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Whether 1935 appeals to you depends very much on whether you fancy Chinese food with various regional influences plus a creative twist. Some people prefer authenticity over fusion and others prefer to go to restaurants that are more specialized and focused. Here at 1935 the kitchen meddles with Sichuan flavours, stir-fries wagyu with honey, cuts up winter melon into little grape balls and whips up desserts originating from different Chinese regions. Our favorite dish also happens to be very unusual: chilled shredded chicken with black truffle sauce and deep-fried onion bits. The wine menu includes classic spirits and a decent selection of reds and whites, plus a couple signature cocktails with Maotai and Hua Diao. Let me put it this way: the food certainly looks and tastes appealing to me on a Friday night when I’d be pairing my dinner with a handful of drinks. When Ye Shanghai, Man Wah and other serious Chinese restaurants start to get boring, 1935 had proven to be a refreshing break. The bottom line is, if you have an open mind, give it a try and you can decide for yourself whether to return. Ambience-wise, the place is suitable to take clients, spouses, family or dates to, especially if they like to try new things. I have been there thrice this year, and food and service quality have remained consistently alright. Food is just slightly on the pricier side, but $500/head (without drinks) should do (less if you are a party of 4+).Food RundownChilled Free Range Chicken, with truffle and coriander, $130Our favorite. Highly recommended. Mainly tender chicken leg meat. The crispy onion bits are the highlight. Braised Winter Melon with condoy and double boiled chicken stock, $135This both looked and tasted very nice, and is sure to impress your guests.Steamed Giant Garoupa Flilet, traditional Sichuan chilli soy sauce, $380A major let-down. The broth was too light to cover up for the frozen Garoupa that was tough in texture and smelled somewhat off. For those who are concerned about spiciness, this wasn’t spicy at all.Wok-fried Australian M4 Wagyu Cube with Sichuan pickled pepper and ginger, $300The wagyu was nice and tender, but wasn't a particularly fiery beef stir-fry. Not very spicy.Wok-fried Australian M4 Wagyu Cube with Sichuan pepper and honey, $300Slightly too sweet, but could appeal to some. A little spicy.Wok-fried Australian M4 Wagyu Cube with cumin, $300Less sweet, and this might be our preferred wok-fried beef (of the three)."Kung Po” Chili King Prawns, $220This one is first coated in flour and deep-fried, and then stir-fried in a sweet and spicy sauce. Very crispy and aromatic, and the prawns were juicy and big. This would be a little bit spicy.Fried King Prawns, with ginger, garlic, coriander, and