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Aulis班底來自英國摘星團隊,每晚只招待12人,劃一菜單,共20道菜。餐廳理念是忠於大自然及有機,主要食材來自本地及英國菜園,亦有餐廳自家栽種的。 繼續閱讀
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Hidden away off the busy streets of Causeway Bay in a plaza is the wonderful British cuisine restaurant Roganic, and inside there is a private room which is Simon Rogan's own intimate Chef's Table dubbed Aulis.With just 12 seats it’s almost the feeling of being at an Omakase Bar serving Western Cuisine.With frosted doors splitting you off from the main dining room. Just sitting down you already feel special.The atmosphere set feels sophisticated but yet not rigid or uncomfortable that you feel you have to talk quietly like in a 3 star Michelin.The chef introduced himself with vigor and was always smiling and friendly and with this seating you all have to sit down at 19:30.If you arrive late, you'd miss out a course. Because it is a performance not just a meal.I opted for the wine pairing (HK$680) and also tried some cocktails, and especially liked the Mango based one with spice added! 🥭🍸First course, the Salmon Roe Tart, was wonderful with the ikura popping in your mouth and the tart case incredibly thin. A taste of umami.After such a veritable treat the chef served us some of his aged Fermented Dill Kombucha (fermented cultured yeast and bacteria) he let us try it prior to explaining what it was. It was very unique and flavorful but I doubt I would have tried it outside of this unique setting.I was surprised 😮 The next course was a Truffle Pudding which came in a small cube. The truffle flavor on the top blending with the base making a wonderful play on the tastebuds. One of my favorite courses that night! To follow came a translucent clear dome with a dollop of caviar on top garnished with micro greens, this kohlrabi dome with the apple and smoked eel brought me to Japan 🇯🇵 but then back to UK like the Apple onto Issac Newton’s head. It was a combination you would never thought would work, but it just did! The next smell filled the room was this cute mini loaf of Brioche 🍞 which came freshly out of the oven in front of our eyes. Served with Chicken Liver pate 🐔 and Tomato Jam 🍅. It was rich in flavor and goodness but the tomato kept the flavors in check which meant you could keep eating and eating without it getting sickly and bland.Then it looked like the chef was cooking pasta. But when served, it opened our eyes again, the spaghetti actually was Celeriac which gave it a healthy twist with a delicious Lincolnshire poacher white sauce.  