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Pirata is an Italian restaurant that uses fresh ingredients and traditional Italin recipes. Some of their signature dishes include their Purple Potato Gnocchi, Eggplant Parmigiana and The Butcher's Cut steak. continue reading
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Level5 2017-07-15
It's not too often that I'll start a post about a restaurant by raving about another; but here goes.I absolutely adore Pici in Wanchai; it's without doubt my favourite casual diner at the moment.But I will probably never go back.Why would I now that I've discovered Pirata, the other Wanchai restaurant by the group of the same name?Let me tell you a secret; if you've tried to get into Pici before and had to queue and wait for their delicious take on pasta, then you need wait no more.  Not only does Pirate have mostly the same menu, there's a larger range of sensational options to boot!But best of all; the thing that has meant that I'll never go back to Pici?Reservations!You can reserve electronically and avoid those nasty queues in the heat of a Hong Kong summer...Located on Hennesey Road in Wanchai, actually in the same building as the group's other winning Spanish spot The Optimist (see post here), there are sensational views to be had from the 30th floor.  Unfortunately for the girl and I, we'd scored the worst table in the joint on our visit; possibly due to making our reservation so late in the day.Never mind, 'cause it's all about the food.As I mentioned, the menu at Pirata is pretty similar to Pici, but where Pici has a very light pasta only menu, Pirata has a section of their menu dedicated to more traditional main courses; although all designed to share, just like the rest of the menu.  We ignored this section of the menu for our first visit, and focussed on the pasta and starters selections.While we waited for our starters to arrive, one of the wait staff wandered over with olive oil and balsamic vinegar in each hand; and proceeded to pour into little bowls at our side.  I stopped her just in time from ruining my oil with the vinegar, having a strong preference to let the peppery oil be the sole addition to my fresh crusty bread.  Which uncoincidentally was next to appear at our table, was quickly devoured and then just as quickly replaced!Our first starter arrived in a casserole pot and once the lid was lifted, three juicy meatballs appeared.  We'd ordered the M.M.M or My Mothers Meatballs, a mix of pork and beef meatballs perfectly cooked and sitting in a generous amount of cherry tomato sauce.  I actually found the meatballs to be slightly nicer than the Pici version; they were succulent and tasty, the tomato sauce and protein a perfect match.Next up was the beef carpaccio, a huge plate filled with thinly sliced beef, covered with plenty of rocket, shaved parmesan cheese and cherry tomato slices.  While the beef was super tasty, sweet and full flavoured, I did find the beef to be slightly on the thick side, and therefore a little tougher to cut through.  Combined with a drizzle of olive oil, the whole dish was completely satisfying; but would have been even better if the beef just fell apart.It took ages for our pasta mains to arrive; perhaps because we were quite early?  Anyway, when they arrived, they were well worth the wait...First up was our favourite Pici pasta, the orecchiette with sausage and n'duja and cherry tomato.  On first inspection, the dish looked identical to it's little brother, but there were some subtle differences; there was a little more heat in the sauce, so a touch more chilli, and maybe a little less of that yummy Italian sausage.  The girl and I debated the differences for a while, but in reality, it was the same dish, just with 'batch' differences.It was delicious!As was our second pasta, the tagliatelle with black truffle, which confusingly was covered with shaved white truffle; not that I was complaining mind you, it was an equally stunning plate of pasta.  Al dente tagliatelle mixed with a light creamy sauce and covered with a heap of truffle.  The aroma was divine with a flavour to match, I really loved the umami hit from the truffle.  We both agreed it was a super dish, simple as only Italian can be, and all the better for it.With only a couple of starters and mains to share, we were stuffed (possibly due to filling up on bread), so we declined the offer of dessert.We live right in the middle of Pici and Pirata, so it takes the exact same time to get to one over the other.  