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等級4 2023-02-24
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육희 Beef Tartare $170육희即係生牛肉他他🥩 他他加入醬油、新鮮梨子、日式高湯啫喱去提升牛肉既鮮味✨ 仲有得戳個蛋黃添😆 濃郁既蛋黃令成個口感更加出色😽Wagyu beef tartare mixed with aged soy, fresh pear, and dashi jelly to give a fresh, meaty taste😍 Loved poking the quail egg on top🥚 The gooey yolk just enlightened the whole texture💫 Quite good!🤍評分: 7.5/10🌟 김치건 Kimchi Pancake $130呢個김치건絕對係我食過最好食既泡菜煎餅🥳 煎餅個面煎得好脆 入面好煙韌又唔會太粉🤤 不過唯一係有啲太油🫣House-made kimchi was the most gorgeous one that I’ve ever had🤩 Kimchi Pancake with crunch edges was chewy but not doughy yet, it definitely was a wow factor🥳 But there’s a little complaint that I hoped it could be less oily🥹評分: 9/10🌟 달갈비 Spicy Chicken $320呢個辣雞鍋既份量非常驚人😳 成個鍋既重點絕對係嫩滑既雞肉🍗 不過雞味好淡🥲 同埋捲心菜、水晶粉同三色椒啲味道都一樣😂 食食下會好悶😟 但最搞笑係面頭加左薯條🍟 創意十足😎The portion of spicy chicken was surprisingly huge😧 Gochujang stir-fried chicken which was the highlight was soft and tender🐣 while the others including cabbage, sweet potato, glass noodles, and cheonyang peppers had the same flavor which made me feel a bit bored😮‍💨 評分: 7/10🌟모래시게 Hourglass $130Hourglass無容置疑係一杯值得飲既飲品🫶🏻 入面加咗檸檬、菠蘿、濃茶、益力多、百香果、韓國燒酒去帶出一個清新既味道🍃 而且入口順滑 都算唔錯🤍Hourglass was no doughnut a gorgeous drink🌷It contained Lemon, Yakult, Pineapple, Black Tea, Fernet Hunter, Vedrenne Passionfruit, Milk Punch with 려소주 (Ryuh soju)🍸 to give a fresh, sweet, and mellow taste😚 It just slid down your throat smoothly🥰評分: 8/10🌟—————————————————————————————Obp (中環)中環奧卑利街3-5號地舖𓍼 #foodietiffhk 𓍼 #foodietiff推介𓍼 #foodietiff中環#hongkong #hongkongtravel #hkcafe #hongkongcafe #hkfood #hongkongfood #hkfoodlover #foodaholichk #hkfoodie #cafehopping #obp #香港美食 #美食推介 #美食攝影 #中環美食 #中環推介 #香港好去處 #尖沙咁好去處 #다방 #홍콩 #홍콩맛집 #홍콩일상생활베지 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2023-01-26
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首先呢間真係極隱世,個入口喺個奇怪後巷入面😂 真心難揾嘅。呢度無得訂位同埋要人齊先可以入坐,諗住星期四少人啲,不過我哋七點半到都等咗差唔多九個字🥲 睇住人哋飲得勁開心地等相當煎熬 (未到8 點已經見到有啲客大聲地 I love you all! We are family 😂😂😂 so typical )食物方面好唔錯,海鮮煎餅又香脆又唔油又有嚼頭~海鮮配料有蝦、魷魚、青口、蔥,口感豐富份量都唔少,煎餅好食到我哋第二round 追加咗泡菜煎餅。口感依然出色,但個人認為泡菜有啲少咸同少啲咬口,所以都係海鮮正啲❤️慢煮五花腩肥瘦分明,肉汁豐富,夾埋啲菜食無油膩感~出色香辣章魚仔加豬肉片 (jju:ggu:mi),呢個係比較辣既單品~章魚仔彈牙,夠晒惹味,口感豐富... 然後個麵係越煮越辣(然後就飲咗勁多真露嚟解辣)!好有喺韓國既感覺最後,酒水當然係要足。試左佢哋既 Black Rice Makgeolli,紫色既米酒飲落超級濃稠唔似酒反而似米槳糖水多啲,飲落甜甜哋唔多覺醉(呃女仔一流)仲有梗係要飲soju啦,我哋就要左復古version 既真露 (jinro is back), 透明既天藍色樽感覺好清爽。味道唔會涸喉反而有淡淡甜味,順滑易入口。但唔飲慣既都可以追加濃縮果汁嚟溝,完全係飲果汁一樣唔覺唔覺好容易會醉,酒量唔好既要酌量享用~ 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2023-03-24
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O.b.p是一間位置超級隱秘的韓式居酒屋,餐廳只招待walk in且人齊才可入座,今晚和朋友一行五人去試一試這間十分出名的餐廳。我哋先點了White Makgeolli🍶和3枝Hite Beer🍺。啤酒是大枝裝,建議可以分開嗌,因為侍應會一次過開哂3枝啤酒同沒有冰桶。食物方面我們先點了牛肉他他🐮,炸雞🐔,海鮮煎餅🐟🦑,泡菜煎餅,炸粟米🌽和海鮮麵。特別一提是炸雞🐔和炸粟米🌽,炸雞香脆嫩滑,有5件,份量十足且經已去骨,啖啖肉十分滋味。炸粟米上菜時侍應會在我們面前放入紙袋,shake 一 shake,令味粉均勻沾滿每一件粟米,再配上芝士醬,非常好味。另外海鮮煎餅和泡菜煎餅都好味,大家不要錯過。之後我們想點辣雞鍋,可惜已經售罄。轉戰部隊鍋,不過沒有什麼特別,稍為失望。下次再訪會先點鍋類。總括來說,我們都十分喜歡店內的氣氛,大家都可以一試! 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2023-03-04
