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主打京菜,如北京烤鸭及手拉面,口碑甚佳。 继续阅读
最优秀开饭澳门餐厅 (2016)
With an interior decked out in rich traditional Chinese décor accented with selected western accoutrements, Beijing Kitchen restaurant at Grand Hyatt Macau, located in City of Dreams in Cotai, offers diners a truly authentic northern Chinese dining experience.From the dramatic display of Chinese teapots at the entrance to the warm colours and intimate seating options inside, guests are treated to a variety of settings in one beautiful location. Four kitchens overseen by a master chef create custom-designed Chinese delicacies, from traditional Beijing Style Duck prepared in wood-fired ovens and hand-pulled noodles to dim sum, to a wide selection of desserts.
12:00 - 14:30
18:00 - 21:30
12:00 - 14:30
18:00 - 21:30
09月27号 - 09月29号
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话说想食片皮鸭好耐,早几日睇到君悦酒店再推出呢个套餐,即刻book位试试,套餐优惠做到九月尾,记得无论要食套餐或单点烤鸭,订位时记得要讲,因为大约要30分钟左右准备,否则可能有机会食唔到架。.是日餐点:特定礼遇烤鸭套餐 (晚餐 $338/位*)(两位起)茶位 ($15/位)GR E. GUIGAL ($90/杯).🍷 特定礼遇烤鸭套餐老式果木烤鸭 (每两位半只)两碗炖汤开胃菜 (两款: 杏片豆仁木耳 乾葱油好味鸡)饭 面食 手工饺子 (一款: 四川担担细面)主菜 (两款: 爆炒孜然牛肉 京葱酱爆牛柳)蔬菜 (一款: 乾辣椒炒土豆丝)精选甜品.套餐每两位有半只烤鸭,两碗炖汤,之後系餐牌上自选两款开胃菜、一款主粮、两款主菜以及一款蔬菜,最後有一人一道指定甜品。先上炖汤同开胃菜,随後准时系入座後15分钟左右烤鸭出炉,大厨会现场即切,每一个部位服务员会教点食最好,鸭皮要蘸白糖,鸭胸同鸭腿肉要点甜酱,当然可以用薄面皮包着食,里面可以配葱丝、黄瓜条或蒜蓉。主菜面食蔬菜差不多时间上菜,最後饭後甜品时间。话晒酒店餐厅水准,值得赞上菜先後次序👍。.新鲜出炉鸭皮非常松脆,第一二块时有惊艳到,满嘴都充满油香,但慢慢开始变得油腻,至於鸭肉部分连配料包埋面皮食,同记忆中味道差不多,鸭肉唔会乾身唔会过老,不过试过一次就好。.开胃菜系一般凉拌味道,四川担担面面质比较软身,味道偏淡微辣,两道主菜牛柳同羊肉够淋又香口,炒土豆丝爽口偏酸,略嫌无咩辣味。.最後来讲讲饮品同甜品,食中菜一定要叫番壶茶,仪式感好重要,其次清新下个口腔。另外睇餐牌时推荐红酒配烤鸭,不争气的我食到一半只想大口大口咁灌啤酒😅。最後用一件我称佢为红豆芝士蛋糕作为饭後甜品,意外地呢款中西款结合甜品好食,算系画上完美句号。总括来说服务环境很好,餐点正常,烤鸭一般,甜品不错,趁有优惠可以来试一下。_⭐️ 需加一服务费⭐️ 不可用信用卡或其他折扣,可用Mpay结帐* 继续阅读
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Was recommended by friends to try Bejing Kitchen for the duck but was only able to fit a lunch into my visit to Macau.The duck is made to order so there is a qait necessary but pleased to say the dish did not disappoint.The skin was particularly yummy. Cut wafer-thin and super crunchy. It had a lovely taste ~almost caramely. Because there was only 2 of us eating we only ordered half a duck, which was plently.The pancakes were also made well not too thick and floury as they can be.During our wait we ordered some pan fried dumplings. Loved the presentation, although filling was juicy not over keen on the thick dough.Keen to try as much as possible on the menu also ordered a rice which was served in a stone-pot and was a seasonal special. Nice as at the end you get the crusted rice base.The ambience of this restaurant is what you would expect from a 5 star hotel and service was excellent.Would love to go again but with more friends so can try even more dishes. 继续阅读
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一行两日肥仔团, 最期待的晚餐终於到了, 是本人最爱吃的片皮鸭, 自从在北京吃完一次, 在香港暂时找不到这种味道 令人念念不忘, 朋友说这间也不错, 就一行5人一齐嚟试下吧 因片皮鸭即叫即烤, 最好先打电话去预订, 现烤时间大约一小时, 所以我们先叫其他小食吧, 叫了鸡丝粉皮, 酱烤茄子, 同埋麻辣鸭舌, 也叫了一个芥兰, 我们就边吹水边吃, 他们对烤茄子赞口不绝, 很快便清碟了 其他食物也是中上水平, 等着等着烤鸭终於到了, 师傅在我们面前片鸭刀工一流 我们叫了一鸭两食, 另一份做了个鸭汤, 片皮鸭外皮烤得甘香松脆, 带少少木头的味道, 在口腔里徘徊, 也带了小小鸭油香 拍得上北京的味道, 口感如薯片的薄脆, 令人一口接一口, 鸭肉包上京葱酱汁, 又带出另一种感觉, 总括而言这餐我们吃得十分满足 继续阅读
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今次黎到满堂彩 一定要20:00先可以入席一入去就会见到个炉烧紧鸭$488半只 $728全只因为用老式果木烧 所以非常期待食左少少头盘後就上重点啦一开始师传会系我地不远处切只鸭烤鸭一鸭三食,鸭胸、鸭腿同埋鸭皮鸭皮推荐沾白糖食用鸭腿肉可以连葱丝、黄瓜条、沾甜面酱入口而鸭胸连皮再用鸭饼包住连埋唔同酱料鸭皮外面特别松脆因为想食多d其他野 所以鸭只系叫左半只另外我地仲叫左辣子鸡丁同埋京葱炒牛肉辣子鸡丁望落好似好辣但系因为系辣子而唔系辣炒 所以其实唔辣我呢个唔食得辣既人都得XDDD京葱炒牛肉而的牛肉好易入口 好软绵绵所以非常推荐黎澳门食呢间! 继续阅读
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Had two consecutive dinners here and both very satisfactory.  First meal started after 9pm due to late arrival, I was famished and asked the waiter for the quickest food to order.  He recommended the Beijing-style dough soup and Tianjin steamed buns.  The soup was served within five minutes and arrived in a huge bowl - quite enough for three to four people!  I applaud  the speed at which it was served but would have appreciated if the waiter could warn me of the portion size as it was evident that I am the lone diner!   Taste was authentic and it was piping hot.   The steamed buns came soon after and also very well made, even with a hint of sweetness in the dough (which was not the Northern style) the taste turned out to be authentic enough, i.e. heavy use of spring onions, rather heavy on salt in seasoning.  I tried my best to finish but only managed half the soup after i polished off four steamed buns.   Very filling, exactly what i needed.The second meal on the following day was much more leisurely and we had a terrine of pig's ears to start with, rather crunchy and tasty, like it very much.  The real star was the roast duck, it was fresh out of the wood-fire oven and temperature hot, tasty plus good texture.  It must rank very near the top of all the Peking ducks i have tasted.  Nothing more to add.  To round it off we had a tofu dish with steamed rice but it is no way nearly as impressive as the duck.   The meal was accompanied by a bottle of Portuguese red wine from the Duoro - fragrant, slightly tangy in tannin but pleasant enough to drink with the food.  继续阅读
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