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[ Samsen 泰麵| 灣仔 ]I arrived at 4pm to beat the queue but perhaps I was too early…. Nonetheless, still stood for 2 hours just to try this restaurant that I’ve been wanting to go to for years 😂🥹 Also! They don’t seat you until the whole party has arrived. The restaurant itself is quite cozy and tight but it’s all part of the experience I guess. There is a high turnover as they serve the food very fast so not a long wait. —— —— Wok fired rice of crabmeat, egg and crispy garlic $158 One word to sum it all up: wok-hei. Each grain of rice is coated in a glistening sheen of oil yet it remains dry and not greasy. The seasoning on the rice itself is minimal and thus perfect. They give you a spicy garlic and chili fish sauce as flavor enhancer and it provides depth to each bite but is also very spicy. I highly recommend squeezing a generous amount of lime onto the rice to really bring out the taste better and add another layer of flavor. The crispy garlic flavor is not very strong but there are slivers of garlic in between bites. The abundance of crab given is soft and extremely tender. All of them are also very large and plump. In addition to the crab, there is also a generous amount of egg in this fried rice. Some are clumps of deliciously cooked egg white and some are fried, creamy egg yolks. Some are strands whilst some are in chunks. The amount of egg is equal to the amount of crab and I love it. Rice and egg is always a match made in heaven but it’s made even more so when fried together. The thick cucumber they serve with not only makes the dish more presentable but also gives a refreshing bite when you get bored with the rice. The portion of this is also insane! Looks enough to feed 2 people but it’s so delicious that you will end up eating it all by yourself (as I have) and still want more 😝 —— —— Wok fried Thai watercress $88 So savory without requiring water. The vegetables are cooked perfectly with the stems being crunchy and the leaves tender. The sauce reminds me of Thailand and the yellows beans add depth and texture due to its funky fermented taste. I love how it doesn’t get salty towards the bottom where the vegetables are soaked in the liquid as it’s very loose and not too intense.—— —— Young coconut ice cream $78 It’s not a choice whether to get dessert or not at Samsen, it’s an obligation! I was already very full after this plate of rice and vegetables but I saw the chef make a line of ice cream and it looked too good to pass up! The ice cream is made in house with the chef’s personal recipe. Flavor wise it is not sweet at all and the coconut taste really shines, it’s as if you’re eating the most concentrated and freshest coconut. The consistency is gelato-like, smooth, silky and creamy without being too thick. I really like the cooked sweet corn on top as it not only adds color but also a crunchy sweetness to it. The coconut flesh too are very flavorful and not just for decoration as you can taste the coconut itself. The peanuts on top adds an amazing crunch to the smooth ice cream as well as a saltiness to it to balance out the creamy sweetness. It’s served in a young coconut which is absolutely adorable. And it also doesn’t melt fast so you have time to savor it! They give you two humongous scoops of the ice cream so you can definitely share it between two or even three but I somehow managed to finish it myself 🤫 I myself am not a dessert person so this really shocked me—— —— 推介 🙆🏻‍♀️💬 Overall, I don’t want to use the word ‘authentic’ as I don’t believe in that but how else can I say that this is really good Thai food and brings me back to Thailand? I’m definitely coming back here for more. I do recommend coming early as it gets very busy around 6:30-7. 🗓 Revisit? ✅ ⭕️/ ❎ 繼續閱讀