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星期五喺中環收工見到呢間嘅pancake好吸引就去試吓想打電話book枱但walk in only佢哋嘅地址比較難搵要入咗行仔再入後行排隊環境一啲都唔舒適大量油煙噴出嚟真係等到想走但抱住香港人嘅精神排多陣啦又唔係太耐就可以入去今晚嘅嘢食全部值回票價先來兩杯酒精飲品: *推介* Dokdo Gimlet -Korean sake with green apple & lime juice微酸,醒胃Hourglass - 甜味酒味比較濃OBP SA:LAEU (salad)The famous Kimchi pancake 👍👍👍Homemade Kimchi & green onion (自己另外叫)Spicy Chicken 夠辣又有透明粉個人覺得似豪華版部隊鍋薯條就咁食好食過撳晒汁 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2023-03-02
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My friends want to have Korean, there’s not much choice in Central. So they suggested OBP. Definitely it’s hidden. Thanks to the review here so I could find my way. Somehow I feel like it’s their intention to not to put any sign for direction. Gimmick i guess. I arrived early at 6pm. Thought I could be seated for a drink first while I was waiting for my friend for 10-15 mins. But got rejected and asked to be seated at the bench before everyone arrived. Alright! I understood this policy is good if the restaurant is already packed and there’s queue at the peak hour. Totally understand. But 6pm while there was literally no one be seated in the restaurant and still telling guests to wait? Cool! Then I guess I just skipped my pre meal drink. My friends arrived 10 mins later and the table for 3 person they arranged was not big enough. Imagine I am sitting at the corner with the wall just next to me while my another friend had to squeeze as there’s 2 people sitting at the next table just right next to her! Totally understood they just don’t want to sit 3 person on a 4 person table. You can see how great they treat the guests from the details. Definitely not a good start! Spicy Rice Cake $90 It’s good but nothing special. Cheese Shake Corn $90This is not bad. Can be more crispy. Menu mentioned seaweed. You can only see few green dusts on the corn. No way you can taste the seaweed. Seafood pancake $150Quite disappointed as the only crispy part is the edge. Spicy Army Stew $340This is the best dish of the night. It’s good but it’s just regular Korean dish. We did order extra instant noodles $20. Hourglass $130 Dokdo Gimlet $120Both cocktails taste good. Not strong at all. And yes! Compare to the food here, it’s pricy. Music is way too loud. Can barely hear what my friends are talking. The “Happy birthday” song is even louder. What a painful moment! Overall, food is okay and not expensive but seriously nothing special. If you want some great traditional Korean food, OBP is definitely not in the list. But do I see a twist in their food? No! Seats are really tight. I even have to stand up to pick up the noodles to avoid my elbow hitting my friend’s. Not a comfortable, good dining experience. Hidden gem? I don’t think so. 繼續閱讀
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