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This restaurant specializes in yakiniku, or Japanese grilled meat, and is Wagyumafia's 'Ride it out' project to support the community and farmers in this difficult period in HK. Located in Sheung Wan Hollywood Centre, the restaurant only took 250 bookings per month.Entering the restaurnt gave you the feeling that you came to the airport, with the interior designs using plenty of airport signage, and a large departure board flipping through different messages, the plush seating and cabinets reminiscent of airport lounges. Really interesting decor and ambience.We had pre-ordered the BBQ Plate Combo Set ($480 each), which include a Wagyu Bone Broth. Milky white in color, it could be mistaken to have cream added but in fact it was purely from the fat from the beef bones after cooking for a long time. Rich and with a bit of black pepper to season, it tastes good. The main dish is the 150g Ozaki Wagyu Plate, and when served the staff posed for a signature and fun way. The beef is divided into three types, each of equal portion, including Lean, Medium and Fatty. The beef came from Miyazki, considered by many the best beef in the world. Started from the Lean cut, the meat has strong beef flavors, and is best seasoned with a little bit of salt and pepper. This is my wife's favorite. The Medium cut is my favorite among the three, and after grilled to perfect medium rare, has a juicy and soft texture while also oozing with the nice flavors. The restaurant also prepared the Big Eye BBQ Sauce which has a great balance of soy sauce savory, a bit of sweetness and thickens with the egg yolk. Really amazingly delicious.The Fatty cut really melts in the mouth, but if one does not want to have too fatty bite, another way is to grill for a slightly longer time to caramelize the surface. And this is best eaten with the daikon provided. Very good indeed.The Rice served is Koshihikari, the popular Japanese rice. A great complement to the beef and throughout the meal I tempted to ask for another serving of the rice. The portion size is not small, and finishing the combo set I was already full. But I convinced myself to try another dish, decided to have Wagyu Keema Curry ($280). A smart choice to my credit, the curry is fragrant and tasty, just a tiny bit spicy. With the minced wagyu completely covering the rice underneath, and topped with an egg yolk on top. A must try in my opinion as well.For dessert I had the Soft Ice Cream ($40). Made to order, the ice cream has an intense rich and great taste of the milk, with a bit of sea salt added to enrich the sweetness and flavors. Even the wafer cone is super crunchy and good. Another must try. Service is very good, with the staff coming over to explain all the details, and even having small talks with us about himself. Very friendly and making you feel welcome, the overall dining experience is extremely enjoyable and comfortable. The bill was 1,540 and considering the premium beef and the additional curry I ordered, plus the beverages, it was a very good deal and if you like wagyu beef, this restaurant is one I highly recommend. 繼續閱讀
