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見到呢度有好多好評 就黎到左呢間餐廳食午飯試一試新野 我地幾個人就叫左幾個唔同既 appetizers. 分別就係Octopus Carparccio, foie gras 同 Hokkaido scallops. 但之前就先講下佢地個bread basket, 佢地有多款既包比你選擇 有脆脆片 有有herbs既 有咸有甜 但講到尾我最鐘意就係佢地個蒸包!好少見西餐d包籃度見到蒸包 而且亦非常美味 另外佢地配有4款唔同既自家製牛油 有蜂蜜肉桂啦 ,無鹽啦, 有herbs啦 同原味。本來我以為自己會係最鐘意蜂蜜肉桂 因為將我2隻鐘意既都放埋左一齊 但食落原來herbs果個都好好食 其實食落都有d似蒜蓉包上面果d野 但又多多小小其他herbs味 唔錯跟住就要介紹下佢地果3款頭盤 首先係呢個Octopus Carparccio 墨魚軟身又唔會韌 而且蕃茄都好甜呢款Hokkaido scallops with mango salsa and Hana Katsuo ravioli, 帶子新鮮又滑 芒果亦好甜 略嫌有d蓋過左帶子既解味 而呢個鵝肝呢就煎得熟左d 其他就都幾好架 特別係旁邊果d 萍果玫瑰醬 甜甜地 加埋一齊食無咁油膩我地幾個都係主菜呢方面不約而同咁揀左呢個海解意粉配辣蕃茄醬(Seafood Linguini with spicy tomato sauce) 海解方而呢度有蝦 魷魚 吞拿魚 帶子 同青口仔 我地個朋友就覺得佢塊吞拿魚太熟 唔滑 我果塊又無乜野 中間雖然都係熟 但都仲程現一d既粉紅色 而魷魚 帶子都好嫩滑 蝦又煎得香 因為其實整體都幾好味既時侯 都係會有d美中不足 就係個意粉煮得林左d 唔係好al dente呢最後就係呢個紫薯千層酥(Sweet potato millie feuille)塊酥皮本身都做得幾脆又唔會好乾好硬 不過我覺得我果塊就有小小燶味?微微苦苦地 中間既醬分別係薑同主角紫薯 絕對唔係假紫薯味啦當然 整體其實係唔會好甜既 唔鐘意食太甜既朋友就應該會比較適合 另外旁邊其實仲有一個sorbet 都好味架 另外餐廳環境比較嘈 台既位置有d太密 要聽到隔離台講野真係無乜難度 繼續閱讀
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We were walking home from work one evening, taking a new route for some strange reason, and happened along a pretty fancy restaurant launch. It looked pretty inviting, with red carpet and lots of floral arrangements, but we were on a mission to get somewhere (can't even remember where now!) and made a mental note to get along and check it out. There was one problem though, we didn't bother to find out the name of the restaurant!It wasn't a huge problem though, we knew it was in Duddell Street and easy enough to find. It was a Tuesday night and we felt adventurous, so wandered along Duddell Street, up the steep stairs to find our mystery restaurant. Called 'the First Floor', we banked on the place not being too busy on a Tuesday night and rocked up without a reservation. As luck would have it, we were welcomed with open arms and shown to a table and, not for the first time in Hong Kong, were the only people in the restaurant!Only the First Floor is not really a restaurant, but a private club thats been set up by media group 'Lifestyle Federation'. Part dining room, part open demonstration kitchen and 'part lounge for hire', the First Floor also has a humador for those that like a cigar after dinner. It's plush too, really plush! Our very comfortable seats were red velvet like seats and were placed around tables that were set for silver service.Silver service, it's a bit of an antiquated approach for restaurants now, with many kitchens taking a more relaxed approach to dining, but it's easy to forget how nice it can be. We had a very large number of wait staff on hand to help us through