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A Cantonese-style restaurant inside the Ritz Carlton hotel, Tin Lung Heen is popular for dim sum and has amazing views of Hong Kong. They also have private rooms available for large parties and special occasions. continue reading
Awards and Titles
Michelin 2 Starred Restaurant (2013-18)
Good For
Business Dining
Additional Information
Dress Code: Smart Casual – No flip-flops and beach sandals. Additionally for gentlemen, no sleeveless shirts and shorts.
Opening Hours
Public Holiday
Payment Method
Visa Master AE Cash UnionPay JCB JCB、Diners
Number of Seats
Other Info
May Bring Your Own Wine
Parking Details
Phone Reservation
10% Service Charge
Review (114)
Level6 2017-07-12
My best pal, St Paul is making his annual trip back from Los Angeles this week with his lovely wife and little queen. Originally, we thought we won't be able to catch up this time around since he's only staying in Hong Kong for 3 days. But then we managed to work out our schedule so now I have a daunting task of finding a respectable place to treat my buddy for lunch.Despite the recent run of bad weather, I was keen to find a restaurant with a view and Tin Lung Heen (天龍軒) would fit the bill perfectly since we both wanted some dim sum but with less than a week ahead, it's not going to be easy to get ourselves a table. Thankfully, the good guys at Tin Lung Heen helped me out.After all the thunderstorms and showers in the morning, one could only dream that the sky would clear up just in the nick of time and you know what, miraculously it did!This amazing view will sure get my VIPs pumped up.There's been a lot of changes to the dim sum menu of late which saw some of my favorites (including soup dumpling with fish maw and bamboo fungus in supreme stock 龍軒瑤柱花膠灌湯餃 and "Dragon and phoenix" pork dumplings 龍鳳燒賣皇 etc.) disappear off the menu.Steamed shrimp dumpling with bamboo shoot (筍尖鮮蝦餃) ($95) - One of my favorites here that didn't get removed from the menu. This was very good and juicy as usual (Grade: 4/5).Steamed spotted garoupa dumpling with coriander (香茜星斑燒賣) ($95) - With their Dragon and Phoenix pork dumpling off the menu, this