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等級4 2020-06-28
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Known for its delicious rustic thai food, Samsen has opened their second branch in Sheung Wan, inheriting the street style design with a much larger capacity. What stays the same is the long endless queue at its storefront 😅Green papaya salad | $98Super crunchy green papaya and lots of peanuts. Refreshing yet quite punchy and heavy on spice. Definitely overpriced though.‘Khao Soi’ Curried chicken with egg noodles | $148They do not serve boat noodles at this branch but their signature curried egg noodles is equally good. It’s a mild curry broth with strong sweet coconut undertone. Love the texture of the egg noodles that is very springy. The chicken is so soft and tender that can easily fall off the bones.Stir fried chicken and flat noodles | $128The flat noodles are not as springy as I would’ve liked. But the fact that noodles are not sticking indicates great wok fry cookery. The dish does remind me of the HK style fried noodles (干炒河). But it lacks a bit of flavor on its own, the accompanying sweet and spicy red sauce is much needed which lifted the flavor of the entire dish.Mango Sticky rice | $78Young coconut ice cream | $68Thai red tea ice cream | $68Desserts at Samsen is absolutely unbeatable. Their ice cream remains my favorite, super coconuty with some sweet coconut flesh and generous peanuts to add crunch. It’s the perfect summer sweet delight. The Thai tea version has a rich red tea aroma and the sweetness is surprisingly balanced. The mango sticky rice is great with warm sticky rice and great amount of sweet coconut cream, completes with fresh mango. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2020-05-21
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📍 Samsen 泰館📍 上環 • 蘇杭街23號《Samsen》一直居於香港泰國餐廳的榜首,在灣仔開店至今一直人氣高企。最近他們的另一家店就落腳於上環蘇杭街。《泰館》/《泰麵》?除了店舖面積大了很多以外,上環和灣仔店的中文名字也不同喔:灣仔的店名是《泰麵》,而上環的店名是《泰館》。不難發現,其實上環店並不是《泰麵》的分店,而是姐妹店!所以,為了招牌船麵而來上環店的朋友可能會失望了,因為這家店並沒有供應船麵喔!招牌菜--「泰北咖哩金麵」泰北咖哩金麵 (雞) ($146)“Khao Soi” of curried chicken with fresh egg noodles沒有了招牌的泰式船麵,卻加入了另一項招牌菜--「泰北咖哩金麵」。咖哩味香濃,甜甜的,辣味又很重,十分惹味🍜鮮製泰式飛餅 ($38)Fresh made roti 我想店員應該會給所有客人推薦這個吧,因為他們說這個飛餅跟咖哩很配。份量不少,有厚厚的兩塊。吃下去脆脆的,略嫌油分較重。好掛汁,沾咖哩吃一流!一定要趁熱吃喔!其他菜式泰式虎蝦炒金邊粉 ($138)Pad Thai of tiger prawns上環店和灣仔店都有供應金邊粉,水準依舊。虎蝦份量很多,size很大,蝦肉結實🍤泰式奶茶 Thai tea ($?)最愛的泰式飲料~~服務/環境店面很大,所以店員都忙得不勝負荷,可能要舉手一會兒才有人過來協助。有一名店員特別突出,非常充滿活力,好可愛喔XD有一座客人在慶祝生日,全場的店員一個一個的走出來跟他們唱歌耶!!超開心的畫面環境滿寬敞的,只是音樂有點大聲,所以說話要更大聲,同桌才聽得到,所以整家餐廳就是很吵。吃辣又大哄,幸好第二天沒有喉嚨痛XD 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2020-06-27
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路過見到這間泰國風味的餐廳,入去試下有驚喜喎,特式姜黃咖哩虎蝦配檳榔葉好好味,蝦肉新鮮彈牙,配泰式飛餅真係一流,炒闊條河粉也非常香口,河粉軟度適中,感覺好像去左泰國咁,絕對推介👍 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2020-06-23
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It's a pretty rare occasion when you try a new restaurant, and loved everything you ordered. Went early on a Friday night to get seats, arrived around 6:30pm and there was already a line but they were slowly beginning to  seat people. We were one of the last 2 and got seated at the bar. Loved the seat because we were right in front of the kitchen and was fascinating to see the chefs cook, but probably not as comfortable as their regular tables. Caramelized Coconut & Prawn, Betel Leaf Wraps  泰式檳榔葉包 $88I had this dish in Thailand but struggled to find a Thai restaurant in Hong Kong that made these betel leaf wraps so I was very excited to see this on the menu! The filling is sweet and crunchy, which compliments the leaf nicely. Highly underrated as a Thai dish so I would highly recommend you try this. Spicy Southern Curry of Tiger Prawns & Betel Leaf 特式姜黃咖喱虎蛤配檳榔葉 $158 + Fresh Made Roti 鮮製泰式飛餅 $38 This was the surprise of the night, it was unlike any other curry I've had before. The curry was rich with seafood flavour from the prawns and really creamy. My boyfriend was pretty much drinking it like a soup! The prawns were nicely cooked too. If anything, I wish there was more served up in the curry (maybe other veg). The roti was served as it should be (flaky & fluffed up!) and was the perfect vehicle to the soak up the curry. LOVE. Fried Rice of Crabmeat & Spring Onions 招牌泰式蟹肉炒飯 $158 Because we sat by the bar, we essentially watched this DELISH fried rice get made right in front of us! As Chinese people would say, it had a great amount of 鑊氣 (...breath of a wok?!), which everyone knows is what makes a fried rice go from mediocre to AMAZING.  The dish had nice chunks of crabmeat and egg throughout, I liked the touch of the fried garlic in it as well. It was served with Thai chilli sauce, cucumbers and a wedge of lime, which collectively tied the dish together. Definitely recommend this if you want to stray away from always getting your classic Pad Thai. Young Coconut Ice Cream 泰式街頭椰子雪糕 $68To finish off what was already an incredibly yummy but filling meal, we wanted to try the coconut ice cream. It was served in a young coconut shell, topped with shaved young coconut, peanuts and corn. The ice cream was really smooth, creamy and not too sweet. I personally loved the corn topping as I felt it brought some interest to the dessert and complimented the coconut flavours well (this is how they do it in Thailand isn't it). Not a bad way to round out a meal eh? Overall, one of the best places I've eaten at for a while. Samsen is a must try for foodies, there are too many commonplace Thai restaurants in the city but this is definitely not one of them. And trust me when I say, my standards for food are bloody HIGH. Note: we also ordered a drink each - a glass of white wine and a gin cocktail with rose syrup (it was yum! but I lost the name of it). Both were ~$98, so yeah, drinks are pricey but what's new.  繼續閱讀
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Samsen has one of the best Thai food in Hong Kong. Whilst they don’t do reservations, the food is certainly worth the wait. The decor of the restaurant is beautiful, and a seat at the bar gives you a front row view of the chefs making your dinner. The food is absolutely magnificent. The shrimp curry was smooth and had a perfect amount of spice. My first impression was that it was a better version of a lobster soup! The crabmeat fried rice will also be another recommendation of mine. The food came out not too oily and a good amount of heat. I would highly suggest people to come to Samsen for a thai date night. 繼續閱讀
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