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兩位創辦人Christophe Pelé和Frederic Peneau,分別曾於巴黎星級餐廳La Bigarrade和2013年 獲《The World's 50 Best Restaurants》選為最佳餐廳之一的Le Chateaubriand工作。餐廳無論環境設計和菜式皆走摩登簡約路線,大廚跳出傳統法式烹飪框框,著重食物原味,每天採購新鮮食材。客人品嚐美食時,可配以法國入口的全天然葡萄酒。 繼續閱讀
米芝蓮一星餐廳 (2016-18)
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等級4 2017-12-03
5874 瀏覽
The a la carts offerings from this kind of restaurant are why people brand expensive food pretentious ($420 for 4 pieces of bite-sized lamb?!). Each of us had a starter and a main. Needless to say, we left the restaurant hungry. Serving sizes aside, the creativity on the dishes are average at best. The octopus starter was so small that I barely got a taste. It was not memorable. Both the duck and lamb were not particularly tasty either. What a disappointment. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2017-11-24
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第一次黎,係湾仔街市,wet market 周围又湿又乱七八糟,后面围枱大声讲大声笑,好彩menu 价钱提醒返我今晚係高级歺厅食饭,如果唔係我真係以为去左大排挡。可惜service 好 casual ,道菜食完刀叉又唔换,staff 又唔attentive,最搞笑係歺厅原来无toilet ! 有需要就去隔离类似公厕既厕所,环境认真麻麻地,高级歺厅价钱,但环境同服务都吓死人喎。Could you believe it?!再讲味道,由冻冰冰麵包开始,到main course 牛肉同海胆完全唔配,肉质劲chewy!连 Michelin Star推介水平都无喎! 甜点亦唔吸引。唔怪之得Friday night 八点钟都仲甘多空枱(有图有真相),哦,明白哂。以后保证一定唔会再黎。 繼續閱讀
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We elected to try out Serge et Le Pouche because it was awarded one star by the latest Michelin Guide. The restuarant is located in the Wan Chai district of Hong Kong, next to the local wet market and away from the expat heavy areas of Bo Innovation and the Pawn. We were seated at a common table, a high top table where another couple was dining already. Unfortunately, we did get water or the menu for a good ten plus minutes. The common theme of the night was that the restuarant was under staffed.When we finally received service, we elected the Chef's Menu. Our first dish was cucumber granite with sea grape. It was a cold dish that was quite flavorful and refreshing. The next dish was fried squid. The squid was very tender and the batter was done just right. This dish was followed by the Tuna Tataki with pomelo, which was probably my favorite dish of the night, I only wish there was more of it. Our next dish was monkfish, which was sort of a sashimi flavor. The next two dishes, the eggplant and the rabbit... came together. We didn't know what the meat was and had to inquire. When we heard rabbit, we could only ponder back when the waiter asked us if we had any dietary restrictions; we said no. Our understanding of that question was whether we had any food allergies, but we assumed wrong. Needless to say neither of us liked our main dish.Anyway the eggplant fried with miso and mix herbs was very good the texture of this dish was excellent.Our desert was dried plum fruit pudding and lemon tart, which was really good. We also got a surprise afterward, a sort of a maceroon puff.In summary, some dishes were excellent but some are very average; however, the service was very disappointed. It took more than 20 minutes to just give us the bill. It definitely not worth a one Michelin star, and I don't think I will come back for this tasting menu. 繼續閱讀
