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等級4 2017-09-03
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自上次他們開業的時候試過set lunch, 無論味道或服務都十分難忘,今天同友人相約,再訪這低調的法曰fusion餐廳。今天試的是tasting menu$850, really extraordinary food journey.Welcome snacks 有四款,真的各自各精彩,刺激了沈睡的味蕾。玫瑰花又美又浪漫,放上紅菜頭taco, 酸酸地,又香甜又香脆,幾好味噃!炸小魚熱哄哄,炸得鹹香,十分香脆;那日式迷你蒸旦,十分滑溜,加上面上的一點醬汁,十分鮮味;一口紫菜卷,紫菜十分香脆,饀料有著魚鮮味,不錯。估不到welcome snack 也有這麼多款式,正!曰本蠔-雖然不是最肥美,但口感很清爽:滿是海水的味道,加埋lime juice 同apple ice ,味道更為清新,正合夏曰的氣息。而那小小的一片香葉做了畫龍點睛的作用,為那一份清新增加另一份香氣, 令味道變得更加豐富。雞翼好好味!醬汁超級美味!雞翼已經去骨一小件上,方便進食。雞肉外脆內軟,十分juicy! 加上粉橙色的醬汁-有著明太子同沙律醬的味道,既香口又惹味,再加埋sea apparatus 的少少鹽味點綴,味道變得更加立體更有層次,好好味呀!海膽多士好正呀!北海道海膽多到滿溢!海膽份量十足,味道十分甜美,完全無腥味!麵包䁔暖地,十分軟熟, 配合海膽,好像暖的海膽壽司一樣,一放入口,成口都是海膽味,又creamy ,味道又好rich!感覺好滿足呀!真的想食多件!強力推介鹿兒島牛, 曰本茹鹿兒島和牛約有100gram, 先用炭火grill ,然後再切件淋上black truffle broth sauce, 風味十足!和牛grill 至medium rare, 肉質幼嫩、軟稔唔肥膩,仲十分juicy.。 而那醬汁的味道細緻,質地輕盈,黑松露的味道很subtle, 沒有搶過和牛的鮮味,不錯。配菜方面是爽口的日本茹,口感清爽,同軟稔的和牛成有趣的對比,正!櫻花蝦飯每粒飯都充滿蝦的鮮味,而表面上的迷你脆蝦仔十分香口,正好配合和牛一起吃,既有肉香又有蝦仔的鮮味,飯粒香軟味鮮,正呀!Chocolate mousse cake with sake icecream這chocolate 滿滿是朱古力flavor! 有著朱古力的醇香,應該是六十度以上的dark chocolate 造的,這mousse cake 入口幼滑,密度高,而中間又有脆餅的質感;清酒雪糕是坊間少有,有著芳香的sake 味道,加埋酸酸甜甜的雜莓,正好平衡了朱古力mousse cake 的甜膩。最令人驚喜的是,這最後的Cherry 充滿了whisky 的味道,怪不得吃到甜味中帶一點酒香,正!柑子味chocolate!這朱古力非常好吃!朱古力的質量有如Godiva 的水準,滑溜的朱古力之中透著清新香甜的柚子味,既濃郁又refreshing, 味道真的令人回味!推介! 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2017-08-12
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Being one of the most anticipated restaurant openings in Summer, HAKU has recently set at Harbour City taking a space on the ground floor of Ocean Terminal. Curated by Hideaki Matsuo, the Chef of a 3* Japanese fusion restaurant in Osaka, it is also formed in partnership with Agustin Balbi, the former executive chef of The Ocean. HAKU serves up contemporary Japanese dishes with European twist, paying so much attention to detail, ingredient and presentation. Start with the porcelain on the table, each plate has been carefully crafted with special pattern dedicated to a literal meaning behind.Our omakase menu starts with a series of amuse bouche. Pickled beetroot with beetroot powder, rolled up inside a red rose; a mini crispy tartlet filled with incredibly sweet Japanese corn kernel, confit duck leg; toasted nori cone with hamachi and umami dashi cream; and a deep-fried kibinago river fish on a skewer.To follow is a stunning piece of plump and juicy Japanese oyster topped with yuzu kosho, green apple granita that made a sharp and tangy hit. Likewise the Kyushu tomato is very refreshing, comes with sardines, bellota ham, sprinkled with shio kombu and sake kasu, which is a sentiment from fermented sake.Next is supposed to be a foie gras mousse with squid ink lotus chips, but since I don’t eat foie gras, Chef offers me a chicken wing and king prawns instead, surprisingly tender, accompanied by a deliciously creamy porcini mushroom sauce. In addition, a brioche to dip the sauce.Things continue with some signature dishes here. Generous serving of Hokkaido uni served with roasted eggplant miso cream on a brioche bun; an oxtail croquette deep fried to crisp and golden brown, with dashi mayonnaise, finger lime and freshly shaved bonito flake.A showcase of fatty chutoro with Polmard beef, top with Kristal caviar along with some rice tuiles is also, needless to say, ridiculously beautiful.My favourite of the night goes to this Kagoshima Wagyu beef. With a good marbling of fat, it is plated on a hexagonal plate with earthy eringi and baby kabu radishes. Briefly cooked and served over charcoal with a sauce made from beef jus and black truffle.Save room for dessert. It is an incredibly juicy Japanese white peach filled with white peach granita, Hokkaido yogurt foam and panna cotta.Our meal at HAKU is indeed amazing featuring so many seasonal ingredients that has been well-constructed and combined, Chef would like to finish the meal with petit fours of candy floss for us (i.e. customers) to leave with a smile (: 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2017-07-30
