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等級5 2020-11-07
441 瀏覽
This Indonesian restaurant is located at Sai Ying Pun, part of the Potato Head family which also operates two other restaurants in Indonesia, offering authentic cuisine from the archipelago. One can easily miss the entrance, with one side selling clothing and the other side a bar. But once inside you will find a large space, starting with the bar area, and then going into the dining zone.The dining area offers many traditional crafts from Indonesia, from the ceiling and wall panels handmade by artisans showing intricate patterns, to the teak furniture hand-crafted by the locals. A dim lighting creates a hip contemporary ambience for customers to enjoy.During my reservation I pre-ordered the special menu 'Journey through Java & Bali' ($800 for 2 persons). The first starter is Lumpia Basah Bandung, from West Java. This fresh spring roll is filled with sauteed carrot, bean sprout, jicama, egg and herbs. Paired with a nice savory sauce which adds to the tasty roll with the vegetables, it is a good appetizer and worth trying it out.The second starter is Gado Gado. This famous Java salad is colorful, with assorted blanched garden vegetables, white cashew and peanut dressing, served with fried shallots, free-range eggs, tempeh, and garlic crackers. Certainly rich in flavors, it is a great salad and no wonder well-liked by many. Another good one to sample.The third starter is Sate Babi Kecap. This chargrilled pork belly satay is marinated very well, and the chef had also cut the pork belly in perfect cubes making the appearance more refined and premium. Paired with the sweet satay sauce and grilled scallions, the pork belly did not make you feel overwhelming on fat, with a good balance of lean meat. The starters are all scoring high marks to me.Coming to the mains, the first is Ikan Bakar Jimbaran. This Bali dish is essentially a fish fillet marinated with different herbs and spices, then wrapped in leaves to grill, in the 'Jimbaran' style. Good in taste without any muddy or fishy note, the shallots, torch ginger and red chili relish adds further complexity of flavors. A nice dish.The second mains is Kangkung Bumbu Belacan, which is wok-fried morning glory with red spices pastes and shrimp paste. A familiar taste, the intense shrimp paste provides rich savory flavors to the vegetable, and the chef has cooked well under high-heat so the morning glory is still crunchy on texture. My only comment is that it can be a bit salty on its own, but if eating together with some rice it will match better. The third mains is Mie Goreng Jawa, another famous Indonesia dish. The stir-fried egg noodles is cooked together with prawns, sweet soy sauce, and seasonal vegetables. A great feast of different flavors, I like this one the most as the noodles got a nice bite and the flavors are all in good harmony for me. On its own it would be a nice complete meal for lunch. On the dessert it is supposed to be Lapis Surabaya, but was changed to Es Campur, with shaved ice, coconut milk, the cendol infused with pandan leaves fragrance, palm sugar syrup, diced jackfruit, and sweetened red