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藍屋係灣仔一級歷史建築,店舖喺一個集合咗唔同文化地道嘅位置開舖,亦吸引唔少外國人😎🤌🏻泰式街頭椰子雪糕toasted peanuts, young coconut meat and sweet corn必食街邊椰子雪糕🍦雖然嚟到食香港比較貴但係都一定要叫🤣椰殼裝住椰子雪糕,濃郁嘅椰子雪糕加埋炒過嘅花生同埋一片片椰子肉,增加咗甜品嘅口感😋另外仲有粟米粒配搭竟然都出奇地夾,份量正常唔會太膩😎🤌🏻招牌泰式和牛濃湯河泰國船麵最講係湯底,雖然價錢$148 幾貴(對比泰國🤣),不過個湯真係好夠濃,好香好惹味,餐廳用傅統方式熬製,加入好多泰國香料熬製成深啡色湯底,另外和牛片都好嫩滑😋配料加埋炸豬皮,牛丸,偏幼身嘅船麵都好彈牙,整個口感層次好豐富😎不過店舖唔算大,枱貼枱坐落有啲迫身,因為以復古裝飾,好多舊家具、古老小販檔陳設,但夠晒古色古香,充滿泰國懷舊風情😋🚩Samsen 泰麵 (灣仔)灣仔石水渠街68號地下#addifoodie #addifoodie灣仔#foodie #hongkongfood #drawing #香港美食 #吃喝好去處 #週末好去處 #goodfood #周圍食 #香港插畫 #情侶美食 #HKcouple #hongkongdraw #foodiecouple #愛情插畫 #泰國船麵 #椰子雪糕 #泰好味 #懷舊小店 #藍屋 繼續閱讀
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I recently tried the signature Thai noodle dish at Samsen, and while the ingredients were nice and the overall taste was strong and flavorful, I did find it a bit too sweet for my liking. Unfortunately, my mouth felt quite dry afterwards, which leads me to suspect that there may have been too much salt or MSG in the soup.Despite this, I found the price to be reasonable and the waiting time, though quite long at around 30 minutes, was bearable. However, I wasn't a big fan of the drink that came with the meal.To sum up, while the signature Thai noodle dish at Samsen had some positives, such as the flavorful ingredients and reasonable price, the excessive sweetness and potential overuse of salt or MSG may not appeal to all palates. It's still worth trying, but with awareness of these potential drawbacks. 繼續閱讀
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呢間位於灣仔藍屋對面嘅係米芝蓮推介餐廳,呢幾年一直人氣好高,無論平日lunch hour 定晚市或者週末都一定大排長龍,所以都要食下先!1. 泰式炒闊河粉闊河粉滑溜煙韌,有口感,而且炒得好均勻,唔會一舊舊痴住好似炒唔到,味道好惹味,食落唔會覺得油膩!2. 招牌泰式和牛濃湯河 湯底偏濃稠,係加咗豬血熬出嚟,味道濃郁,好似帶有少少藥材味咁,好香好好味,配料有炸豬皮,和牛肉片,牛丸,牛臄同通菜。和牛片嫩滑,重牛肉味;牛丸爽口;牛腩軟腍,而麵底係金邊粉,幼身,煙韌彈牙3. 泰式椰子泰式奶茶雪糕Waitress 話泰式奶茶味嘅雪糕唔係經常有,係限定,所以嗰日好好彩可以食到,真係好好味,諗唔到有咩地方要挑剔,作為米芝蓮必比登推介真係實至名歸。 繼續閱讀
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灣仔最愛飯堂級泰北菜🇹🇭Samsen 泰麵📍灣仔石水渠街68號地下➰好歌推介「見或不見,亦很掛念,你在心裹,亦於面前」#見或不見 #張敬軒➰每隔一段時間想食泰國野,心裹面都不期然得依間長期榜首嘅泰麵,雖然有時要排上數十分鐘,但所有食物出品都係一流水準。.餐廳有上環及灣仔分店,兩間各有特色,灣仔依邊主打和牛船麵聞名,上環分店菜式.及甜品更多種類,餐廳多年來榮獲米芝蓮推薦,人氣不減。.餐廳裝修以街頭風格,開放式餐廳及廚房設計用盡餐廳格局,務求放置更多座位,因此我唔太推薦嚟依間餐廳漫漫長談,但大排檔式嘅熱鬧氣氛亦係另類風情。✥小食𖥕炸豬頸肉配烤蕃茄辣醬 💲88 ⭐️4/5⭐️本身一直都會叫蟹肉奄列,但由於午市並無供應,所以叫左依道。炸豬頸肉並非我地平時食開嘅切片,而係豬肉條狀,配搭炸蒜調味入口更滋味,豬頸肉有咬口,但略嫌少少偏乾,整體上都唔錯。✥主食𖥕招牌泰式蟹肉炒飯 💲158 ⭐️4.35/5⭐️嚟親依度,我都會推薦朋友叫兩款主食,雖然都係澱粉,但係全部都係即點即炒,非常有鑊氣,蟹肉炒飯上枱看似平平無奇,但飯粒乾爽粒粒分明,火喉掌握非常有水準,其次係蟹肉份量豐富,每啖都食到一梳梳嘅蟹肉,非常滿足,必點推薦。😋𖥕泰式炒闊河粉(雞) 💲128 ⭐️4.35/5⭐️同樣午市只有雞可以做配料,而晚市可以選擇和牛作配料,和牛比較肉味濃郁,但都不算太影響,因為依道菜嘅主角其實係闊河粉,香港我暫時只有係依間餐廳食到咁軟燸煙韌質感嘅河粉,而且火喉精準,調味恰到好處,非常惹味,次次都將依份河粉清碟。😋✥甜品𖥕泰式街頭椰子雪糕 💲78 ⭐️4.2/5⭐️份量超豐富嘅兩球雪糕,隱藏叫法係可以兩球唔同味道混合,雪糕上有花生粒﹑椰子片﹑粟米條增添口感風味,椰子雪糕清新,泰式奶茶味香濃,係絕佳嘅解膩之選。😋➰總結餐廳主打泰北菜,算比較少見,即點即炒火喉調味鑊氣樣樣皆精,出品色香味俱全,甚至各類甜品都還原泰國味道,非常推薦鐘意泰國菜嘅朋友。➿➿➿#Samsen#泰麵#灣仔美食#hkfood #hkfoodie #foodiehk #hkfoodblogger #hkfoodlover #hkfoodstagram #hkfoodporn #852eats #hkiger#食好西 #相機食先#香港美食#招牌泰式蟹肉炒飯#泰式炒闊河粉#泰式街頭椰子雪糕➿ 繼續閱讀
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