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Pirata is an Italian restaurant that uses fresh ingredients and traditional Italin recipes. Some of their signature dishes include their Purple Potato Gnocchi, Eggplant Parmigiana and The Butcher's Cut steak. continue reading
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Level5 2019-11-21
This Italian restaurant is located in Wanchai, occupying the top two floors of a commercial building, with the 29th floor serving as the dining area while the 30th floor a bar and chill-out space. It prides itself on offering honest, authentic Italian taste with the attention and care for customers as if they are part of the family. The decor exhibits modern cozy ambiance with soft lighting, and apparently the restaurant is very popular with many customers on a normal weekday.After having a Cosmopolitan cocktail ($120) to start, we ordered the Tasting Menu ($480 each) and there were three antipasto, the traditional first course of a formal Italian dinner. The first was Vitello Tonnato, which according to the manager was a form of Italian surf and turf, with thin slices of veal, coated with a nice paste of prepared from tuna, capers and mayonnaise, with a few Sicilian caper berries on top. The veal was flavorful, greatly complementary in terms of taste with the paste, a very nice marriage indeed.The second antipasto was MMM, or My Mamma's Meatballs. This is a family recipe from the chef, with the meatball made from a mixture of beef and pork, added with egg and then stewed in a nice tomato sauce with basil and extra virgin olive oil. The meatballs are tender and the blend of the two types of meat giving the right balance of fat and lean, very nice on the texture. I also found the tomato sauce very delicious, with intense tomato flavors and a nice touch of basil fragrance. Another great dish.The third antipasto was Asparagus Flan, having a nice taste, not being vegetal but with clear delicate asparagus notes. With a cream sauce to create a smooth palate, as well as a piece of crunchy Parmesan cheese on the side. Nice also.Next came the pasta, and we were served Tagliatelle with Black Truffle, with the homemade tagliatelle prepared with white truffle paste, shallot and butter, then having generous amount of shaved black truffle on top. I like the texture of the tagliatelle very much, with the perfect chewiness, mixed with impeccable amount of sauce. I always found restaurants cooking the pasta with too much sauce but Pirata got that just right in my opinion. The black truffle obviously added flavors and premium enjoyment for the diners. The dish made me wonder how the other pastas taste and made me anxious to come again and try those out.Then it was secondi, or the meat dish. With a choice we opted for the Whole Italian Seabass Mediterranean Style ($38 per person supplement). The fish is cooked with Mediterranean potatoes, Taggiasca olives, cherry tomatoes, white wine and extra virgin olive oil. The waitress kindly helped us to remove the bones from the fish before serving, with the fish meat tender and juicy. But I found it was the potatoes, the olives and tomatoes which were more flavorful, absorbing the essence from the fish during the baking process. All in all a nice dish.For the side dish of the secondi, I ordered the Roasted New Potatoes, prepared with rosemary, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil. You might wonder why I ordered this despite the secondi also having potatoes. The simple reason was that I overlooked, and ended up having too many of them. The potatoes tasted good with the herbs and garlic added complexity to the simple profile of the new potatoes, and honestly it would be a better side for the other secondi, a steak, instead of the fish.There were two desserts, with the first Tiramisu, prepared using traditional style with coffee, mascarpone and Marsala wine. Not overly sweet, I like the proportion of mascarpone and marsala wine balancing the sweetness and bitterness, with the alcohol not overpowering. But still it could not compare with some of the best Tiramisu I had tasted in other restaurants in town.The other dessert was a Panna Cotta, with homemade raspberry coulis and fresh raspberry. The pudding was silky smooth and rich. The raspberry coulis has an interesting contrast on acidity, so giving a refreshing, cleansing effect on the palate. A nice conclusion of the meal and we all enjoyed the dishes.The bill was $1,211 including the cocktail and bottled water. On the tasting menu alone I think it is very high in value, and the portion also appropriate to fill us up without overly stuffy. Services are also quite good with the staff came to explain each dish, and overall they are friendly and attentive. Overall I feel very satisfied with the meal and no wonder the restaurant was so popular. continue reading
