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ABC Kitchen 係街市入面嘅平價西餐,標誌係紅色格仔枱布,不過夜晚先有,中午去係普通枱,無鋪枱布。咁耐以來去過兩次,隔咗成兩年,今日再來幫襯。午餐有5 sets - ABCDE,大約五六十蚊一個餐,包嘢飲,凍飲無須加錢,餐湯加$15。我點咗A餐 $48- 白汁雞肉意粉 - 白汁傑傑哋,味道唔錯;意粉有咬口,正,我唔鍾意淋滋滋嘅。- 凍檸茶 - 糖水自己加,甜度自己較,nice!而家公司近咗,有機會會再來食午餐。晚餐就未必啦,價錢同出面餐廳差唔多。 繼續閱讀
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We came to ABC once last year and ordered the roast suckling pig, as you do. I don't exactly remember what else we got but the pig stuck out as something we would return for. Fast forward a year and we did return for the pig, this time with my Chinese father in-law to whom we wanted to show some special Western food. I'm not sure if this place started cutting corners or if it just wasn't as good as I remember it being, but at $250 per person I really expected to be blown away, or at least fully satisfied. I wasn't. Here's why:The bread was nice! Off to a good start. Hot, herby, and soft. My only complaint was the butter, which was kind of rock hard. Would have been better if the butter was softer and easier to add to your bun. Also, it's kind of weird they don't serve the bread and butter with a knife for spreading, so you have to use your own dinner knife to spread the butter. Not a huge deal but still a bit odd I thought.We started off with the fried foie gras. I'm mostly pescatarian these days, but when I do go out to eat, I break my rules and enjoy myself. This foie gras was less impressive than others I've had, and it made me feel bad for breaking my rules. Anyway, here it is:The plating was decent, and to be honest I was particularly excited about the salad, which had a lovely vinaigrette dressing. The blueberry sauce was nice too. The main attraction, though, I found to be underwhelming. I've only had foie gras once or twice before, but from what I remember, there really shouldn't be much texture, and this one had little stringy bits that made it hard to cut. Of course that could be how it's supposed to be, but when I had it before in New York the stuff was like a literal slab of butter---silky smooth and would just melt in your mouth. This I didn't enjoy nearly as much. Also, the only gave us one half of one piece of toast, which was a bit surprising. Not even one whole piece of toast?! We had to order extra bread to sop up the flavor, so it was fine, but still the dish should definitely come with more toast.For our mains, we ordered the roast suckling pig, the beef short ribs, and the gnocchi in parsley sauce. That's the order they came in, so I'll describe them in that order. It took a surprising amount of time for our food to come. I'm not sure if that's because a particular dish took an extra amount of time, but it was moderately uncomfortable. oh well. On to the suckling pig: this dish is supposed to be the main attraction, and to be perfectly honest it was pretty underwhelming. It came out like this:Now, all I see is brown. I'm not a chef but I thought one of the things they tell you try and accomplish when you design a dish is to have a variety of colors to impress on more than one sensory level. There wasn't anything impressive with the way this dish looked, not even two or three sauteed asparagus laid on the side, some curly leaf parsley as a garnish, or whatever. Anyway, the appearance was underwhelming is what I'm trying to say. The next thing is just a small detail: if you look at the picture below, you'll see some hair on the pig. That's piggy hair alright. I expected that to have been completely scraped off before being served, but I guess not. I don't know any better so I wasn't about to send it back since there's i don't actually keep track of how often my roast pork has hair on it (I don't eat it that often anymore). Anyway, that was a bit of a turn-off and a dumb detail mistaken detail, not unlike the rest of the mediocre presentation.On to the flavor: it was dull and mediocre, and had that odd taste I associate with not-so-high-welfare pork, like the stuff you get at a meat stall. Maybe nobody knows what I'm