港鐵中環站 D2 出口, 步行約4分鐘 繼續閱讀
餐廳以馬球作裝修主題,環境氣氛有點像私人會所,提供多款肉扒選擇,都是肉質粉嫩、肉汁豐腴,乃中環一高質扒房。 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2021-01-14
89 瀏覽
I've bookmarked this Argentinian steak house for months and finally had the chance pay a visit.  Buenos Aires Polo Club, like other restaurants under the Black Sheep Restaurant group that strive offer a unique dining experience, welcomes guests with a polo theme where there are plenty of decorations and paintings related to polo.  My wife and I were greeted by friendly staff the moment we stepped out of the elevator and when she noticed that my wife is pregnant, she immediately offered a cushion for my wife to sit more comfortably.For starter, we've ordered the 1) ginger and pumpkin soup & 2) spinach the  provolone empanada that were tasty and satisfying.We got the rib-eye steak and angus beef burger for main.  The steak was on the briny side but the meat texture and aroma totally compensated it.  The beef patty on the burger was big and juicy which totally hit the spot!Overall dining experience was positive.  With tasty food, friendly staff and excellent service, what more can you ask for? 繼續閱讀
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等級5 2020-11-22
1366 瀏覽
This Argentinian steakhouse is located in LKF Tower, with a theme of the the exclusive specialty polo club. Arriving on the night we were greeted warmly by the staff, and after completing the health declaration and tested our temperature, we were shown to our table in the dining area, passing through a nice bar where one can enjoy some nice cocktail or other beverages before starting their meal.Seated in the comfortable table in the middle of main dining room, and looking around we found there were a wall with a lot of paintings showing the polo sports. There are also mallets and caps decorating. For someone who were not familiar with the sports like us, the experience was interesting and fun. We ordered a Golf Salad ($178) to start. The portion is quite big, with plenty of baby gem lettuce, avocado, hearts of palm, tomatoes and egg. Seasoned well with salt and some black pepper, the dressing had some nice acidity which helped to bring out the freshness of the vegetables and even though it looked simple, a nice appetizing starter for sure.We also had the Wood-Smoked Bacon ($178). The long strip of bacon has been nicely grilled, not excessively fatty and having a nice smoky note. Pairing with chimichurri, the tomato and olive oil were a good complement to the flavors. Both the appetizers were good, but remember that it was meant for sharing as the portion would be too big for one in my opinion.Next we had the Grilled Angus Beef, with me opting for the 20 oz Bone-in Sirloin ($548) while my wife had the 10 oz Tenderloin ($398). Personally it was a bit over-charred for my liking on the outside, but cutting it up, the meat was grilled to the correct level per our order, very juicy also. There were four sauces provided to accompany the steak. And we also had the Maitake Mushrooms ($118), with garlic and