Yat Tung Heen
Restaurant: Yat Tung Heen

To encourage eatery outlets to reduce food waste at source together with customers through offering portioned meals and adopting food waste reduction measures, the Environmental Protection Department has launched the “Food Wise Eateries” Scheme. Participants will be awarded with a Food Wise Eateries (FWE) accreditation status if they comply with the assessment criteria and will be granted with the FWE Logo and Stickers for displaying in the premises and their promotion for public identification. Applications are accepted all year round and are FREE of charge.

For details, please click here, http://www.foodwisehk.gov.hk/en/food-wise-Eateries.php

Restaurant: Yat Tung Heen

To promote a new salt and sugar reduction (RSS) dietary culture and living style to the people of Hong Kong, the Food and Health Bureau, the Committee on Reduction of Salt and Sugar in Food and the Centre for Food Safety of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has launched the "League of RSS-friendly Restaurants" ("League"). Restaurants participated in the League will offer less-salt-and-sugar options to the consumer or even tailor-make less salt or sugar dishes in designated restaurants. Participating restaurants will be granted with the League Labels for displaying in the premises for public identification. For details, please click here, https://www.fhb.gov.hk/en/our_work/feh/rssf.html

6-min walk from Exit B1, Jordan MTR Station continue reading
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One-Michelin-starred Yat Tung Heen’s culinary team presents a delightful selection of traditional Chinese cuisine, including Cantonese specialties and classic dim sum in elegant surroundings. Featuring dim sum, double-boiled soup, fresh seafood and much more, the popularity of this restaurant confirms its enduring quality. continue reading
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Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2017-21), Best of the Best Culinary Awards (2014)
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Michelin Cantonese cuisine