talking about but it's a kind of bitter, dirty taste that some roast pork ends up inheriting from whatever. It's not *bad*, like in the sense that the meat itself is bad, which I'm sure it wasn't, but I just didn't expect it in such an expensive piece of meat. The meat itself was tender and pretty satisfying, but I would have liked more mustard. Again, this is something I feel they should have known: there should have been twice as much mustard on the plate I think. Oh well, once again. Another nit-picky thing, (which carries over into the beef short "ribs" dish we got): the mashed potatoes are a bit too rich. I know what they're going for: super rich, creamy, smooth, and flavorful, mashed potatoes, as you do. But given how rich and fatty the pork itself is, and the lack of green things on the plate, it really struck me as excessive. To complement the insanely fatty richness of the pork, I want my mashed potatoes to be a bit on the duller side, and my dining partners agreed (full disclosure, it was my wife who first brought this up). The apple and chestnut I think was an attempt to cut against the grain of the richness of the dish, but again the lack of color in those things, and their own richness made the dish as a whole overwhelmingly decadent. I would recommend substituting those out for something green, or not brown at least, and on the whole less rich mashed potatoes. I give it an OK.Now for the beef. The menu description reads "Short Ribs ~ braised in red wine served with mash potatoes," ($188) Here's what it looked like:Unlike the suckling pig, this dish has a nice color balance. However, upon closer inspection, this one too fell flat for us. First of all, you'll notice that there are not short *ribs* here, but a single short *rib*. I make this point not to complain about the portion size (although, of course, it would have been better if they had given us a meatier piece), but for the sake of accuracy. I expected a couple of short ribs on the plate at least, not the giant rib that I got. I didn't see anyone else order this, but if the meat is cut and designed to be one rib per person, I'd recommend altering the name of the dish to reflect that you will be getting one short rib on your plate, and not multiple, thin slices of rib and meat as would be more typical (just google "braised beef short rib" and you'll see.Another disappointment my wife noticed before we even dug in was that the asparagus had what I could have sworn was table salt on it, which you can see here:I know it's a dumb thing to whine about, but I cook for myself all the time and I sort of just assumed that every chef worth his or her salt knows that sea salt or that pink salt, fresh crushed, is the way to go. This was an unfortunate surprise I must say. The were cooked well of course, but the underwhelming salt on top made them tough to enjoy. To the beef itself:I think what they were going for was a kind of french style boeuf bourgignon, which would explain the slices of pork belly around the beef, the pearl onions, and the red wine from the menu description. I hope, however, that that was not what the rib dish was going for, because it really fell short (I'll see myself out now...). In my stew-making and beef-braising experience, the pork lardons are supposed to be basically superfluous, and there shouldn't be that many. They just give you some extra animal fat for flavor, but they're not really supposed to be front and center, as they struck me as in this dish. And if I'm really being picky, the pieces themselves should be fattier, crispier, and falling apart more. These were more like pork slices in my beef stew. Eh.The flavor of the beef itself was nice: a really dark, rich beef flavor, but I found it really lacking in the wine department, which, to be honest, I could hardly taste it at all. That wouldn't have been so bad though if it weren't for the fact that the sauce had even less flavor, and I'm pretty sure they committed the mortal sin of using corn starch as a thickener. Yuck. For a