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Review (119)
Level4 2020-02-01
小妹又大一歲了! 友人選於此與我慶生。餐廳外觀有不少綠色植物, 很美。下層主要為酒吧, 上層則是dining area。氣氛相當輕鬆愉快。店員於我們查看餐牌時有特意前來詢問是否首次前來用餐, 再對餐點作岀重點推介, 服務親切有禮。我們點餐後詢問哪款白酒適合配Sea Bass, 店員亦選岀兩款並給我們先試飲再挑選, 試飲分量不只一小口, 他亦不會只推薦貴酒, 很值得讚賞。先送來一客麵包, 焗得香脆的正是我喜愛的酸種麵包。有別於一般餐廳, 配的不是牛油, 一個為蒜香醬, 另一個則帶蕃茄味, 相比牛油我更愛這種口法, 尤愛那蒜香醬, 令人一口接一口。Broken Egg with Ham: 此為其推薦菜式, 上面是煎蛋和西班牙火腿, 下面是一片片煎好的薯仔片, 要將蛋弄破與其他食材同吃。味道鹹香, 很適合配酒。Tuna Tataki: 本想點串燒但賣光了, 轉為吃吞拿魚。吞拿魚四邊煎過, 中間保持生的狀態。魚肉質素正常未有很鮮味, 酸酸的醬汁很開胃, 加回不少分數, 頗適合作開胃菜。Mediterranean Whole seabass: 主菜在牛扒和魚之間掙扎了很久, 店員介紹時把魚說得相當吸引, 就選魚好了。一上桌, 蒜香馬上撲鼻, 應該是選對了。魚肉很滑, 欖油蒜頭辣椒制的汁與魚相當配合, 很惹味, 我和友人都相當喜歡。中間的大骨都起了, 但留意原條魚還是有骨的, 怕骨人士要考慮一下。另點了較特別的eegplant fries作side dish, 茄子外脆, 內裡未有過軟, 不論配蛋黃醬還是蜜糖都別有風味。最後, 甜品來了。店員們幾位一起前來唱生日歌, 及奉上點好的甜品。brownie味道中規中矩, 和友人的心思一同吃下, 便是美味。 continue reading
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Level5 2019-11-25
This restaurant specializes in Northern Spanish cuisine. Located in Wanchai over three floors in 239 Hennessy, the ground floor is a chic bar while the upper levels are dining sections, with a nice ambiance offering softly lit environment of comfort and coziness. Seated on the window side overlooking the busy Hennessy Road down below, I ordered a cocktail to start.The Hemingway Super ($100) is a cocktail coming from Cuba, modified after the classic daiquiri, made using pineapple specially charcoal-grilled, salted, caramelized and spiced up. The pineapple was squeezed to the core to extract the special flavors, bringing a sour and spicy beverage highly appealing.We ordered the Tasting Menu ($480 each) to try out more varieties. There were three small dishes to start. First was Ham Croquettes, with the croquettes made with Iberian ham, deep-fried to give a crispy surface while moist on the inside, with some Piquillo alioli underneath to provide a creamy sauce to complement. A very tasty starter.Next was Patatas Bravas, with pressed Parmesan potatoes, bravas hot sauce and alioli. The potatoes were sliced and then pressed, cut into cubes and then added with the sauces. The slightly spicy bravas and alioli added flavors of the paprika and garlic to the potatoes. While the dish might look simple, it was good in taste and another small dish I recommend.The last small dish was Gambas 'Al Ajillo', with the king prawns cooked with garlic and extra-virgin olive oil. The prawns were fresh and showing the natural sweetness in taste, and the olive oil imparting engulfing the flavors and keeping the prawns from drying out in oven, while infusing them with the garlic taste. Another simple but tasty tapas.Then we had the Enokitake Rice, with the Enokitake mushroom and black truffle added. Intense on the aromas and palate, the rice was cooked with stock and added with some bacon to further enhance the savory notes, plus the signature black truffle characters permeating through, this rice was very good and even I was not particularly fond of the raw Enokitake mushroom added, this dish was one of the highlights in the dinner.The main dish could be chosen from four options, and we decided to go for Grilled Boston Lobster, with kimchi sauce, and hand cut fries. The lobster was cut in halves and then marinated before grilling. The meat was very sweet and even though a bit salty, the overall grill was nicely done. The fries were good too but by the time we were so full that we could not finish all the pieces.For desserts there were two of them, with the first being a Flan. The pudding was made with egg, with a caramel top, almond crunch and lemon cream. Not overly sweet, the lemon cream giving a nice tartness to balance too. It had a smooth texture, paired well with the almond crunch and was fairly good.The other dessert was Strawberry Cheesecake. Instead of serving as a slice, this one was put inside a jar, in a 'disintegrated' format. However, one could easily associate back the individual components of the cheesecake, with the strawberry coulis, cheese fillings, and cookies. Tasty and there was also a nice touch with a piece of chocolate on top.Service was very good, with the staff very friendly and introducing us to the restaurant as well as the menu right from the beginning, and then following up on the dishes and checking in. The bill was $1,180 and the restaurant was without service charge too. A good place to come for some tapas and drinks, as well as a comfortable meal. continue reading
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喺OP見呢間餐廳裝修幾得意,食物又幾吸引,所以book呢度同同事食生日lunch~ 點知勁尷尬囉,book咗12:30pm,我地早咗12:05pm前到達,接待嘅waitress叫我地等等,話張枱will be ready soon~ 當時ground floor都有其他人等帶位,ok咁我地都等啦。。。等到後來入嚟嘅客都被帶晒上2樓座位,我地都仲喺ground floor,於是問啦,個waitress竟然話枱係ready架,但因為我地book 12:30pm,所以只會喺約定時間15分鐘前先會被帶位(當時係12:13pm)。。。即係原來早到會被懲罰? 原來差2分鐘,就算張枱已set好、無人坐,都唔入得?後來幾句理論後,當然入到座,不過氣氛就無晒囉~ 真說話,食物係幾好食,2樓嘅waiter同waitress都好nice,唯reception失晒分,overall評分ok啦 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2019-12-25
今晚同朋友去咗呢間西班牙餐廳食飯。前菜我哋叫咗個香蒜大蝦,啲蝦煎得岩岩好,都幾爽甜同新鮮朋友話啲香蒜好好食,食到佢停唔到口仲叫左broken eggs-呢個係西班牙好出名嘅菜式入面有香腸,蛋同埋脆既薯仔片,雖然好邪惡但好豐富嘅口感,我同朋友都覺得似食緊all day breakfast 主菜方面我哋叫咗flat iron,牛扒煎得啱啱好,幾嫩仲叫咗eggplants fries做side dishes,個茄子肉略嫌太少,但炸得算幾香口,個honey sauce幫佢加唔少分👍🏻👍🏻呢度既食物係幾好,但服務就一般,我地叫左埋單好耐都未到😅😅😅 continue reading
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Level1 2019-12-14
As usual, none of the restaurants in this building never disappointed me. The brunch has lot of good food, ham, cheese are good, the veggie is really fresh, shrimp and other tapas were really good. Main course and dessert were great, the waiters and even clients were nice, a perfect moment. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)