由西安人主理的麵食店,供應西安地道Biang Biang麵、招牌辣妹麵、餃子及饃等。 繼續閱讀
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Biang Biang麵 肉夾饃 辣妹麵 餃子
食評 (69)
Pronounced: BIANG Some people say this word describes the Biang Biang thumping noise upon Banging the noodles against the table to flatten the noodles, which might just make sense! Well that’s how they describe it too when anyone ‘Bang’ something else out of sheer excitement. Okay sorry about the side analogy but I never claimed I wasn’t the kind of Food Reviewer who isn’t comfortable to push limits to abstractly hypothesize and extrapolate first, before stepping backwards and see if every variable can be proven as such. To me, this Biang sound alone in terms of sound frequency complexity does not really justify inventing a super complicated Chinese Character and it is also not officially recognized under Chinese Dictionaries. It sounds to me more like a Marketing Ploy whether it was by the poor student or the noodle maker himself as the different legends will lead you to believe, but whichever way it really became, it definitely highly succeeded as a result but I will always maintain this was contrived unless someone proves me otherwise. Even this Biang Biang shop in Hong Kong has received a Michelin Guide Recommendation upon inauguration. Legend has it that one of the Top 10 Strangest inventions in China’s 陕西 Shaanxi Province included this Biang Biang Mian Flat noodles, especially in Capital City Xi’an - BIANG is a non officially recognized Chinese Character measuring up to 58 nominal to 62 strokes thereof, depending on how one calculates Chinese strokes. Imagine placing your own order at the table and they ask you to pen it out! Usually it is only written in Calligraphy by hand and then Computerized Vectored or Scanned into a .gif file for printing out even upon Year 2015. Of course, many things in life become exaggerated and blurting out a much simpler I want a 油泼扯面 ‘Youpo Chemian’ also describes this dish clearly without ambiguity. Just depends on the Chili Level then. But it can be good for Marketing Purposes sometimes, since this noodle has been covered online Internationally and often with slightly wrong recipes, yet it remains sometimes nearly elusive to find a correct version in Chinese Restaurant menus. Such is the allurement of Mystique powers even in the Food World. Many whom happen to be spreading this concept around are not surprisingly, don’t read too much Chinese. Or some are more fluent than me in Chinese but spread this concept around like they knew it all along like gospel, leverage with their Asian Mystique advantage over the Expats. On the other hand, what really are the chances of such a complicated Chinese character being created just for describing a Noodles dish, especially when it is not an officially recognizable Chinese Character? To me, None. . 5 Spiced Donkey Meat with Biang Biang Chilli Flat Noodles – $50This was slightly drier than before. I guess Donkey meat is hard to cook, and Humans just like to judge without understanding this does differ and how an animal has died for you... . Donkey Meat - This is a rare find in Hong Kong indeed, no taking away the Michelin Endorsement that has been bestowed upon here for their effort for Regional Chinese Cuisine. The Donkey meat was a little dry today but seemed a bigger portion than my last visits, back then this shop was 2 blocks away and more tinier too. I liked the Noodles, Veggies and Soup. The mixing sauce I think was a bit singular in performance but okay ~ 6.5/10.Biang Biang Noodles - Served with Donkey Meat as shown aboveWith Chili Oil, Spring Onions, Chili Powder, Sesame, Lettuce, Garlic, Seaweed, etc. The Mythical and Chinese Character stories aside, this was simple yet all of the food layerings were implemented well, better than my previous visits overall. ~ 8.5/10.Sesame Chilli Sauce -Adjustable to upgrade to a higher Chilliness and Sesame taste soon. . 陜西 腊汁肉夾饃 – Shaanxi Rou Jia Mo, Pork Meat Sandwich $20One of my favourite recipes for a Meat and Bread Bun. It’s directly related to a Gua Bao 割包 / 刈包 in China, Taiwan and Japan or the Bao movement spreading International these days actually, many of them bastardized versions and worst than the originals, especially the Taiwanese versions. But somehow this 腊汁肉夾饃 version, reminds me more of a Venezuelan or Colombian Arepas counter-part than it’s Asian deviation these days somewhat… May be coincidence. ************** Price: HKD $80Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2Address: 佐敦渡船街38號建邦商業大廈地下3號舖Shop 3, G/F, Keybond Commercial Building, 38 Ferry Street, JordanTime of Opening: Closed on Tuesday 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-09-15