beans. Quite sweet, but not excessively so, the colorful dessert is nice to wrap up this wonderful meal. Service is good, with the staff attentive and friendly. As the menu is pre-set there was not much interactions at the beginning, but I do observe they provide nice recommendations to other customers during the ordering. The bill was $1117, with us ordering drinks and water as well, and I would say this is a nice pleasant meal which showcased well the Indonesia cuisine. A nice place to hang out and enjoy some good food. 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2020-10-29
288 瀏覽
很多時經過這間餐廳門前也是擠滿了人,食客拿着酒杯高談闊論,好不熱鬧,即使疫情期間,如果沒有訂座,也只得在門外排隊等候。餐廳設計令人感覺置身東南亞渡假酒店,光顧那天是午餐時段,餐廳內有二十人的派對,食客不泛外籍人士,非常熱鬧,看到他們歡呼雀躍的情景,實在感受不到疫情的存在。Mie Goreng Jawa Prawn (甜豉油蝦炒麵),炒麵的份量着實不少,炒麵軟熟,蝦是爽口的,但蝦味重點會更好,整個炒麵味道自然偏甜,不像其他印尼餐廳般味道人工化。Ikan Goreng Pesmol (鯛魚煑)鯛魚煑得味道偏甜,比甜豉油炒麵更甜,但辣味在咀嚼期間慢慢地滲出來,提升了鯛魚的味道,魚肉軟熟,口感不錯。Gulai UDang (咖喱蝦)咖喱汁較調、很滑,蝦也是爽口那種,整體不算太辣,沒有濃烈澎湃的咖喱味,味道自然,咖喱汁份量不少,用來配兩至三碗白飯也可以。大大碗的白飯,軟熟,加了些炸蒜和香料。Lemongrass Iced Tea 很特別,不像普通的lemongrass 味道,口感有點厚和人工化。 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2020-10-25
348 瀏覽
假日都過呢間係西營盤嘅Cafe/Shop/Bar,一個location入邊又有衫賣又有酒吧嘅氣氛亦都好似Cafe咁😂 知道呢一間potato head係外國都有分店!特登嚟打卡!我哋係around 3點幾晏晝去,去到冇乜人唔使排隊。佢個氣氛好正好似去咗啲外國嘅酒吧咁。所有嘅waitress都好chill!嗰日嘅餐廳淨係有一款食物Menu serve,就係 Three Buns!如果想叫返飲品都係會叫返餐廳嘅Menu。不過其實本身都想試吓佢間餐廳嘅Menu但係佢嗰日就冇。聽過three buns好耐但係未食過佢嘅漢堡包,所以就叫咗一個嚟試!叫咗個Smokin B Boy,入邊有超級Juicy 安格斯牛扒,煎到脆脆嘅bacon,🥺當然唔少得佢有BBQ ketchup同埋mayonnaise!聽落雖然好邪惡但係兩個人share都唔會好過份既!再叫咗佢去普通一個house fries,呢個薯條就普通中上,唔算好特別但係都係有心機整!最後就係叫咗個Cocktail,Wiski Fen,杯酒上面有塊乾咗嘅檸檬,whisky底飲落酸酸地好Fresh👍🏻 繼續閱讀
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❀ Kaum @ Potato Head Hong Kong #西環 ❀❗️值得更多人欣賞 正宗chill爆印尼餐廳❗️——————————————————隸屬於 @jiagroup 嘅印尼餐廳,本身係俾佢嘅環境圖片所吸引,嚟到發現所有食物都好正宗,而且非常美味✨旗下有唔少高質嘅餐廳,最為人熟悉一定係一星級米芝蓮法國餐廳 @louise.hkg ,另外佢哋嘅泰北餐廳 @chachawanhkg 都深受好評,但呢一間印尼菜就比較少人討論。佢係一間主打印尼正宗菜嘅餐廳,但打破傳統印尼餐廳比較撲素嘅裝修,環境非常chill,既有梳化又有吧枱,非常適合三五知己食飯傾偈,係我近期大愛嘅餐廳之一💕。.Kaum係印尼話種族咁解,呢間餐廳主力呈現印尼各個地方唔同嘅特色菜👍🏻喺每碟菜後面都會寫明來源地,務求令食客品嚐到最正宗嘅印尼菜式。.✷𝑀𝑒𝓃𝓊✷☞ Batagor Sambal Kacang - West Java $100炸蝦魚肉餃🥟聽到都已經覺得特別。外皮好似炸春卷咁香脆,內裏口感似蝦滑,帶點魚嘅鮮甜。配上用咗腰果、椰子奶、香蔥、芫荽等等製成嘅醬汁,絕對係惹味前菜之選😋!味道: 4.2/5 性價比: 3.5/5.☞ Rendang Daging Sapi - West Sumatra $110香濃入味嘅巴東牛肉🐮大大嚿牛腩,配上來自West Sumatra嘅香料,加埋有濃郁嘅椰子香,同埋一啲紫薯乾脆片。牛腩口感呈一絲絲,味道就相對較鹹,同印度咖喱有啲似,覺得送碗白飯會更佳。味道: 4.2/5 性價比: 4/5·☞ Sate ayam madura - East Java $125想品嚐正宗印尼串燒就一定要嗌呢款沙嗲雞肉串🍢。烤香嘅雞肉配上正宗印尼沙嗲,甜甜地再帶有濃郁嘅花生香氣,雞肉仲要好滑,比想像中有驚喜🤩。味道: 4.3/5 性價比: 3.7/5·☞ Mie Goreng ranah minang- West sumatra $135人生中食過最美味嘅炒麵❤️❤️❤️!用咗咖喱醬去炒,加上牛肉、配上椰菜、香蔥。唔係好似中式炒麵咁重鑊氣,而係有少少濕潤,但每條麵條都非常入味,係香濃到不得了,超級推薦👍🏻!味道: 4.8/5 性價比: 4.6/5.☞ Dadar Gulung $88椰子絲斑斕班㦸。班㦸皮斑斕香氣幾重,內裏係甜甜嘅椰子絲,味道不俗。但呢個價錢得兩細件,就覺得有啲太貴,可以唔使試。味道: 4/5 性價比: 3.5/5.整體來講,以印尼餐廳來講呢間嘅定價係有少少高🙈不過質素同樣好高,好難得喺香港搵到環境又好味道又正宗嘅印尼餐廳,值得大家一試👍🏻! 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2020-06-07
1917 瀏覽
Fun and hopping place on Saturday night. We had reservation and the place was packed. We were a group of 5 so it was pretty easy to order up a bunch of different dishes to share. We went for different combination of the dinner set menu. We then went to Ping Pong a few blocks away after dinner for drinks. 繼續閱讀
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