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Level4 2019-11-10
朋友慶祝生日,特意安排在此餐廳慶祝。$298 lunch 包括buffet 形式的starters,main course 和 desserts! 如要semi lunch buffet + 酒類2小時任喝則$478Starters除了semi buffet上提供外,還有cold cuts 。Paimi piatti 方面有Vitelli Tonnato: mayonnaise tuna 配小牛肉是signature dish 之一,但tuna 味超濃蓋上了小牛肉的味道M.M. M 是豬肉和手肉丸,配上番茄醬汁很開胃,而且味道不錯,肉質彈牙又juicy。Asparagus Flan蘆筍味滑蒸蛋配芝士醬,味道令人有驚喜😋前菜十分豐富,還沒有開始主菜便已開始覺得飽肚的感覺。Main courses 方面可以選擇the butchers’ cut, 為二人份量,要每人另加$48。order medium rare 熟成度剛剛好,牛味重,但肉質較韌, 令人有點失望。Orecchiette with sausage and N’ duja 味道香濃,而pasta al dente感👍🏻有水準,汁帶微辣友人本來以為eggplant 會較light, 但原來eggplant parmigiana 和Lasagna 均配上芝士,所以較膩。Tiramisu 香滑mascarpone cheese 配上濃濃咖啡酒味濃Panna cotta 奶味濃又滑 continue reading
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Level2 2020-01-15
自從上年去完意大利返黎都真係幾crave for 好食既pasta,上次同朋友食完同一集團旗下既p字頭餐廳覺得唔錯,今次就黎試呢度既行入去就覺得幾好坐既意大利餐廳,有兩層29&30都係佢哋既。環境暗暗地,望出去境觀都幾開揚,幾啱傾下計或者下拖。招呼我哋既係位靚女法國人😍介紹咗下呢度最出名既菜式咁。Vitello tonnato ($100)薄切小牛肉配上軟滑既吞拿魚醬,好啱味,係呢度,亦係意大利既傳統菜式Pappardelle with beef cheek ragu ($180)Pappardelle中文上網search係寬帶麵,睇樣都知點解啦,係意大利同之前係另一間餐廳都叫過,我自己幾鐘意寬既麵條,牛面頰細細粒好軟稔,有牛味。Tagliatelle with black truffle ($240)呢個同pappardelle 我自己覺得幾似,不過會幼身啲,同樣煮至al dente,有口感唔會太稔。價錢值在係一片片既黑松露度。唔會有太多芝士遮咗松露同麵既香味,亦唔會好滯。Chianti riserva (glass) ($90) 男友話係一杯不錯既餐酒,我無飲到無叫肉既原因除咗係因為想食pasta亦係因為想留位食甜品。Tiramisu ($70)對我哋黎講略甜,酒味都足,但整體唔算好突出。Vanilla panna cotta($65)滑滑既奶凍係男友fav甜品之一,魚膠份量啱啱好,唔會太硬。面頭既果醬略蓋過奶凍既奶味,去到後期無咩jam就食倒好香既奶味。 注意返呢度張單係無加人,tips係你隨心自己俾㗎。幾鐘意間餐廳,仲有好多野想試,絕對相信自己會再嚟。 continue reading
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Level3 2019-12-31
Since my last review, I have been back to Pirata several times, and enjoyed every one of them. This is a long story.The first time I came to Pirata was for a friend’s birthday dinner a few years ago. It was not the best experience… but later on the manager messaged me, he apologized and explained that they were short staffed that night, and he invited me back for another dining experience. His sincerity was what impressed me because he cared about his customer’s experiences enough to reach out and contact me afterwards. Of course, the next time we went back to Pirata, everything was great. The service was superb, and the food was awesome.Since then I have unfortunately been too busy to write reviews on Openrice, however, I have never forgotten how nice the manager was to us, and how much I have appreciated the gesture of him inviting us back. In the past few years, I have been back to Pirata multiple times, and also frequented the nearby Optimist, their sister restaurant, bringing different people with me for lunches, Sunday brunches, happy hours and dinners. They have been consistently good with friendly service and delicious food.Pirata has become one of my favorite restaurants. After so many visits over the course of a few years, I do believe that one bad time was just a rare unfortunate experience. It is very comforting to know that they care about their customers, and they are actively trying to do their best and achieve that. I have become a true fan of the place, and will definitely be back for more brunches! continue reading
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一早約定朋友仔今日食lunch慶祝Xmas🎄❤️❤️picky朋友試過Pirata lunch先推介,果然冇介紹錯!😍 坐到窗口位就好,可以喺30樓高處望出去睇景,不過我哋呢張牆畫都唔輸蝕,係幅地圖,感覺好似置身歐洲咁😍環境、食物、服務都好啱慶祝節日🥳🎉🎊 ~$200 / lunch set 係semi-buffet 有沙律吧任食👏🏻👍🏻 parma ham都有😋😋main叫咗3樣一齊share🍽🔸黑松露Tagliatelle $248唔算濃郁味道,不過清清淡淡都好🔸Lasagna S $198 朋友最愛千層麵🤣 每次食西餐必點呢間唔會太酸太濟,不錯🔸Agnollotti Del Plin $198最鍾意呢碟蝴蝶粉🦋!鍾意隻質感,每塊粉漲卜卜咁,口感勁好,好惹味set仲跟埋dessert😍 其實好抵食!我哋3個不約而同order affogato😋😋 最近試完間coffee shop,知道係coffee x ice cream, 呢2樣都鍾意,有呢個combination真好👍🏻 而家一見到就想食🤤👍🏻mocktails:1人試1杯:Basil Beauty, Milano Iced Tea, Rosemary Blueberry Smash(omg! 而家先醒起,唔記得食埋粒藍莓😭)慶祝Xmas / 生日 / 紀念日,或者純粹想happy下,呢間堅正! continue reading
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