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When this place opened last year, I had high expectations and there were so many items I wanted to try.But everytime I got there, it was always closed.It was finally open on this visit and there were only two items I tried because the rest weren't launched yet.The items I wanted to try were:Chicken Mushroom & Tarragon PieCheese Strata with Prosciutto, Basil & SpinachBreakfast Ravioli drizzled with Creamy Sage & White Wine SauceShakshuka with handmade pita breadThis was the menu they were serving.The menu may have changed by now because I tried this in October 2013~While I was waiting for the food, I took photos of their cute salt and pepper shakers and ketchup bottle.★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★Rolled up omelette:This was a rolled-up spinach omelette with goats cheese & dried tomatoes on a slice of toasted sourdough!The omelette texture was really interesting just like a swiss roll.It was soft, moist and fluffy with strong spinach taste which went nicely with the goats cheese.I don't know how the spinach omelette was made, but it took alot of effort and time!★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★Louise Slice $20:The Louise cake is an old fashioned New Zealand favorite consisting of a thin layer of cake or biscuit topped with raspberry or plum jam, coconut meringue and then baked in the oven.I got it because it was really similar to this British jam and coconut slice.It tasted quite similar to the one I had at school but it was too sweet.★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★◎ⓢⓤⓟⓔⓡⓢⓤⓟⓔⓡⓖⓘⓡⓛ◎Price: $1xxService: OKYummy factor: okSweetness levels: quite sweetNapkins provided: yesNoise levels: NoisyGlass of water provided: NoneEnglish Menu: YesAir Conditioning: Yes◎ⓢⓤⓟⓔⓡⓢⓤⓟⓔⓡⓖⓘⓡⓛ◎ 继续阅读
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不得不承认最近好像对中上环区的咖啡店或是小餐厅着了迷般,爱上了它们远离闹市的位置,让人放慢脚步的环境;爱上了它们每间都有着自己的特色;爱上了它们每次带给我的惊喜,这些统统都是我在那一大串连锁店里无法寻到的。继Herbivores,Veygo Coffee,Mano後,这天又相约了友人在今年6月才新开业的ANTIPODEAN cafe来个brunch,享受午茶时光。cafe位於上环差馆上街,跟最近很火红的Upper Modern Bistro很相近;四周人烟不多,适合想要好好享受宁静时刻的人。店里面积不大,装修以简约的摩登型格为主体,墙身挂满了图案特别的挂画,也写上了字句如“Work Hard and Stay Humble",甚具玩味呢哈哈!客人就是坐在中间这一张长长的桌子两旁,在桌子一边就是收银处跟半开放式厨房,也是冲调咖啡的地方,咖啡香濔满着整间店子,十分诱人!桌上的装调味料的器皿也极为有趣!最右边的蕃茄是载着蕃茄酱的;而右二兔子形的就是载着黑胡椒跟盐!餐牌方面都是以Brunch的菜色为主,全日供应,如egg benedict,pancake, french toast等,约$95-$130,最贵的是full english breakfast,为$185。虽然不收加一,但价格都比坊间的高;加上每款菜色都不包饮品,要另外加$40单点,价钱不算亲民。两人想了很久,最後就点了两分主菜!班尼迪蛋配大蘑菇,芦笋和煎藜麦饼 Egg Benedict with Portobello Mushroom, Apparatus and Quinoa Cake $115这个egg benedict跟一般的很不一样!店家用上了健康的煎藜麦饼去取代英式松饼;大蘑菇代替炒蘑菇或是烟三文鱼作为配料,很为特别!藜麦近年在欧洲被视为超级食物,营养价值甚高,含有丰富的蛋白质和纤维,店家这个配搭更能顾及现代人对健康的追求呢!一切开金黄的蛋液慢慢溢出,好不诱人!大蘑菇厚肉多汁,也能吸进满满的蛋汁;三块藜麦饼煎得香口不油腻,麦香味浓郁也有粒粒的咬口,三者一起吃味道惊喜新奇,意外地匹配,而且吃下感觉也较健怡呢!唯上面的荷兰汁偏酸及稀身,如果牛油香在浓郁一点就更好。法式牛油吐司配杂莓和马斯卡布尼芝士 Brioche French Toast with Mixed Berries and Mascarpone $115推荐的一道!一上桌就眼球被它的卖相所吸引,金黄的吐司配着色彩缤纷的杂莓,还撒上了雪白的糖粉,整个画面很为丰富,也让人胃口大开!厨师先把牛油吐司浸泡了蛋跟牛奶再煎,外皮带酥脆,还有微微焦香;吐司内里质感软嫩且湿润,像布丁一样,很为讨喜!吐司本身带香浓的牛油香,也有着淡淡的蛋味和甜味,淋上枫糖浆後味道更为甜蜜迷人,每一口都是享受,完全停不了口呢哈哈!旁边的杂莓除了有常见的草莓,蓝莓,红桑子之外,竟然还有黑莓,且都非常新鲜多汁,微酸的味道更去掉了吐司的腻感!而马斯卡布尼芝士则为吐司增添顺滑的口感和一点点咸味,味道变化更多,个人非常喜欢,推荐!总的来说,这里的食物质素不错,也有自己的特色,个人很喜欢它的法式吐司,唯定价颇高,但如果想要享受一个人宁静的时光或是跟好友慢慢聊天,也是值得一访的呢!ANTIPODEAN Cafe地址:上环差馆上街3号 继续阅读
