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来自韩国的吉列牛专门店,主打吉列牛及忌廉乌冬。您可以自己烧牛肉,控制生熟度。 继续阅读
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We were around this building which was full of restaurants during weekday lunch time and wanted to try something new. We saw this Kobekyu, the CWB branch of which we had tried before which was pretty nice. So we walked in to try our luck. Restaurant wise this branch was much bigger and brighter with a much better view as it was so high up in the building. Seating was very comfortable and we got to occupy a 4-seater table by the window!Although we had tried their CWB branch before, we had never tried their signature 吉列牛! This time we decided to try it out. 吉列牛定食 at $148+10%The whole set was served to us very soon. There were so many slices of beef cutlet with a perfectly thin and crispy crust and slightly cooked interior. The portion was not small indeed! As they served wasabi on the side, I suspected that the beef cutlet could be eaten right away. Yet with the small cute stove nearby, we ate the beef after grilling them for a short while. As I said, the beef cutlet had a perfectly thin and crispy crust and it was still juicy inside. It was good that you could grill it however long you would like to. The light green garlic sauce went quite well with the beef while I didn't try the brown soy sauce. Accompanying the set was a bowl of hot pearl rice topped by some 饭素. The pearl rice was better than those plain rice out there. There was also a miso soup with a lot of seaweeds and two appetisers being 1 cherry tomato cut into 2 pieces and a piece of cold tofu both in Japanese sesame dressing. Both appetisers were fresh and healthy.Another signature we ordered was their 咖喱忌廉乌冬(牛). We got to choose between either beef and chicken. Of course we had to go for beef given the name of the restaurant!咖喱忌廉乌冬(牛) at $78+10%It looked so interesting that the whole bowl was full of cream. The udon was smooth and of those thick type. The curry sauce was nice and not too spicy at all, although the menus said this bowl was a bit spicy. There were quite a number of small beef cubes which were reasonably tender. There were quite some veggies including onions, mushrooms, broccoli and leek. The cream seemed to have made it smoother but not overly greasy. Apart from the two mains, we also ordered a snack to share.Kobekyu 牛油蜜糖单骨鸡翼 at $65+10%We chose this again given its name so it must be one of their signatures? Indeed, the wings were really good. There were around 5 whole wings cut into halves which were so convenient to eat. They were freshly deep fried