等30分鐘。結果沒有令人失望,軟韌的牛肋骨味道剛好,相信拌飯吃的話就更有胃口。流心可可糯米糍外層的糯米夠韌,朱古力流心夠滑,甜而不膩,中式甜品配以朱古力也是一大賣點。香芒流心脆杏卷沾上杏仁片的流心香芒卷,濃濃的芒果味,相比之下還是流心可可糯米糍特別。環境👁環境較暗,里面有高凳、卡位、圓檯等切合不同人數的光臨。個人覺得位置比較寛敞,與一般茶樓的反差很大。如果中午去吃的話,建議先打電話去訂位子,晚上人流相對來說少一點。服務侍應很友好,且有耐心,會向客人推薦菜式。 continue reading
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Level2 2019-10-12
都有一段時間冇食中式餐,今次配朋友一齊食點心!呢度噶環境唔錯,位置都比較闊落,服務態度都好好,而且上菜速度都幾快噶,我地叫左幾樣常見噶點心,好快就有得食啦,推薦呢度噶酸菜春捲,好創新而且味道都好好! continue reading
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Level3 2019-10-12
Dim Sum...always one of my fav food. Second time I’ve been here, we ordered only a couple of dishes as only two of us eating...wish more, so can try more stuff lolFinally, tried this crispy skin black truffle chicken, and it’s nice!Also this time, we tried the black truffle prawn dumplings and spinach and prawn dumplings...very nice!Waygu beef pastry thing, had it last time and it was so nice, so had to order this again this time Love it! continue reading
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Level4 2019-10-10
今日約左同事食飯,揀左PP呢間特別嘅餐廳— Dim Sum Library。呢間餐廳好受歡迎,lunch時段最好事前訂位,walk in可能要等得耐啲。黑椒和牛酥,熱辣辣新鮮整好,唔會太油,唔太膩,和牛嘅黑椒味剛剛好,好食。魚香脆茄子,每次黎都會想叫,味道似椒鹽茄子,配埋四季豆食好開胃。黑蒜燒賣,燒賣入面嘅餡少少辣,幾特別。香葱黑毛豬腸粉,呢個普普通通,無咩特別。石鍋葱香鵝肝和牛炒飯,和牛同鵝肝幾夾,炒得幾好食。 continue reading
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