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Dining Points Program

To earn dining points, simply book tables via OpenRice, attend and accumulate points to redeem gifts (except otherwise stated in restaurant booking details) ! From dining cash vouchers to Google Play credits, you have a variety of practical gifts to choose from.

How to earn points?

  • By attending the booking made via OpenRice, you will be rewarded 30 Dining Points (unless stated in restaurant reservation note)
  • Sometimes, restaurants may even offer up to double points!

When will points be credited to my account?

Once the restaurant merchant has confirmed your booking attendance, you'll be credited within 2 days

How long are the Points valid for?

  • Usually, Dining Points are valid from 1 year to 1.5 years (max.)
  • There are 2 periods when you can earn Dining Points. (Period 1: 1st January - 30th June. Period 2: 1st July - 31st December)
  • Points earned during Period 1, will expire the end of next year's Period 1. (e.g. The points earned in Period 1 2016, will expire after 30th June, 2017)
Period 1 Points Expire
1st January 2016 - 30th June 2016 30th June 2017

Period 2 Points Expire
1st July 2016 - 31st December 2016
31st December 2017
*All expired points will be forfeited wtihout advance notice.

How do I check my points balance?

To keep track of your points, you can check on both App and Website. Simply go to My OpenRice> My Bookings> Points

How to redeem points?

Goto MyOpenRice> My Bookings> Points> Gift Redemption.

Voila! It's that simple and we'll send you the vouchers.
The points will be deducted once you've submitted the redemption form.