One Michelin Star (since 2017) Yat Tung Heen is an award winning restaurant led by celebrated Chef Tam Tung, featuring authentic Cantonese cuisine. Set in a 1920s inspired atmosphere referencing Shanghai taverns, the restaurant offers a refined dining experience with an array of private dining options and the main dining room occasionally playing host to various salon art events. The revered restaurant was named AOC’s (Asia Art of Cuisine Society) “MASTERCHEF Recommendation Restaurant” and Weekend Weekly awarded Yat Tung Heen with the Best Dining Award – Cantonese Cuisine. Other accolades include recognition by South China Morning Post’s ‘100 Top Tables’, U Magazine and Dining City.

An Exclusive Sake Dinner at Yat Tung Heen is the Perfect Excuse for a City Break
One Michelin-starred Yat Tung Heen will team up with Seafood Loves Sake to deliver a rounded sake experience, hosting two exclusive Sake Dinners (HK$1,180 +10% per person) on 9 and 30 September with limited seats. The dinner will feature eight exquisite courses paired with seven exclusive sakes. For this special occasion, a kikkake-shi will be on hand to discuss each sake and share invaluable insight into the production processes, flavor profile and beyond. For the entire month, the same menu will be available, with four sake pairings at HK$980 + 10% service charge. Guests will be welcomed with sparkling sake to awake the palate. Dishes like Yat Tung Heen’s signature appetizer trio will be served on the night, paired with Sanzen Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu Sake. A balanced-bodied sake with rich, fruity aroma pairs impeccably with the luscious Honey-glazed Barbecued Pork, Grilled Scallop, and Chilled Tomatoes Marinated with Preserved Plum Juice. The main course includes Tiger Prawns Two Ways, Baked Crab Shell Stuffed with Fresh Crab Meat, Cheese and Onion, Steamed Rice with Pan-fried Chicken and Mandarin Peel. In addition, premium ingredients like South African Abalone and Garoupa Fillets will be elevated with carefully selected sakes, such as Daruma Masamune 3 Year Old Koshu Sake, Sohomare 'Gohyakumangoku' Junmai Daiginjo Sake and Kankoubai Shirokuma Junmai Ginjo. For reservations, please call (852) 2710 1093 or email Yat Tung Heen at yattungheenhk@eatonworkshop.com. Guests can opt to