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等級4 2017-12-28
1908 瀏覽
We were here on a Sunday evening at 6 and have the honor of being the only guests. It felt a little bit odd in the beginning as nobody seemed to care about us being there. The fittings are pretty worn out in general and the menu/paper table mats even have a different restaurant name printed on them. Anyhow, I am not too concerned as long as the food satisfies. I’d rather more of my money be spent on procuring food and skilled cooking than on rent and furniture and fittings. While we were served by a somewhat inexperienced old lady with an attitude initially, a seemingly more senior wait staff came over to look after us for the remainder of the evening. He was extremely friendly (almost too friendly)—gave us free drinks (and even refilled) and instead of the one portion of soup we ordered he offered a huge bowl that’d feed six for free. More than that, he made sure the kitchen was preparing our dishes at a pace that suited us and found out in time that some of our orders were missed by the lady who took our order. Although we were greedy enough to have chosen seven dishes to share between two, I felt we didn’t try out enough signature or prominently Beijing dishes on this occasion to be able to make a fairer evaluation of the restaurant, but I would say in general that the quality seems more than reasonable and you can expect to have decent supper here at roughly $300 per head with a broad range of Beijing/ Shanghai dishes to pick from. Neither the restaurant nor the dishes look fancy but you wouldn’t be getting much less quality than what you’d have to pay double or triple per head in Central and Admiralty to have. I’d have to give their duck a try before concluding how this compares with Old Beijing (a very old restaurant run by a genuine Beijing person for well over a decade by now).Food RundownSweet and sour soup 酸辣湯Standard taste, clearly made earlier in the week but I liked that it had tiny prawns. Crispy lamb brisket 京燒烤羊腩This got me thinking about it for quite a few days after the meal. The waiting staff made a special emphasis that the fatty layer had been removed to maximize flavor. Even without the crispy skin I thought the brisket was delicious with a deep flavor. And although it looked dry it really wasn’t. Recommended.Fried sweet and spicy prawns 宮爆蝦球Succulent prawns coated in a crispy batter and dipped in a mildly spicy and sweet sauce. Loved this. Soup dumplings 小籠包Hearty little bites with tasty soup. Perfect balance of skin/meat/soup. Nothing to complain here.Steamed buns 銀絲卷Normal.Fried flatbread with spring onion and white sesame 香蔥芝麻大餅The only problem with this was that it didn’t taste fresh. But it was alright.Braised cabbage with cream 奶油津白This was creamy and tender. Portion-wise big enough for share between three. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2017-11-27
1638 瀏覽
家族年尾飯聚陸陸續續開始出現,今餐海外親戚回港探親玩樂兩周就先來一個14人聚餐預演。家族聚餐自然要照顧老幼大小,遇著海外回港親友更會期望可以有一兩款海外食唔到嘅特色菜式。就係呢兩個條件一登龍門就成為家族飯清單內其中一個選項。一大班人嘅飯聚其中一個可愛之處就係可以叫多幾個餸,品嘗到嘅菜式、味道自然比平時多。先來第一個前菜 ,特色生魚片捞起,留意係真生魚並唔係魚生。生魚出名多骨又腥,不過廚房巧手將生魚煮熟、去骨、除腥味,雖然依個捞起味道唔算特出,但係心思同煮理功夫已經值得俾個讚。第二個前菜,麻醬雞絲粉皮,麻醬雞絲就係呢個前菜嘅靈魂,麻醬香,雞絲肉既鮮又甜, 依碟最快被食清嘅前菜就已經係一個好味指標。北京片皮鴨(兩食),片皮鴨要讚地方唔係鴨,反而係包片皮鴨嘅麵皮,麵皮超薄但又彈又軟,其實就係只有咁嘅皮先可以更易食出燒鴨皮嘅味道,但係咁薄嘅麵皮就必須用一張紙分隔開每塊麵皮,肯做足依兩樣嘢嘅餐館真係唔多。另外個鴨殼就京䓤醬煮。鴨肉唔騷、醬味唔鹹、京蔥吸晒啲味。招牌草捆牛肋骨,呢個菜超考功夫,牛肉淋、離骨但係又唔會煮到老晒,再加荷葉草捆工序,又係另外一個心機菜。京烤靚羊腩,羊肉香,皮脆肉嫩唔黐牙,點少少醬油入口,是晚我的至愛。酒釀日本溫室南瓜海蝦球,南瓜一定要同蝦球一齊食,因為一入口南瓜嘅甜味只不過係一個引子, 當一咬落蝦球,鮮蝦嘅鮮甜味就會好似爆出嚟一樣。元朗農場走地活雞製白切雞,可以食得返本地走地雞嘅真正雞肉味同彈牙口感越來越少,今晚可以响餐館食得返真好彩,又或者話餐館對食材有真要求。不過有趣係餐館表示一定要試佢哋嘅薑蔥醬同口水雞醬。的確一樣的醬但係味道就與别不同。清蒸活海班, 廚房微失手未完全熟透,魚肉末離骨,不過有番咁上下斤兩嘅大魚就會較容易過熟或者唔熟透,都算非戰之罪。上湯浸豆苗,水準之作,不過不失。乾煸四季豆,香口但又不油膩,恰到好處。香葱芝麻大餅,芝麻香、外皮脆、麵餅咬落就滲出香蔥嘅絲絲香味。紅棗糕,唔太甜又唔黐牙,紅棗香味剛剛好。拔絲鮮果拼,太耐無食拔絲甜點,只是賣相己十分討好亦見手功。是晚多個餸菜都係食心思、手功 及 工序。很多所謂大酒家越來越少肯費心費時煮理出依啲有水準中菜。 繼續閱讀
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古語有云。 一登龍門聲價十倍。其實餐廳同人一樣, 唔怕生壞命 ,最怕改壞名。 改得呢一個餐廳名字 的老闆。。。一定是一個 marketing 高手。。。 懂得捉別人 求幸運 的心理。其實我本來不知這家餐廳, 是朋友 說他 正在考 專業試 ,要來這裏吃飯 ,取個好意頭, 沾沾運氣。星期三的中午 ,人不是很多。 侍應給了我們一個卡位 ,頗為寬敞 舒適。午市套餐 看來很抵食, 包括前菜小碟 ,主菜 ,飯跟湯, 和茗茶。 食品感覺 頗為健康 。也很熱 。 材料新鮮 食味和 口感也不錯, 我們吃得很開心。這裏唯一美中不足的地方, 就是樓上舖 ,如果沒有人介紹 ,一般人經過, 應該不會容易找得到。 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2017-09-11
1640 瀏覽
一登龍門可以話係我近年黎食過最好食嘅上海私房菜如果10分滿分我會比8分個人比較重口味喜歡食濃尾嘅嘢真係好好食架特別推介咕嚕肉拔絲南瓜酒讓下次去我一定會再叫 呢兩個 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2017-06-22
1732 瀏覽
無意中入左黎食出奇地d野好好食料都十足特別係個芝麻大餅😋😋😋唔知係埋因為係樓上定係鍾數早呢無人 但都唔緊要d人服務又好下次再黎銅鑼灣我都會再黎好野食係要推介比大家既以後又有個飯聚地方啦 繼續閱讀
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