The Results of Openrice Best Restaurant Awards 2018

Another year for granting awards for Openrice Best Restaurants in town.  After the intense public voting, the result of Openrice Best Restaurant Awards 2018 has finally come out.  For Hong Kong region, there are 2 categories, namely cuisine and district.  In Macau, there will be 10 awarded restaurants.  And this year, we have 2 new regions into this awards: China and Taiwan.  For China region, we've got the Chinese voters to pick their best restaurants they had in Hong Kong; we have also invited Taiwanese citizens to choose their top restaurants.

Hong Kong Region- Cuisine Category 

In Cuisine category, there will be a list of outstanding restaurants which specialize in different cuisine.  This year we have 10 restaurants which has the first time awarded, congratulations!

Western Restaurant


The Cheesecake Factory(new)

The Captain's House

Buffet Restaurant 

The Market

The Grand Buffet

Mr. Steak Buffet à la minute

Chinese Noodles, Congee Restaurant

Wai Kee Noodle Cafe


Lau Sum Kee Noodle

Best Dessert Shop


PAN de PAIN Pancakes & Sweets(new)


Hot Pot Restaurant

Market Hotpot


Running Chicken

Hong Kong Style Restaurant

Australia Dairy Company

Sing Heung Yuen

Mrs Tang Cafe

French Restaurant

La Vache!(new)

LA Creperie

Passion by Gerard Dubois

Southeast Asian Restaurant

Cheng Banzhang Taiwan Delicacy

Iron Cow Taiwanese Beef Noodles(new)

Thai on 5 Seafood Grill and Bar

Japanese Restaurant

Deluxe Daikiya Japanese Restaurant

Daieiki Japanese Restaurant(new)

Ramen Bari-Uma(new)

Italian Restaurant 


Cafe Paradise

Golden Captain Restaurant (new)

Guangdong Restaurant

Yum Cha

Ban Heung Lau

Social Place

Snacks Shop

Fei Jie

Hop Yik Tai

Master Low-key Food Shop(new)

Beijing, Sichuan, Shanghai Restaurant

Fisher & Farmer

Xiangshu Restaurant(new)

Shanghai Lane(new)


Coffee Alley

Lady M

Urban Coffee Roaster(new)

Korean Restaurant

Goobne Chicken

Shin Mapo BBQ(new)

Spicy Andong (new)

Hong Kong Region-District Category

Foodies must mark this down, and track all the top restaurants in different districts in Hong Kong.  Especially Sing Heung Yuen in Central and Western District, this is their 10th time getting this award.

Central and Western District  

Sing Heung Yuen

Yuan Is Here

Social Place(new)

Kowloon City Restaurant

Promenade Restaurant(new)

Wall City Flavor(new)

Thai Chang House(new)

Yuen Long Restaurant

Mrs Tang Cafe

Sushi Man 

Wing Nin Noodle(new)

Tsim Sha Tsui Restaurant

Deluxe Daikiya Japanese Restaurant

The Market

PAN de PAIN Pancakes & Sweets(new)

Mong Kok Restaurant


The Place(new)


Eastern District

Master Low-key Food Shop


Kyo Hayashiya(new)

Tai Po and Shatin Restaurant

Chan Kun Kee

Cafe Swan(new)

2+2 Café

Tsuen Wan and Kwai Tsing Restaurant


Meat Pie Gor 

老闆娘雲南米線 (new)

Kwun Tong Restaurant

The Stadium(new)

Running Chicken Live


Wan Chai and Causeway Bay Restaurant


Deluxe Daieiki Japanese Restaurant

Flame Japanese Cuisine

Sham Shui Po Restaurant

Hop Yik Tai

Cheng Banzhang Taiwan Delicacy

Wai Kee Noodle Cafe

Hong Kong Region-New Restaurants

New restaurants open every year, this fresh restaurants below can grab the foodies' attention, so they deserve this award, congrats!

The Cheesecake Factory



Hong Kong Region-Prestigious Restaurant

'The Prestigious Restaurant Award' is based on overall score, hit rate, quality of reviews, Openrice members bookmark rate over the past year. And the winner is The Cheesecake Factory, congratulations! 

Macau Region-Best restaurants

Best 10 restaurants in Macau are awarded with outstanding performance and great fame from Macau citizens.  This year we have 2 new restaurants added into the award, nice! 

Cafe e Nata Margaret's

Lord Stow's Bakery

Lai Kei Ice Cream

A Lorcha

Pastelaria Chui Heong

Loja Sopa De Fita Cheong Kei



Est. de Comida Portuguesa "Porto"(new)

Nam Ping

China Region-Best restaurants in Hong Kong (new)

This new award is voted by Chinese tourists, who have strong and great impressions of the restaurants they had during the visit in Hong Kong.  Majority of the restaurants are famous,not only for tourists, but also the Hongkongers.

Kau Kee Restaurant

Australia Dairy Company

Tim Ho Wan, the Dim-Sum Specialists

Fei Jie

Lin Heung Tea House

Yee Shun Dairy Company

Lan Fong Yuen

Mrs Tang Cafe

Lady M

Capital Café

Taiwan Region-Best restaurants (new)

This also new award is voted by the Taiwanese.  They have chosen the best restaurants which can represent the best Taiwanese food.  The best restaurants below are mostly in Taipei, so this can be a great reference for people who plans to go to Taiwan.



manjedad don

屋馬燒肉 中港店

上引水產 - 立吞美食區






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