becomes the replacement. They're obviously paying homage to the popular street food, minced fish siu mai (魚肉燒賣). At least, that's what I thought they were doing but honestly, it's pretty bad idea. I'm sure they were using premium ingredients (such as spotted garoupa) but none of us could tell the difference between these and the ones we got from some inexpensive dim sum place (Grade: 3/5).Baked barbecued pork buns (雪影焗叉燒包) ($95) - Another one of my personal favorites got bumped off the menu. Their baked barbecued pork and pineapple bun with crispy crust (酥皮焗叉燒菠蘿包) was one of my go-to dim sum here but now, just one kind of baked barbecued pork buns going forward.This was actually not bad but I did like the other one with the crispy crust and diced pineapple in the middle a little more. I'm sure a lot of fans here would agree (Grade: 3.5/5).Poached pork dumplings in chili oil (川汁紅油抄手) ($88) - Everyone wanted something a little hot so this was right up the alley. Pretty good (Grade: 3.5/5).Barbecued Iberian pork with honey (蜜燒西班牙黑豚肉叉燒) ($320) - Just looking at the color, I knew it's a little off. It didn't have that perfectly charred surface (or color) and the excessive sweetness also suggested that they have over-done the honey glaze. Disappointing (Grade: 3/5).Tin Lung Heen Peking duck (片皮烤鴨) ($458) - This was much better.My only complaint was that it's a little on the lean side but that's just my personal preference.The succulent duck meat did work well with the pancake and hoisin (Grade: 3.5/5).Stewed vermicelli and bean sprouts in goose sauce (鵝汁銀芽炆米粉) ($218) - Things got back on the right track with the two noodles starting with this stewed vermicelli and bean sprouts. The sauce made with goose meat and bones provided a very lovely touch (Grade: 4/5). Pan fried noodle with scallops and mushroom (帶子草菇煎脆麵) ($302) - Equally impressive was the pan-fried noodle served with vegetables, mushrooms and scallops. I don't normally see Hokkaido scallops being commonly used in Chinese restaurants but this were just perfect to go with the crispy noodles (Grade: 4.5/5).Traditional baked egg custard tart (傳統酥皮蛋撻) ($85) - Had to wait 15 minutes for these and to be