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The French Window,如玻璃屋的設計讓客人盡覽風景如畫的維多利亞港。位於中環的地標國際金融中心商場,The French Window是輕酌一番、品嚐小吃及與好友暢聚享用美饌佳餚的最佳去處。採用來自世界各地的高品質新鮮食材,The French Window讓你品嚐極具歐洲特色的美食,體驗休閒生活態度。 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2019-04-09
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I haven't had time for brunch at the weekend since I started work as a freelance. Not until The French Window, a restaurant that I wanted to try for so long, releases a seafood brunch being served with selectable mains. Amouse Bouche comes two little crispy toasted pan brioche with rich egg yolk mousse and caviar on top.For the pre-main, we have a phenomenal seafood platter. I love the fresh oysters especially and the Boston lobsters are super meaty and tender. Pumpkin soup is super heart-warming and it is really smooth and creamy. The toasted crisp rice inside makes it a great chewiness too!  Next are the mains. Again, Boston lobster, baked with Gruviere cheese, mustard and cognac sauce. Loved the cherry tomatoes on the side as well as the mashed potato underneath.My favourite goes to the beef tenderloin. Even though I don't like foie gras but the truffle slices gives an amazing fragrance to the plate. The tenderloin is so tender and juicy, which is cooked to a medium-rare. Last but not least, we have a chocolate slice topped with coffee cream and macarons on the side. 繼續閱讀
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等級6 2019-04-01
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若然你好似我一樣,天天忙碌地工作,那麼週末享受一頓豐盛的 brunch,絕對是應有的生活的態度!遠的不到,省下腳程,就在 IFC 國際金融中心內的 French Window 渡過了週日半天。甫進 French Window 之前,必需經過大門及酒吧,長長的走廊,何等的氣派!前往的旅程當中,已經感覺超然!自在的高雅氣質、配合維港海景,在這兒吃飯,不就是努力工作的回報嗎!$598/位的 brunch 包括六道菜,最吸引我的,除了有豐富的海鮮拼盤之外,主菜七選一全部都非常合意,班尼迪蛋、燒豬柳、挪威三文魚、阿拉斯加比目魚、黑松露意大利飯、波士頓龍蝦及牛柳扒;我愛 surf & turk,因此加錢選擇了後兩款,Beef Tenderloin 及 Lobster Thermidor。 The Bread Amouse Bouche Vintage Sturia Caviar, Egg York Mousse, Pan Brioche我習慣對餐前小食抱期望,因為相信大廚定會精心製作,博取客人的第一印象。 今日的金箔黑魚子蛋黃醬小餅,果然小巧矜貴,一口可吃,組合簡單但有層次。Welcome Sea Grand Cocktail Seasonal Fresh Shucked Oyster, Half Boston Lobster, Cocktail Shrimp, Black Mussels豐富的海鮮拼盤,整只開邊波士頓龍蝦佔了大盤三份之一面積,另外三份一是四隻巨型生蠔,其餘就是海蝦及青口的組合。醬汁方面 Cocktail Sauce 是想見的,黑胡椒、醋及青蔥碎的混合有新意。海鮮新鮮就是好,肉彈鮮甜,原味已經非常鮮美,蘸點醬汁錦上添花。Pumpkin & Camaroll Soup Roast seeds, fresh thyrme繼而配一碗熱騰騰的南瓜湯,特色在額外灑上果仁及香草,倍增口感。 Pumpkin Raviolo Fondue Cheese Sauce這道菜是一棵南瓜意大利餃子,做得實在精緻有動感,內藏軟綿綿的芝士,既清亦豐厚。 Smoked Duck Breast Roast Walnuts, Balsamic Vinegar煙燻鴨胸配烤合桃碎,配合上乘醋汁點綴的沙律,非常醒胃。 Tournedos Rossini (+$98) Beef Tenderloin, Roast Alsatian foie Gras, Truffle Demi-Glace主角香煎鵝肝配牛柳非常符合期望,煎得恰到好處,牛肉鬆軟、香嫩汁多,鵝肝外脆內軟,燒汁味濃郁。 Boston Lobster Thermidor (+$88) Gruviere Cheese, Mustard & Cognac Sauce波士頓龍蝦,塗上芝士之後,被輕輕的烤過,脂香四溢但不過份,剛好提升了龍蝦的肉香,味道自然相比海鮮拼盤豐富,各有出色。 Dessert Coffee & Chocolate Bar Meringue, Fresh Strawbery美麗的甜品,咖啡慕絲與朱古力條非常合拍,濃郁味香,口感幼滑。 L'ASSOETTE DE FROMAGE Assorted Cheese Platter擺盤非常靚,有造型有色彩。每粒芝士皆以水果相隔,一口芝士、一口酸甜果子,正最理想的口感,還有中央小匙內的蜜糖,集酸甜芝香於一身。週末海景早午餐,配一杯白酒,寫意的半天,盡在不言中。服務、水準及環境皆配合定位,性價比非常合理,值得考慮。 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2019-09-18
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Looking for a relaxing environment on a weekday with view in around IFC? French Window might very well be your choice. They offered a variety of drinks from red/white/beer/hard liquor with soda. We ordered a bottle of french red to shared among 3 and ordered two extra glasses and the bill was only $165? In IFC i would consider this a bargain. They also have a cheese patter which goes pretty well with the drinks but we didnt order it so I have no photograph. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2019-09-13
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French Window這間餐廳平時幫客訂得多,今次終於有機會試,也算是香港比較classic的Fine dine. 我們被安排坐在的位置,前面便是如畫般的夜景。當晚點了一個dinner set. 有兩個前菜、一個主菜和兩個甜品,文華酒店的餐飲一向都是質素高,無容置疑,質素一如既往的好。加上Fine Dining本來就不單要食物好,環境、服務各樣都能維似酒店水平,值得一讚。 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2019-08-19
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Been here before for dinner 2 yrs ago but boy was I disappointed for the Birthday lunch I organised for my mother. At $598 per person, you can't expect much but we were the only table on a Saturday to begin with from about 1pm-2pm. Staff were noisey and chatting loudly...the french background music was a little too loud too. If it weren't for the loud staff I'd ask for the music to be turned down. The cleaner lady started hoovering the entrance area...again irritating noise. Ruining the whole ambience! One shocking thing I found was that the overly scratched hot water glasses are from IKEA! No respectful food/drink outlet would use anything from IKEA let alone The French Window. The servers did not talk to explain the dish or at least the title when placing on the table. 3 different people served our food and no one said a word which we all found strange...Asked to take the seafood shell bowl away as the table was small and the girl just said "no". Comical moment.The food I'd give an overall 3 star. Which is good. The food saved it from being a 1 star.Overall disappointing experience. Would not return. 繼續閱讀
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