Another favorite of the night! The next dish brought me into the true British Basic flavors scene.Cauliflower scallops but then flavors infused with hazelnuts into the aioli and sauce. You see the dish and think 🤔 way too much sauce. But I was using my bread to finish the sauce! Loved this course too! The next dish I thought was OK, standard stuff British Salmon Roulade. But it wasn’t just any Roulade, the dashi like broth and garnish of wild vegetables on top lifted the dish and made me want more!Finally Pigeon prepared two ways in a Pithivier and breast served medium rare. Small but adequate portions cooked to perfection and in my opinion just the right amount, the sauce with the blackberries cutting through and making the pigeon sing from its grave. 🕊️Then to refresh our mouth out came a Rose infused Strawberry pickled Sorbet 🍓. This was fresh and interesting as after all the wine pairings cleansed my mouth ready for the best dessert to come.The Coffee ☕ Custard Tart. Two such simple ingredients but brining them together was marvelous. The tart base was nice and crusty and the flavors of the custard reminded me of crack pie 🥧 it’s one of those desserts you cannot put down.Finally a twist at the end, Black Garlic Macaroons. For me this could be given a miss. Yes it was interesting but I like garlic with my savory and not after my sweets because then I have the aftertaste in my mouth all the way home. Overall the meal was a unique star performance Well executed, timely, flavorful and most important good value.Dinner:  $1280 p.p.  (+ HK$680 wine pairing)  繼續閱讀
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In the mood to indulge yourself with a lovely “earthy“ lunch? Aulis serves fantastic seasonal organic produce with a warm and chilled out vibe. Aulis introduces a new 11-course lunch menu ($880) including signature truffle pudding and belly warming pigeon along with pithivier. Aulis is a private chef table with only 12 seats, giving you ringside views of the cooking process. Perfect for those who are cautious of privacy or for family gathering.Lunch Menu - salmon roe tart- fermented dill kombucha- 💗truffle pudding - rye sourdough, cultured brown butter- kohlrabi, apple, smoked eel- celeriac, cep, lincolnshire poacher 📸 super photogenic 🦋 flirting with 🍦- bream, cucumber, caviar- 💗pigeon, blackberry, pithivier - pear, ricotta, honey- coffee custard tart- peanut, misoFav dishes:🌟Truffle puddingAbsolutely love it. Aulis gives the traditional recipe a twist, definitely puts me in a festive mood with soft brioche, great flavours and the hint of truffle on the top 😘🌟Pigeon, blackberry, pithivier Adding the blackberry gravy was a genius move, the sweetness offers a great counterpoint to the bird’s gamy flavour. Perfect match with pithivier the buttery puff pastry. Super yum yum#hkfoodjo 繼續閱讀
