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因為親友宴客,才一嘗在這間充滿古典氣派的餐廳吃一餐Champagne Brunch Buffet。內裡保留了水警的辦公室,建築很impressive, 所以想作為我第一篇寫的食評。Buffet食物選擇貴精不貴多,別期望與晚市buffet一樣壯觀。有基本的沙律, appetizer, 日式前菜, 煙肉蛋等一般西式早餐, 幸好還有生蠔、小龍蝦兩種海產。當日食的生蠔海水味較濃,想問問大廚生蠔的產地,可惜他忘了,不過值得一讚是大廚從廚房拿出幾隻來自法國的生蠔,味道較creamy,配合香檳味道好夾。廚師補充每日會有不同品種的生蠔供應。主菜選擇反而幾多,揀了Steamed Sole Fillet 和 Pan Fried Tasmanian Sea Perch兩款。雖說份量不多,擺位不花巧,但味道的確不錯,難得吃到沒有腥味的Sea Perch,而伴碟菜也不馬夫,那個焗薯真的超甜。甜品擺位精緻,但不算太有特色。因肚快撐爆的關係,只吃了banana caramel mouuse 和chocolate mouuse , 但兩款都有點甜過頭喇。然而可以任吃6 款Haagen Dazs雪糕, 當是彌補對甜品的少少遺憾啦~ 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-08-23
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I have never dined at the beautiful antique Hullett House, so I was quite excited brunching at the Parlour last Sunday. The bubbly brunch offers buffet salad and dessert counters, a main course from a wide selection with free flow champagne, summer wild berries champagne cocktails, fresh juices and carbonated drinks at a price of HKD668. Quite expensively priced, one of my friends got us special deal from Travel Zoo so we can indulge the brunch at HKD560! How could we ignore the offer?Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne & Cocktail BarThe Champagne the Parlour offers is Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne which is a popular and delicious brand of Champagne. There is also a cocktail bar where the bartender creates summer berries champagne cocktails with the Veuve Clicquot Brut, fruit syrup and other fresh ingredients. There are three flavours in total, strawberry, raspberry and bluberry. I tried both the strawberry and blueberry, they tasted pretty good but I like the champagne the way it is.Seafood. Salad and Cold Cuts StationsThe seafood station is one of our highlights at the brunch. Hot red crawfish, Taylor Bay Oysters, Gigas Oysters, Mussels, Shrimp and conch were constantly refilled even after our mutilple attacks. I particular like the sweet red crawfish and the creamy and big Taylor Bay Oysters. The salad station has vast choices, where rockets, iceberg, croutons, olives, and all sorts of preserved foods are available. The cold cuts station has lots of variety as well but only the parma ham plates attracted me. On my plate, I love the gherkin most, it was crisp and sweet, probably the best gherkin I have tasted recently.Cheese StationThe cheese selection is vast, I cut a piece of everything to share with my table. Most of the cheese available are soft cheese, typical camembert, brie and comte can be found and are creamy and delicious. Hard cheese are also available, but I prefer more mature and nutty hard cheese. The blue cheese has a pungent aroma and intense flavour. There is also crackers, green grapes and plum to go with the cheese.Seared Australian Beef StriploinMy main was seared Australian Beef Striploin. The look already explained itself that this is no exciting beef. The beef striploin was crazily chewy which gave my jaw a hard time chewing so I gave up half way. The striploin was quite tasteful itself, just lacking a sexy charred taste and aroma that I except every steak to have, especially they mentioned it was seared. The sautéed potatoes was divine, with a nice crust and a soft and smooth inner. The herb roasted cabbage was okay, it did not taste as burn as it looks.Dessert StationThe dessert station is one of the beloved stations for the girls, but unfortunately none of the girls found any of the desserts amusing. We had fun at the Häagen-Dazs ice cream station where there are heaps of different condiments to added atop of the ice-cream.Whether the brunch worths the price really depends on how much you can drink really. The food options in general was not vast in comparison to other brunch places, plus the main was not good. To be honest, I do not think I would not recommend anyone to pay HKD668 for this brunch, I would rather go to Amber for a paired wine brunch or Aqua's bubbly brunch with much nicer main.  繼續閱讀
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等級1 2013-01-08
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With family visiting from overseas, I decided to book the champagne brunch at The Parlour to celebrate Xmas Day. We were charged around $1000 a head. None of us had ever tried The Parlour's brunch before so it was a risky move to book it for such a special occassion - unfortunately the risk didn't pay off.The buffet food selection seemed fine on first appearance, but the breads and bruschettas turned out to be pretty stale. Despite charging more than usual as it was a Xmas Day brunch, there wasn't much Christmassy food at all (the only thing I spotted were sprouts and chestnuts). The main course was a-la-carte and were of the most miniscule portions - tiny slithers of meat, with literally one piece of potato and one piece of carrot each. It was pretty laughable. The dessert buffet was 90% different types of chocolate - not sure if it is deliberately intended to be a chocolate buffet but it would've been nice to get a bit more variety. I nabbed one of the few non-chocolatey desserts (a tiramisu) and it was essentially just a dollop of cream. The service was just about ok, but not overly helpful, even though we were clearly not very happy customers. The food wasn't topped up regularly so we had to frequently ask for more food and cheeses / desserts to be put out. Frustrating.Oh and a tip for the restaurant: don't put decorative chemical-type liquids that aren't edible in small (open) bowls and glasses on a dessert buffet table - it's pretty easy for kids or even adults to mistake it for dessert. Definite thumbs down from this particular customer. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-12-01
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臨走前公關小姐送來一客米芝蓮星級甜品行政總廚Alexis製作的玫瑰草莓果醬,據聞是全人手每日製作,天然製作連防腐劑亦沒添加,但亦能保存30天。換個麥包試試,效果好了一點,也吃到豐富的玫瑰花味,而「酸咪咪」的草莓也開胃,但比較起之後配吃剩小塊的希臘芝士,我還是較喜歡後者。果醬可在周末、日在Hullett House的市集買到。 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2012-11-27
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好友生日, 我倆都在海港城附近上班, 誠意推薦這家餐廳替她慶祝。這裡的環境真的很舒服。食物中上, 員工服務態度友善有禮。之前已到訪過幾次, 大多數都是蠻享受的。喜歡坐在戶外, 天氣清涼時, 格外喜悅。這裡供應的前菜, 甜品自助餐, 種類變化不大。但每次都有幾款新選擇。今次的甜品種類七款有四款我之前都未見過, 前菜有三款都是新的, 所以都好開心。今天的新前菜有Parma Ham & Honey Melon, 芝麻吞拿魚, 日式八爪魚今天的主菜我們選了羊, 但份量相對以前比較少, 幸好賣相味道我們都很滿意。今天的甜品有Tirramisu, Passion Fruit Cheescake, Lemon Tart, Rasperry Puff 都是第一次遇見, 口感味道都很好, 很軟滑, 真是有水準之作。Cappaccino 好香好飲。在這麼多的社會問題和工作之餘, 有時能夠在這些舒適的餐廳享用一頓午膳, 真的可以讓心中的煩惱暫時消失。謝謝 The Parlour。And Happy Birther to my dear friend. 繼續閱讀
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