Maison Du Mezze

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【真·炭爐烤肉】嚴選上乘食材炮製 異國風情正宗黎巴嫩菜
想跳出香港但又飛唔到,不如跳出舒適圈試下啲平時比較少機會食到嘅菜系,例如今次介紹嘅黎巴嫩菜!黎巴嫩菜嘅特色係採用新鮮食材配搭香草,味道清爽細膩。位於東涌嘅Maison Du Mezze就由黎巴嫩人主理,只用上乘新鮮材料,絕不添加味精或者雞粉等。加上有坊間少見嘅真·炭爐,無論係烤海鮮定肉類都帶獨特嘅炭香。

食評 (14)
等級1 2022-06-13
466 瀏覽
第一次食黎巴嫩菜,帶住有啲擔憂嘅心情去, 但比想像中好食。啲野食好大份, 叫左個羊肉飯,燒雞,仲有starter, 甜品係米布丁,兩個人lunch 食左510蚊, 推介大家可以去試下。 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2022-06-03
464 瀏覽
Probably my first time to have proper Lebanese cuisine in Hong Kong. We saw an article about its charcoal grilled lamb so decided to go all the way to Tung Chung just for that. This restaurant is really good in terms of environment, service, food and wine.We started with a very refreshing Tabouleh salad and a hummus platter. The homemade sausage and lamb kopta were immensely flavorful, dishes that never go wrong with pita bread and wine! The chargrill chicken and lamb skewers were well seasoned. Very tender chicken. The lamb was still medium well and juicy. Loving the texture of that! The best dish of the night was the lamb ouzi. The rice had absorbed all the juice and essense of the slow-cooked lamb. So divine! They also have a good choice of wine from Lebanese to Spanish. Price is about $500 per bottle. Great deal! 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2022-06-01
622 瀏覽
呢間餐廳位於東涌Sheraton酒店,但不是酒店裏面既餐廳,要由酒店正門右手邊,有個玻璃門進內,就可以見到呢間土耳其菜餐廳既正門。大家會被餐廳既裝飾同佈置吸引,好有特色,令人覺得好grand同elegant,價錢當然有番咁上下水平啦😅😁餐廳側門有露天位,出面都仲有工程,比較多塵,食飯都係坐番入去好啲。試左餐廳職員介紹既幾款菜式Kibbeh炸得好香口,食落唔覺好重羊味,點埋個醬會好味很多。Chargrilled Octopus Leg老實講,除非好想拍照留念同打咭,如果唔係,可以慳番,真心覺得全無特別。Falling Off the lamb Bone Shoulder正如其名,一攞起隻羊肩,啲羊肉真係甩咗出嚟,味道不錯,有個白飯配搭會更好。Maison du Mezze Utlimate Mix Grill最後食呢個串燒,全部肉,好彩有啲薄餅係底,唔係淨食肉有啲悶。飲品就叫左杯Yakult Lemonade,酸酸地,餐前飲會好啲,當開胃酒咁飲。總括黎講,都會建議去試下呢間餐廳,環境一流再加上食物質素都唔差;不過,有4個人或以上去用餐會好啲,每一碟菜式都係大份量,而且仲大多是肉類,多啲人一齊食可以試多幾款菜式。 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2022-05-14
893 瀏覽
Very nice food and services. Definitely a go-to place for weekend and a perfect place for a date night. The environment is super chill and the food is fantastic! Really did not expect an authentic Lebanese restaurant to be available in the outskirts of town but here we are! Really recommend it for a nice getaway - for it to be a date night or gatherings - you will leave the restaurant with a full stomach and a happy face 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2022-05-10
806 瀏覽
Always wanna try but this is a bit far from where I live and work:/ however, if you wanna try something new, nothing can defeat you if you have a willing heart 之前響中環見過黎巴嫩菜餐廳,心諗中東菜係咪食kebab/ 羊,然後梗係唔好估咁多,直接去馬啦。入門既appetiser有mezze, 個醬係豆蓉黎,有少少估唔到🤣 個人認為係中東版既tortilla chips, 反正都好香脆,同fds share最好不過。 繼續閱讀
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