November Top 10 Restaurants

OpenRicers are less hyped about the sweet treats in cooler November. The breezes, instead, have been bringing people to walk extra miles uphill for heart-warming fixes at traditional cha chan teng, Sing Heung Yuen. Among new eateries hitting top 10 are new fusion restaurant Little Bao, another branch of popular croissant bakery Urban Bakery Works , Michelin star chef's Upper Modern Bistro and a local hot pot place.

RankingsRestaurantsPositive reviews Negative Reviews
1 Little Bao    70
2Sing Heung Yuen 101
3Cha-no-wa 70
4 School Food 121
5 Urban Bakery Works 70
6 Upper Modern Bistro     60
82/3 Dolci 50
9 Via Tokyo  80
10 HeSheEat   93

* The rankings are based on the number of positive reviews after subtracting negative reviews in the past 30 days. They are further adjusted by timeliness, user seniority and other review quality factors.

New Highlights

No. 1 Little Bao

(Photo by Lemon Tea and Dessire)

Opened within two months or less, Little Bao has become the champion of November Restaurants Top 10. The appeal is obviously the exciting fusion philosophy of the fluffy mantou-like baos with combinations like fish tempura with tartar sauce,lemongrass and Fennel or Pork Belly with Sichuan style mayonnaise. Even side snacks are no less a surprise with one being alternative Mac & Cheese which is made with cheese, mentaiko and rice rolls. And there's a signature which has also become OpenRicers' recommendation —— LB ice cream sandwich. Wrapped in a deep-fried bao, the green tea ice cream with condensed milk tastes just heavenly in mouth. Just take note that the eating space is limited with slim bar tables.

【OpenRicers' say】:
mjhk:Fish Tempura (w/ tamarind palm sugar glaze, pickled lemongrass fennel salad, and tartar sauce). The piece of fried fish on the bao was excellent. Hot, crisp, tasty and not too heavy, perfect for a fishburger. The bao artist put on a crazy amount of tartar sauce, and a crazy amount of the other sauce (tamarind glaze, I guess), and taking bites caused an explosion of sauces in every direction.

No. 5 Urban Bakery Works

(Photos by 港女老婆 and ophelia710)

Popular croissant bakery Urban Bakery has now opened a new cafe/restaurant at The Landmark. New additions exclusive to the products at this new branch are Croissandwich, hot stew and dishes, cocktails, and desserts in great varieties. While Whole lobster croissandwich and eight-hour duck confit sandwich are recommended, the desserts steal the spotlight with the three highlights being the oh-so chocolate "What the Fudge" cake served with kit kat chocolate bars and m&m's, "See You in Hell" a chocolate cream cheese cake with a Ferrero on top, and Macallan 12-Year Old Single Malt Whisky Ice-cream

【OpenRicers' say】:
supersupergirl:Macallan 12 Years Whisky ice-cream: Smooth with a pleasant whisky taste, but the whisky was not strong and representative enough because it was a bit like Baileys flavoured icecream. Quite pricey for $50

No. 6 Upper Modern Bistro

(Photos by HK Epicurus and 食神歸位)

As the latest bistro opened by Michelin star chef Philippe Orrico who formerly served in Pierre and St. George. Upper Modern Bistro has attracted throngs of fans of his haute cuisine. As it is the intention of Chef Philippe Orrico to run a more casual bistro for people to enjoy fine cuisine, the menu features both French Tapas like mini beef burgers or other À la carte dishes. Along with braised beef cheeks, 63 degree eggs with mushrooms, crab meat and pata negra and cavatini topped with white truffles, the appetizer dish pig’s trotter and oyster toast that gives a rich texture and flavor is among one of the OpenRicers' favorites. Mind that the booking is likely to be very full.

【OpenRicers' say】:
Ali~!:"Pig's trotter & oyster toast with green salad" ($188):63 Degree Eggs was the first appetizer I tried at Pierre and I immediately fell in love with it, so there was no reason I could stop myself from ordering it. The moment I started to have my knife pierced through the egg, a sharp orange yolk immediately oozed out and ran all over to the vege and mushroom. Every single ingredient was well represented that they all left an impression on my taste buds...

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