visit for dinner only or take advantage of an exceptional Sake Staycation package which offers incredible value, with options starting at HK$2,188 (all inclusive). The staycation packages include two bottles of sake (valued at HK$210), a pair of chic sake cups, dinner for two at Yat Tung Heen, an in-room video with sake tasting tips as well as breakfast for two at The Astor. Staycationers can pop into Tomorrow Maybe to take in some art, visit the flamingo-studded roof top pool for some R&R, or take in nearby attractions like the Flower Market, Jade Market or Temple Street Night Market. Sake Staycations are available for the month of September (Only the first 60 packages will receive two bottles of sake and a pair of sake cups). For Sake Staycation booking, please visit the website: https://bit.ly/3jbnP7X or call (852) 2710 1828. Yat Tung Heen Address: Level B2, Eaton HK, 380 Nathan Road, Kowloon Tel: (852) 2710 1093 Opening hours daily: (Mon – Sun) 11:00 – 15:00 / 18:00 – 23:00 Facebook: www.facebook.com/yattungheen *All prices are subject to a 10% service charge More
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Level7 2021-09-15
近年香港的夏天越來越熱、一年熱過一年,炎夏季節的時間也越來越長。以前下班後還有興致和老朋友飯聚,近幾年最好馬上趕回家休息,以避開炎熱天氣,朋友聚會的機會也越來越少。最近朋友告之日本貿易振興機構(JETRO)設立的日本食品海外促進中心(JFOODO)今年再度舉辦「SEAFOOD LOVES SAKE.」推廣活動,邀請了「逸東軒」作為合作餐廳夥伴之一,並推出期間限定「清酒晚宴」 。這個特定餐單只在九月供應,聽落去很吸引,今晚就來朝拜。「逸東軒」自 2017年摘星,已連續五年獲得《米芝蓮指南 香港·澳門》青睐,餐饍質素及服務水平當然有一定保證。今年的「SEAFOOD LOVES SAKE.」目標定在將日本清酒推廣至與粵菜的配合,並首次與「逸東軒」合作,由行政總廚譚棟師傅主理晚宴,以招牌的巧手菜餚配搭多款不同特性的日本清酒,來一場前所未有的清酒粵菜配對之夜。「清酒晚宴」 共8道菜配4款日本清酒及飯後梅酒,並點題以海鮮菜餚為主。日本四面環海,又有多個漁港,海鮮料理當然出名,尤其刺身及鍋物令人垂涎三尺;但廣東海鮮料理也不遑多讓,多種烹調技巧同樣能保持海鮮原味,到底配搭日本清酒會帶來什麼衝擊?值得期待!晚宴開始。先奉上一杯「Oh Splash Sparkling 発泡日本酒」。酒精含量低,只有約5.5%、微酸帶甜、有汽,充滿檸檬梳打氣息,很易入口,同印象中的日本清酒完全不同,卻很適合作為開胃餐前酒。前菜是逸東叁錦碟,其中兩款正是「逸東軒」名物話梅車厘茄及蜜汁叉燒。車厘茄去皮後仍然保持完整狀態,鮮紅色賣相很吸引。用話梅汁浸泡後,去除了車厘茄原有的酸味,取而代之是話梅的鹹酸甜共冶一爐,但仍然保留了車厘茄的清新。正好與餐前酒「Oh Splash Sparkling 発泡日本酒」的炭酸味匹配,作為第一款前菜非常合適。蜜汁叉燒唔一定半肥瘦才美味,就以這一件只有少許肥脂的脢頭肉叉燒,肉質鬆軟、蜜味香甜,加上少少燶邊,好食。難怪是「逸東軒」名物,只得兩小片,實在唔夠喉。串燒帶子是第一道為了今次晚宴而特別設計的海鮮菜餚。只掃上少許燒汁再香煎,正好展現粵菜炮製海鮮的精髓,以簡單調味展現海鮮原味,跟鮮甜、爽滑、軟身的帶子很配合。味道清甜的帶子配以酒體平衡的無濾過生原酒「燦然 純米吟釀」很匹配。此酒在日本清酒歸屬爽酒,入口味道輕快、香氣清新,酒香未算強勁,些微帶甜的酒味很配合帶子的淡淡鮮美。下一道是譚師傅的拿手菜式二弄玻璃蝦球,配搭「惣譽 五百萬石 純米大吟釀」。顧名思義,二弄就是兩種不同口味的炮製方法。