the evening, starting with the presentation of the tasting and a la carte menus. There was a $1600 per person tasting menu that looked very tempting, but we tend to leave our huge tasting menu meals for the weekends, so oped for a couple of courses from the a la carte menu.Crafting the menu and running the kitchen was Chef Kit Cheung, formerly of two Michelin starred Caprice (my dining destination next weekend!), so it was no surprise that the seasonally inspired menu held so many delectable looking choices. Hard as it was, we made our choices at which point a couple of things happened at once.A bread plate was presented with a huge range of warm and lightly toasted breads, which was accompanied by a selection of flavoured butter. We had the choice of salted and unsalted butter, as well as a pesto butter and really interestingly a cinnamon butter. Also making its way to the table was an amuse bouche of tofu with pickled beetroot. Now I'm not a fan of tofu, so I'm not going to pretend that I liked it, but the pickled beetroot at least made it tolerable. SC on the other hand, is partial to a little tofu and quite liked the little bite.We could tell from the presentation of our first dish, that there was a talented chef in the kitchen, but it was once we tasted the dish, that we knew the guy was a star. Using trumpet mushrooms and a seafood bisque foam, the plate was decorated with the exoskeleton of a langoustine, which partially hid the delicate sweet meat that it had provided. The langoustine was exquisitely cooked, with it's natural sweetness on display and nicely complimented by the slight bitterness of the bisque. The interesting thing was that as the dish was consumed, new flavours became prominent, the earthiness the mushrooms in particular.I'd chosen a luxurious dish of lobster bisque, which was initially presented in a bowl with tiny squares of lobster meat and a quenelle of clotted cream sitting atop. With a little pomp and ceremony, the bisque arrived separately in a white tea pot and was poured over to form a viscous looking broth in my bowl. My initial mouthful was quite disappointing, the bisque was way too sharp and a little unpleasant, but I hadn't let the magic happen. Before my eyes, the clotted cream was dissolving and mixing into the bisque, to form a perfectly balanced dish. Instead of a harsh twang on my palate, the velvety bisque became a triumph, which was helped by little bits of chewy sweet lobster flesh. It showed that sometimes you need a little patience with a dish!We'd had some strong flavours for our starters and were thankful when the plethora of wait staff