parsley, served as the side dish.For dessert I had the Don Alfajores ($138), a signature South American treat, with the sandwich cookies having a filling of dulce de leche, plenty of chocolate and some vanilla ice-cream, accompanied by some strawberries. Certainly indulgent, it was quite sweet for me but good that the strawberries did give a balancing effect. My wife had the Strawberry Sorbet ($58) which was in fact very good. I also ordered a glass of white Recuerdo Torrontes 2012 ($98) and a glass of red Catena Zapata Malbec 2017 ($368) to accompany the meal. The wine in my opinion was decent but a bit too over-priced. Service overall was nice, and seeing how they sang and used pops to help celebrate birthday for some of the diners was quite fun. The bill was $2,440 and I would say it was overall a bit pricey considering the overall food quality. Even though the atmosphere was one of the highlights, it might not be sufficient for us to return again. 繼續閱讀
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呢間阿根廷牛扒館,佈置以馬球為主題,但感覺好似私人會所咁,有不同房間,每間有幾張4餐枱。平時午餐要HK$298/位,因為我係趁佢推廣Black Series 優惠時訂枱,可以享優惠價 HK$228/位食午餐✌🏻1️⃣ ENTRADAS 前菜:西瓜沙律呢個沙律有多種味道,甜 (西瓜、青瓜)、酸 (車厘茄,青檸香醋),鹹 (菲達芝士),好特別,好開胃😋食主菜之前,餐廳經理會送上一盤放有6款來自不同國家嘅牛扒刀,叫我哋揀一支「武器」食扒😂😂2️⃣ PLATOS 主菜:阿根廷純正黑安格斯肉眼牛扒呢個係招牌阿根廷天然牧場的純正黑安格斯牛扒,由於以阿根廷方式調味醃製,大大塊的肉眼扒,3成熟,牛味濃郁,肉質粉嫩。齋食牛塊可以食到牛肉嘅原汁原味,如覺得有點單調,可以在牛肉上搽一些阿根廷青醬 (chimichurri sauce),這樣配搭口裡會品嚐到滿滿的香草清香襯托肉汁清甜,正呀😋3️⃣ AL LADO配菜鴨油蒜香炸薯條用鴨油炸香嘅幼條薯條,金黃色,撈入一些炸蒜粒和香芹點綴,食一口,有點點鴨油香和品嚐到薯仔的原味。我哋食唔停口😋蒜香炒西蘭花用鴨油和蒜頭炒西蘭花,帶出西蘭花的清甜味道,而少了一些很多人不喜歡嘅草青味👍🏻4️⃣ DESSERT甜品 (+HK$68/位)仲夏野莓餡餅這個黑麻麻嘅甜品係用咗酸微微嘅仲夏野莓做嘅餡餅、暖笠笠。一定要配上面鋪滿甜甜嘅曲奇脆粒和開心果口味雪糕,中和一下酸微微嘅仲夏野莓味道。不過食完這個甜品口,啲牙齒會染上一些黑色,好彩出去要帶口罩咋😝*新鮮水果皺皮瓜、青提子、紅肉火龍果,以這個次序食就食到最甜嘅水果😝*Latte用咖啡機沖嘅牛奶咖啡,一般般啦。 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2020-10-07
1867 瀏覽
🐏Black Sheep集團在香港有很多間餐廳,其中較出名的有米其林1星餐廳Belon、Carbone、Fukuro、La Vachè 等等。而我最喜歡之一的餐廳就是這家Buenos Aires Polo Club,黑羊集團在香港一年會舉辦兩次Black Series,在旗下餐廳都會在大約兩星期時間內,推出多種不同優惠午餐和晚餐,這次便是10月5日到10月14日。可以在此查看詳細🔎內容。平常晚市單點這牛扒已經超過$350,但現在午市優惠套餐包括前菜和配菜也只是$228,非常優惠!.餐廳是阿根廷牛扒館,以馬術為主題的餐廳,所以可以見到裝修有濃濃的懷舊馬術風,並有大量馬具、馬鞍等裝飾品。.🥗前菜是西瓜沙律,主要有西瓜、費達芝士、青瓜等蔬菜。.🇦🇷主角是阿根廷純正黑安格斯肉眼扒,你阿根廷式煮法用大火烤熟牛排🥩到medium rare,牛排的四邊都非常香口有炭燒味!😋牛扒厚度足足超過一寸‼️.🍟配菜二選一,可選鴨油蒜香炸薯條,薯條上澳門蒜蓉粒和parseley,讓人吃不停口!🥦或可選蒜香炒西蘭花,但我就覺得有點普通。.如想選甜品或飲品,則可另外加錢添上。.⭐️性價比:4/5星💰人均:$250港元. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2021-01-03
90 瀏覽
訂咗1月1中午,新年第一餐!!一出lift 啲職員已經好好禮貌不停同你講happy new year !入到店,哎呀黑到差啲連餐牌都睇唔清,影相都係咁震....之後唔知係咪又有叫,又開返光少少...一早開燈咪好囉...雖然黑啲係candle lights dinner咁,但中午咁攪真係唔多慣....光少少先睇到清啲佢嘅佈置,都幾特別以馬球為主題服務態度無得頂,全程由安排座位,落單到埋單都好好禮貌,要讚先講食物,前菜叫咗沙律同佢個菠菜批沙律無咩特別,菜好新鮮,面包好脆個批好正,雖然細細個, 個皮好鬆好香,好老套咁講,有少少似叉燒“蘇”個皮咁,食落菠菜同好少量芝士,都唔會好漏開始前先比一堆刀我哋揀,我哋又玩嘢,攪到比人笑 嚾大家都係用返普通正常刀!!!大果啲刀好頓啊主菜一份係ribeye 好肥美,即使要medium well 都唔會好老。咬落每口都有肉汁好有牛油好夠肥美 由於減肥,另一份叫左牛柳。因為無乜肥脂肪,食落比較扎實同難咬少少。side dish 叫咗個薯條同菜,但薯條香到爆.!!!有好香蒜香味而且仲勁大份!!!最後食淨一半,有少少浪費...甜品本見人哋個綿花糖好得意,有得燒,入面仲有雪糕...但因為老公唔食綿花糖同蛋糕,無人share....就叫咗雪芭....但雪芭都唔差, 士多啤梨好香好夠酸,椰子勁正!!好香椰子味好似啖啖食緊椰子咁 想食甜品又怕肥不防考慮下!!因為係生日飯,仲有人拎頂帽出嚟同我哋影咁咁 新年第一餐非常滿意!!希望快啲開返晚市,可以嚟encore 啦 繼續閱讀
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