玻璃蝦球與甜酸蝦球可説是矛盾又美味的組合,一邊是傳統鮮美、另一邊就是濃郁厚味。處理玻璃蝦球的刀功無可挑剔,將大明蝦表面的紅色蝦衣去得徹底,蝦背同樣開得漂亮,雪白的大蝦球很吸引;火喉控制準確,入口爽脆鮮甜,令人回味再三。細看就發現甜酸蝦球採用同樣刀功,只是沾上甜酸脆漿未能清楚展示;味道方面酸甜平衡、口感少少脆身,蝦球同樣爽口。同樣係爽酒,「惣譽 五百萬石 純米大吟釀」入口淡麗又爽甜,香味較濃、餘韻較厚;配合味道比帶子更鮮明、更强烈的蝦球,無論是着重原味的油泡抑或濃郁惹味的甜酸,皆非常合適。之後就是味道更香濃、同樣是「逸東軒」必吃推介的芝士鮮蟹肉焗釀蟹蓋,配酒是「真澄 白妙 純米吟釀」。焗釀蟹蓋可說是西菜中煮的最佳示範,表面焗至金黃兼微微焦香的半溶化芝士,本身鹹香就已經是最佳調味;選用的芝士奶羶唔算強勁,增加香口之餘、又不會掩蓋蟹肉的鮮甜。餡料加入了少許洋蔥及蘑菇碎,用於提升口感及令味道更添香甜鮮美;但重點肯定在於豐富得有點過分的鮮拆蟹肉。只看照片已可感受到蟹肉份量多得難以置信,每一口都是鮮甜蟹肉。「真澄 白妙 純米吟釀」酒精感偏低,但香氣卻是今晚的四款清酒中最華麗,味道亦相對最醇厚;雖然未去到日本清酒中的熟酒層次,但口感及酒味與味道同樣濃郁的芝士及充滿海水鹹香的蟹肉很配合,進一步提升蟹蓋的鮮味。再下一道就是譚師傅特別為今次「清酒晚宴」設計的另一款新菜式豉油王煎南非鮮鮑魚。細頭的南非鮮鮑雖然味鮮、但較難入味;早年有廚師創造了先蒸至八成熟、再用椒鹽炸香調味的炮製方法,可算是非常成功的一例。今次譚師傅就改以先蒸、再以豉油王煎。用秘製甜豉油加上蔥花及少許薑蓉煎香南非鮮鮑,表面上了顏色,提升賣相兼帶少少豉油的黏稠度。送上菜式時醬油香味撲鼻而來,吃起來香口兼味道濃郁,質感彈牙軟身,原來豉油王煎與鮑魚非常匹配。利用這種濃味炮製方法的海鮮,似乎最適合配搭濃醇馥郁的古酒,取其餘韻悠長,與鮑魚的甘、甜、鮮、鹹的豐富層次互相輝影。一向認為粵菜蒸魚的精粹在原條清蒸,上菜時才分吃。但近年高級中菜越來越傾向西餐逐位上菜奉客的方向,尤其今晚這類型的酒宴。所以,鮮胡椒蒸星斑球也是每位上菜。大條星斑去皮去骨厚件端上來,也分不清是先蒸熟再切件、抑或先切厚件再蒸。如果是前者還好,較容易控制火喉;後者就非常考技巧,但就較容易保持星斑球原狀,魚肉不容易因蒸熟後才切件而散開。無論今晩這道菜式用哪種方法烹調,魚肉也沒有過熟,惜始終星斑球太厚肉,難免未夠嫰滑;幸好在淡淡的鮮胡椒襯托下,進一步提升星斑鮮味。薑汁荷塘玉蘭薳要好食,最緊要捨得,今晚就做到了。大刀闊斧摘走所有菜葉及頭段芥蘭莖,只取中心的菜薳。之後再修剪整齊,並將芥蘭薳末端的外皮刨走;明火爆炒時加入適量薑汁、糖及蒜蓉以去除芥蘭的澀味,既美觀又美味。主食是籠仔荷葉陳皮生煎雞焗飯。飯粒爽口中有少少嚼勁,吸收了荷葉及陳皮香氣後,較普通盅頭蒸飯更好食。雞肉並非連同生米一起蒸焗,而是另外生煎;飯粒雖然少了雞汁,但煎得香口的嫰滑雞肉就更美味。一小籠的份量稍嫌未能滿足口腹之慾。晚宴以巧手甜品家鄉煎薄罉伴流沙酥結束。粘米粉及糯米粉搓成的薄撐皮,煎得金黃香脆,中間餡料則用上廣東傳統的椰絲砂糖花生碎;令人回味的懷舊廣東小吃,想起小時候外婆每年年三十晩自家製作的油角。其貌不揚的流沙酥味道更吸引,外層酥皮金黃鬆化,內裏的鹹蛋黃流沙餡熱辣辣兼鹹香濃郁。今晚主題日本酒,要配合一下日本餐飲文化,挑選了「梅丈Lemongrass梅酒」作為餐後酒。刻意唔加冰塊,室溫淺嚐;入口梅香及酸度更明顯、酒香更濃。梅酸以外,亦滲出淡淡香茅清新,正是此酒特色。作為餐後酒很恰當,正好消滯解膩。原來香港已連續15年成為日本食品的最大輸出地,以銷售金額計,香港去年開始也成為日本清酒的最大海外市場。難怪 JFOODO 非常重視香港市場,今年更是連續第3年舉辦「SEAFOOD LOVES SAKE.」的日本清酒推廣活動。如果想一次過品嚐「逸東軒」譚師傅的馳名菜式及特別為了是次「清酒晚宴」而設計的新菜式、以及與日本清酒的配對,就要趁9月底前趕來訂位一試。 continue reading
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-{黃店💛佐敦米芝連點心🍵🍲}用restaurant Week book左依間米芝連1星嘅點心黎試左個198p.p.嘅lunch加個xo醬煎腸粉😙🤤蜜汁叉燒伴話梅車厘茄🤤 有兩大塊 不過真係半肥瘦😍😍😍食落有焦香味同埋有油香😙😆食兩塊啱啱好 車厘茄醃甜咗味道好特別😚👖褲評: 8.5/10🤤江南美點🤤 有蝦餃 糯米包同蔥油餅 蝦餃啲蝦好彈口 蔥油餅食落似千層酥嘅質感好鬆化 餡有啲肉同油脂香好飽肚🥳一個糯米包似係燒賣皮包住咁有啲怪😂👖褲評: 8/10🤤豉油王生煎龍脷球🤤個龍脷球好高質 外皮炸得超脆又夠薄配上蒜蓉 入面魚肉好滑又唔乾🤩🤩我唔太好魚嘅都好鐘意☺️👖褲評: 9/10🤤高湯浸時菜🤤 當日係生菜 清清地唔會好濃味 👖褲評: 7.8/10🤤xo醬煎腸粉🤤 ($55)腸粉好大碟 xo醬好惹味 唔洗點甜或麻醬都好夠味🥰👖褲評: 7.8/10個老火湯都唔錯 但個豆腐花普通啲 Dining city book 真係平左好多!環境好靚枱同枱相隔都有段距離 希望winners week會再出😌性價比: 8.5/10服務: 9/10環境: 9.3/10🚩逸東軒🚩地址: 佐敦彌敦道380號香港逸東酒店B2樓層 #fuudjai #fuudjai港式 #fuudjai佐敦 #fuudjai中菜 #fuudjai黃店 continue reading
