Yat Tung Heen
Restaurant: Yat Tung Heen

To encourage eatery outlets to reduce food waste at source together with customers through offering portioned meals and adopting food waste reduction measures, the Environmental Protection Department has launched the “Food Wise Eateries” Scheme. Participants will be awarded with a Food Wise Eateries (FWE) accreditation status if they comply with the assessment criteria and will be granted with the FWE Logo and Stickers for displaying in the premises and their promotion for public identification. Applications are accepted all year round and are FREE of charge.

For details, please click here, http://www.foodwisehk.gov.hk/en/food-wise-Eateries.php

Restaurant: Yat Tung Heen

To promote a new salt and sugar reduction (RSS) dietary culture and living style to the people of Hong Kong, the Food and Health Bureau, the Committee on Reduction of Salt and Sugar in Food and the Centre for Food Safety of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has launched the "League of RSS-friendly Restaurants" ("League"). Restaurants participated in the League will offer less-salt-and-sugar options to the consumer or even tailor-make less salt or sugar dishes in designated restaurants. Participating restaurants will be granted with the League Labels for displaying in the premises for public identification. For details, please click here, https://www.fhb.gov.hk/en/our_work/feh/rssf.html

6-min walk from Exit B1, Jordan MTR Station continue reading
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One-Michelin-starred Yat Tung Heen’s culinary team presents a delightful selection of traditional Chinese cuisine, including Cantonese specialties and classic dim sum in elegant surroundings. Featuring dim sum, double-boiled soup, fresh seafood and much more, the popularity of this restaurant confirms its enduring quality. continue reading
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Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2017-20), Best of the Best Culinary Awards (2014)
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10:00 - 22:00
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Sustainable Mooncakes Set in Unique Reusable Bamboo Steamerusable Bamboo Steamer
