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等級2 2019-02-15
1216 瀏覽
My boy and I spent our Valentine’s Day dinner at Town. We’ve never been here before, but as a Michelin Guide restaurant by chef Bryant Nagao, how can it be wrong?I actually reached the restaurant before for our reservation. The staffs who helped us were very patient and helpful, especially the restaurant manager, Victor. I mean the general quality of service in HK catering industry does drop recently, thus I’m very glad that Town can keep its standard high.Go back to our dinner. Unfortunately they offered only standard valentines dinner set, including four courses, each had 2 options. We two decided to order both and share them.My appetizer was beef tartare with uni, which was just amazing! The beef was so tender and fresh, and the flavor just bomber together with the sweetness of uni. OMG I can still feel the taste even now. My boyfriend’s was poached shrimp, which was well executed as well based on my only one bite (he liked it a lot haha).Then came my endive, which was my favorite course that night. It was kinda like pickle vegetables, but less sourer and more crunchy. You can definitely taste the freshness and sweetness of the endive every bite you had. And when you has it together with the blue cheese and candies walnut, it was another level. The complicated flavors and textures all came in one bite, but in every harmony. That’s very interesting!I ordered sea bream as my main and my boy had the medium rare sirloin. Look at my sea bream! It was just stunning and well executed, love the soft texture and light flavor of that. I tried my boyfriend’s sirloin as well. Actually that came with a foie gras. I mean the combination can’t be wrong right?For dessert, mine is chocolate mouse. It was so lovely in the shape of heart. So Valentine’s Day haha. It was very rich with some Berryman inside. The sourness and sweetness just well balanced.To be honest it was one of the best restaurants I had in a year, and I’ll definitely put it on my list for revisit. That should be very soon. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2019-02-03
883 瀏覽
今天在餐廳廚房能夠見到主廚Bryan Nagao, 心感興奮, 我還以為他在台北的分店打點呢!以他的名氣和之前他在Felix工作的定位, Weekend Brunch會很貴嗎? 不! 兩個人連加一也只是六百多元, 但用料和製作絕不會將貨就價, Antipasto以自助餐形式較為隨意, 主菜一點也不馬虎. 像是和牛牛腩肉, 廚師們將外表的脂肪移取, 看起來像牛柳, 但吃上去內𥚃油脂激發, 被它的外表騙了, 簡單以四季豆和新薯伴碟就夠, 汁醬和芥辣也不用了. 羊T-Bone的份量驚人, 比一般見的羊架大得多, 火候控制剛好, 叫Medium Rare真的做到Core是鮮紅, 羊羶味剛剛好, 青蘋果醬微酸也和羊羶味足好拍檔呢!台灣分店會強調食材來自台灣, 但香港則比較少, 其實香港的豬, 家禽和菜也不少, 而且質素也不錯的. 繼續閱讀
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A nice and quiet restaurant with a romantic setting. The food quality is very high. I used the entertainer app and ordered the sea urchin pasta and the beef cheek. Both dishes are skilfully cooked and very satisfying. And with the entertainer app, the cheaper main course is free! I love how the sea urchin pasta is al dente. The texture of the angel hair is optimal! And the raw sea urchin is fresh and delicious. The beef cheek is served with vegetables and risotto. A selection of mustards is offered. The meat is very tender. The risotto is colourful and tasty.In addition, the bread basket has a good variety of bread. 繼續閱讀
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這是一次BUY ONE GET ONE FREE 活動的晚餐, 這裡的主廚應該是個日本人, 不過做菜則以西式的表現手法, 食材則有一半係日式食材, 擺碟則是以西式為主,Panna 礦泉水750 ml $68Pipikaula $258 因為當晚沒有紅蝦所以要了這個半生的醃牛肉, 造型係砌成一個"山"字型嘅三座紅色小山丘, 山頂上放有幾片海膽,由於牛肉有醬油醃漬過味道變得有點模糊, 但質地無疑是嫩且滑, 滑係因為有一個透明的汁, 另有食用花作裝飾, Tagliolini Uni $358海膽手工麵條又是另一個既美觀又好味的麵條, 當然如果大家想在家做的話一點也不困難, 買對食材就已經做對了一半, 只係個透明獻汁可能會有點難, Agnalotti $348 這是另一個手工義大利云吞配蜆/ 毛荳, 云吞好像是野豬肉, 放在面的紫色花瓣相當漂亮而且好食, Sucking Pig $358 豬雖則只有兩件, 但每件都有相當厚度, 皮薄脆但跟廣東式的很不同, 肉質好有咬口, 碟上每一種配菜都各異其趣, 同時每一個味道都各自特出本質, Lamb Rack $388 雖然係一件過的羊鞍加一小片羊肉, 但一刀切下就知道這只是接近五成熟, 完全合乎我們要求, 價位有點高但總算交足貨, 而當晚堆單時的主菜買一送一出了點問題, 拿過來的單只免了一個主菜, 兩個麵食之一的麵食沒有做買一送一, 所以我問了拿單來的女待應, 但她說買一送一只能免一個, 不過她說問一下經理, 後來經理過來用相當有禮貌的笑容回應, 本來餐廳的原意是只限一品,但可能今次未能事前清楚解釋好, 令客人有誤會十分抱歉只要客人吃得開心免多另一個主菜完全沒有問題, 這樣的待客態度的確係現今服務業須要的, 這店的確是走高檔路線的餐廳, 由食物至服務質素, 絕對是特別日子才應該來的店, 不過今年將會對這種店的挑戰之年, 由於可見的種種經濟因素, 希望他們能多動腦筋挺過去吧! 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2018-12-16
1012 瀏覽
Yea it’s small portion but that left you craving for more lol. So honored to have chef @bryannagao explaining the dishes to us and giving us the white truffle rain!! Really appreciate the innovative ideas across the diff courses. This pasta is definitely a stelllllar dish among the 5-course dinner which has Italian / Japanese / French influences(?). HKD 700! + HKD 170 for the Alba white truffle tagliolini. 繼續閱讀
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