Top 5 Fancy Ice Creams for Summer
Summer is the best season for ice-creams! The Korean-style honey ice-cream and Japanese-style green tea ice-creams have been the spotlight throughout last year’s summer time. Let’s check out some upcoming big hit ice-creams in town in this summer!

Ice-Creams with “Edible” Containers Loooop

Tai Hang has been a popular place for new-style desserts, several popular dessert restaurants are established there. A dessert place called the Loooop finally starts its business to sell the signature paper-art ice-creams. The ice-cream container is made of cookies and you can even eat the colorful decoration papers up too. Looop temporarily provides 4 flavors of ice-cream with different themes, including the girlish “XOXO” ice-cream with feminine red heart-shape decorations on top of the sweet and sour ice-cream. “Pool” is another flavor with a soothing ocean theme with lots of little penguins and polar bears decorations together with crispy yogurt toppings. If you wish to try their ice-cream, you’d better go there earlier since they only provide limited supply of around 200 cup of ice-creams every day.

The Purple Potato Ice-Cream from Okinawa Small Potato Ice Creamery

Purple potato is becoming more and more popular recently, and Small Potato Ice Creamery is one of the trendsetters. The owner of Small Potato Ice Creamery believes purple potato ice-cream will stand out among various types of green tea ice-creams. And he is right! The purple potato ice-cream grows popularity rapidly in a short period of time. The ice-cream is made of 60-80kg of purple potatoes imported from Japan and the potatoes are grated by themselves. The purple potato ice-cream has a limited supply of 300 cups every day. Indeed, purple potatoes from Japan are slightly sweeter and smoother than the potatoes imported from the mainland. The smooth texture of purple potato has a unique formula of 50% of purple potatoes, 30% of milk and 20% of cream.

(Photos by Cowrei)

The Healthy Fruity Popsicle ISEE ISEE Handcrafted Icy Desserts

The owner of ISEEISEE Handcrafted Icy Desserts has been a lawyer before opening the cool popsicles shop. Many people love to post the fruit popsicles on Facebook in light of its fancy and colorful appearance. The owner mentions the fruity popsicles have at least 80% of juice which is healthy and soothing for the hot summer. Thus, they also have imported tailor-made machines to freeze the natural ingredients to -18 degree for making the handcraft popsicles.

(Photos by Annielwy)

The Natural and Organic Treat Munchies

Hand-made ice-cream recipes are quite popular nowadays because the amount of artificial ingredients can be reduced to the least. This year, a dessert restaurant in Shang Wan has announced that they only sell handmade ice-cream with 100% natural ingredients, even dogs can consume it too! The ice-cream sandwich is their signature dessert, in which the ice-cream is put into their handmade doughnut. The taste is special when the cold ice-cream meets the hot doughnut. But you have to be careful that it melts really quick, so you have to finish it up as fast as you can.

The Ice-Cream Shop in Sai Wan Ice Monkey

The higher accessibility of West Island has attracted more people to establish restaurants there. An ice-cream shop called the Ice Monkey is one of the newly established restaurants in Sai Wan, which sells ice-creams from Belgium. It has a large range of ice-cream flavors to choose from, including caramel biscuit, raspberry pudding and lemon sorbet. Ice Monkey also provides sundaes in milk or chocolate flavors. Their milk is especially imported from Osaka. It makes the texture smoother and has a more intense taste of milk. While their chocolate is from Belgium and it’s definitely a must-try for chocolate lovers.

(Photos by Sinyi1113 & applecmw)

Translation: Natalie

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