cleared our plates and replaced them with a palate cleanser. The simple little shot glass contained a mandarin granita, which was exactly what we needed to prepare ourselves for our mains.The first of which was a departure from traditional French cooking of our starters and had wandered into Italian cuisine. The spaghetti carbonara with 63 degree Onsen egg, cherry tomato halves and little quenelles of caviare was quite special. The dish was presented with the slow cooked egg sitting atop the pasta, which had a lovely creamy sauce filled with strips of salty bacon. Once the egg was blended in with the sauce, the true cleverness of the dish was revealed, with the silky smooth yolk transforming the simple dish to near perfection. The little salty balls of caviar were balanced against the acidity of the cherry tomato, demonstrating that everything on the plate had a purpose. Oh, the pasta was supremely cooked and perfectly al dente.With the near perfection of our meal to date, I had high expectations for my main of monkfish cooked with chorizo and accompanied by baby new carrots of differing colours and fresh sweet peas. It certainly looked amazing on the plate, with each of the baby carrots turned as well as you'd expect in any Michelin starred restaurant. All the ingredients were there, save a little salt and pepper! The dish felt like it hadn't been seasoned at all, and as a consequence. the monkfish felt a little flat and bland! I'd been expecting a little salty hit from the chorizo, but it had been sliced so thin, it really had no impact, in fact, I couldn't really taste it at all! The carrots and peas were superb though, fresh and lightly cooked so they still retained their fresh flavour and crunch, but the accompaniments are not the dish and it would have been well served with the missing seasoning.We opted out of desserts, but were still presented with a pre-dessert treat of clotted cream mixed in with fresh berries and finished off with a curl of tempered chocolate. It was a super little treat that almost felt like a dessert anyway.We weren't finished there though, in what turned out to be one of the most innovative ideas we've seen in Hong Kong, we were presented with a petite four cart, with a selection of macaroons, marshmallow and other little treats. The instruction was to select a few of the items to finish off the meal, so we both selected a number of the macaroons (chocolate, passionfruit and strawberry were my choices), and SC also chose some marshmallows. The macaroons were wonderful and combined with the pre-dessert treat, it really felt as if we'd had a de facto