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前阵子发现新开的Antipodean Cafe,环境不错,决定试试。与友人点了4物首先是egg benedict, 一见时真的很有期望,特别是底的那块是有别於平常食的那种,用了薯仔,非常吸引。但系一食之下真的很失望蛋和薯仔真的很淡很淡,食之无味,成了鸡肋...再来的是mixed berries french toast,这个对牌啦 味道好但冇特别惊喜~另外叫了杯iced coffee,以1杯$60咖啡来说真的是太贵了,一点都不值...最後叫了个核桃批,这个比较少见及值得推荐,核桃香很浓及喜欢这粒粒的口感而且配上雪糕很好食物质素而言价钱真的很贵,而且服务给我的感觉总是爱理不理的,有很大的改善空间。 继续阅读
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What can I say, unsure what was worst the hospitality from the moustache girl with the body odour , or the expensive but tasteless food...first the food:banana chocolate pancake .... Cheap chocolate and nothing spectacular , big fat zero.... nutella does wonders, they shld consider this.spinach omelette .... Tasteless and expensive why is it on the menu please!note juice on the menu, unsure if that was put there to fill up the space.... No juices was available! The best part is when we opted for the ice chocolate drink, she nonchalantly said it would take 15minutes of her precious time to create, please why don't you just shoot yourself with that attitude....just serve water if you really don't want to make coffee or chocolate.service or the lack of it, for example we had to wait 5mins for the table to be cleared, then 10 minutes for water, eventually we had to go to the counter to get it!Don't go there if your taste buds are in good working order and you expect some service with a smile minus the attitude....and moustache ! 继续阅读
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Found this small cafe on the Openrice a while ago and it's on my 'to go list'. The cafe was already opened on June this year, finally got a chance to try it out last week.This new small cafe is located on Upper Station Street at Sheung Wan. If you are finding somewhere quiet, ANTIPODEAN Cafe is right choice!The word “antipodean” is refers to the inhabitants of Australia & New Zealand. Hence, there are some New Zealand Maori tatu kind of drawing on the wall outside the cafe. But why chose New Zealand?! Possible answer may be the owner is from New Zealand?!Once I went into the cafe, I could smell the coffee, pastries & bread! So refreshing! There were some freshly baked tarts, chocolate brownies, muffins..etc at the cashier.A open kitchen with 2 chefs were busy preparing for baking. There is another lady in the cafe, who was the one taking my order, I believe is the owner.While I was waiting for my food, some interesting quotes were found on the wall around the cafe as decoration! Inspiriting!Ordered a pecan tart & a cup of cafe mocha. Water is help-yourself at the cashier area.The plate and cup were all in beautiful colors.The pecan tart was served up hot with a small plate of whipped cream.The tart smells really nice & looks appetite! They was really generous in putting 8 pieces of pecan on top the tart. Some pecans were crusted & baked inside the tart with some sticky goodness! The crust of the tart was buttery & solid, not soggy at all!!The tart was so good that actually the whipped cream wasn’t really necessary.The cafe mocha was just alright to me. It got bitter and bitter when I drank to the bottom. May be cafe latte or espresso will be better?!ANTIPODEAN also offer brunch.Need to go there again to try it out! 继续阅读
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