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呢餐係十一月嗰陣食,一直都等緊幾時開放晚市堂食,咁我就可以出呢篇食評🤪 但發覺越等越耐,唯有照出啦😂 始終我都好想推介比大家💕英國名廚Simon Rogan 主要行大自然「farm-to-table」風格,佢旗下有幾間摘星餐廳,名副其實係星級廚師!Aulis 係喺米芝蓮一星Roganic 入面嘅Chef table,主打廚師實驗廚房概念,一張U型嘅工作枱最多可以接待12位客人,要齊哂12人先可以入坐㗎!早到嘅朋友佢會安排你坐喺bar 枱到,亦都可以叫番杯嘢飲慢慢歎!Aulis裝修簡約,無太華麗嘅裝潢。嚟呢度主要係享受用餐體驗💁🏻‍♀️ 工作枱嘅U型設計可以俾你一邊食飯一邊欣賞廚師嘅手藝,同廚師近距離交流。主廚會逐一介紹每道菜,佢嘅助手都會同你傾吓計解答吓我地對菜式嘅疑問,你亦可以即時俾意見。佢哋比到客人更加多方面嘅用餐感受😛我哋7:30 入坐,一坐底就叫咗一杯sparkling wine($180) Exton Park Rose with Simon Rogan,見到係名廚個名就即刻叫嚟試吓!😂 一開始佢會俾你試飲一啖,問客人覺得味道啱唔啱口味,之後先倒一杯俾你。 倒完一杯我先覺得淡咗少少,但佢都服務好好問我洗唔洗換過一杯。我就無換喇,無謂浪費咗枝酒啦!😉雖然個味道偏淡,但配餐就唔怕佢搶味。另外亦都可以揀wine pairing ($680) 或 juice pairing ($380),兩款都係有六杯。同埋呢度嘅still water 係唔收費架!😆晚餐menu 一共有十三道菜($1,280):❤️ Smoked eel and grape tart個皮個厚度好似紙咁薄,好香脆,入面嘅鰻魚油脂感滿滿,加上面頭有透薄嘅提子片調和吓,食落油香豐盈得嚟又帶有清新感。好食度:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (4/5)❤️ Fermented grape & mint kombucha呢個嘅味道同個撻相輔相成,都係用咗葡萄,飲落係清香嘅紅菌茶。👀 唔知係咪用咗呢支鎮店之寶SCOBY,味道有少少醋酸味,感覺有啲似淡身嘅葡萄果醋,再加少少氣泡感,幫你清一清口腔,打開味蕾去迎接跟住落嚟嘅菜式。好飲度:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (4/5)❤️ Truffle pudding麵包吸哂啲牛油同松露香,每邊都有微微煎過,暖暖哋,口感柔軟綿密,再加上面頭濃濃嘅黑松露醬,咬一啖即刻成口充滿松露味,非常濃郁!呢個係我嘅最愛😍好食度:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5/5)❤️ Lobster& caviar& waffle& tomato呢道係我第二最愛!佢用咗兩款魚子醬,橙色嗰邊食落甜甜哋,另一邊黑色魚子醬鹹香味比較重!個人鍾意黑色嘅魚子醬,襯番第二層嘅蕃茄同底層嘅龍蝦,再放上鬆軟嘅waffle到,極盡奢華。🤫好食度:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5/5)❤️ Rye sourdough and cultured brown butter佢哋有一罐發酵酸種喺廚房,就係用呢個整麵包㗎喇!😝 配上佢嘅牛油我覺得幾好食,不過我覺得個麵包皮幾硬,無乜牙力嘅我食得有啲辛苦。好食度:⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ (3.5/5)❤️ Beetroot& coal and horseradish本身好怕紅菜頭嘅草青味🤨 呢度會將紅菜頭用煤炭煙燻,再切到勁碎從而破壞本身嘅纖維組織,去營造和牛他他嘅口感。可見主廚想法好創新!😎 呢道菜無論口感同視覺都有少少似牛肉他他,啱哂平時唔食生牛肉嘅人感受吓牛肉他他嘅口感,味道亦都唔會有草青味。好食度:⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ (3.5/5)❤️ Cauliflower& yeast& dill椰菜花上面有灑甜甜嘅粉,食落幾夾,但相對其他就略顯普通,就當比條脷休息下。👅好食度:⭐️⭐️✨ (2.5/5)❤️ Mackerel& oyster& sea vegetables 魚嘅兩面都有用炭火輕輕燒過,所以食到微微嘅煙燻味,入面嘅魚肉都腍滑,但較厚身個面肉質就有啲過老鞋口,佢個汁都係用返同一款魚去熬製,有提升魚嘅鮮味,但個皮魚腥味都幾重。好食度:⭐️⭐️✨ (2.5/5)❤️ Pigeon& red cabbage& blackberry 乳鴿肉質豐滿,肉唔會煎到全熟所以食落都好嫩滑,入口有乳鴿嘅油香,但隻腿就偏鹹,不過同個汁相輔相成,點甜甜嘅黑莓醬又比佢中和番喎!但我朋友覺得個乳鴿偏肥。好食度:⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ (3.5/5)❤️ Pear& ricotta& honey食落好似食雪糕,口感好絲滑,有淡淡嘅芝士味再配上新界出產嘅蜜糖,都幾清甜好食!好食度:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ (4.5/5)❤️ Yi o rice& fig二澳米係香港出產嘅米,每年十月收成,廚師話因為產量少所以好難先搶到架!😜我哋好有幸咁食到呢個甜品。一上枱已經聞到好香嘅米香味,佢係參考rice pudding 嘅做法,個米都有煮到唔同程度嘅口感,有啲有咬口,有啲煙韌,有啲少糊狀嘅,再配埋無花果葉整嘅汁,簡直係錦上添花,成個層次非常豐富。原來香港米咁香咁好味,好感動!☺️好食度:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ (4.5/5)❤️ Earl grey custard tart& bitter orange主廚話佢係受香港蛋撻啟發,同埋知香港人鍾意飲earl grey(我係其中一個🙊) 而創作出呢個甜品。面層有微燒過嘅焦糖薄脆,撻底好鬆化薄身,伯爵茶味夠濃,口感實而滑,甜得嚟係有少少漏,所以要襯返個柑味雪葩,好香柑皮味,有回甘味中和返撻嘅甜味。好食度:⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ (3.5/5)❤️ Peanut& miso食落口嘅感覺好似雪凍咗嘅花生醬味牛油,加上出面嘅脆脆,係好食但真係太漏啦!反而個台灣茶幾好飲,好襯到呢個甜品又解漏!