dessert!Throughout the night, only one other table was occupied, so we had a handful of wait staff looking after our every need. I have to say that we felt very spoilt by all the attention, but we did joke at one point that it felt like we were being 'watched' and every move scrutinised! I wonder if there would be so much attention in a full dining room?At the time of visiting the First Floor, we didn't realise or know that it was a private club, so midway through our meal, we were 'invited' to join the club. There were two memberships, a free one (yep, we picked that) and a very pricy one (we made sure to tick the right box). I guess we were happy to join, truth be told, we were not expecting much for our visit and walked away very pleasantly surprised.I can see a time in the very near future when we will head back to the First Floor to check out the tasting menu. It now holds a special little place in our foodie hearts. In fact, we were reminded of our second ever visit to a Michelin starred restaurant in Germany with the same name. The First Floor has rapidly become synonymous for high quality silver service in our world!@FoodMeUpScottyThe dining room was plush and secluded, but the red 'velvet' really added to the private club feelThe demonstration kitchen on display for allMy favourite was the salted butter!A good selection of breads for the tableThe very elegant looking langoustine dishPerfectly balanced flavours from lovely ingredientsMacaroons!Of course a private club needs a great selection of rare and fine whisky 繼續閱讀
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人大了,越來越挑剔奄尖,可以帶來驚喜的食店越來越少。最近,中環卻出現一所食物用料、味道以至擺盤,都充滿驚艷火花的食店,它是 The First Floor by Lifestyle Federation。餐廳中文譯名是 壹樓 ∙ 時尚聯盟,位於中環都爹利街13號樂成1樓,是個結合教育及娛樂、集多功能的 Fine Dining Club。今天只集中介紹餐飲的部分。主餐區以紅白色為主調,配上窗外青綠的景色,簡單得來高貴優雅,用餐感覺很舒服。侍者全部都專業又有禮,密密添水、細心為食客推椅、主動提供手袋座等,服務很貼心。 這裡午餐 $380 三道菜 / $430 四道菜,差不多去到酒店水平,乍聽都幾貴,不過吃完就知道是物有所值。首先上檯的自家製麵包已經熱烘烘、鬆香軟棉很有質素,我忍不住連吃三大件! 除麵包本身好吃,餐廳提供四款自家製牛油:玉桂 + 蜜糖、海鹽、蒜蓉香草、無鹽,亦令人忍不住多吃了包。四款中最愛蒜蓉香草,甜甜的玉桂 + 蜜糖也夠特別,配饅頭包很夾呢。 這天午餐結合了午餐及 Happy Hour 小吃,特別時值啤酒節,餐廳推出了 Craft Brew & Bites Happy Hour Menu,供應多款精緻特色小吃,並提供 Beer pairing 建議,不過我們沒飲了。先吃賣相有如糖果的 Scallop Candy ($95),外層膠片很輕且薄,本身無味,主要是營造特別形狀;中間帶子嫩滑鮮甜,襯上沙律醬及魚子粒,一口一件、鮮美可口。 糖果帶子是有趣,但個人更愛接下來兩款小吃:首先 Semi-cooked Spicy Mackerel ($95) 的半熟鯖魚肉鮮滑結實、豐腴美味,同時帶點辣意,惹味引人食慾。 最後一款 Baby Suckling Pig ($95) 亦簡單得來皮香肉極嫩,襯上清新青蘋果以作中和,同上還有一小粒薯球,帶來更豐富構圖以及食趣。  小吃後開始正式午餐環節:Veg Ten ($185) 由超過十種不同時令蔬果組成,賣相精緻、非常健康,但全素的組合味道會好嗎?一吃之下,甜魔媽媽與食友均折服了:甘荀、茄子、大根、紫薯、紅菜頭、南瓜、蓮藕、露筍等蔬果均經過不同手法烹調,包括慢煮、燴焗、醃製,口感味道各異,但都有烹調輕盈、味道清新的特點,尤愛那酸甜的番茄粒,非常開胃好吃! 接著上檯的 Seafood Hassun 八吋海鮮匯 ($260) 亦是驚艷之作;八吋 (Hassun) 在日本懷石料理中指約八寸大的角盆,當中時令海鮮其實是七款,包括斑節蝦、半熟黃鰭吞拿魚 、挪威三文魚、魷魚、八爪魚、帶子、法國海螯蝦 tartar,成品豐富繽紛、悅目動心,未食先興奮! 