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有聞海港城有新店, 為食又貪新鮮的我,今天一於去試試。而這餐廳有點難搵,外型設計十分含蓄,店面不顯眼。座位唔多,有bar 枱同普通座位,採型格路線。今天有幸坐於bar table, 可以近距離同這來頭不少的紋身廚師近距離接觸,正!仲可以全程看到他創作料理的過程,有趣。這兒午餐分set lunch 同omasake, set lunch 有三款:分別為250(鴨胸),380(魚),420(和牛),omasake $1380 餐碟每一隻都不同,很美!是九谷燒,經十四度人手工序而燒成的藝術品!Welcome snack 有三款咁多,全部都睇得又食得。那玫瑰花多美!全都是曰本食材。Japanese oyster/yuzo kosho/apple granita(4/5)這道菜十分清涼,正合今天炎熱的天氣!蘋果冰配上長崎生蠔,一口食盡海水的味道同清新的蘋果氣息,吃時還有柚子胡椒的少少點綴。蠔身清爽而肥美,是感覺創新而又合拍的配撘。Koshihikri rice/ sakura ebi (3/5)櫻花蝦越光米這米飯細細碗,飯粒十分圓潤軟糯,加上香脆的櫻花蝦米,味道十分香口,而飯本身也隱約帶點蝦味。Kagoshima wagyu/ering/baby kabu (5/5)這道菜美侖美喚像幅畫似的,鹿兒島的A4 和牛入口即化,牛味十足而不會過份油膩,配上廚師特製的黑松露汁,有松露香的味道又不失牛味。而那些曰本進口的蔬菜真的特別新鮮,口感十分清爽。White peach/yoghurt foam/granita (5/5)這個十分讚!芳香而清甜的曰本桃混合沙冰同乳酪,甜味才變得多層次起來,吃罷既消暑又甜美,正!Petite fours: chocolate(4/5)是牛奶朱古力,質地十分幼滑,甜甜的為這下午劃上完美句號。有空一定再來! 繼續閱讀
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等級5 2017-07-15
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When I check out a new restaurant, normally there's a little excitement; I mean, who doesn't like checking out new things!But when it's a buddy opening that restaurant, there's a mix of trepidation and excitement in equal parts; will it be successful? will it be good?I first came across Haku Executive Chef Agustin Balbi when I first dined at The Ocean, over at Repulse Bay (see post here).  It's fair to say that my post garnered some interesting responses, mainly because I was mixed about what I'd thought.  To his credit, Agustin contacted me about my post, with a genuine interest in the feedback and a complete desire to provide an impeccable dining experience.You kind of expect that from a guy who's worked in some of the best restaurants in the world, including perennial #worlds50best restaurant Le Bernadin and Tokyo's iconic RyuGin, the latter really shaping the talented chef and helping carve out his styling and philosophy around food.  His time in Japan also saw him represent Japan at the San Pellegrino young chefs award in 2015, and while he didn't win, he did pick up the HK Tatler best new chef.Located over on the dark side of the harbour, Haku is in the Ocean Terminal at Harbour City; and, truth be told, it's a little hard to find the first time you look!  Like many Japanese restaurants, Haku is hidden behind a curtain that once pulled aside leads you down a short path to a very open style restaurant.  The majority of the bar style seats get you up close and personal with Chef Agustin and his team.My second visit to Haku saw me braving the steamy heat that makes up a Hong Kong summer for a solo lunch session.  I was sweaty and a little out of sorts by the time I got to Harbour City, but once I walked through the distinctive curtain and sat at my place around the bar; the tranquility and calmness of the dining area soon had me settled (nice air-conditioning helped too!)While there is an a la carte section available upon request, Haku is all about the journey, so it's a wise choice to run with the (normally) eight course tasting menu.  On the day of my lunch, I was surprised with a menu that was almost completely blank; the words 'Chef's Choice' opened up a world of possibilities for my meal.With little preamble, we kicked off a quartet of little bites that were as tasty as they were beautiful.  My first bite was a tart filled with confit duck leg and topped with kernels of sweet Japanese corn; the salty duck superb against the sweetness and crunch of the kernels.  