The food was comparable (totally yummo) and the menus practically the same, with more options at Pirata.So in reality, it's a no brainer for this little foodie!  If you've been following my blog for a while, then you know that waiting is a pet hate of mine.  So reservations win every time!Sooo, as great and enjoyable as Pici has been for us; sorry, you've been usurped by your big brother.But on the plus side, you're all in it together, right?*** The Pirata group run Pici, Pirata and the Optimist - three of my favourite casual dining spots in Wanchai@FoodMeUpScotty continue reading
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Sunday Brunch,$298位,可以任食salad bar🥒, 有燒牛肉🐮,煙三文魚🐟,Parma ham, 火腿🍖,幾款芝士🧀,3款小食,主菜同甜品,不錯價錢又合理先上兜麵包🥖,同幫你預備好一碟cold cut🍖 加芝士,之後就可以任食個salad bar啦,燒牛肉幾好味,煙三文魚唔會太陣煙燻味,parama ham, 火腿芝士都唔差,仲有新鮮嘅沙律雜菜,例如火箭菜,蕃茄🍅,青瓜🥒,南瓜等,仲有撈好的沙律小食1)Meat ball - 豬牛肉整成,唔算太juicy, 不過加埋蕃茄汁底食不錯2)Asparagus flan - 似蛋蒸焗蛋加咗少少露筍,伴忌廉汁,食落都不錯3. Vitello tonnato - 我懷疑佢無俾我😅主菜1)Spring Chicken - 不過不失,唔算太鞋2)Tagliatelle with summer black truffle (加$38)- 好多大大片嘅松露片,忌廉汁加咗白松露醬,所以意粉都有少少松露香味甜點係似果仁雪糕🍨切咗粒,加朱古力醬🍫同核桃 continue reading
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Level1 2017-10-08
結婚週年紀念,選擇這裡食brunch,中午十二時到達,職員帶位進場,招待恩勤。雖然餐廳有兩層,但座位看來頗為擠迫。吃過頭盤,有沙律、芝士、火腿、麵包,款式不算多,但精緻,吃過後已有半飽。主菜終於上場,我選招牌菜之一butcher 's cut,一上場賣相冇得輸,吃落外脆內嫩,水準跟扒房有過之而無不及,一句收貨! continue reading
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Level3 2017-09-30
Went to meet some friends to visit Fine Art Asia 2017 at HKCEC today so we met at Pirata for lunch before we move on. I've been here before with my colleagues during lunch. The food was great and the place was well-decorated with vintage furniture, so I decided to take my friends here. I booked a table using the openrice app and had a table with sofa seats. One of my friend asked for the a la carte menu but the brunch set was the only one available. The brunch set includes the cold station buffet for starter, first and second main course, and dessert of chef's selection. For the cold station buffet, you get the food from the bar area. You also get some bread on the side with olive oil and vinegar (italian style 🇮🇹) The brunch set was more than enough for all 3 of us as the waiter gave us extra salami, parma ham, cheese and roast beef in tuna sauce. We were very full after the meal. 😆For the mains, we ordered 2 lasagnes and 1 eggplant parmigiana to share. The portions seemed huge since we ate a lot already before our second mains. 😂 We ordered some tea and coffee at the end. Not sure if they have a variety of coffee choices as they didn't seem to know much about flat white coffee 😅 (Drinks are not included in the brunch set) No service charge. The price seems reasonable for a place like this in the wanchai area. continue reading
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Level1 2017-09-23
We decided to give Pirata a try based on all the amazing reviews online but were disappointed with our experience. The food was below average, and the environment and staff were so-so.The waiting time to bring us to our seats was pretty long to begin with, although we arrived 5 minutes before our 6.30 pm booking on Saturday. The bread basket is usually a good indication of the food quality I think, but the one we got consisted of soggy bread which was far from being fresh or crunchy (except for one randomly well made slice out of the 5 in our basket, so we aren't sure if they just messed up a batch of bread that day.) We ordered four appetizers which were all average - not bad but not good, especially given the price. However, we waited very long for the mussels dish (almost half an hour), during which the staff kept coming by to say it would be out in a minute when it took way longer. While we were waiting we had plenty of time to notice things like staff carrying a tray of raw meat from the storage area right across the restaurant which wasn't very pleasant.The mains were a bit better than the appetizers, though still average. The lamb shank was nice enough. The pasta was so so, given that it's an Italian restaurant we expected better.At the end of our meal, we were both pretty disappointed and regretted our choice (although we do like Pirata Group's other restaurant Tokyolima). The bill came out to $1030 for two people. continue reading
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