【OpenRice Best Restaurants Awards】The Prestigious Hopes Enhancing Image of Burger

2016 is the 9th year forBurgeroom They moved from Granville Road to Fashion Walk, and the choices for the burger were increased while the popularity increased at the same time. They insist to provide high quality food as usual.

People thought that burger was a kind of cheap fast food before , but Steven and Evan did not familiar with this. They believed that burger can have a different image so that they started their adventure on burger, to breakthrough the old frame, and to create something new and special, so as to enhance the image of burger. They like eating very much, so that merge their dining experience with burger, and try out the new combination for burger. Burger is no longer to stick with two loads of bread, a piece of meat burger, and vegetables, it can be more possibilities, lobster, foie gras etc.

Photos by 美食無止境~

Photos by Zoe chui

This is their first time to win the honour, and they win three prizes in total, including The Prestigious. They are happy about this and they disclosed that they are work hard on new ideas now. And they hope that “burger” is not only a kind of food for satisfying the physical need, but also for enjoying the food.

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