A nori cornet cone was filled with cream and topped with a 'scoop' of clams, providing a sensuous sweet hit against the natural cream and crunchy cone. Ayu River Fish, otherwise known as sweetfish, was skewered and then cooked with a lovely Japanese panko crumb.  The small river fish providing a super sweet hit that went wonderfully against the crunch of the panko.  Lastly, I plucked the tightly wrapped  tsukemono pickled apple, sprinkled with beetroot powder that was 'hidden' amongst rose petals.The first round of small bites was delicious, and it was hard to pick a favourite; however, I think with the addition of a sweet corn puree to add a little moisture to the tart, it would easily have taken that mantle.The level of attention to detail was on show for the first major dish of the menu; a mix of Japanese tomatoes was the focal point for the dish, however, it was the addition of a sake kasu, produced from leftover sake, that elevated the dish to legendary status.  Sprinkled over at the last moment, it added a salty cheesy flavour that was amazing.  It also didn't hurt that there were strips of bellota ham and kamasu fish filets to provide both texture and additional layer of flavours.  However spectacular the additions were, there was no doubt that the sweet tomato slices, bathed in olive oil were the highlight!I can only describe the next dish as intricate.  Well, I tell a lie, that's how I'd start off by describing the smoked Isaki fish surrounded by thinly sliced strips of ponzu pickled cucumber, then topped with dozens of tiny sorrel leaves before being topped with West Australian truffle.  A drizzling of olive oil added a peppery hint to the smokey fish and the ponzu infused cucumber; further hints of pepper came from the sorrel which were chased by umami hints from the truffle.  It was both a beautiful dish, as well as being fresh on the palate.Given the last couple of dishes had been drizzled in olive oil, I asked Agustin about the sexy looking container the oil came in.  Importantly, the olive oil was produced from a single origin olive, which added to the uniquely peppery flavour.It was fun watching Agustin putting the dishes together, each intricate dish having infinite care with their preparation, huge kitchen tweezers placing each ingredient in the exact spot.The tweezers were put to full use when placing the ingredients on my next plate; prawn stuffed chicken wings carefully placed on top of a mushroom sauce.  Thin slices of champignon mushroom placed delicately between crispy chicken pieces, then topped with equally thin slices of cured karasuma mullet and kinome leaf.  The flavours were strong, bold and individually overpowering; but magic happened when you combined the ingredients; that perfect moment of harmony!  The mushroom sauce was superb, way too good to go to waste on the plate; so the inclusion of a warm brioche roll to 'mop up' the remaining sauce was a stroke of genius.Just about every menu in Hong Kong has foie gras on offer, but very few versions are worthy of elite status; not so with the creamy foie gras topped with a gel made from a duck consume.  Beautifully presented in a cherry blossom bowl, textures of black cherry and cherry gel added a nice astringent hit to the sweet creamy foie gras.  It was good on it's own, but the addition of squid ink tempura lotus root added the texture and flavour hit that elevated to iconic status.  I simply couldn't get enough of the wonderfully sweet concoction on that crunchy lotus root; it was just freaking yummy!And while we are talking about iconic dishes....  The absolute highlight of the meal was the Chutoro with 6th generation Polmard beef, topped with Kristal caviar and gold leaf.  