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Chinese New Year is a time for gathering and we wanted to try cute Dim Sum. I have heard of Social Place for quite a while but every time when I wanted to try, the queue is so long. Reserved a table for 5 one week in advance to avoid queuing on a Saturday afternoon. As predicted the place is packed when we arrived at 1pm on Saturday.  When we arrive, the reception was full of people and it took us 5mins before we reached the receptionist. Even after advance booking, the receptionist told us the table was not ready and asked us to wait. Whilst I was waiting, I noticed Social Place offers Dim Sum class! After 20mins, a table is ready. In the middle of the restaurant, there's a tennis table. The table is good for large number of guests. Sofa seats near the open kitchen area was offered to us, lucky it was not noisy. The bowls is so funny, it is either ants or flies. My bowl was crawling ants. The ants was not 3D, it was painted. Back to the food, there are many options on the menu and it took us quite a while before we could decide what to try.Signature DishesWe order 3 signature dishes to try.Signature Roasted White King Pigeon $29@Mini gloves and hand wipes were offered to eat it. Mini gloves is an excellent idea! Wearing them to eat pigeon, our hands will not get dirty. The pigeon is meaty and juicy...the skin is very crispy. It does not taste like it was prepared and waiting to be served...it taste like freshly made . On the first bite, the pigeon meat is so hot and the meat tears out easily with juice leaking out. Glutinous Rice Sesame Balls with Crab Meat (3pcs) $89 The rice balls was nicely deep fried and covered with sufficient sesame. It is chewy and hot with a large ball of crab meat inside.Floral Rice in Lotus Leaf Wrap $99The rice is larger than we expected, each person ate at least 2 bowls. Strong 荷香 and the rice ingredient incudes shrimp, chicken, scallop and duck. The rice was over soft and a little salty to us.Social Platter A+B $109The social platter cost $109. You need to choose items from section A and B. Section A (3 items, choose 1) are cold starters. The drunken chicken have a strong alcohol smell and taste. The meat is tender and smooth. Section B(16 items, choose 2). Ivy mosses with Jellyfish (贡菜海蜇) is also a cold plate. Ivy mosses and jellyfish (贡菜) is so 爽. The sauce is sesame oil and soy sauce, it was not too salty with a tint of spicy..refreshing cold plate. Season chicken & Noodles Salad. Remember to mix the chicken and noodles smoothly! The sauce is similar to Ivy mosses with Jellyfish except we can also taste peanut butter. The noodles is smooth and chewy.Dim SumThe dim sum is innovative and nicely decorated. I love all the buns we ordered, it is so delicious.Steamed Apple Buns (3pcs) $49The buns is so cute!!! 3 mini green buns served in a basket. The bun is soft and inside is apple crumble. It was not over sweet.Charcoal Custard Buns (3pcs) $49The buns looked so elegant, black in color with 3 gold decoration on it. The bun texture is so soft and the inside is custard fillings. Please be careful when you eat. The custard is hot and will spill out when you bite.Truffle Shiitake Buns (3pcs) $49The buns is nicely decorated, it is in shape of a mushroom! I love it! Same as the previous 2 buns, it is so soft. Nicely decorated buns are usually handmade with heart. This is vegan buns, every ingredient inside the