brutally honest, didn't live up to the hype (Grade: 3/5).The dessert soups were so much better. I'd go for these over the pastries on any given day.I had a feeling that they have someone new in charge of dim sum here, which would explain all the changes in the menu and thus the (pretty obvious) drop in quality. I guess I will find out a little more when I visit the restaurant again some other time but this afternoon, I was simply too preoccupied having my buddy and his family visiting us. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
感覺 ... 好敗家 .... Featured Review
Level4 2017-06-06
又上太空了..., 上次去低一層的龍璽, 因為亂搭笠, 上錯咗103樓, 要搵位靚女 專登開架電梯落翻去. 今日就無攪錯了, 到102樓的天龍軒晚飯, 首先必須坐電梯上103樓, 再落翻一層..., 好麻煩??? 係! 愈高檔既食肆, 就愈多麻煩嘢啦... 上一次, 101樓飲茶, 曾經提過, 香港發展商起樓, 40層就講到係60樓, 60層就講到80層, 到底102樓, 即係幾多樓呢? 今次即刻上網了解一吓..., 果然有發現..., 呢個世界, 無聊人, 實在太多, 已經有人做了詳細研究, 整棟大廈報稱108層, 但其中有些層數是跳過, 就是: 114, 105, 104, 94, 93, 84, 83, 74, 73, 64, 63, 54, 53, 44, 43, 34, 33, 29, 28, 26, 24, 23,14, 13, 7, 6, 5, 4, 總共係28樓, 也即...這是一棟80層的大廈, 又係...上次講咗..., 對我而言, 80樓都好Q高囉....咁高級既食肆, 如果天天都滿座, 真係不得了..., 聽講話, 果個富豪... 阿邊個呢..., 味就係果個囉..., 係獄中捱咗十八個月皇家飯之後, 一申請到保釋, 第一餐飯就係係嚟呢度食.... 咁..你知係邊個啦! 靠窗口的座位, 只有六人檯, 當然... 你四人的話, 也可以給你坐, 但如果是七位以上, 那就與海景無緣了..., 龍景軒的對外景觀與龍璽剛剛相反, 龍璽望對面香港東南方, 天龍軒則望後景西北, 油麻地避風塘一帶和它長長的防波堤,  映入眼簾, 還能免強辨認, 是大大的昂船洲. 坐下不久, 先來一客前菜, 每人一碟, 應該是免費的, "免費"既意思係...已經計了入茶芥項目, 係香港, 無論係幾高級的食肆, 都會用盡方法, 係不同程況之下收取費用... 這是常識吧.... 哈哈哈... So..., 最好味是竹荀, 微微酸, 完全無根, 軟中帶爽, 同檯友人帶酒, 無留意係咩嘢名堂, 只知道係香檳..., 係真"香檳", 香檳區出的香檳, 並非有氣白酒, 果香味顯著, 最重要係"少甜", 啱晒胃口, 天龍軒的自帶餐酒費用是$500/一枝, 好貴..??? 係!! 好@貴! 下次再嚟, 會同部長講吓價, 話唔定會唔收添...! 跟住...友人一句"得"埋嚟: 去樓下圓方既大快活, 自帶酒水,  免費!!!芝麻海蜇凍鮑絲 ($135), 菜名也算寫得夠謙虛... "鮑絲"..., 其實寫"鮑條", 也未為過, 鮑魚切得也算中粗有厚度, 海蜇墊底, 兩旁放青瓜, 一般酒樓也要六、七十元, 這裡一百三十五元, 貴一倍..., 好犀利????? 少年, 你太年輕, 太少見識了.... 哈哈窩貼大蝦多士 ($130), 剛不久前, 才在中環香港大學校友會, 食過... 據聞很出名的"鳳尾蝦多士" (係"據聞"咋....), 四件賣九十元, 天龍軒的蝦多士, 無咗條蝦尾, 六件, 收一百三十元, 論口味質素, 香港大學校友會做的蝦多士, 多士和蝦肉都比較厚身, 口感較為豐富, 但論"性價比", 天龍軒唔算收得貴.蜜燒西班牙黑豚肉叉燒 ($320), 做生意, 講過"信"字..., 香港首富都係咁樣樣講 (好似係...), 何況貴店係國際知名米之蓮星級店, 你話用西班牙黑豚肉燒出來的... 我梗信㗎! 但... 以我這等凡夫俗子的水準, 點可能食得出係祖國貨還是西班牙貨吖..., 但無問題, 同檯有飲食專家, 某位飲食專家咬了第一啖, 就嘆了一聲: "好軟熟, 又帶些少爽口, 外層微微焦燶, 燒得火喉剛剛好, 西班牙的黑豚肉...果然出色!!", 嗱... 咁樣樣..., 專家食得出係西班貨, 我無理由唔信啦.... . 