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22 Ships為顧客提供由英國米芝蓮星級名廚Jason Atherton創作的現代西班牙tapas和一系列葡萄酒、烈酒及西班牙啤酒。Jason Atherton為著名餐廳Pollen Street Social東主、師承名廚Ferran Adrià及Gordon Ramsey。22 Ships不設訂座、不設加一服務費,貫徹Atherton「把fine dining變得平易近人」的理念。 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2019-08-22
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Executive Chef Aaron Gillespie has an uncommon and refreshing approach to food. As far as authenticity goes this is definitely not a Spanish Spanish place, but dishes are delivered in small portions (much like tapas) with an unusual combination of flavors and ingredients, inspired as much by popular Spanish dishes as by current global culinary trends. Take, for instance, “miso-glazed chargrilled carrots with smoked courgette and walnut”, or “middle white pork and foie gras burgers with avocado and pickled cucumbers”. With all of these coming in bitesize portions, you’d be able to try a handful of Aaron’s creations in one go—perfect for those who tend to feel tempted to order nearly everything off a menu. Ambience is casual and staff reasonably attentive. Most guests sit around a bar in a square, but for those looking for more privacy and comfort, there's limited seating facing the street and a couple other small tables inside. I’d definitely recommend 22 Ships for a chilled evening in good company.Food RundownWild Hereford Beef Tartare, egg yolk, crisps, $138Bursting with flavor and well seasoned. A good, chilled beef tartare is so much better than cooked beef. A dry rosé would have been the perfect accompaniment. Oh, and the thin slices of crispy bread were definitely a highlight.Sea Bass, XO dressing, $158Wonderfully supple fish underneath a crisp skin. We requested the XO dressing on the side, however, as we weren’t entirely sure we’d like it. The sea bass turned out perfectly fine without.Baby Chicken, chorizo and pine nut dressing, $118A twin of truly babyish chicken legs. Again, tender meat paired with crispy skin and with a slather of cooked chorizo and oil this was pretty good.Octopus, chargrilled, $128Octopus are a very commonly seen item on menus in Spain, but drizzling a sweet and savory vinaigrette over it is rather less common. We enjoyed the delicate meat and the subtle tangy flavors of the sauce. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2019-05-27
1418 瀏覽
二十多歲,大抵是人生最多變化的年齡,身邊的人結婚的結婚、為事業拼搏的拼搏、隻身往外闖的往外闖......去去留留都是緣份。上年在好友的婚後派對上隨興地提出一起去旅行的主意,想不到一年後真的可以成行,心裡甚是感動。 是晚相約好友吃著西班牙菜談近況,冒著大雨來到餐廳,近七時餐廳已擠滿了人,大家隨性的吃著喝著傾談著,氛圍輕鬆自在。 Jamon, manchego & truffle toastie, quail egg $88 壓薄了的多士外層微脆帶牛油香,中間夾了火腿和母羊奶芝士,加上黑松露醬點綴,送酒一流。 Crisp Squid, ink mayonnaise, lime $108 金黃色的魷魚肉厚,熱辣辣剛炸起,外皮脆肉質鮮,擠些青檸汁同吃完全沒膩感。 Wild Hereford beef tartare, egg yolk, crisp $138 印象中第一次吃生牛肉他他,牛肉新鮮高質,調味簡單帶pickle酸,開胃清新,討喜。 Seafood paella, fava beans, crispy bacon $128 海鮮飯端上時熱辣冒煙,燴飯被來自海洋的鮮味包圍,豐富滋味。 Greentea Cheesecake, lime & yoghurt $88 甜品盛上時尤如一幅藝術品;芝士蛋糕偏向結實質感,綠茶味回甘,和芝士味道平衡,沒有喧賓奪主,更喜歡伴在旁的青檸乳酪,酸酸甜甜,用來作結剛好。 摸著酒杯底吃著談著,不經不覺過了兩個小時。想起一個月後能和好友們在巴塞吃喝玩樂享受最地道的美酒美饌,就忍不住嘴角上揚。面對未來充滿挑戰變數的旅途,但願我倆能勿忘初心,期待帶著最幸福的微笑再次相見。 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2019-09-14
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Happy Friday 當然要食個靚lunch la!! 嚟到22 ships 試下西班牙菜 😀.餐廳都係高櫈仔嘅,坐得唔太舒服,枱仔亦好細,我地叫左4樣野仲諗點放好🤔🤔.不過餐廳就好貼心,張枱細所以d野食都好好好細下🥴🥴paella 一細碗要138蚊!材料係豐富嘅,味道亦還好,上面脆脆嘅Ham更係正,但真係太細。.Baby chicken ($118)又係好考師傅,可以將如此細嘅雞切開當大只左再放落只碟仔度都仲係咁細份🤫雞肉就真係鞋左d啦,相信baby呢個term真係指個size而不是春雞🐥.Suckling pig ($198) 最大份就係佢!應該叫大乳豬先啱,皮係好脆嘅,肉都淋,只係味道好中式,唔係西班牙style~ 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2019-09-13
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My friend and I were walking around in Wan Chai looking for a cool place with beer to spend our evening.After scanning some restaurants in ship street, we finally settled in 22 ships since my friend said he had lunch here before (without any further comment which is actually very important under this situation).And this is the beginning of our dinner with REEeeeGREeeeT When I walked in, OOps....how come there were merely any customers except only one table of two. But since we were already inside, we just gave it a try. We sat at the bar table and the waiter introduced that their food was tapas. I looked at the menu and wondered if it was true that one seafood tapas dish could cost more that $100 which was of similar price to the pizza opposite. But since I love seafood, I ordered octopus and my friend ordered jamon croquettes.Of course, we also ordered beer but it was unreasonably pricy. $80 for a small Czech bottle beer! This is already one of the most economic choices in the drink menu. Even a bar in lan kwai fong won't charge this price for a 30cl bottle of beer.Here they comes.. jamon croquettes....that I can bearly taste any spanish ham inside. It is nothing more than just well decored deep fried cheesy maionaise And for the octopus ?! Besides salty, it's just salty. No freshness taste. No other seasoning flavors. The octopus has no octopus taste and perhaps overcooked or too old. More importantly, we got only a handful of pieces in our dish.. close to 100gr that worth close to $130.This restaurant does not have any service charge. But it is too expensive for both quality and quantity of the servings. We just ordered these three things which already costed us almost $300....for nothing more than just substandard snacks. In the end, I was still hungry. We were quite mad. I just ended up having a cup noodle at home. 繼續閱讀
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Went for dinner on a Friday evening. Food was actually decent and live up to the reputation. The manager however really needs to show that he actually cares about the customers. Quality of food really let down by the appalling attitude of the manager..😫😖😩 繼續閱讀
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