Must Try Burgers in Hong Kong
The burgers from these burger joints in Hong Kong are not only mouthwatering and delicious, but are also antibiotic and hormone free. With unique combinations and meat sourced from the freshest farms, here are the choices for 5 must try burgers in Hong Kong. 

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Sourcing their grass-fed meat from family-owned farms, Quarter Master is a burger and steak restaurant that embraces sustainability. All of the meats served here are sourced from the neighborhood butcher shop, Bones and Blades, who carefully examine the environment that every ingredient comes from. This small, casual shop serves simple burgers,focusing on the strong delicious flavor of the meat. One of their signature dishes is the Spicy Lamb Burger topped with a tangy yogurt sauce. In addition, they also offer a variety of grass-fed steaks, rare breed pork and Welsh lamb. After ordering, guests can watch the chefs season and grill the food through the open kitchen set up. With the smell, sound and taste all amazing, this is a must for meat lovers out there.

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From beef and seafood burgers to chicken and duck burgers, Burgeroom has a burger option for every taste bud possible. Each burger type has an extensive menu with toppings including chili coleslaw, portobello mushroom, pineapple and guacamole. For something heartier than just a Bacon Cheeseburger, they also have a Foie Gras Beef Burger, and those that want even more can add more foie gras.Their seafood burgers are quite unique, featuring their Hiroshima deep fried oyster cheeseburger, king prawn egg burger and Boston lobster burger. Burgeroom even has the option for kids to host a burger making birthday party in their restaurant! With all kinds of burger combinations, Burgeroom is the place to go for burger fanatics.

Honbo is a burger joint that places a large emphasis on serving burgers made with the freshest ingredients. Everyday, ingredients are freshly delivered to Honbo - including their veggies harvested in Yuen Long and their potato milk buns baked only 15 minutes away. Like all burger places, Honbo has a classic beef burger with their house sauce, however they also have a Soft Shell Crab burger. For the more adventurous, try their Scallop on Bun with pico de gallo and wasabi mizuna. Anyone that still wants to enjoy a burger when dining with vegetarians or vegans can take them here, as they have a wide vegan selection. Vegans can enjoy their Vegan burger with a homemade patty, topped with lettuce, onions and umami sauce. While this restaurant does not take any reservations, they do have indoor and outdoor seating that guests can choose from. 

The name Beef & Liberty arises from the slogan of the 18th and 19th century Beefsteak Club; they were a club of high profile Londoners that would gather for a meal of steak and potatoes. The beef for this burger joint originates from Scottish Longhorn cattle and is grinded in house daily to maintain fresh flavors and textures. To start off the meal, guests can choose between starters like Spicy Corn off the Cob and Mac n Cheese bites. Following this, there are 4 different beef burgers, a vegetarian falafel burger, a chicken burger and slow-cooked BBQ pork burger to pick from. Those that are more health conscious can opt for the Patty on a Plate, substituting the buns for a green leafy salad. If anyone has some late night cravings, Beef & Liberty in Lan Kwai Fong opens until midnight on Friday and Saturday.

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With the option to create your own burger and six different signature recipes to select from, Big Fernand is a burger restaurant that draws inspiration from French cuisine. Of their six signature recipes, two of their most popular include the Le Big Fernand with beef patty, tomme de savoie cheese, sun dried tomatoes, parsley and homemade cocktail sauce and Le Bartholome with a beef patty, raclette de savoie cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, chives, signature BBQ sauce and homemade cocktail sauce. The burgers here are packed with ingredients from cheese and veggies to herbs and homemade sauces. Apart from beef burgers, Big Fernand also has a lamb, chicken, veal and mushroom option that guests can also customize. Regular customers won’t get bored of the food here because they have a special edition burger that gets updated regularly. 

Written by: Audree Wang

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