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等級4 2020-10-15
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If you can’t wait to travel to Japan again mainly to eat and to feel like you’re in Japan, you might consider paying a visit to Shunsen Kaihou, a small and little known Japanese izakaya in the heart of Causeway Bay. Many diners who frequent the place are Japanese, and the people who run the place are also Japan natives. Kaihou was only open for dinner during the two years it had been in operation, but when dinner was banned altogether at some point over the summer, they finally decided to open during lunch hours as well. We went a couple times for dinner in the first half of the year (followed by a series of online deliveries), and went once for lunch. While food and drinks in the evenings are pretty amazing, there was practically nothing from the à la carte that was available in the day (and I wasn’t keen to have their lunch sets at all), so if you do pay the place a visit, I’d highly recommend going at night.The star of the restaurant is no doubt the simmered seasonal fish (the fish type varies literally every time we’re there) that has an excellent reputation. I can almost assure you that it would be one of the—if not the best—Japanese-style simmered fish you could have in Hong Kong. But sashimi is also superb, and pretty much all seafood they serve are carefully sourced depending on the season. Then there are quite a handful of little dishes here and there that are good with some beer or wine, mainly featuring seafood but also all kinds of fresh produce, meat or vegetable. Deep-fried, grilled, cooked and steamed–you name it, they have it. It’s an izakaya. You eat and drink and have a good night out.What I quite like about the place is its homeliness. The restaurant isn’t part of a big F&B chain (although it is a family business and related to the restaurant with the same name in Tokai in Aichi) and the Japanese host Keiko-san (who was there on all of my visits and picked up every time I called) runs the place tirelessly. Keiko-san has been in Hong Kong for over a decade and speaks quite a bit of Cantonese to get by. She’s new to managing a restaurant but it’s inspiring to see how she gives her all to make the place great. You see the hardworking and positive spirit that is very much a prominent feature of Japanese culture. I hope the restaurant manages to survive the economic downturn.You must book in advance for dinner as seating is limited and they are usually very busy. Do ask for the private rooms (more than half of the restaurant’s diners will be seated in one of the four private rooms) or else you’d have to sit by the counter which would feel a little less ideal. They’re closed on Sundays. Service is OK if a little amateurish and hectic, but the restaurant has warned it’s understaffed and trying its best, and I’m willing to be just a little bit understanding this time.Food RundownSix-kinds sashimi, $428Excellent.Live oysters, $98 eachWe had several of these. They were super fresh and each a big and satisfying mouthful.Fresh sashimi, <$300Excellent.Marinated Yam, $38Highly recommended. Very mildly seasoned but the texture is awesome.Marinated hotaru squid, $58This was in season and it was quite good.Sharkfish bones with prunes, $48Very cool as the bones are edible and the prunes give it a super refreshing and tangy kick.Salt-grilled squid, $78Good, but not extraordinary.Simmered fish (small), $148Merokama (メロカマ) refers to the collar of white-fleshed fish in general—the bony triangle of semi-fatty meat that’s between the fish’s gills and the rest of its body. It’s a different fish every time we come, but it’s always moreish with incredible tenderness and a sauce that captures so much umami.Omakase 6-piece sushi, seasonal priceGood. Not quite the quality of the best sushiyas but izakaya sushi were never meant to be.Tofu salad, $98Amazing with fresh tomatoes, crunchy nori, bonito flakes and so much shirasu! Loved it.Daily dessert, $38Pretty nice and simple ice cream with dusty bean powder and black sugar syrup.Koshu Hikari white, $75/glassThis really held up and was totally unexpected for a Japanese white wine. There was body and sweet florish flavors, and not much acidity—a great match with our sashimi and oysters. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2020-12-02
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呢間小店食過一次會上癮😜係由日本師傅主理所有店員都係日本人店員非常有禮貌去食絕對感受到日本嘅氣氛!而環境亦都好舒適好適合放工後去同朋友一聚或慶祝特別日子佢哋採用嘅食材非常新鮮魚嘅種類好多侍應好有耐性介紹俾你聽每一種魚嘅質感去配合返客人嘅口味Plating 亦都好講究因為佢哋嘅料理係即叫即做所以要耐心等待但絕對值得😋鍾意食刺身嘅人可以嗌呢個刺身拼盤全部都係厚切同好肥美尤其是係拖羅絕對係高級料理嘅水平! 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2020-11-07
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第一次寫食評,幫襯過呢間幾次-日本人師傅及老闆。食材新鮮,擺盆不hea,價錢合理。秋天D魚開始肥,當日有鰤、馬鮫、秋刀、吞拿。型仔廚師擺塊紅葉令人頓感秋意隨便點了D佐酒小吃-酒盜芝士,醃魷魚,山藥等。品質合格,同去日本食差不多要了個tuna roll ,飯軟硬適中,多葱增加口感因冇打算寫食評所以冇點影想。 佢其他熟食如汁煮銀陸魚,串燒都幾出色。D酒價錢克制,記住食埋個黑蜜豆腐雪糕先走。 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2020-03-15
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讚1. 日本氣氛好夠,廚師侍應同唔少客都係日本人,笑容好好👍2. 刺身新鮮,魚種多,厚切入口有質感,魚味重,汁煮魚厚肉滑溜,燒銀杏好甘香3. 坐係個室,好有私隱彈1. 壽司既飯位太鬆太濕,要改善;名古屋雞翼好明顯係就左香港人口味,因為係勁濕既而唔係乾爭爭果種,本來係好事,但問題係連味都淡左好多,送唔到酒,關東煮亦唔夠木魚湯既香氣 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2019-03-17
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14/3 從open rice 搜尋了旬鮮去食晩飯,位置易找,係搭𨋢上樓鋪。小店有四張包廂枱,六個酒吧位。四個員工,其中靚仔廚師同女侍應係日本人,另兩位侍應都識日文。佔一半以上客人都係日本人,心知食物必有水凖。因不太餓,叫了這個最少道菜的set前菜:營光魷魚、甜蕃茄、薯仔沙律、wasabi 菜、漬魚日本女侍應細心努力用廣東話介紹每樣前菜五款魚生:金鎗、金目錭、獅⋯⋯忘了🤣另叫了日本生蠔,size 很大,醬汁很配合生蠔,吃完也不會很「濟」主菜汁煮魔鬼魚本身魔鬼魚的滑同翅位已是我喜愛加上汁煮當然正合我心意最後飯團有驚喜從未試過咁柔軟的飯團味道更恰到好處下次一定會去食其他set 繼續閱讀
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