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日本菜加秘魯菜的fusion餐廳,並有各類清酒及雞尾酒提供,非常特別。 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2017-02-24
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It was rare for Peruvian food to be found in HK a few years ago. There were only one or two then but they didn't last long.Luckily they are getting popular these days and people are starting to know what Peruvian food is.Here they serve Nikkei cuisine which brings together Japanese and Peruvian.If you like Japanese, refeshing lemon and limes, cumin and strong flavours, this is for you.Had some cocktails at the bar as we were early.Started with the Earl Grey lemonade which was a mix of strawberry, lychee juice, earl grey syrup and rose lemonade.It tasted more refreshing than sweet with a good fizz.I had the coco loco water which was very sweet and hydrating mixed with lemon juice and lavender syrup.+++La Causa:This was comfort food for me in terms of appearance and taste because the prawn tempura is exactly the same as the prawn balls served in Chinese takeaways!!Beneath the prawn was a bed of tangy beetroot mash and prawn tartar.+++H&M:I always shop at H&M so this caught my eye. It is actually a plate of Hamachi and Maguro carpaccio in tangy shoyu citrus dressing topped with spices. +++octopus sticks:I loved the octopus skewers because it was paired with black olive tapenade, carrot puree and capers.A mix of strong flavours.+++Picanha sticks:This was juicy pieces of rump steak with edamame puree and pickled cucumber.It was a bit like having steak and peas.+++tacu tacu:This is a Peruvian rice legume pancake topped with stir fried vegetables in a Chimichurri sauce.It was a wonderful dish because it was very similar to Nepalese chatamari and the texture is a bit like super thick rice porridge that has been pan fried.+++We finished with dessert to round up such a delicious meal.Had the green tea tiramisu which was really good because I liked the firmness of the matcha cake and the fluffy mascarpone cream.+++The calamansi meringue was a lemon meringue with a modern twist because they used calamansi which is not so tart.+++ 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2017-04-12
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Hype, I’m convinced, is very easy to create but very difficult to sustain. Anyone with a cursory knowledge of social media can drum up a feverish level of interest in a new restaurant. You simply lure a few food bloggers with a reputation for selling their souls for a quick buck (looking at you Hungry Hong Kong) along with the sons and daughters of a few property magnates and you’re guaranteed to get the cash registers ringing. TokyoLima has done so with great aplomb to create the most talked about opening of 2017. Beyond that first month the life of a Hong Kong restaurateur gets much more challenging. The unpredictability and greed of local landlords, obscene costs of imported produce and the accelerating pace of which trends emerge and expire, push great restaurants into the red unfairly quickly. The challenge of maintaining profitability over the long term necessitates operations being run with a financial iron fist. And a good fisting from an accountant is exactly what dinner at TokyoLima felt like.  Allow me to explain. The initial success of TokyoLima has quickly led to the owner’s cashing-in and opening all week. We went on the first Monday of operation and my god did the staff not want to be there. Our sullenly waitress went about her business with all the zeal of Melania Trump entering the presidential bedchamber.We were escorted to our seats in front of the open kitchen. Now, I’m a big fan of open kitchens – they are usually windows into a beautifully choreographed world of craft and flair. In this case however, the kitchen was raised two feet above the restaurant floor, so what should have been front seats to a great performance, was in fact a view of a black wall and loud, lifeless commands from an unseen head chef. I can only assume this decision was to maximise the diners per square foot ratio, rather than a desire to build a memorable experience. In what feels like yet another error of judgment on the part of the bean counter, the menu is frustratingly