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今晚用了Ubxx Eat $50 discount優惠,叫到成枱滿成為$280兩款Papadum,兩大塊,原味的好乾身香脆,至於蕃茄洋蔥味就好油,明顯見到表面係令立立的,同埋食唔出有蕃茄味。另附上三款醬汁。Vindaloo: 紅紅的超辣咖哩,在印度菜中特別表明是「辣」咖哩,食唔慣嘅朋友千萬不要點。不過食得辣嘅(好似我咁)就會汁都撈埋。咖哩入面有多種蔬菜:粟米,長青豆,薯仔,椰菜花,紅蘿蔔等。個人覺得汁多過菜同埋啲菜煮得好溶,如果可以多啲菜同大舊啲就perfect 呢個炸洋蔥粒,一份有6粒,熱辣辣,入面金黃色軟綿綿的,有啲似炸魚腐嘅口感,十分香口。Chicken tikka:用左雞胸同上脾部分來做,是比較乾身的,我鍾意食滑啲同濕潤嘅雞肉,所以食呢個雞,要不停沾papadum 附上的幾款汁料。 continue reading
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Level1 2018-03-26
Indian Village is a rude and pathetic excuse for a restaurant. I ordered takeout on a weekday through self pick up, as I live about 7 minutes away from the restaurant. I also have a nut allergy, so knowing Indian cuisine I am consistently careful about asking them to either exclude nuts, or alert me if any of the curries have nuts grounded in. I did this twice over the phone with the lady who took my order, double checking my chicken tikka masala and samosas had NO NUTS, to which she confirmed clearly. Twice. I hop down to the restaurant to pick up my order and return home 10 minutes later with my food. I start on the (slightly dry) samosas and already feel my allergy coming on, but after a couple of bites into my curry it's a full blown reaction. I'm obviously upset this has happened and immediately call the restaurant back to ask which dish has nuts in it. This is where the fun starts. I am met with a different voice - a grumpy man barking across the phone which means I am forced to retell him the situation. He then proceeds to 1) shout down the phone at me for being a nuisance, 2) shout and accuse me of LYING - that I didn't request for no nuts "because he just checked with the lady" who has obviously lied about her carelessness instead, and 3) that there are cashews but no nuts (?!) He then grudgingly hurries me to choose another order, that if I return my (eaten) curry he can exchange it for another one. Mind you, he is well aware that I've had a few bites into the dish already. It turns out I'm only left with the Dahl curry because in fact ALL the other curries have ground cashews in it...So I make my way down to the restaurant again, but this time I am met with extreme hostility and disgustingly rude service by the very same man I spoke with on the phone. There was NO apology, only continued barking and shouting (in front of his customers!), pushing me out of the way while he serves his sizzling hot plate of tandoori. The lady took back my eaten tikka masala, and left it open in the kitchen - not sure why she kept it on the counter instead of throwing it in the bin... All in all, an absolute travesty. The food, which I should also comment on, was average at best although the roti and samosas were both dry.Both thumbs down. continue reading
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Level1 2016-11-06
I have been in Hong Kong had just over one year, and am an avid follower of Indian food.This place holds its own as one of the best I have been to in HK.Great selection of curries (including plenty of veggie options) excellent breads and starters. Top notch cooking with done great paneer-based dishes.The place is small-seats about 15 max including outside and inside-and is mainly used for takeaways. Friendly, local ambience and prices are decent for this area.Definitely on a par, If not better than some of the more famous Indian Restaraunt's in HK. My go-to place for Indian food- excellent continue reading
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Level2 2016-09-15
I used to go to Indian Village for lunch for many many months, once or twice a week. I always order the same so they know me well. The more I go there, the more rude they are. Long faces, makes me feel I am not welcome. Today this old guy wiped my table and deliberately splashed me with whatever crumbs or junk was on the table. That is it. I will never go again. If you like Indian food, the place has good food. But if you also want to be treated like a customer, forget it. These are assholes. continue reading
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Level1 2015-06-21
Second time eating from here. The first time I had takeaway and the curry was ferociously spicy so I was a bit cautious this time. After ordering they bought out a papadam with 2 dips, a tangy savoury yogurt and herb dip and a sweet, syrupy tangy dip, almost like pomegranate molasses. I started with vegetable samosas ($42), these were nice, potato and peas inside a crispy pastry shell. I expected them to be greasy but they weren't, nice and dry on the outside. I used the dips from the papadam with these as well. I then had the Dal Makhani ($72) and Aloo Paratha ($28). The Dal was very tasty, slightly smokey, and not overly spicy. Very thick and with tender lentils. A real comfort dish. The Aloo Paratha was also decent, nothing amazing just a good standard Paratha. I prefer bread over rice so used this to scoop up the lentils. The Paratha was a touch on the greasy side as it is pan cooked, but nothing over the top. I also had a plain lassi ($26), nothing fancy just a tangy yogurt drink. To be honest, I could have happily stopped with the samosas if I wanted a light meal, they were quite large. I was certainly full after I finished everything. The service was prompt and businesslike, no messing around but not unfriendly either. As others have said it's a tiny hole in the wall, I quite like dining in because it feels a lot more like a down to earth little place, not like the rest of the over priced places around the area. The clientele are all expats, but that's to be expected for that part of the city. Don't come expecting a restaurant style place, it's basically a kitchen with some tables in front of it. There's a couple on the footpath which are good if it's not raining. Overall spend was $168 for a large pile of satisfying food. If you aren't good with spicy food though I would let the staff know when ordering as the dishes I had the last time had no warning on them but had me reaching for the milk very quickly, and I am not inexperienced with spicy food. continue reading
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