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I loveeee yakininiku (Japanese grilled beef) 🥩I’ve visited several in Hong Kong and also in Tokyo. This restaurant certainly is the most interesting one in terms on their decor! As you enter this hip restaurant, you will notice Arrivals/ Departures / Check-in signs on the wall and a large departure board in the center flipping through various messages. If you are here on a special occasion, you can request Happy Birthday 🎂 , Happy Anniversary 🌹 and other messages up on there too! How cute! With such interiors, you will be fondly reminded of lounging at an airport and waiting to board on your next flight. Oh, memories of flying!!! ✈️ No sweat. You can still get imported Miyazaki beef 🥩 from Japan 🇯🇵 just sitting right where you are. Their lunch combo is $480, a pretty good deal for different cuts of meat You will be served a Wagyu Bone Broth as starter, a 150g Plate of Miyazaki Beef from Lean to Fatty cut, and cucumbers 🥒 and daikons as sides. There are different sauces to try with the meat like their Home-made Yuzu Chili and Super Chili sauces 🌶 along with a dish of bbq sauce with egg yolk. You can also find the same homemade chili sauces in their sister restaurant, Wagyumafia.Quality of the beef was OK. My favorite was their medium cut with yuzu chili 🌶 sauce It was juicy and well-balanced with sauce flavors. But one thing, I thought their meat were cut a little too thick. It would be nicer in texture if each slice was thinner so it would be less chewy. Oh, and you have to cook your own meat. Roll up those sleeves. Overall, don’t expect the best quality of meat and flavors from here. You are here for the fun ambience and good price! Worth to try once! This is also a great (& much cheaper) alternative if you can’t score seats at the expensive sister restaurant, Wagyumafia - for wagyu themed kaiseki - which I thought was also just OK.For Japanese grilled meat, I prefer to visit Yakiniku Great. 繼續閱讀
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今日嚟到order左omakase ,連埋加一,$1076一位。食完之後除咗失望都係失望。無可否認,呢一間係一間相當聰明嘅餐廳,佢用盡心思令人留下深刻印象,而亦都成功做到。餐廳無論喺服務、環境、定位、以致打卡點設計等等都做得非常好。唯一做得唔好嘅就係食物,如果佢係海洋公園或者迪士尼樂園,我一定會比滿分佢,好可惜佢係一間餐廳。作為一間以燒肉作為主打嘅餐廳,首先要講嘅當然係肉嘅質素。成間餐廳所提供嘅和牛都有一個共通點,就係韌都咬唔爛。肉味唔係話冇,不過冇乜特別;當然,除咗肉嘅質素,亦都有啲餐廳會喺配料同醬汁到花心思。好可惜,yakinikumafia 嘅醬汁亦都相當平凡,所謂嘅signature sauce 就係蘿蔔柚子醋加生雞蛋,留意番,佢有另外一個sauce 係蘿蔔柚子醋,簡單講,即係豉油係一個汁,辣油係一個汁,豉油溝辣油當係第三個汁,仲話係秘製添。至於個所謂秘製和牛炒飯,其實就係大量嘅牛油加埋蒜片,炒個飯。啲肉好差又一定唔係,肉味係有嘅,不過冇乜深度,係普通牛肉味。口感方面莫講話入口即溶,連咬都咬唔開。一間口感欠奉,肉味普通,仲要自己燒嘅燒肉餐廳,我諗起嘅就係牛角。不過牛角$88 ,呢度$888另外加一,兩者唯一嘅分別,就喺呢度上菜嘅時候會有個人係你旁邊鬼殺咁嘈咁喺度嗌。有人話呢啲叫presentation,有人話呢啲叫做整色整水,佢把聲值唔值八舊水就見仁見智,不過我就唔會俾。對於呢一種完全忽視食物質素,過度追求「打卡」位嘅反智文化,我實在不吐不快。偏偏仲有好多好似我咁傻嘅人排住隊幫襯呢間餐廳。成個餐唯一令我印象深刻嘅就係個雪糕,的確好香牛奶味。 繼續閱讀
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今日朋友生日食生日飯e間日本開過黎嘅過江龍一開嘅時候非常難book位適逢假期提早幾日book位試試距上網book需要先比錢可以叫combo set或者omakase set雖然係combo但並無頭盤只有肉同飯肉距有個好大嘅bar檯係面前預備肉上檯嘅時候會叫日文好號都幾得意架presentation無得彈肉方面有Lean, Medium同Fatty距會教你由3點鐘方向開始食先食Lean,再食Medium,再食Fatty個人覺得Lean嘅肉味唔夠重而肉質唔夠亂另外Medium同Fatty個個都ok嘅不過以e嘅價錢黎講脂肪分佈唔夠均勻雪糕要加$40係北海道牛奶雪糕反而有驚喜牛奶味好重又唔太甜不過嘅cone就唔夠脆如果有朋友生日距地可以系個版上幫你寫朋友個名都幾特別嘅另外台上可以無線差電個人認為E間餐廳Gimmick好夠一試無妨不過肉就無想象中甘好不過overall experience都算係好嘅 繼續閱讀
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曾幾何時這店的用餐需要提早預約,過了幾個月後,現在預約變得容易很多,但這店仍然很特別地電話沒有人接聽電話,預約也只可以從網上預約,也需要提早預繳全額才可享用美食。我們點了兩客combo set 。食物包括有湯牛肉和飯。牛骨湯從日本空運到港味道濃郁。負責的侍應是新手也是第一次服務客人,令我感驚訝。介紹的時候,可能是場內音樂太大,很難聽到侍應的介紹。和牛方面有三個不同部位,由柔嫩變肥美。味道還可以吧!但如果是男士當正餐,就未必足夠份量。最特別的是,如果是生日慶祝,可以安排在門口寫上生日慶祝字句。 繼續閱讀
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