large. Choice paralysis quickly gripped Mrs A and I, and we blindly pointed at a single dish from each section of the menu.In no time at all the Peruvian beef taco and tuna tiradito arrived. The meeting of Peruvian and Japanese should be a beautiful thing. But in this case it feels like an uncomfortable blind date in which both parties anxiously search for common interests. The Yellowfin tiradito took perfectly good sashimi and drowned it in a puddle of mango sludge. While the awkwardly brittle taco contained a dollop of unrefined beef, onions and pepper, all resting on lettuce that had clearly been left out of the fridge for slightly too long. The next dish was a very strange – although not unpleasant – combination of prawn tempura, avocado, prawn tartar and purple mash potato (yes, purple mash potato!). All the constituent parts were perfectly nice but they didn’t need to be squashed into the same bowl. And then we waited and waited. I was recently learned that delivering the starters quickly and delaying the mains is a deliberate tactic cunningly designed to encourage patrons – out of great appreciation or sheer boredom – to hasten their drinking and order another bottle or two. As our sake being perfectly affable we slowed down in an attempt to make it last the duration. We finally received our next course, chicken yakitori. It wasn’t really worth the wait being, as it was, chicken on a stick with some caramelised onion.Our side dish arrived last. And again, it had the accountant’s hands all over it. Yuca – to my mind a cheaper alternative to any root vegetable you can think of – was deep fried, yet remained tough, woody and tasteless. It was only made remotely palatable by a massive bowl of chilli cheese mayonnaise.And with that our meal came to an unceremonious end. We left unfed and unhappy.Whether it’s the result of the hype, the night of the week or our poor choice of dishes, it was all very disappointing. Given the positive reviews it’s received, I do feel obliged to give TokyoLima a second chance once the hype has died down (and it inevitably will) but I don’t think it will be until the next financial year when the accountant’s eyes are elsewhere. See more reviews at saltandsoy.com 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2017-04-05
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男朋友每逢紀念日,大時大節都會帶我食好西!今年情人節都唔例外! (太忙..拖到四月先打食評🤦🏻‍♀️)由於張menu 太多野揀!我地order 左 OMAKASE MENU (Please chef feed me )! $480 一位! 唔包飲品🤓 落單個時staff member 係有細心咁問,有無咩食物唔食或者食物敏感! 值得一贊🙂食物有咩 可以睇下d相! 😗 擺盤靚 食物好食 份量合理! 可以話係全部都好食 係個卷物普通左少少! 以下份量係絕對夠食 🤡最後個餐係包埋甜品..😂 但係完全符合我口味! 綠茶tiramisu and new your cheese cake!! Highly recommend--Green tea tiramisu !!!另外叫左兩杯cocktail !全餐飯都食得開心又刺激! 因為完全唔知下一道菜會係d咩😂 環境唔靜 好多外國客人 但都舒適 ! 裝修幾靚 ... 推介情侶 紀念日黎!! 留意番 餐牌係英文 落單都係用英文架~亲! 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2017-04-01
583 瀏覽
無論食品質素如何,不懂尊重顧客,不會推介!劣!Dinner booking 晚上七時,當日早上才通知要9點交枱,ok啦Friday night 香港地,預左。朋友6點幾早到左,至同佢講要人齊才比枱,ok 咁咪坐住bar 飲下cocktail至,無問題。7點10分安排枱比我地,因為仲有一位朋友未到,我地點住cocktail同2款食物(Tuna Tartar & Kimochi Chicken) 食住先。期間已經不停走黎叫我地再點食物,枱嗰D都未食到一半乜料呀?好啦7點40分人齊再一點3款食物,包括Grill Steak, Mussels and La Causa), 點呀又黎8點咋喎,如是者來來回回20幾次, 喂後面張枱由頭到尾都吉枱無人坐!至8點20分我要爆🔥🔥🔥,個waiter竟然收起我地未食完嘅mussel,我地叫停,點知佢竟然攞起我個friend雙筷子夾起D mussel 放係佢個碟,真係世紀大混帳,我同佢講應承你9點交枱就交枱,比張Bill我,唔好再過黎煩我地。乜我依家去左大排檔咩!?不知所謂! 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2017-03-24
810 瀏覽
We tried to book a few days in advance but were told that they only have a table after 9:30! We didn't give up and walk in around 7pm on a Saturday night and we were so lucky to be seated immediately. The first dish arrived was the soba noodles then the tempura prawn. Both were very tasty especially the tempura prawns. They were crispy and fresh. With avocado and prawn ceviche on the side, it makes a perfect dish!Watermelon and tuna salad. Generous amount. The sauce is a little bit too sweet but overall it was good.The steak! We were craving for some meat and this was very satisfying. A little too much salt on the steak but good quality beef and the wasabi sauce goes very well with the steak. Don't like sweet cocktails so the same martini was definitely the one for me Good service. Good vibes. Good food. 繼續閱讀
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