bun is vegan. Strong truffle and mushroom flavor.Cuttlefish Shrimp Dumpling (3pcs) $49The dumpling skin is made of cuttlefish so it is black in color. The skin texture is thicker than normal ones. It tasted like a normal shrimp dumpling.Chili Pork Dumplings (8pcs) $59The dumplings skin is thin and smooth. The chili sauce made the dumplings irresistible.DessertThe "Bayberry" with Custard Fillings (3pcs) $39It looks like a cherry tomato with sugar bits. We thought the skin was soft but to our surprise it was deep fried. The leafs is mint. Even with the sugar bits, it was not sweet at all. For those who like mint leaves, you could consider eating the leafs along with the dessert.Overall, we enjoy the dim sum and commented every dishes we ate. Will introduce to those who have not yet tried to come. Food in here is worth trying...it is more than just dim sum. One thing we found it trouble is that it is difficult to catch any waitress as they are busy running around and didn't hear us. Food there is worth trying. 继续阅读
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最近好多点心店都出左公仔图案去吸引客人来吃今次我都吾例外都系为左佢出既玫瑰花🌹红豆馒头吸引而来可惜黎左先知今期无左尼款点心 原来尼间店经常会更新餐单虽然无左尼款仲有好多款不同花款既点心包其中招牌《黑金流沙》$49包真系热辣辣未食到已流晒出来了 不过可惜佢外皮已经烂左小小但味道真一流同名符合一样咁流沙尼款《小小苹果》$39 整到连朋友都以为真既青苹果🍏其他佢系包入面有苹果溶食落味道同老麦苹果批相似尼款《小小杨梅》比我想像中更好吃因为佢除左样既杨梅外佢外表好有咬口尼款猪猪🐷其实系紫薯蓉 不过真系要亲热食 冻左会变硬了《紫蓉猪猪》$23 一只食左咁多甜包 终於点左样咸既《虾多士》$69真心推介 外脆内软既虾多士系我最喜欢💕尼款系每日限定$25《白玉王鸽》乳鸽 卖完即止味道不错可惜无乜肉食今日食完尼餐甜到入心因爲食左多款甜包虽然不但好食又影相一流但下次都系一次过吾好叫咁多款包 因为甜左成日 继续阅读
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电梯门一开,踏入 The L.Place 的 2/F ,眼前顿时一亮,一道玻璃墙映入眼睑,上面贴了餐厅的金字招牌。目光穿过玻璃墙,餐厅内部的环境也就一目了然了。下午1点钟左右,吧台有位置可以即入即坐。虽然吧台位坐起来有点局迫,但是可以近水楼台看风景,吧台上各式点心的陈列品颜色鲜艳抢眼,造型逼真,让我大饱眼福。吧台里面有许多的层层蒸笼叠叠而上,蒸汽冉冉……点心师傅忙而不乱地工作着。[酒酿枣糕]HK$ 49 另收加一。三粒像削了皮的马蹄形状的白馒头,上面随意放了一些红枣片,吃不出有酒酿的存在😌。[鲜斋菜蒸饺]HK$ 49 另收加一。三个大大的舰艇级的手工蒸饺,外形饱满,饺子皮薄至透明状,内馅素菜丰富,味道可口。[桂香啤梨]HK$ 59 另收加一。原只削了皮的啤梨蒸至通红,桂花的香气飘逸,吃口甜蜜并且爽脆,是秋季清肺润喉的佳品😍。[同甘共苦]HK$ 89 另收加一。[同甘共苦]实质是[咸蛋黄苦瓜],金黄色的咸蛋黄裹住翠绿色的苦瓜,经过油炸,热辣辣,口感香脆,少苦涩味。咸蛋黄同苦瓜相结合,使得苦瓜不再难吃,使得咸蛋黄也少了一份邪恶。[金鱼戏水]HK$ 59 另收加一。[金鱼戏水]实质是[川汁双色皮蛋],将双色皮蛋摆设成2条相对游水的金鱼,红辣椒片做金鱼的眼睛,尾巴弯弯的,非常形象化🐠。[陈酿醉蟹]HK$ 69 另收加一。酒味不算太浓,汤汁带有甜味,既使是不嗜酒的人,也可以尽情享受😋。最後一道特色[苍蝇碟]😊。[唐宫小聚]供应的菜式比较新潮,点心的设计也一反传统,可以让人体验到非一般的口味和感受。 继续阅读
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老板最爱吃中菜, 所以dept聚餐,我们必定是到openrice搜罗各式各样的中菜馆。 见「唐宫小聚」的菜式相当别致, 我们便事先book定枱,准备好一顿乐也融融的晚餐。🌝 「唐宫小聚」位於皇后大道上的L PLACE的二楼, 餐厅空间很大,而装修有别於一般的中菜馆,富有现代感, 浅色木地板,白色大理石枱面和米色木造座椅,营造出轻盈素雅的感觉。 最令我一见难忘的是, 餐厅中间有一张可坐十二人用餐的标准兵乓球枱,很有特色趣味!😎😎😎 其他座位也有不少组合, 有两三人的小桌,也有适合大夥儿庆生聚会的大长桌,或沙发座位。 菜式方面, 餐厅主打改良的中式点心和小菜,给予客人不一样的体验, 值得留意的是,菜肴全以健康的米糠油烹调,无味精添加。 来「唐宫小聚」,有两道菜是必点的!😏 第一道 - 陈酿醉蟹($69) 有别於坊间的醉蟹🦀, 「唐宫小聚」采用熟的太湖大闸蟹, 加以陈年花雕酒和话梅等浸泡,难怪咁入味啦!😎 每件醉蟹都被满满的蟹黄包围着, 入口充满酒香而不腻, 可能是小编至今吃过最好吃的醉蟹!😋 第二道菜 - 白玉王鸽($25) 烧乳鸽🐦火侯控制得刚好, 外皮酥脆甘香,肉质鲜嫩多汁。 而且价钱只需$25,性价比超高呀!🤘🏻 踏入秋天,当然要多喝滋润汤水抗乾燥啦~ 所以我们便了每日炖汤($79), 是日炖汤为四果炖汤, 四果包括苹果、雪梨、木瓜和无花果, 加上猴头菇等滋阴润燥的配料, 入口充满着淡淡的果香,清甜而不腻, 还可以食埋汤渣,实行润到底!😎 桃酱鲜鱼🐟是新菜式, 也是小编整顿晚饭最欣赏的菜式。😆 以当造的鲜鱼,配以腌杨桃、面豉酱和酸子姜, 铺上鱼身上然後蒸煮,鱼的鲜味更加突出!☺️ 新出品的苹果软包🍏 新鲜出炉,散发着阵阵苹果清香~ 软包口感松软, 里面馅料十足,还有粒粒分明的苹果肉,香甜可口,值得一试!👍🏻 饭後甜点当然少不得! 有别於中餐厅的普通甜品:红豆沙、绿豆沙和汤圆等, 「唐宫小聚」的甜品新颖有趣得很, 见醉喜欢梨🍐这道新菜式相当有意味, 我们便点了~😊 原个香梨去皮, 用桂花糖煮成的糖水浸泡着, 香梨咬落香甜又多汁,冰冻又解渴,正!😋 整体来说, 「唐宫小聚」环境舒适,服务称心满意, 食物创新美味,每一道菜都让我们感到很惊喜,价钱又合理, 下次一定要再邀请朋友来一起食过返寻味, 再尝尝这里的精致菜肴!😏 继续阅读
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样样都好食 推介呀~~~~~•食乳鸽有胶手套好细心,肉质可以既,若果个皮脆d仲正•荷叶饭够哂热,每粒米都入哂味同埋湿润度刚好•醉鸡够醉,肉质嫩•红油抄手系好味但小编就觉得较辣•春卷,刚炸好,脆卜卜$100-200/位 继续阅读
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