一客西班牙黑豚肉叉燒, 有八件, 賣三百二十元, 即是一件四十元(如圖大小, 大概1.5cm x 4cm),  貴過我樓下茶記食一碟叉燒飯少少啫..., 我覺得...,  好抵食呀....! 原個椰皇花膠燉雞 ($410), 椰皇燉湯的材料, 算交足功課, 花膠比一般的酒家用的厚身很多,  燉湯用的雞肉, 我食唔出有甚麼特別, 反正煮湯用的雞, 冰鮮或新鮮, 基本上沒分別. 煲完湯的雞肉, 如果你食得出分別, 你必定係一等一高手, 那... 無理由你還會睇Openrice㗎...!?  我唔信囉, 一等一既食家係唔會折磨和摧殘自己的心靈... 哈哈哈... anyway, 講翻這件用椰皇燉的花膠雞湯, 椰香味道, 聞到但嚐不到, 飲時未知價錢, 飲完後, 看餐牌才知道, 四百一十元 ..., 可以去食一次中等價錢既自助晚餐了("中等價錢"係包括埋印了openrice的優惠卷.... )花雕蛋白蒸蟹拑 ($310), 剛才的燉湯價錢, 可以食中價自助餐, 那...這件蒸蟹拑的價格, 則可以食一次平價自助餐了. So...., 蟹拑的確夠巨型, 賣相也十分精美, 放在有花雕酒煮過的蛋白上, 聞一聞, 大力一索..., 花雕味道..., 少香而不濃, 少少酒香, 對於不飲酒的女士們, 味道剛好, 但好酒的男士, 則略嫌淡了一點. 蟹拑肉質高水準, 蒸得時間也剛好, 完全無鞋口, 雖然三百一十蚊一隻, 但相對於港大校友會, 也要二百八十元一隻炸蟹拑, 這店的價格, 直情可以用超值嚟形容啦.... (窮L 唔好流口水了, 一定無你地份!)龍軒東坡肉 ($112), 一件太飽, 與友人共享, 各人半件, 顏色略偏深啡, 與一般江浙菜館做的東坡肉有所不同, 但入口味道則差不多, 曾經食過低幾個級數的米之蓮推介店, 灣仔既杭州酒家, 其東坡肉做得比這店更軟和化一點. 圖中那兩件伴碟挑花東瓜, 如果蒸煮得再淋一點, 就very good 喇...薑蔥蘑菇焗雞 ($275) , 蘑菇味道, 十分輕身, 雞皮並非燒得香脆的品種, 幸好不算厚, 仍然可以與雞肉一同入口, 以天龍軒的級數, 二百多元的焗雞, 當然不會是新鮮雞, 肉質也沒有甚麼特出之處, 相比起家人在深水埗買回家的走地雞, 如果再來, 不試也不覺可惜. 紅甜椒豆豉爆和牛 ($648), 這味菜, 絕對係經典之作! 未睇餐牌由是可, 一睇!... 真係要學"靚次伯", 來一句: 哎也也...., 再諗起"汪阿姐"話齋: 嚇得我心都即刻離一離..., 呢碟非常精緻的既"西芹紅椒炒牛肉粒", 索價六百四十八元, 每件大約1.5cm x 1cm 大小既牛肉粒...., 我數過, 我真係數過..., 起碼有八粒..., 我食咗好多...., 唔係牛肉, 係西芹和紅椒, 咁牛肉呢...??  食咗一粒咁多 (六位人士, 女士有優惠, 分到兩粒是常識吧... 你想食兩粒!? 扮女人囉... ). 我雖然食咗一粒, 但放入口, 我咬咗好耐, 唔好誤會, 唔係牛肉太韌, 牛肉粒 不知幾正, 又軟熟, 又無根, 又唔鞋口, 只不過..., 成八十蚊一粒牛肉, 好似半件擦膠大小..., 好肉赤, 要咬翻夠本先捨得吞落肚... 松露翡翠竹笙卷 ($242), 這味素菜, 對比起那次在龍景軒, 二百八十元的"琵琶映紗窗", 即鮑魚菇竹笙蘆筍, 可謂旗鼓相當..., 但我認為天龍軒略勝一疇, 平了四十元, 多了松露 (係...松露咋, 無話係黑松露, 有咩嘢唔同!??  鮑魚和素飽魚都係差一個字啫....), 正所謂... 巧立名目訂高價, 都要有做得夠卓頭, 消費者先會比得心甘命抵囉..... 哈哈.... 芝麻奶皇煎堆仔 ($75), 平均一粒二十五元, 入口好熱, 即炸既, 一定好味道! 前兩日去稻香飲茶, 都食過煎堆仔, 還記得... 都係即炸, 好熱, 好香口, 都係一客三粒,  但價錢好似係$13.5一客, 即係$4.5一粒..., 同天龍軒有咩嘢分別??? 梗有分別啦..., 天龍軒...意景高好多...., "意景" 呢家嘢, 你地普通市民識條鐵咩!香芒楊枝甘露 ($95), 非常多柚子粒, 但芒果不算多, 從液體的杰度判斷, 應該都用了很多芒果蓉打出來, 而味道... 與我差不多每星期 都有幫襯的"芝麻綠豆甜品店"不相伯仲, 但"芝麻綠豆甜品店"賣緊二十八蚊一碗, So...., 天龍軒的$95, 與芝麻綠豆的$28, 你梗以為 我又會話..太貴啦.??? 完全錯晒! 埋單時, 部長話...., 多謝你地幫襯, 又見你地咁靚仔, 香芒楊枝甘露, 唔收錢, 免費送比你地食.. ... 唔信????  真係免費㗎 ... ....... 除咗靚仔囉 ..食完飯, 天都黑晒, 燈火景色更美. 食完咁貴嘅一餐 , 心裡有點唔舒服 .... 感覺 .... 好敗家 ... 唉 ... continue reading
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開心請人食飯 Featured Review
Level4 2017-04-19