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Taste of Hong Kong 2017,星級食肆Serge et le Phoque連續兩屆參與.餐廳由一手建立巴黎Le Chateaubriand的Fred Peneau,伙拍米芝蓮二星Bigarrade大廚Christophe Pelé和室內設計師Charles Pelletier,2013年於灣仔街市附近開設優閒法式bistro.菜式走contemporary French及minimal cuisine風格,採用國際及在地材料,提供the chef's tasting menu和à la carte.餐廳名稱由來,Serge是店主小兒名字,Phoque是他幻想的寵物海獅,很sweet~法國人就是有這樣的浪漫情懐,而餐廳亦標明good for children.創辦人來頭可是不少,先說Le Chateaubriand於2009年獲選為The world's best 50 restaurants第40位,2010年榮昇至11位,該兩年首位分別是elBulli和Noma.而已結業的Bigarrade,在2010年Christophe Pelé賣盤前是二星餐廳;香港開設富玩味的Serge et le Phoque於2016-2017摘下一星.期後盧森堡皇子Prince Robert把香榭麗舍大道附近一座19世紀豪宅改建成Hôtel Dillon,其中開設Le Clarence以重塑法國美食風尚和非凡的餐飲工藝為目的,Chef Christophe Pelé身任Exécutive Chef及Managing Director,餐廳開了短短一年於今年2017就榮獲二星.長篇大論喋喋不休只是想帶出摘星餐廳不是出於僥倖或者偶然,是人家付出血汗的努力成果,背後不單有技巧,理念去支持,亦有漫長悠久的歷史文化浸淫;此君是實至名歸的星級大廚,不是坊間某些人仕,在星級廚房洗過菜做過幫廚,就以此大做文章自抬身價.相反那些鄙視這項榮譽的人仕,不知多少是酸葡萄心態.Serge et le Phoque標榜"A la minute"cooking(nothing is pré-cooked or prepared in advance),我想八瓜魚怎也要預先煑腬後方可烤焦,掌握烹調時間視乎每頭大小.不能一大窩煲熟就算了.Taste of Hong Kong當日,我嚐了其中一道菜就是{烤八瓜魚皮蛋秘魯辣椒蟹籽}(Grilled octopus,century egg,ajî Amarillo & tobiko)($120)在counter取得的食物,釀我十分驚訝~~擺碟造型漂亮吸引,完全無可掦剔,只是百來塊錢,但他們没有將價就貨,求其是旦冇所謂的敷衍了事,而是真心做好這碟菜餚.八瓜魚份量有六塊之多,肉質清甜,軟硬度剛好,沒有過腬或過韌,有嚼勁之餘帶棉糯,外表烤得焦香色澤亮麗,配以蟹籽,皮蛋碎和酸薑,增加口感和提鮮..其中伴以秘魯辣汁活像畫龍點睛,讓整個味道層次生動起來.此時此刻,襯以冰凍香檳,完美得無語..Ajî Amarillo paste是烹調秘魯菜主要材料之一,製作簡單,將揼水袪衣祛籽的辣椒,加鹽,胡椒,少許水或食油搗爛便成.近年南美菜式食材全球大熱,其中秘魯共有三間餐廳入選2017五十大,計同南美共有九間;継西班牙和北歐之後,秘魯菜可能是未來的皇者.當代法國菜喜以中日食材入饌,豆䜴,花椒,木魚,柚子不再是潮物,繼而向新世界或舊絲路取經,兜兜轉轉最後方才想起世界是圓.傳統是根基,技巧是樑柱,缺了這兩者,往上搭建只是危樓,不論修飾得多美.相信Serge et le Phoque會繼續奉行"a respect for the tradition while always celebrating innovation"的理念,就是慶祝創新的同時,尊重傳統..他們有足夠實力. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2017-02-02
8306 瀏覽
After years of overpriced mediocrity and even more overpriced excellence, I’ve finally found an upscale Western restaurant in HK that I can genuinely say is really good, and really worth the price.Set on the outskirts of Wan Chai wet market, Serge et la Phoque is a warmly decorated French restaurant that draws heavily on Asian (Japanese specifically) influences. The service is pleasant and casual, with just two servers for the entire restaurant.  The restaurant has a very relaxed vibe overall, which might not work if you're looking for "an experience." To me though, it was perfect. Food over fashion!They have an a la carte menu , but we chose the Tasting Menu,  which consisted of five outstanding courses and dessert. Missing: Cheese Tapioca Deep-Fried Cube Thing and skewer of Miso-Grilled MusselsSeared TunaGrilled Squid with YuzuSeabass with butter sauce Pigeon/(Quail?) with 2 SaucesBell Pepper Panna Cotta and Chocolate CakeWhile it’s not cheap (tasting menu is about HKD 800-1000), the dishes were inventive, tasty and generous. Loved every dish. Even dessert, which I don’t usually eat, was excellent. For the price, and it know it’s ridiculous to say at 1000hkd, it’s a fantastic deal. Won’t go into excessive detail, but suffice to say the food is excellent and the restaurant is absolutely worth your time to visit.Final Verdict: Fine dining with all the excitement and little of the pretense 繼續閱讀
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