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Level4 2021-08-02
逸東軒✨連續五年榮獲米芝蓮一星!中菜廳自疫情就推岀左星級點心優惠及晚市七折優惠~ 當然要把握機會品嚐下米芝蓮一星!星期一至五午市,十五款巧手點心一律$38!中菜廳裝潢雅致,寛敞舒適,枱同枱之間有一定距離,坐得幾舒服,服務仲好好添。餐廳午市分左1100 1245 1430三個時段,限時90分鐘。真係估唔到平日都咁full!1245就最快爆滿,建議大家預早幾日book位~⁣⠀🍵茶芥 $28/位茶葉都幾多款可以揀~ 鐵觀音生津回甘,不過龍丼就無平時飲開嘅咁好飲▪️脆皮流沙酥 $38一咬開超流心,流沙內餡超濃蛋黃味!美中不足係酥皮唔夠香脆。▪️春風得意脆皮腸粉 $48每次飲茶必點!腸粉皮滑溜,中間嘅油炸鬼(定春卷?!)超脆唔油膩,仲有大大粒蝦肉!口感層次豐富~▪️逸東小籠包 $48小籠包熱辣辣,用上匙羹盛戴,咁就唔怕夾穿流走晒啲肉汁~ 小籠包外皮厚薄適中,尖端位唔會太厚。湯汁滿滿帶肉嘅鮮甜,肉餡調味恰到好處,肉質偏軟腍。爹哋媽咪就表示好啱口味好鍾意!▪️帶子蒸燒賣 $38燒賣足料,除左豬肉餡之外,有大大粒彈牙蝦肉,蝦味幾突岀,不過就唔算特別鮮甜。面頭嘅帶子感覺上毫無昇華嘅作用,質地亦唔算太嫩滑。嗯,正常好食嘅燒賣~▪️蜂巢海鮮芋角 $38蜂巢狀嘅外皮,入口「咔嚓」相當酥脆,毫不油膩。滿滿軟滑芋蓉,海鮮存在感反而唔係太高,只帶鹹香。不過芋頭香氣的確幾突岀~▪️金沙脆豆腐 $48外皮香脆,但較為厚身。豆腐相當嫩滑!略嫌金沙味道偏淡,全靠小小鹹蛋黃碎搭救。▪️陳醋海蜇頭 $118真心全家都超鍾意嘅一道!厚身嘅海蜇頭爽脆滑嫩,加上陳醋、蔥花 微辣開胃,調味啱啱好!(不過第二次去食 調味好似淡咗啲)▪️脆皮燒腩仔 $198燒腩仔頂層脆皮脆卜卜,皮下唔會太多脂肪。肥瘦相稱,肉質軟腍多汁,調味恰到好處,唔會過鹹,食落又會太肥膩。整體嚟講,點心味道的確唔錯,$38一籠相當抵食!環境服務一流!唯獨作為米芝蓮一星,個人對於點心嘅味道、精緻程度 會有更高嘅期望。不過有呢個點心優惠就絕對值得encore。(暫時做到8月31~) continue reading
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今日又同屋企人飲茶~今次我地訂左逸東軒佢地既點心款色都算幾多~🥢小食金沙磚豆腐 Deep-fried diced bean curd炸豆腐鋪左咸蛋黃脆漿~好脆,咸蛋黃味可以再濃多d就好喇~海蜇頭 Marinated jellyfish 海蜇頭好爽,不過調味偏淡,同出水太多,呢個不是十分推薦><🥢點心春風得意脆皮腸粉 Steamed rice rolls with shrimp呢個係腸粉包春卷,入面有大大隻蝦,配埋甜醬麻醬,好食~筍尖鮮蝦餃 Shrimp dumplings with bamboo shoot皮薄餡靚~蝦夠新鮮~酥皮叉燒焗餐包 Baked BBQ pork buns🤩呢個實在係好好食,酥皮做得好鬆化,包夠軟熟醬汁濃稠適中,100分!叉燒酥 Baked BBQ pork puff個底就有少少太油,比叉燒包遜色錦鹵雲吞 Deep fried wonton with sweet & sour sauce醬汁好足料,有蝦、魷魚、叉燒、蕃茄等,酸酸甜甜味較得恰到好處,加埋雲吞炸得好脆,好好食!配埋環境同服務,係一個唔錯既嘆茶地方~ continue reading
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Level4 2021-07-20
🌹閨蜜七月約會,又到揀餐廳時候,閨蜜喜歡吃中菜,我找來收藏的逸東軒,近來成了米芝蓮一星餐廳,想去試試!🌹逸東軒位於逸東酒店內地庫,餐廳設計以20年代的上海酒館為靈感,但感覺環境較陰暗,用餐區空間算寬敞,我們到達的時候已坐滿食客,難以打卡留影。🌹午市有點心及套餐供應,我們點了二人套餐,兩位用$688 ,有湯、燒味、名廚推介、時令蔬菜、特色粉麵,精美糕點,看似抵食!我們吃下去發覺不夠飽。再點了兩樣點心,原來點心最穩陣及正常!食物味道評價足料老火湯⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️足料入味金陵醬燒乳豬⭐️⭐️皮脆但底層過肥西蘭花有泡肉帶子⭐️⭐️帶子有腥味高湯竹笙浸唐生菜⭐️⭐️⭐️瑤柱崧子蛋白炒飯⭐️⭐️崧子淋淋的,不脆口,影響口感棗皇糕⭐️⭐️⭐️紅棗味足夠,不太甜,略黏菜苗餃⭐️⭐️⭐️义燒腸粉⭐️⭐️义燒略肥個人評分食物味道⭐️⭐️⭐️(食物真是一般,差佔一半)服務⭐️⭐️(感覺不夠服務員)環境⭐️⭐️(我自己覺得地庫較焗及有壓迫感)衛生⭐️⭐️⭐️抵食⭐️⭐️回頭率⭐️ continue reading
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