As the moon completes another cycle, one Michelin Star restaurant Yat Tung Heen is proud to present traditional Mid-Autumn mooncakes in a refined, reusable bamboo steamer, continuing Eaton HK’s commitment to sustainability. This thoughtful gift nods to Hong Kong’s beloved yum cha tradition and references Hong Kong’s culture perfectly. With rapidly-growing bamboo needing no pesticides or irrigation, Yat Tung Heen’s exceptional mooncakes are the perfect choice for everyone who is environmentally conscious. The bamboo steamers are fully recyclable, reusable and once shared with friends and family, can be repurposed in a multitude of ways, be it for cooking, as an attractive serving plate or a designated place for keeping valued trinkets. The delicious mooncake delicacies are presented within a uniquely Yat Tung Heen branded steamer, wrapped in attractive sleeves decorated with traditional Chinese ink paintings and the image of a full moon – symbolizing peace, joy and happiness. The prestigious Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant will offer two exquisite flavours: classic Mini White Lotus Seed Paste with Egg Yolk or the indulgent Mini Custard with Egg Yolk. Each box comes with six mini mooncakes inside it and makes for a wonderful addition to any home once the festivities are over. The reusable packaging is testament to Eaton HK’s commitment to sustainability. “A Taste of Delight” - Mini Custard Mooncake with Egg Yolk (Original Price HK$388 / box) The much sought-after signature Mini Custard Mooncake with Egg Yolk is a Yat Tung Heen favourite. The buttery pastry and mouthwatering filling exemplifies classic artistry. “A Taste of Tradition” - Mini White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with Egg Yolk (Original Price HK$388 / box) Always a crowd pleaser during this festive occasion, the scrumptious straightforward White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with Egg Yolk is a must-have for those who crave an authentic taste of tradition. Early Bird Offer : Order on or before 31 July: Enjoy 35% off, HK$252 / box From 1 August to 31 August: Enjoy 25% off, HK$291 / box Online Order Mooncake orders can be made via https://www.yattungheenmooncake.com/. Mooncake redemption starts from 1 September to 30 September, 2020. Yat Tung Heen Address: Level B2, Eaton HK, 380 Nathan Road, Kowloon Tel: (852) 2710 1093 More
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Level4 2020-07-01
適逢父親節正日,剛巧又有家人生日,一於豪吓,吃個米芝連飯局。4人聚餐,本預計叫4份父親節米芝蓮星級盛宴,為了試多幾款食物,便預訂了3份,另訂了脆皮逸東烤鴨二食、芝士鮮蟹肉焗釀蟹蓋。父親節米芝蓮星級盛宴共有八道菜:先來是前菜小食有3款:花彫鮮鮑魚:新鮮鮑魚彈牙且帶有輕淡的花彫酒香。明爐蜜汁叉燒:軟淋有肉味且帶有蜜味。話梅車厘茄:以為是話梅肉來在車釐茄,其實是用話梅汁浸泡過的去皮車厘茄。珊瑚芙蓉蝦球,大大隻虎蝦球放在蒸蛋白上,再淋有蟹子的玻璃芡汁。蒸蛋白滑溜溜,蝦球爽脆彈牙。松茸黃耳螺頭燉菜膽,燉湯很清甜,松茸黃耳螺頭都很軟熟且仍有味道,湯和料都能全部吃回。鮑汁扣原隻十頭鮑魚,鮑魚軟黏,唔知點解味道有些似罐頭鮑。蒜片A5佐賀和牛粒伴峰巢香芋,和牛粒有焦邊,有燒烤風味,一啖一粒,咬落肉汁流出,且入口融化。峰巢香芋鬆脆香口。迷你飄香鮮蝦荷葉飯,荷香飯粒分明。家鄉薄罉伴香芒糯米卷,鬆脆薄罉皮中卷住花生、糖、芝麻等。香芒糯米卷,大大件香甜芒果肉配以糯米皮。兩種甜點都小小件,好味又唔駛太膩。蛋白杏仁茶湯丸,濃濃杏香,蛋白煮得剛好滑滑的。湯丸ok。另外的脆皮逸東烤鴨二食 一食是片皮鴨,共切出2中碟的片皮鴨,一碟是皮連肉,另一碟主要是淨皮,切得較大塊 。 將片皮鴨放在蒸籠裏拿出來那麵粉做成熱辣辣的薄薄餅皮,是傳統春餅,再放上青瓜、青葱及一些海鮮醬,然後將所有食材包起來吃,烤鴨皮脆肉香。二食選了生菜包鴨崧,西芹炒鴨肉崧香口,用生菜包住吃爽脆亦減膩感。芝士鮮蟹肉焗釀蟹蓋,芝士白汁香滑唔膩,蟹蓋內釀入一梭梭蟹肉,真材實料,鮮。其實套餐份量都不少,4人吃3份套餐再加一些其他美食是明智之選。 continue reading