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This restaurant has moved. It is now at 30 Man Yuen St., which is close to its original address (cross Ferry St., go two blocks south to Man Yuen, turn right and walk down past the 7/11 to the new location-- it has a red exterior with a big black sign-- photos of the exterior appear in the Chinese reviews on this site.)It has also become 'a thing' now that it won best regional Chinese cuisine from Timeout HK, and there are a surprising number of Western/ expat people eating there. The menu has English and the servers speak great English. The beer is Tsingtao and Blue Girl.If you're trying to find it online, it is often Romanized "Yau Yuan Xiao Jui" and though OpenRice lists the cuisine as "Shanxi" it is actually from "Shaanxi" the next province over. Don't worry, both provinces like wheat products and red meat.I can't recall precisely what this bread packets are called, being as someone else at the table was ordering, but they had beef and noodles and veggies in them. They came out piping hot, stuffed full of goodies, and were pretty tasty on the whole. B+The mutton dumplings were pretty good, but about exactly what you'd expect. The dumpling skin was nicely cooked: not too chewy but not overcooked either, and there was an appropriate dumpling-thickness-to-filling-amount ratio. Good, but nothing special. BEveryone at the table was wild about this cucumber dish. I know it's just cucumbers, but the sauce was very flavorful and... new, unlike any sauce I'd had before. It might've had some slight peanut flavor, but there was a wide variety of things going on, and I'd recommend you try it. Excellent, AMy wife got the biang biang noodles with spare ribs. I'll tell you about the noodles below.I got the noodles with chive and pork dumplings. I wanted the dumplings with dill in them, but apparently it's not the season for it. The biang biang noodle itself is one long, flat, chewy flour noodle. At dinner, two friends of mine straightforwardly disagreed on whether the noodles were good, but I thought they were both insane, because the one who liked the noodles didn't like angel hair pasta or rice vermicelli, and the one who didn't like them didn't like any flat chewy noodle. The truth is that all noodles are good, silly pants.It's what you do to the noodles that matters. At YYST/ YYXJ, the noodles are smothered in a sweet, extremely salty, chili-vinegar sauce. I can see not liking it: it is very salty, it's sweeter than Westerners typically go for with their savory dishes, and even though we got "big spicy," it wasn't all that spicy. Additionally, my favorite chewy flat noodles have a lot of smokiness imparted from the wok (wok hei) and that's not going on here at all.Still, I'm going to have to say that at the end of the day, I loved it. The giant one-noodle-in-your-bowl thing was new and different from anything I'd had before. And a dish made out of dumplings AND noodles? It can't be passed up. I would take someone who was visiting Hong Kong to this place (obviously after they'd tried the local stuff) and the only thing I regret is that it's not spicy. I would even come back, because the menu is extensive and has lots of different types of noodle dishes and, as I say, all noodles are good. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2014-09-09
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舊店已經開始幫襯。當時環境極細,得兩張細桌,但因為食物好食,我同老婆經常都去。搬左新鋪,今日終於有機會去試試。鋪頭位置同以前分別不大,但若開車的話,新鋪會更方便停車。裝修很有特色。由門面設計至鋪內飾物,都很有西安古城的感覺。整個廚房裝了透明玻璃,客人可以睇到廚房的潔淨度和廚師的制作過程。餐牌比以前多了好多選擇。有酸辣面,麻辣面,有特色雞全隻,抄小菜等等。今次點了兩個金沙骨 biang biang 面,肉夾蟆,土豆絲蟆。Biang biang 面是自家新鮮制的,煙煙 un un。金沙骨煮得剛剛離骨,好入味。西安特色"肉夾蟆"依然好好食。總括來講,味道保持水準,香味十足。不過份量有點小。女仕們應該剛剛好,但男仕們會唔夠飽。 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2014-08-21
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剛遷到新舖的有緣小敘,店面較舊店大及舒適。搬遷前經過其店只能望人龍而輕嘆,今次終於得以一嚐以西安道地菜色。雖然是新店,但要滿足超額食客,店內的位置仍是相當密集,氣氛很好,店員與熟客閒聊,亦會主動介紹食品。供應西安著名小食包括泡膜、羊肉、biang biang麵、涼皮等。我和友人選了韭菜盒子、麻醬涼皮、biang biang麵作為晚餐。我最期待的韭菜餃biang biang麵沒有令我失望,麵條彈牙,酸辣配合得當,注意麵條會捲起包著辣醬,就算選了小辣都相當火辣。餃子皮薄且滑,韭菜吸收了湯汁,佐以較濃味麵條,一下子就給我們吃光了。推介!韭菜盒子的餡料味道稍濃但脆口,配以烤香後的面包,值得一試。餡料份量稍嫌太小。配肉的話味道應該不錯,下次再試。麻醬涼皮麻醬香口,配以青瓜絲中和膩的口感,反而令其整體變得清新。 繼續閱讀
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每次經過有緣小敘總係排晒長龍,見到都怕怕,所以一路都未去食過。直至最近搬佐,開始條龍無咁長(地方大佐) 就去佐食首先當然係叫個biang biang麵食啦!係一個乾嘅麵食,有少量嘅調味同湯係底,麵好有咬口,而且係爽身,食落唔油 有啲類似涼拌嘅形式。我叫佐小辣,睇落好似好油,但食落就尚可,辣味要食第二隻會慢慢辣出嚟。皮算薄,入面係葱同羊肉以半半比例混合,所以都唔會覺得好肉太多 其實既係內地版芬達無特別 繼續閱讀
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