每款海鮮質素都很好,愛死那軟糯鮮甜的螯蝦 tartar 及帶子了!特別一提,其他配菜也好吃,連看似黑芝麻粉的,其實也是日本海苔及櫻花蝦的粉末,沾上海鮮同吃,更能突出其鮮味。 然後又有 Spanish Red Prawn Consommé 西班牙紅蝦清湯伴魚子醬 ($175),選用取自地中海海域的西班牙紅蝦,蝦味鮮甜、肉質爽口彈牙,配上法國魚子醬更添矜貴與鮮味。 吃前侍者再即時淋上經過三天熬製、蝦味豐富濃郁,比忌廉濃湯高班很多的極品極品清湯;加上法國魚子醬同吃,鮮味完全攻陷味蕾,又是好好吃啊!  這裡食物非常足料,未到主菜已飽了大半,但也要介紹一下:這是食友的 Hokkaido Scallops with Cauliflower Puree and Saffron Cous Cous 香煎北海道帶子配椰菜花蓉伴紅花中東小米 ($360),選用北海道刺身級 3L 帶子,我試了帶子果然很鮮甜,但火花稍不及先前頭盤~甜魔媽媽主菜就選了 M8 Australian Wagyu with Seasonal Vegetables 燒澳洲和牛西冷扒配時令蔬菜 ($380),澳洲優質和牛本來就質素卓越,配上以牛仔肉及羊肚菌水慢煮 48 小時的肉汁,更增強西冷的肉香;同上的小雲吞也精緻可口,其他配菜亦清新美味,牛魔要試啊~由於時近值啤酒節,飯後甜品也試了帶啤酒味的 Stout Ice Cream Macarons ($80);小巧清脆、口味微甜的馬卡龍中,夾著啤酒味濃濃的特色雪糕,配搭很有特色、滋味也不錯呢~最後,還有令甜魔尖叫失控的 甜點餐車 Chariot de Desserts,食客可由繽紛精緻的餐車中,隨心挑選喜愛的小甜點,內容包括:七款不同口味馬卡龍(芝麻、青檸、薰衣草、玫瑰、熱情果、朱古力、紅莓)、鳥結糖、棉花糖(熱情果/香蕉味)、白朱古力榛子曲奇、黑朱古力合桃曲奇、瑪德蓮貝殼蛋糕、法式金磚小蛋糕,以及朱古力蛋白脆餅。很難揀啊!要趕船關係(沒錯,吃完這頓就出發去三婆孫澳門行!!),難揀也要硬著頭皮選出幾款帶走;推介要吃這裡的馬卡龍,薰衣草及玫瑰味都很讚,瑪德蓮貝殼蛋糕、法式金磚小蛋糕及朱古力蛋白脆餅也做得精緻可口,船程上為食妹妹一直爭著要吃! 來到最後的咖啡/茶,這裡的餐茶也一點不馬虎,選用全港獨家的Tealia茶包,我選了 Passionfruit Mint Tea 帶走,滿有果香又相當清新,推介啊~很喜歡這充滿心思與藝術感的午餐,整餐體驗亦相當滿意,特別晚市套餐 ($580 四道菜 / $680 五道菜) 相對並不貴,會推介給喜歡精緻美食的大家!最後也貼上 bar lounge,以及VIP lounge(附雪茄櫃!!)的照片,中環上班的朋友別錯過了~ 繼續閱讀
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作為中環人,吃午飯或找個性價比高的餐廳吃晚餐,不是易事。感覺上這間餐廳像一間會所,店主是有做批發的品味人士,現場有很多優質食材如魚籽醬、陳醋、橄欖油等給人客選購。餐廳地方亦比我想像中大,採用開放式廚房設計,有獨立雪茄房,也可以提供場地作不同的美食活動、烹飪示範、工作坊、品酒會等等,格調優雅,感覺路線是主打白領上班族及中產一類。這次體驗相當不錯,特別一提是一系列以 Oktoberfest 為主題的食物,搭配各款手工啤酒的「Craft Beer Brew & Bites」Happy Hour,供應時間是 5:30pm -7pm。。Happy Hour 小吃「帆立貝水晶糖」,用糖膠包著帶子刺身,玩味勝高。「炙燒香辣鯖魚」,魚味比較重,我自己不太吃得下魚腥,非戰之罪。「65°C 烤焗乳豬」,皮不屬芝麻皮,是薄皮那種,一樣脆,肉是用 65°C 溫火烤焗,以保持肉汁。誰說馬卡龍是女人的專利?「黑啤雪糕馬卡龍」,完全感受到那股男人味,雪糕沉厚帶麥香,一啖一粒,力的表現。來到正餐的部份,「Veg Ten」$185顧名思義是用十種蔬菜經過不同手法烹調、慢煮、燴焗,包括甘荀、茄子、大根、紫薯、紅菜頭、南瓜、蓮藕、露筍等。擺賣精緻,烹調輕盈,而且每一道蔬菜都吃到它的本味,我很喜歡這道,十菜十味,返璞歸真。「八吋海鮮匯 (Seafood Hassun)」HK$260Hassun 在日本懷石料理中是指約八寸大的角盆。主廚用斑節蝦、半熟黃鰭吞拿魚 、挪威三文魚、魷魚、八爪魚、帶子、法國海螯蝦他他,加上日本海苔及櫻花蝦的粉末,吃時沾一些,就吊出鮮味來。海鮮靚絕對是重點之一,是贏在起跑線上。「西班牙紅蝦清湯伴魚子醬」HK$175 西班牙紅蝦,先趟在碟中間,像等待一個熱水浴般。侍應隨隨倒入經過數天熬製,用鮮蝦做成的濃湯,豐富的蝦味像龍蝦汁,伴上法國魚子醬及紅蝦肉,是巨,鮮,甜啊!我覺得可以用這個湯來煮 pasta 呢。主菜三揀一,我的選擇「香煎北海道帶子配椰菜花蓉伴紅花中東小米」HK$360 用北海道刺身級的 3L 帶子,師傅透露每隻連殼接近一公斤。我自己本身很喜歡帶子,喜愛它清新彈牙又不會太過膩,此珍寶裝只是簡單地煎香,撒一巴海鹽,就已夠鮮味。「燒澳洲和牛西冷扒配時令蔬菜」HK$380友人的選擇,肉用以牛仔肉及羊肚菌水慢煮 48 小時,又是心思之作,我淺嚐了一小口,肉質纖維細緻,相當好吃。到了女士們最期待的甜品時間,出品全是由餐廳自家製,由一架餐車推出來,甚有法國菜的氣勢。車上有七款不同口味 macarons - 芝麻、青檸、薰衣草、玫瑰、熱情果、朱古力、紅莓,還有鳥結糖、熱情果、香蕉口味棉花糖、白朱古力榛子曲奇、黑朱古力合桃曲奇、瑪德蓮貝殼蛋糕、法式金磚小蛋糕、朱古力蛋白脆餅。晚餐是由客人任點任吃,很豪氣,其中熱情果 macaron 酸中帶香,是我的心水。此餐廳若是點套餐的話,午餐大概三百多,晚餐也是人均五百多,地理位置方便,是中環啊!在港鐵站走路過來只是五分鐘。我覺得不論是商務午餐、下班消遣、晚飯、甚至舉辦私人派對,也是一個不錯的地點,其實單是做附近金融大廈的商務午餐,相信已經有不少客源。 繼續閱讀
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