好食度:⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ (3.5/5)❤️ Brownie (生日小蛋糕)我最愛食brownie,呢度嘅水準都不容置疑👍🏻口感結實,朱古力味濃而不膩,雖然前面已經有四道甜品,但呢個我最後都食得哂!😆好食度:⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ (3.5/5)餐廳推薦度:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️(4/5)從成個用餐體驗都感受到主廚對食材嘅執著,會花精力去尋訪香港唔同嘅食材嚟製作英國料理,佢哋仲有個櫃自己種啲菜、herbs 等。主廚亦熱衷將香港同英國特色食材融合,務求喺兩地文化碰撞中可擦出火花,刺激客人嘅味蕾,所以喺創作料理方面都有融合香港特色嘅蛋撻!就連主廚個紋身都紋咗香港兩個字,都睇得出佢幾鍾意香港。😜至於食物方面,我見以前啲食評都有16-19道菜,今次食得番13道,略有些少失望。Overall 都好食,想特別講吓甜品,最後幾道嘅甜品單食都有各自各嘅好味,但個人覺得比例上甜品數量偏多,同埋連住食漏嘅程度係一級一級上🤪雖然編排係無錯,但有種無俾味蕾休息嘅感覺,對於唔係甜品愛好者嚟講都幾大挑戰,但感受吓英式甜品嘅威力都唔錯! 繼續閱讀
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Aulis is a chef table in which only have 12 seats. Giving you a interactive dining experience. You can see how the chef plating 🍽 and ready the dish. Also they will show you the ingredients like the fermenting sourdough, kombucha. Such an amazing eating journey🍴Lunch menu:👇🏼😋🔹 pumpkin and bay leaf tart🔸fermented pumpkin & bay kombucha 🔹🍄truffle pudding🔸chickpea, cultured cheese and farm offerings🔹🦀crab, crumpet, horseradish🔸sea urchin custard, caviar 🔹rye sourdough and cultured brown butter 🔸🐟cod, smoked cod’s roe, chicken skin🔹local 🐖pork loin, sage & onion grilled hen-of-the-wood🔸aulis🔹beetroot, dark chocolate, cherry🔸pine doughnut 🍩 P.s my flavourite dish is the pork😋 and sea urchin custard⭐️ 繼續閱讀
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係英國殺過黎嘅過江龍,擁有farm to table 嘅概念,而價錢一嘀都唔大咬嘅chef’s table,櫈櫈~就係喺小紅書大行其道嘅Aulis 啦~其實係香港,我又覺得佢唔算多人提起,但身處其中,佢的確係一間有性格嘅餐廳!何出此言?因為佢嘅蔬菜,香草,係英國果間係出自自己嘅農場,但香港呢?佢哋竟然有心機到係香港周圍搵好嘅蔬菜,最後喺元朗搵到供應嘅食材,唔怪得短短幾個月就攞到米芝蓮一星!唔好睇Aulis 係西廚發板,佢好注重等齊人開飯嘅概念,要齊人先入得,所以可以係出面影下相,發下呆,周圍look 下除左佢英國同香港嘅菜園,呢度都有一個小小農場,配合返佢充滿大自然氣息,同有機菜嘅宗旨,佢種香草種類繁多,喺食飯嘅過程有好多意想不到嘅味道!主廚Oli埋頭處理食材,整野食途中不忘問我地對食物嘅意見,又詳細介紹佢做嘅每一度佳餚雖然我有時都聽唔清佢up 乜,但你眼定定望實佢好似藍色玻璃珠嘅眼晴,放空下,其實有時用腦電波溝通,都未嘗不可!首先出場,係佢自己發酵嘅梨汁!佢話可以幫助消化,味道.....唔.....健康野嘅味,自己想像下南瓜撻有南瓜慕絲,南瓜子,梨呀!月桂葉啫喱,um.....又幾有營養喎!呢個正!佢係好似整麵包布甸咁,將充滿松露,牛油香味嘅麵包撕開,再壓縮做小小嘅正方形,每邊煎到微燶,咬開軟熟,上高黑松露醬嘅香氣,充斥滿成個口腔,麵包索滿牛油同黑松露,欲罷不能!好邪惡呢個比我嘅感覺好似Nachos,上高有露絲瑪莉,賣相靚靚,味道就係玉米片加沙律醬同香草但係咪想突出佢樸實又枯燥嘅擺盤,攝條餐巾係底,係咪農村風?係好多餐廳都將魚子醬同海膽好行貨咁呈現出黎嘅時候,(雖然呢兩樣野點求其整都會好好食)佢搵突破呀!佢將海膽整成蛋奶布甸,重加上漬醋果凍,上高嘅魚子醬,係佢老闆同名法國牌子Petrossian 合作製,真係好食,唔會太咸,食出大海嘅味道,掂丫~呢個特別呀!上高白色係蠔味雪糕,我怕生蠔,但試咗少少,竟然按耐不住咁食哂!因為真係好得意下底嘅冰菜,香草,味道各有千秋,柚子汁再加上鯖魚,佢係會引起你嘅好奇心,好想知每一塊葉係有咩嘅香味!頓變好奇寶寶呢個大工程囉!睇住佢每一條菜都用唔同嘅焗爐焗,每一層都加唔同嘅醬,連條菜心都係逐條逐條焗,最後在刨上大量嘅新鮮黑松露佢重散發濃濃嘅櫻桃木煙燻味,心機分我打100,但有嘀菜燶咗少少,但見佢咁認真逐條菜整,係感動嘅!鱈魚好滑,火候啱啱好,上面配以一塊脆片~係雞片黎㗎!好脆好特別,底部有一嘀咸咸酸酸好似檸檬王嘅醬,怪怪,但如果唔鍾意食,完全可以忽視佢慢煮豬肉加上大蘑菇同洋蔥醬,個烤蘑菇真係接受無能,好甜....廚師話係醬個蘑菇浸入醬油一晚,但真係太甜,怕怕豬肉比我嘅感覺就係,好似一塊新鮮整嘅火腿,好食嘅招牌奶凍,有fig leaf,唔係好知咩黎,有青蘋果係底,酸酸地咁,中和一下奶凍嘅甜味~佢有成十五道菜,我盡貼十二張比較精彩嘅餸,呢間餐廳俾我感覺係忠於原味道,食材唔算好珍貴,擺盆亦都唔係好精緻,但佢好着重用新鮮嘅食材簡單嘅材料,去溫暖你心,係浮躁嘅社會,呈現簡單美,安撫躁動嘅心靈 繼續閱讀
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