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Level4 2020-06-30
今晚是雙方家長見面,所以找了一個比較得體又安靜的地方坐下來慢慢傾慢慢食,就找了黃店酒店這間之前食過午餐(點心),好正好高質素又抵食,今次同家人一齊食好啲熱茶是出名靚又好飲點了龍井及普洱茶前菜是微辣豆角配豆乾粒及燒肉,幾香口好食菜式不算很多,我們點了:1. 脆皮片皮雞脆皮片皮雞,原隻送來讓我們看,服務員幫忙片成薄片連雞肉,但雞份量少、只有少部份片出的雞片及2隻雞翼連尖;配上蒸出熱熱的傳統春餅、青蔥、青瓜及海鮮醬,包著吃!2. (二食)雞鬆炒飯這個雞鬆炒飯好香,黎到食了唔記得影相,粒粒炒得靚,配有蛋、蔥粒、雞肉及肉粒3. 砂鍋薑蔥爆乳香銀鱈魚這個好香好惹味,銀鱈魚外脆內嫩,配有洋蔥、蔥段等,醬汁香濃配飯一流4. 高湯蝦球窩麵這個好食,蝦球大隻又爽口,高湯唔咸好味,麵軟硬剛好,配有甜甜的菜心苗,自家添上紅醋,更正! continue reading
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Level4 2020-05-31
同識咗十幾年嘅閨慶生,搵間坐得舒服啲嘅餐廳食餐好,所以我哋訂咗米芝蓮一星嘅「逸東軒」,因為有7折,哈哈。疫情下,我哋都好耐冇見,四個女仔,一見面已經好興𡚒,見到個餐牌,仲樣樣都話想食。研究咗個餐牌一陣,我哋點咗個套餐加3個菜式餸,一齊share:龍蝦盛宴套餐(每位$ 720,我哋點咗2人份量)$1440(套餐沒有折扣)共有八道餸菜,其中包括:兩道龍蝦有關菜式,金銀蒜蒸波士頓龍蝦,竹林白玉蒸龍蝦鉗: 龍蝦很新鮮,所以這2道龍蝦菜式,味道鲜甜美味,果然係米芝蓮級數。十頭鮑魚: 好名貴嘅菜色呀~,彈牙好味,但係好細隻。迷你鲍汁瑤柱荷葉飯: 呢個荷葉飯配料有瑤柱、蝦米、冬菇、雞肉等,幾足料,加上淡淡荷葉香味,唔錯。另外,散點了以下菜式:鳳梨咕噜肉$280賣相十分亮麗吸引,鳳梨的酸甜令咕噜肉變得不油膩。砂鍋薑蔥美國生蠔$298蠔飽滿大隻,蠔味濃,配上薑蔥很惹味。竹笙鼎湖上素$218木耳爽口,仲有好多唔同嘅菇菌加菜心,素味道也不錯。楊枝甘露$48芒果很香甜,配上酸甜柚子,很惹人喜愛的港式甜品。室内裝修及氣氛也很好,高級中菜餐廳格調,坐位亦舒適,四個女仔隨食隨傾,食得好開心,仲不時笑到卡卡聲,今晚大家都好開心滿意。 continue reading
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Level4 2020-05-21
每碟點心都係$38❗️超抵食book左好幾次終於book到30款點心一津$38 優惠做到五月尾咋酒店餐廳的服務又坐得舒服 真係冇得輸3個人叫左7樣點心另加招牌叉燒因為上次食過真係好出色就算係正價$238都必叫係貴既但超厚切勁鬆軟邊位焦脆蜜汁夠惹味咁高質的叉燒係值架❗️飲茶又點少得蝦餃燒賣每籠都有4件 其他酒樓通常都得3件咋蝦餃餃皮就麻麻地 太腍有點粉帶子燒賣就正 大大粒帶子裡面餡料好味包類就叫左我至愛的酥皮叉燒包墨西哥酥皮做得幾鬆化帶微微甜味同叉燒餡好夾至於邪惡脆皮流沙包原來好迷你 兩啖就冇左😂饅頭外面炸至金黃香脆 裡面有鹹蛋黃流沙流沙餡鹹香為主夾集少許甜味但就一點都不流沙 比較杰身 有少許失望最抵食莫過於小食類XO醬蘿蔔糕 上枱時見色澤白曬曬以為麻麻點知食落XO醬勁惹味 有落超薄粉漿輕輕炸過特別脆口仲有少少鹽係面吊味 好好食上海烤麩大大碟 醬汁香濃惹味烤麩索哂汁最正唔計正價的叉燒 每人都係大約$130真係太抵食啦 如果佢再extend優惠一定再去 continue reading
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酒店做到有態度,已是光顧好理由。其實首選想去食buffet,但中國武漢肺炎期間,始終覺得不適合,食住你嘅中菜先啦!其他食客的餸菜都似幾好味,但自己懶惰,偏向叫套餐,不用多看,選擇了$1388二人餐。我是菜人🥦🥒🥬🥕🍆🍅,但前菜豆角是絶無僅有,不討好的蔬菜之一,體諒它畢竟也是蔬菜,都吃下了。併盤~梅子車厘茄🍅配襯兩款較油膩的前菜,配搭細心,燒脯仔OK皮脆,但見隔離枱散叫叉燒,好似更加好味。白肺湯~水準之作,但我覺得可以更加濃厚。18頭鮑魚扣花菇~起初看見餐牌見18頭,心裏也很擔心。18頭?是否迷你得像家中魚缸內的小螺?上枱時發覺也不是太微型。鮑魚🐌及花菇🍄比較像家庭式的質素,沒有叫人着迷的美味。珊瑚玉石帶子~帶子新鮮、鮮甜二弄玻璃蝦球~新鮮優質的海鮮太多搞作,反而浪費食材。這對蝦🦐🦐是OK大隻的,但沒有非常鮮甜爽脆的口感,故比較喜歡酸甜汁那款,倒較惹味。高湯竹笙浸時蔬~🥬不需要太多文字,這一定是很穩陣的菜色,而高湯也都飲了幾匙。甜品~燉雪梨🍐入面好多雪耳,好潤。棗皇糕好濃棗味亦不過甜。成個餐份量並不太多,男士是否足夠?很存疑,似乎加少量米飯或一份包點較合理。再選一次,仍然會幫襯,但會散叫。總結~招呼恰到好處,吃得自在,每枱距離遠,惟環境略暗有點侷促,食物質素未很突出。光顧是一間屬於香港人的酒店,值得一去,隨後仍可試試飲茶及buffet. continue reading
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