yet wouldn't burn your mouth. The skin was very crispy and thin and they were well seasoned so that they were slightly sweet with the flavour of honey. Some sesame was sprinkled on top. We finished them all in no time. Overall, we were quite content with the food. Service was very efficient that we finished our meal in around 30 min. When we left we also saw some very cheap lunch sets with curry rice plus a cutlet side. Will definitely come back again.  继续阅读
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疫情之後好耐冇约朋友出嚟食饭,前日咁啱朋友仔得闲,谂住出去旺角打个转,佢话有朋友试过有间日韩式乌冬几好食, 就陪佢一齐试吓。餐厅位於出名多嘢食嘅弥敦道726号17楼,有一边落地大玻璃,景观开扬!如果可以坐喺窗边卡位一边食一边欣赏风景都几写意,可惜今次我哋得两个人未能安排。忌廉咖喱乌冬初初上到枱有点吓亲,成碗忌廉好似好厚好漏咁嘅样,但系用筷子一夹,就发觉只系忌廉打得绵密,同底部嘅咖喱乌冬同牛肉混埋一齐,又几OK喎!牛肉一啲都唔靭,咖喱乌冬系带日式口味够香又有微甜,乌冬都几烟韧,系一个唔错嘅选择。另一款吉列牛定食都唔失礼,包括有面豉汤,冷豆腐,蕃茄仔,仲有芥茉酱同烧肉汁俾你拣!粉嫩嘅牛肉俾脆脆嘅吉列包围,放上石烧炉上面轻烧,点上酱汁,真系外脆内嫩,我自己比较锺意烧肉汁,将刚烧好既吉烈牛点少少酱汁再配一啖白饭,又热辣辣又juicy!网上面见到好多人食过牛油蜜糖鸡翼赞好,黎到当然要试吓啦,鸡翼够大碟,而且系单骨嘅,食起上嚟更加方便而且更加入味,果然冇叫错! 继续阅读
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之前跟同事lunch的时候在铜锣湾分别试过他们的乌冬,令我念念不忘,所以今晚跟友人来到旺角店再次品嚐一下!餐厅座位都几多,卡位位置可以望到旺角街景。Kobekyu牛油蜜糖单骨鸡翼,这款鸡翼是炸鸡翼,上面淋有蜜糖和蒜蓉,甜甜的,味道特别!咖哩忌廉鸡肉乌冬,乌冬可拣选鸡肉或牛肉,我拣选了鸡肉,肉质都几滑!乌冬面头的忌廉不会太厚身,感觉不会太漏!咖哩汁挂满在乌冬,非常浓味,带有少少辣,能够刺激味蕾!乌冬内还有洋葱、西兰花等吸味蔬菜,特别美味!吉列牛定食,这间餐厅另一招牌就是吃吉列牛,牛肉是可以自己石烧,可以自由烹调自己想要的生熟度。吉列牛外边脆口,牛肉肉质松软,配有芥末酱和牛肉汁可以点,十分惹味!定食还包括有车厘茄、冻豆腐、饭和面豉汤,食完一份已经超饱了! 继续阅读
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自从食过一次石烧吉列牛之後,蕃薯妹就迅速爱上呢一个菜式😍今次朋友仔带我嚟旺角食呢一间「吉列牛忌廉乌冬专门店」,同样系出名食石烧吉列牛,而且仲有一样非常吸引嘅创意招牌菜,忌廉咖喱乌冬,听个名已经好想试。当晚我哋嚟到餐厅,店内都几多食客,抗疫期间进入餐厅需要量体温,冇问题店员就安排入座。 座位与座位之间都用隔板隔开左,等食客食得放心吉列牛Set dinner有三个选择,方便1-3位客人share享用。我哋order左一个吉列牛定食+咖喱忌廉乌冬,另外叫多一客鸡翼。吉列牛定食 $148首先上枱嘅系吉列牛定食,定食入边包括前菜芝麻酱蕃茄仔、芝麻酱冻豆腐、面豉汤、米饭同埋主角吉列牛,吉列牛炸到外层松脆,入面嘅牛大约3成熟,将牛扒放上石烧炉上面烧热,只系听到烧肉嘅滋滋声同香味已经垂涎三尺🤤 牛肉口感松软,牛味香浓,沾上芥末沙律酱或者烧肉汁两种风味酱汁,各有各精彩。绝对值得一试!如果吉列牛唔够食可以另外加钱加配,不过我地嘅食量唔大,就觉得两个人食一客份量啱啱好😋咖喱忌廉乌冬 $78可以选择牛肉或者鸡肉,我地拣咗牛肉。原来咖喱汁同忌廉可以咁Match!捞匀之後忌廉令到个汁味道好丰富,咖喱味依然香浓,乌冬食落口好滑,好正👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻牛油蜜糖单骨鸡翼 $65单骨鸡翼食得好方便😋 虽然外层沾满酱汁,但系口感依然系脆嘅,肉质依然系咁juicy,仲好香牛油味~ 价钱唔贵,质素又好!真系要推荐俾大家🙌🏻蕃薯妹而家写写吓又好想再去食过🤣 继续阅读
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吉列牛忌廉乌冬专门店Kobekyu,单看餐厅名称,仲以为只可以食牛,原来有很多其他选择,主打忌廉乌冬,可以选择牛肉🐂或鸡肉🐓,我选了鸡肉,朋友点了吉列牛定食,另外再点了一个小食,连加一服务费,埋单$320,价钱不算贵。牛油蜜糖单骨鸡翼$65,有牛油和白芝麻香味,蜜糖甜甜地,而且单骨比较容易食,味道很好。吉列牛定食$148,外皮炸得很脆,仲有个炉俾你自己烧,生熟程度自己决定,几好玩嘅,有咬口但唔会韧,有肉味,真系牛有牛味🤭。咖哩忌廉鸡肉🐓乌冬$78,上碟时全个碗都覆盖着白滑的忌廉,因为我地坐窗边位置,楼层够高,可望到远处景色,忙着打卡,加上阳光普照🌞,忌廉在阳光照射下,转瞬间就消失於无形,碗里的乌冬变身成金黄色的咖哩色调,鸡肉和乌冬都散发着浓郁的咖哩气味,忌廉就像生命中的过客,缘尽即散,虽然他们无缘厮守到老,但乌冬得到忌廉的眷顾,也变得非常滑溜。👍餐厅楼层较高,窗边座位可望远景,而且卡位非常宽敞,感觉很舒服,除了餐厅主打的吉列牛和忌廉乌冬外,午餐有多款茶渍饭可供选择,下次会再来试试🤤。 继续阅读
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