請長輩食飯,揀間優質高级,又可以看到海景,氹人開心,自己又開心。於3星期前預訂,分2個時段~11:30am,及1:30pm,我訂後者。1:15pm已到,但都未許入,要搭正先可以入去。落單問侍應是否有龍鳳燒賣,已經唔推出。點心價錢當然價高,但有質素保証,優質服務,高級環境,是值。值得推介:炸銀鳕魚$130,9件麻雀大小,外脆内滑炸田雞腿,$130,6-7隻,好久無食,應該唔係鬼佬貨,细细隻,配白汁沙律醬,彈口正石班燒賣$92,正,又爽又彈黑豚肉义燒腸粉$108,义燒鬆化,口感比普通义燒香一般:蛋白蟹松子炒飯,雪山义燒包。差:燒肉,不鬆化,經理問食物是否滿意,跟他說了後,幫我們取消,服務一流最後還有曲奇餅及椰絲奶皇丸送,曲奇餅脆,無牛油膩,椰絲奶皇丸又是正最後每人送一小盒茶葉。 continue reading
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Level4 2017-02-26
這年的母親生日,我特意安排了一家人到尖沙咀ICC的天龍軒「飲茶」慶祝。 天龍軒位於The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong的102/F,早於差不多兩個月之前致電預約,才能預定到落地玻璃窗旁的位置。訂位時,店員會特別提醒客人男士有dress code,請勿穿著沙灘涼鞋、露趾鞋、無袖上衣或短褲。 中餐廳樓底甚高,座位寛闊舒適,檯與檯之間距離寛廣,環境寧靜優雅。 除了點心餐牌,還有龍軒午宴套餐選擇,每位 $658/位,包红或白酒一杯,另加$500可配撘美酒。 我們想多嚐幾款點心,還是決家散點心好了。經理會先詢問我們需不需要他推介一些特色點心食物;及後點菜時又會提醒一下每款點心的份量,可以按人數增減。 中國茗茶 $35/位,設有加熱底座保溫。餐前小食是琥柏合桃,金黃香脆,甜甜的非常美味可口,令人停不了口。 —整列的落地玻璃令室內光線十足,望出去是新油麻地避風塘的景觀,開揚廣闊,居高臨下,令人心曠神怡。 蜜燒西班牙黑豚肉叉燒 $320 招牌菜色蜜燒西班牙黑豚肉叉燒,叉燒甚為厚切,裹着亮澤的蜜汁令人唾涎欲滴,表面燒得頗香口,肉質香軟腍嫩,肉味香甜濃郁,口感味道俱佳。 脆皮燒三層肉 $120 燒三層肉看起來的確層次分明,可惜面層脆皮不夠香脆,吃起來略嫌肉質乾,油潤程度不足,幸好肉味香甜,整體味道一般。 窩貼大蝦多士 $130—客六件的大蝦多士色澤金黃,賣相非常吸引,面層大蝦鮮甜可口,加上香脆鬆化多士,配上略帶微酸的醬汁,減低了不少油膩感之餘,更能突出鮮蝦的香甜,美味! 香煎鵝肝咸水角 $92咸水角外皮香脆,口感煙韌,裡面餡料亦蠻豐富,可是不太吃得出鵝肝的味道,感覺一般。 龍軒筍尖蝦餃 $95 —客五隻的蝦餃,上面還放有金箔,吃來皮厚薄尚算適中,蝦大隻香甜,味道還算不錯。 木魚燒鵝鮑魚酥 $140/2件 略甜的醬汁包裹著原隻鮑魚,上面有燒鵝片及木魚絲,以酥皮撻盛載。底層酥香可口, 鮑魚腍嫩juicy,加上燒鵝的甘香,多重層次的口感與味道,實在是不可錯過。 金箔龍皇太子餃 $92/位這個是一客一隻的龍蝦餃,size比蝦餃大—倍多,厚薄適中的外皮呈橙黄色,面是結實彈牙的龍蝦肉餡,其實吃來味道跟蝦餃相去不遠,只是口感的對比則較強烈,可以一試。 龍軒花膠竹笙灌湯餃 $120/位 灌湯餃以花膠竹笙作餡,用料豐富而口感十足,加上清甜濃郁的上湯,味道—流! 鮑粒荷葉飯 $105/位一人份量的鮑粒荷葉飯,打開荷葉後荷葉香氣四散,清香怡人,荷葉飯質地香軟黏糯,而且有鮮蝦、鮑粒、香菇、臘味等配料,味道好之餘,亦夠飽肚。 壽桃訂座的時候—併訂好的壽桃,在我們order甜品之後送上,給母親一個驚喜。雖然壽桃表面只有淡淡的粉紅色,而且裡頭蓮蓉餡料較少,幸好吃起來仍不失鬆軟香甜,最重要是生日吃壽桃寓意健康長壽。 黑白流沙煎堆仔 $75 煎堆仔小巧可愛,皮薄而煙韌可口,餡料奶皇流沙味道香甜,趁熱吃更顯滋味!, 燕液薑汁燉鮮奶 $110薑汁燉鮮奶賣相以面層的—大堆燕窩最為搶眼,薑汁配鮮奶味道非常合襯,是一道甚為滋潤的甜品。 餐後奉送的甜點,合桃酥香脆鬆化,十分可口;桂花糕味道清甜,煙韌彈牙,不錯! 居高臨下的美景,賣相精緻的點心,加上貼心的服務,如此種種,米芝蓮二星美譽實至名歸。 唯一美中不足是假日中餐廳的午茶分兩個時段,11:30-13:00及13:30-15:00,短短的個半小時的確有點急趕,未能完全慢下心情好好享受這段「飲茶」時光。 儘管如此,這一天我還是能夠隱隱約約感覺到個性內斂的母親從頭到尾都是喜滋滋的好心情,希望她真的喜歡我為她安排的這餐生日茶聚。 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level2 2017-12-18
媽媽快回美與兄弟相聚下, 昨天就豪吓去天龍軒嘆下茶!沒有要求窗邊位因媽媽怕太光但如果不坐窗邊位就有點失去意思, 貴就貴在 view ma...服務水準一流, 茶壺沒有放在枱上, 由服務員加潻!但多人的枱就會有茶壺, 謝謝Vincent Ho 的服務, 有耐心講解 menu 及笑容可加! 食物質素ok! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)