proper stew, the stock, and the thickened broth itself is supposed to be exploding with flavor, having sucked *all* of the flavor out of the meat, and *all* of the gelatinous texture out of the roasted bones. The gravy we got though was pale and tasteless, and had even less wine flavor than the beef itself (which, if you remember, had pretty much none). The nail in the coffin that makes me give this dish a frowny face is, again, something that my wife picked up on: the chives. Lordy loo---why? They clash with and overwhelm the rich beef flavor and do not belong on top. Stick with parsley, rosemary, thyme, or even rocket please. Don't put chives on there. Come on now. With such a gorgeous piece of meat, I was really expecting to be wowed, but this one was a real disappointment because of how all the little details overwhelmed the dish with faults.  Finally, the gnocchi with "parsley sauce." Here it is:I put "parsley sauce" in scare quotes because I couldn't taste any parsley at all. This was more of a green, Parmesan cheese sauce. Between two servings of mashed potatoes and now this---I felt seriously overwhelmed with richness. Of course nobody *forced* us to order these dishes, but I was expecting them to be more balanced and less overwhelmingly rich. As if that wasn't enough though, the sun dried tomatoes and [what I assumed were] Parmesan shavings put it over the top in terms of decadence. The sun dried tomatoes dominated the dish and added more salt than sun-dried tomato flavor. And the cheese on top of the cheese sauce---that's just too much. Overall, it was the dish we enjoyed the most, even though we had to leave most of the cheese sauce on the plate.Verdict: I don't think we can come back here with the dishes in their current state, especially for the price point. In general, the dishes we ordered lacked a kind of balance I expect from a place like this. Less rich accompaniments and more carefully selected meat for the suckling pig dish, more wine flavor, shorter ribs, better quality salt, and a properly reduced and rich stew base (no corn starch, no chives) for the beef, and less rich of a sauce with fewer rich garnishes on the gnocchi. Taste gets a 2 because I was disappointed, but not offended. Decor gets a 2 because, well, it's in a cooked food centre. not much room to impress. Service is just 3 because we waited too long for our food. Hygeine? nothing remarkable. Value is a 2 because we're sure our money could have been spent better on better food, but maybe we ordered wrong. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2017-02-17
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同事知我喜歡食 egg benedict, 說有一地方的 egg benedict 超值,原來指的是皇后街街市的ABC Kitchen。第一次來這裡午膳,雖說是街市,但地方尚算乾淨,亦夠光猛。找了張兩人摺枱,員工把餐巾及餐具放好,堅持西餐廳的做法,值得欣賞。午市只有5個餐選擇,點了 egg benedict 及南瓜意大利飯。加了10元要了餐湯,普通忌廉湯一碗,味道正常。輪到 egg benedict,蛋處理得恰到好處,切開時蛋黃汁流到鬆餅上,蛋香略淡,不過加上煙三文魚食則剛好。至於南瓜意大利飯,南瓜加了些芝士及牛油,清甜中帶點鹹香,只是整個飯除了少許沙律菜外並沒有其他配菜,味道雖不錯但“寡”了些。這裡一個午餐才50-60元,這個價錢食材固然不是上價貨,但整體烹調不俗,想以親民價食西餐,絕對可選此處。 繼續閱讀
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新年前食團年飯呢d大時大節,唔想同人迫,家人又睇過有關呢間餐廳嘅報導一直話想試,一於book位去食ABC啦!入到熟食市場見到紅白格仔枱布就係ABC嘅標記,晚市只有a la carte menu,先嚟每人一個餐包,暖暖嘅麵包充滿香草味,為呢餐帶嚟一個好開始!我地四個人,前菜揀咗兩份香煎鵝肝同西班牙辣肉腸炒蜆,鵝肝加包食幾時都係咁夾;另一道前菜,反而有d驚喜,辣肉腸唔算多,但幾鍾意個帶d酸嘅醬汁,加埋一粒粒似珍珠又有咬感嘅意粉粒,呢個前菜幾特別!主菜梗係揀大家都推介嘅西班牙乳豬啦,仲有牛同魚(忘記咗係邊種魚),乳豬外皮烤得好夠脆,咸香伴住薯蓉一齊食,係好味嘅,牛都ok,唯一係個魚有魚香但湯汁比較清淡,我都係鍾意西式煎魚多D!甜品揀咗蛋白餅同creme brûlée,前者嘅什果顏色睇落賞心悅目,酸酸嘅醬中和甜甜嘅蛋白餅,食落幾清新,而creme brûlée亦有水準。喺熟食市場食西餐感覺比餐廳輕鬆d,每人二百幾食到咁多嘢,算係超值啦 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2016-12-30
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2016年仲有2日便正式劃上句號,今日係今年上班最後一天,適逢朋友去完旅行拎手信比我順便食個lunch,就同佢黎左ABC嘞!ABC開業已經好幾年,我都幫襯過幾次,當初標榜係酒店級大廚上到黎街市開業,菜式亦夠特別(係呢頭黎講),唔睇環境以為自己真係去左高級餐廳開餐所以每逢午餐時間都好受歡迎!是日餐牌,有5款不同選擇,其實日日都係差不多,以前叫一個餐未必夠好飽,可以係份量岩岩好,於是今日2個"女"人叫3個餐A餐- 好多呑拿魚肉,配上濃濃的芝士,入口好creamy,味道剛好,感覺不會太"溜"。E餐- 好有層次感,面層芝士,跟著流心蛋,咸三文魚,鬆軟面包;一切開蛋黃汁已經漏哂出黎,我最鍾意將d面包索哂d蛋汁一齊食,蛋同面包都比較淡口,配上咸咸地既三文魚就恰到好處了B餐-餅底又薄又脆,配上什菌芝士一齊焗,面層仲曬左幼鹽同芝士粉,不過因為全部都係茵,我呢d食肉獸就麻麻地了 繼續閱讀
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