The philosophy behind the dish was to get the very best ingredients and let them sing in perfect harmony together.  The dish is without doubt something special, the flavours on the palate coming together to simply blow me away.  The beef was added to the fatty tuna to improve the texture, but the contrasting sweet flavours combine amazingly with the salty caviar.This is a dish that will make every bucket list for foodies in Hong Kong.Last main for lunch was another super blend of textures and flavours.  A4 Kagoshima beef was cooked over binchotan charcoal then sliced and combined with white asparagus, eryngii mushroom and textures of turnip.  A truffle sauce is the final addition to a dish that packs a punch and is eminently more(ish).  The medium rare beef had just enough fatty deposits to help with the natural sweetness, then there was an astringent hit from the asparagus, while the turnips helped level the dish with their earthiness.Dessert was a seasonal affair.  My first visit to Haku during the testing phase of the restaurant saw a Yuzu based dessert; but I was surprised by the change to a Japanese peach version.  Hollowed out, the peach was filled with Hokkaido creamed milk jelly, along with white peach then topped with a white peach granita.  It was essentially a killer version of peaches and cream; delicious for sure and over way too quickly.The final part to the symphony was a celebratory reminder of my youth; the sweet cotton candy stirring all sorts of childhood memories that were all good.  It was light and gone very quickly, but the memories remained for some time.Haku is a collaboration between Chef Agustin and legendary Japanese chef Hideaki Matsu of three Michelin-starred Kashiwaya.  That Agustin has partnered with such a legend shows the high regard for the young chef; a regard that is well earned.I always thought that Agustin had been too limited while working at The Ocean; with little creative control, it was hard for him to show his true talent and vision.  Haku has been that opportunity he has craved, with total creative control, the restaurant will live and die by Agustin's decisions.I may be a little biased, but I have to say that my dining experience at Haku was the equal of any of my meals this year; and definitely near the top of my list.  Given that I've eaten at twelve of the top 100 restaurants this year, it's high praise indeed.  Every element of my experience, from the friendly and attentive wait staff to the engaging and entertaining team of chefs, was perfect.If Haku doesn't pick up a Michelin Star in the next twelve months, I'd be very very surprised.Well done Agustin, well done!@FoodMeUpSCotty 繼續閱讀
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等級1 2017-08-31
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Been waiting for this place to open and finally had the chance to visit this restaurant. From the moment you enter you know you are in a special place, the black noren with a huge triangle in the middle at the entrance was a nice touch, then you will see this triangle shape in many forms inside the restaurant and we were wondering why ?? later on of course we had to solve the mystery and asked the chef and he said "it means our three pillars Nature, chefs, guest" wooow and the we were set to an amazing start of  our meal. A few welcome bites as the chefs call them, food is not only super tasty but as well very artistically done. Great selection of wine as well, the service staff were super attentive and friendly. Will definitely visit again if we can make a booking, no wonder the place was full.  繼續閱讀
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