Sichuan chilli sauce, $230I would prefer this version which was not deep-fried but nevertheless fully reflected the plumpness of the prawns. Not spicy.Wok-fried Japanese Scallop with broccoli and XO Sauce, $220Very tender scallop. Mildly flavored. Recommended.Sautéed Fresh Agrocybe with minced pork, $130Loaded in grease but nonetheless tasty and earthy. Poached Cabbage, superior soup, $130The cabbage was slightly undercooked to keep it hard so it could modeled as flowers. But I didn’t mind too much. The flavors were savory and satisfying. Sweet Fermented Rice Soup Dumpling, $60Nothing spectacular there. Red Bean Crepe, $70This was apparently very good. Hua Diao Salted Plum Ice Cream, $55Probably the only place in Hong Kong you could get ice cream in this flavor. Very special indeed.DrinksI am running out of photo quota here so I won't be presenting photos of Tsingtao and Gin here, but those were what we had. When we were on our fifth round, one server came over to offer us a complimentary sixth. I wouldn't say that services here were remarkably good, especially as one waitress was particularly cool, but I did appreciate and remember the gesture. I may give their signature cocktails a try next time.  繼續閱讀
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誰說四川菜一定是辣的呢?位於中環M88的「1935 壹玖叁伍」主打精緻的現代四川菜及粵菜,環境時尚氣派。這次一起來的朋友都能吃辣,大家都覺得 1935既有正宗的四川菜風味,也帶點粵菜及西式的元素,大部份菜式香港或外國人都容易接受。頭盤方面,我們選了以咸蛋黃炒的黃金淮山葵,冬瓜做的金絲和田玉,黑魚籽煙鴨胸及松香走地雞。我特別喜歡是擺盤像一串提子的「金絲和田玉」,以冬瓜用雞湯瑤柱熬製,清甜解渴。此外,「松香走地雞」是以黑松露混拌手撕走地雞,味帶微麻也很不錯。至於主菜,我們就交由經理發辦。首先來的「川椒香辣軟殼蟹」是最令人回味的一道,大廚以辣子雞的做法炒香軟殼蟹,惹味無比,是店中招牌菜式。然後還有泉水蝦球、重慶水煮桂花魚、濃香陳年黑醋肉及薑蜜澳洲M4和牛粒,各有特色,配上較清淡的松露瑤柱蛋白炒飯及砌成花一般美的上湯娃娃菜,中和了主菜的油膩感。1935 走高級餐飲路線,當然少不了自家調製的雞尾酒。我們品嚐了幾款Cocktail及Mocktail,有以Gin、清酒、梅酒,配柚子、青檸及薑汁啤酒調教出來的Carnation Say,入口清新,也較適合女士;Pep.Chi Razzi 以蘭姆酒、梅酒,配蘋果、菠蘿、山楂、辣椒及中式香料,相對中性,也不會辣;Two Headed Spear 以茅台、愛爾蘭威士忌、苦艾酒,配生薑、青檸及檸檬,味道比較強烈,較適合男士。另外也有Mocktail 無酒精選擇:Guardian Angel 是以芒果、椰子及熱情果味的雜果賓治,而Dragon Gossip則有綠茶、忌廉,青檸,蜜瓜籽及蛋白,口感香滑。最後吃些甜品也是可以中和一下口中的辣感,「鮮果四川冰粉」以啫喱內的花型士多啤梨最為搶眼,配上提子乾及山楂乾,以造型取勝。還有黑糖糍粑,帶點像日本的糯米糍,甜甜地好煙韌。美酒佳餚加上三五知己,為這頓晚餐劃上完美句點。 繼續閱讀
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中環工作嘅朋友又要搵食啦今次就去咗M88其中一間餐廳 1935佢係中環食lunch都算正常價位大概$200 1個set lunch環境唔錯~你睇吓佢個雞絲粉皮係前菜~但係都好大碟㗎!食完都差唔多飽咗一半啊!所以真係幾抵食呀 繼續閱讀
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年輕老闆做出咁多有傳統味道嘅新派四川菜,呢個係喜出望外。由於老細比較年輕所以團隊都好年輕但係服務水平一流值得一讚。餐廳其中一樣特色就係改變左川菜嘅傳統,因為通常川菜都會加好重手嘅味精,而佢哋冇一味餸係會有味精嘅出現,呢個絕對係一個細心體貼嘅改變。 繼續閱讀
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三個人點了一個前菜,兩個主菜,一個炒飯,一甜品 前菜是冬瓜粒, 本來純粹想打卡用,上才後發現味道很不錯, 用瑤柱煮得很軟淋的冬瓜,造型正。十分。兩個主菜比較失色,一個是陳醋炸臘肉, 沒有骨。肉應該是半肥瘦,可是炸得很乾,有點硬。 調味一般還可以第二個主菜是宮保蝦球 ,沒有驚喜 ,但水準可以 。蝦球爽口彈牙,炸過的之後很入味,很有鑊氣。但是不能吃辣的 就不能點這個了 全家最欣賞的是黑松露炒飯 行足料,也很有松露香味 水準十分不錯 ,有點想encore最後甜品是黑糖糍粑,本來我就很喜歡 糍粑 和甜品,所以這個組合 簡直是天作之合。 剛炸起很脆,而且內裏很q軟,很完美的一個句號。 繼續閱讀
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